13 Fishing Concept "A" Casting Reel - $169.99

Sleek, stylish, and sexy is what you expect from 13 Fishing, but the all-new 13 Fishing Concept A Casting Reel is more than just a pretty package - it is loaded with the features knowledgeable anglers want.

Weighing in at only 6.7oz as well, the Concept A sports a rugged lightweight aluminum chassis with a design that sits remarkably low on your rod. The streamlined design was built so you could easily wrap your hand around it to maximize comfort and control. Seven total ball bearings (6+1), including 3 anti-corrosion bearings, and a Dead Stop Anti-Reverse bearing keep functioning impossibly smooth, and 13 Fishing’s proprietary Arrowhead line guide also features a uniquely shaped opening to help reduce friction during casting. The Concept A’s 22lb Bulldog drag system holds tough and won’t let up until that big one is in the boat, and each reel also equipped with a 6-way centrifugal braking system for complete cast control. Available in a full range of gear ratios - from 5.3:1 to 8.1:1, the 13 Fishing Concept A Casting Reel has all your tournament fishing reel needs covered.

-Rugged Aluminum Frame & Sideplates
-6 Ball Bearings (3 Anti-Corrosion, 3 Stainless Steel)
-Dead Stop Anti-Reverse Bearing
-Arrowhead Line Guide
-22lb Bulldog Drag System
-6-way Centrifugal Braking System
-Lightweight Aluminum Handle
-Concept Cork Handle Knobs
-Saltwater Approved

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Weighing in at only 6.7oz, the all-new 13 Fishing Concept A Casting Reel is loaded with the features knowledgeable anglers want in a compact, stylish and easily palmable package.

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13 Fishing Concept

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Capacity (Test/Yd.) Price Stock Qty
A5.3 Right 5.3:1 6.7 (3CR+2SS)+1RB 12/100 $169.99
A6.6 Right 6.6:1 6.7 (3CR+2SS)+1RB 12/100 $169.99
A7.3 Right 7.3:1 6.7 (3CR+2SS)+1RB 12/100 $169.99
A8.1 Right 8.1:1 6.7 (3CR+2SS)+1RB 12/100 $169.99

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  • Weighing in at only 6.7oz, the all-new 13 Fishing Concept A Casting Reel is loaded with the features knowledgeable anglers want in a compact, stylish and easily palmable package.

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Comments: This is by far the best reel I have ever used. 13 has outstanding customer service. I accidently lost my sideplate on the concept A and sent the reel back and they sent me back the concept c!

From: Alex: Lake Conway, FL 3/17/15

Comments: I've had the Concept "A" for about 6 months, and it has exceeded all expectations so far. Easy to use, simple to adjust, casts as far as any other. I will own a few more (actually just bought a "C" to go with it)

From: Allen: Anniston, AL 2/18/15

Comments: got the 8.1 for flipping and paired it with the OMEN black 7'3" Great reel couldn't be happier. really smooth and fit's in the hand great. love the cork handles, they're the perfect size. At first the casting bothered me but once I got it dialed in correct it was perfect. will be buying more, the only thing I thought was more impressed with was the rod, that Omen is amazing, super sensitive and such a clean feel.

From: Caleb: Chesapeake, VA 1/21/15

Comments: I purchased this reel and put it on a a duckett micro magic pro out of all the rods and reels I have owned this setup has been the absolutely smoothest lightest and strongest setup I've ever has the reel is super smooth and can cast almost a mile it definitely put a smile on my face

From: Alex: Moseley, VA 1/2/15

Comments: I purchased a Concept A and C. I fish the Concept A 5:3 on a 13 Fishing 7'11" Crankenstein with 12# fluorocarbon and have had a blast. Slow cranking has become my method of choice in the crystal clear water I regularly fish. This combo is awesome.

From: Mike: Wichita, KS 11/26/14

Comments: I have abu's, smokes, KVD models etc, I bought the C and A. They cast farther than anything I have on 14lb flouro. Sick of birdsnests, tune these reels, which is 5 on the inside spool brake and a light fall on the spool drag from an open bail standing and cast. I consistently casted a fluke 15 ft+ farther than any other reel I have. I will buy more.

From: Bill: Clinton, NJ 10/12/14

Comments: This reel amazed the heck out of me. I can throw 1/4 oz lure almost as far as a 3/4oz lure on it. Jerk/Crank baits, frogs, spoons, worms, or jigs, you name it. This reel is on par with my BB1 Pro and Curado 200E7. Originally I wasn't a fan of hearing the gears turn while I was reeling certain baitcasters but this reel is so good now it's music to my ears. The bulldog drag is great too! I could fight a flathead on it if I had too. Will be getting more of these in the future.

From: Benny: Greenville, IL 9/30/14

Comments: Got the 6:6:1 reel because they sold out of the 7:3:1 ..so I settled..first impression sexy and light!! Not to mention small ..i throw heavier baits than this reel..first off its by far the most comfortable reel I have ever felt..first cast was a mile and caught a fish on the first cast unreal!! Highly recommend this reel!! Hope they get more in stock!!

From: Chad: Rancho Cucamonga, CA 9/13/14

Comments: I got the 6.6:1, Matched it up with a 7'2 Medium Heavy that I use for swim jigs. Right out of the box this reel casted a 3/8 oz swim jig a country mile. This reel is incredibly smooth. The first cast easily went across the pond to the other bank. Caught a solid 4pounder on my third cast and this reel didn't bat an eye. Handled the fish like it was nothing, was impressive through the whole fight, and the drag is incredibly smooth. I love this reel.

From: Jonathan: Naples, FL 6/26/14

Comments: This reel is SWEET! I bought the Concept A from TW a few months ago and come back to buy another, SOLD OUT. The word is out with this new company. The time it took to really dial in the Concept A was a fraction compared to the Lexa. Cast effortlessly, Light weight, Large handle, Fits in our palm. Its a must have.

From: Ryan: San Diego, CA 6/18/14

Comments: Finally got the concept A and I was amazed at the attention to detail on this reel, super smooth casting, super smooth retrieve, easy to set up for different weight lures, braking system is very refined, which I was worried about since it has no external dial, but don't fear it is under the cover, no clumsy brakes to turn off or on just rotate internal brake dial. 13 fishing is going to be a force to be recond with in the fishing world for sure. Great product!!!

From: Doty: Terre Haute, IN 5/15/14

Comments: the 8.1:1 is super quick, smooth, light and palmable. got maybe 95-105yds of 50lb braid. use it for flipping and froging. being a daiwa and shimano guy this reel is up there. the price is just right for this reel. also feels awesome on their rods too.

From: Jim: AZ 5/11/14

Comments: One word AMAZING! I was a little skepical about the line capacity, but not a problem. It cast farther than any other reel I have used and I have tried most of the reels in this price range and this blows them out of the water! This compares to reels in the 300 price range or better. And the handles on this are crazy good wish I could get them for all my reels. if your on the fence about buying this reel go ahead and by it you will not be disappointed!

From: Tyler: AL 5/1/14


From: Kevin: San Francisco, CA 4/30/14

Comments: Just decided that all of my Shimano Chronarchs are about to get replaced with the Concept A reels. This sucker impressed me the very first time I casted it out.  It was the smoothest I've ever thrown and my crankbait went about 15 yards further then I'm used to. Then when I got it dialed in perfectly it was even better. The retrieve is also nothing but amazing. Smooth and the handles are sweet as I like big handles I can really crank with. This first reel I got in the 5 ratio for my deep crankbaits. It really works well.

From: Jeff: Howe, TX 4/29/14

Comments: Perfect design in every way, have never help a reel that palms as perfect as this one, very smooth and love the handles, will be the perfect flipping and pitching reel with the 8.1.1 with 22 pounds of drag

From: DC: USA 4/19/14

Comments: I purchased this reel and a new Shimano Curado I. I like this reel better. The new Curado feels smoother on the cast and retrieve. But, on the same rod with the same bait, this reel cast farther and had better spool control. Even with the Curado's new dual break and dial control. I was really surprised because I expected this to be Ok, but the Curado to be great. Instead, I find the Curado to just be Ok and I'm really impressed with this reel. If this model is this good, I can only imagine how good the 2 higher end models must be.

From: K.G.: USA 3/20/14

Comments: Holy handles...I want these things for all my other reels. Love this larger paddle and length. Feels like I have so much more control and power on the retrieve, unbelievable. Been out twice, only a few dinks, so no real test on the drag, anti-reverse worked well laying the wood to a log fish. I have the 6.6, it casts smooth, seems to have above average distance. Overall, I'm impressed. Seriously hoping they sell the handles separate, I have ten years worth of reels that could use them!

From: Mark: Lake Placid, FL 3/13/14

Comments: just got this today and all I can say is wow smooth very nice feels good in the hand don't even feel like it 6.7oz feels more like 5oz 13 did it again all way to there rods now the reels also A+

From: Kanon: PA 3/12/14

Comments: Amazing! The handles are nice and bulky, just the rite size to yank a monster out of the slop!!! With the "BullDog" Drag, this reel will be my new Punch/Flip tool. I got the 8.1 ratio and can't wait to add another to my arsenal!!!! Thanks 13 & TW.

From: Timmy: Delta, CA 3/5/14

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