The lightweight, sexy 13 Fishing Concept C Casting Reel has more to offer than just great looks. Delivering robust power and a host of features that the discerning angler can appreciate, its streamlined design was engineered to sit closer to the rod and allow the angler to easily wrap his/her hand around it for maximum comfort. This combined with the fact that it weighs only 6.1oz means you can easily flip and pitch with one hand or hop a jig all day with minimal fatigue.

A nine bearing system (8+1), including 4 anti-corrosion bearings, and a Dead Stop Anti-Reverse bearing deliver consistently smooth casts and retrieves, and 13 Fishing’s proprietary Arrowhead line guide also increases casting distance and accuracy thanks to its unique design. The Concept C’s Bulldog drag system dishes out an astounding 22lbs of max drag to stop even the biggest fish dead in their tracks, and the 6-way centrifugal braking system offers complet cast control for a range of conditions and applications. Grab hold of the Concept Cork handle knobs and let the 13 Fishing Concept C Casting Reel rip!

-Lightweight Aluminum Frame
-Airfoil Carbon Sideplates
-Upgraded Stainless Gear Shaft
-8 Ball Bearings (4 anti-corrosion, 3 stainless steel)
-Dead Stop Anti-Reverse Bearing
-Arrowhead Line Guide
-22lb Bulldog Drag System
-6-way Centrifugal Braking System
-Lightweight Aluminum Handle
-Concept Cork Handle Knobs
-Saltwater Approved

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Just got it yesterday I have only about 2 hours of fishing on it. So far I love it. I have 30# spiderwire braid spooled up & it casts great. I still can't believe how smooth every part of this reel is. There is no corners cut. The casting is phanamal I don't even have to thumb the spool & can cast incredibly far & accurate without any rats nests a+ in my book I have not had a bait caster that can compare to this for around the same price. Time will tell but I may be ordering a few more

From: Matt: OR 7/27/16

Comments: WOW! This reel is amazing. It's super smooth, cast very nicely, you can reach those hard spots under hanging limbs and the design and construction of all 13 Fishings equipment is hands down beyond superb.

From: Dale: Goose Creek, SC 3/21/16

Comments: I purchased this reel in August and so far it has been outstanding! It casts an absolute mile and it is super smooth. Also, the drag is extremely strong and smooth. I haven't had any break offs using 12lb invizx for Texas rigs and jigs. One of my favorite parts about this reel is the cork knobs, they are super comfortable and grippy. 10 out of 10 for me!

From: James: St. Louis, MO 2/22/16

Comments: I purchased this reel and have it on a Duckett extra heavy I use for punching. So far I am very pleased with it. It is super smooth and has handled the abuse of punching heavy grass mats with heavy weights, so far. After almost a year of use I dont have any complaints at all.

From: Robert: Brandon, MS 1/11/16

Comments: New to this brand of reel. The 13 Fishing Concept C doesn't feel the same as other reels. Which is a good thing. Once holding it in your hand its hard not to like it. At 6.1 oz it is light. With a bad shoulder I feel no discomfort of giving it a toss. I lined up some Suffix 30lb braid & attached a 1/4 oz snag proof mouse at the end. I stepped out the front door into the yard & began to dial in the brakes. This reel has a smooth cast. After about six casts I had the brakes dialed in exactly how I like it. You won't be sorry for this purchase. Nice to know that Tackle Warehouse delivers to APO. Thanks for such a great product & good fast service during the holidays. 

From: Brian: Uijeongbu, South Korea 12/31/15

Comments: Recently just got this reel from Tacklewarehouse and all I have to say is it's awesome. It's feather light, has an awesome drag, and the does everything I need it to. I had a 3.5 pounder on the other end and this reel just got it right to me with no problem. I also have a Lew's BB1 and compare to that it's night a day better. A friend of mine also has the older Lew's Gold reel and I'd say it's on par with that reel in terms of casting, but this reel is just a TON lighter. As other have mentioned that this reel throws plastics farther than any reel they've ever had, I too agree with that as it handles weightless senkos and flukes better than any other reel I've had or have used. For sure if you have the money get this reel. NO DOUBT it's worth it.

From: V. Vang: USA 6/30/15

Comments: This reel is perfect! I love the cork handles & it fits perfectly in your hand. Smoothest reel I've ever owned.

From: Trevor: OH 5/6/15

Comments: I bought this reel because it's different and felt great in my hand. It was smooth and light and seemed well crafted. To my surprise it's even better than I had hoped it would be. This thing is simply amazing in every way. Not to mention you can trick it out by going to the 13 Fishing site and trick out your reel! Highly suggest this reel to anyone. You will NOT be disappointed.

From: Jeremiah: St. Louis, MO 2/12/15

Comments: Love the way it looks. Love the feel and look of the cork handle. Unbelievably smooth. Casts a country mile. Definitely a fan of 13 fishing.

From: Bill: Cookeville, TN 2/8/15

Comments: All I can say is I love it! From now on I'm a 13 Fishing guy! This reel is so smooth like others have mentioned. And it casts a mile with little effort. I am amazed by this reel. I love the way I can palm it. I have smaller hands and the way they designed this reel to be easily palmed is perfect! I have it paired with the 13 Fishing Envy Black 7'1" MH A perfect combo! I definitely recommend this bait cast reel to anyone who wants a quality product. Thank you to 13 Fishing. You have a new customer.

From: Dennis: Lompoc, CA 12/15/15

Comments: 13 Concept! If you are in the business in making money. Hurry! Make a left handed reels ASAP! For those guys that are right handed. try to use the left handed reel and see how you like it?

From: Jay: Chino Hills, CA 12/23/14

Comments: First, learn to fish with either hand, real easy. Second, I've got a c and an e and love them both. Unless the weight matters to you the c is great and almost as smooth as the e for a lot less money. Casts very well, drag is great and i think the cork handle is very comfortable. 

From: Jason: MA 10/4/14

Comments: Felt so sorry for the pike with all that drag it didn't stand a chance. It retrieve was like cutting butter with a hot knife. To cut the story short just go and buy one two or three you wont be disappointed. Well done 13 Fishing company I will be buying more of your reels in future

From: Chris: UK 9/7/14

Comments: i have had this reel on the water 5 day including the frog tourney, and i have to say it has been great. I love 8-1 for froggin and i can cast this reel a mile. The handle is a great length and the big cork grips feel good. only time will tell the whole story about these reel, but with that said im going to buy 2 more. i give this reel 5 stars.

From: Chris: Delta, CA 8/21/14

Comments: 13 fishing makes awesome looking reels.. but I will never know if they perform as well as they look because they think EVERYONE in America that fishes for bass is RIGHT HANDED. PREDJIDUCE

From: RJD: Lewistown, PA 6/13/14

Comments:  Impressed so far. I bought the 'C'. I Gave up on Shimano when they stiff armed the fishing community with the G series and went too all Lews TP1SH. Nevertheless, I still like my Lew's but wanted something a tad lighter, 13 Fishing answered with the Concept 'C' series. Cant comment on the drag system yet as I haven't landed a fish worthy yet but that big RED is coming and ill know what they are made of then. Far as casting, retrieve, smoothness etc. Im sold, Id say the casting distance is in line with Lews TP1SH.....

From: Brad: Tomball, TX 5/30/14

Comments: I just relieved my reel the other day and I tell you what I'm in love! Nit is extremely light and cast a mile! Most comftable reel I have ever laid my hands on! The true test is to see how it holds up in time! Great reel worth ever dollar.

From: Unknown: Lowell, MA 5/4/14

Comments: Amazing reel. Very lightweight, love the cork handles and the 8:1 is awesome. A little noisy on casts, but I think a little reel oil fix. Most expensive reel I've got and I'll buy another. Mate this to a Okuma Helios Micro and I dont know if a lighter combo is possible for the price..

From: Rob: Danville, CA 4/20/14

Comments: Most expensive reel I own. Worth every penny. Effortless casts that go forever, buttercream frosting smooth action plus that perfect balance of size, power, and shape. Paired with a 13 Fishing Envy ML as my go to setup for thick smallies and toad largemouth bass. I have been NOTHING but absolutely thrilled with EVERY product I've purchased from 13 Fishing.

From: Micah: Spokane, WA 4/10/14

Comments: got out n did a few cast, let say I think it better than the ci4 and with the lightweight on an 7'11" rod it feel like you are holding the rod only

From: Unknown: MN 4/6/14

Comments: ok so two weeks ago I got the A first thing I thought after pulling out box is wow !!! Spined so free and was just nice over all got on water and just say I'm in love .... So I figure if the A that good let me try C so I got today went out used on the water cought 3 nice bass and all I have to say is wow wow this thing cast so fare it's unreel so smooth and the reeling is so smooth also I love these reels I have two abu premiers and they are just as good if not better ... I will be getting another C or E very soon ... If ur on fence don't be just buy the C it's way worth 229 ... I would give this reel a 9/10 only reason a 9 the white reel needs lil more black in it just for lil more style ...

From: Kanon: Pa 4/3/14

Comments: First feel of the reel was not great, but decided to give it a full day of fishing before making any quick assumptions.  The reel did palm nicely, and the overall feel of the reel is light in the hand. This is where the review goes down hill, the casting of the reel felt more like an entry level cheap BPS reel, the handles felt like two footballs in my hand.  The cork grips are way over done and not real comfortable to reel in with. The breaking system is not up to snuff with Daiwa or Shimano.  While reeling my jig back to the boat the reel lacked smoothness you expect in a reel of the $170.00 price point, the handle had way to much flex in the retrieve.  The drag system during my fishing today was not tested so I can't comment on that.  

From: Glenn: Hammond, LA 3/22/14

Comments: I was a little worried at first, spending $$ on a totally new reel but man i'm glad I did. I have all lews reels, mostly Tournament Pros, and this reel is built just as well as those. go look at the reviews on them. This is super smooth on the cast & retrieve, even with fish on. Handle's are big but are really comfy, there also easy to find. handle length is also perfect, i find on some reels, the handles are to close together, this reel they are perfect. Drag is tough as nails. had a snag an went to pull it out and the reel didnt budge. Lastly, this reel feels like it is built VERY well. no grinding, no flexing, reel engages & disengages smoothly, everything adjusts very smoothly, and the new line guide also works as stated, line lays very flat all the way across the spool. Overall I give a 9/10 will be 10/10 when i see how it performs after the end of this season.

From: Scott: TX 3/9/14

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