13 Fishing Concept "E" Casting Reel - $379.99

No expense was spared in making the 13 Fishing Concept E Casting Reel one of the best high performance reels on the market. Ridiculously lightweight at 5.78oz, its frame and sideplates are made using 13 Fishing’s proprietary Featherweight Magnesium. As powerful and functional as it is lightweight and sexy, it’s packed with features that would make any tournament angler drool.

Fire baits to your target with high spin Ceramic spool bearings, and turn a fish from structure with the hefty 22lb Bulldog Drag. This 11 Bearing (10+1) ultra-smooth baitcaster is also ready for action in both fresh or saltwater - despite its magnesium construction thanks to its Ocean Armor finish. Whether you like to stalk big redfish on the flats or flip a jig through mats, you will appreciate the stopping power of the Japanese NTN Anti-Reverse roller clutch with a performance milled inner sleeve. The improved casting distance and accuracy of the Arrowhead line guide also helps increase casting distance, and the 6-way centrifugal braking system allows you to tune into any conditions or lure choice.  Never get caught under gunned, the 13 Fishing Concept E Casting Reel has all the bells and whistles for all your freshwater and saltwater needs.

-Featherweight Magnesium Frame & Sideplate
-10 Ball Bearings (3 Hybrid Ceramic, 3 Anti-Corrosion, 4 stainless steel)
-Japanese NTN Dead Stop Anti-Reverse Bearing
-Ocean Armor Finish
-22lb Bulldog Drag
-Lightweight Aluminum Handle
-Concept Cork Handle Knobs
-6-Way Centrifugal Braking System
-Saltwater Approved

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One of the best high performance reels on the market, no expense was spared in the making of the 13 Fishing Concept E Casting Reel. Lightweight, stylish, powerful and loaded with features - what more could you want?

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13 Fishing Concept

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Capacity (Test/Yd.) Price Stock Qty
E5.3 Right 5.3:1 5.78 (4HC+3SS+3CR)+1RB 12/100 $379.99
E6.6 Right 6.6:1 5.78 (4HC+3SS+3CR)+1RB 12/100 $379.99
E7.3 Right 7.3:1 5.78 (4HC+3SS+3CR)+1RB 12/100 $379.99
E8.1 Right 8.1:1 5.78 (4HC+3SS+3CR)+1RB 12/100 $379.99

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  • One of the best high performance reels on the market, no expense was spared in the making of the 13 Fishing Concept E Casting Reel. Lightweight, stylish, powerful and loaded with features - what more could you want?

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Comments: Great reels. Very cutting edge and progressive and forward thinking design features (thumb bar, cork handles) but I would like to see a more user friendly breaking system.

From: Patrick: CA 11/17/14

Comments: Great reel,I have the Concept E and I think this reel outguns it,it casts miles and is super smooth,I target mainly pike and this reel coupled with 40lb braid ownes them. 5 stars

From: Jason: United Kingdom 9/20/14

Comments: Well....I bought the E7.3. I have to say the reel is light...and for the 1st 7-8 trips the reel was fine. It is after I used it for a bit I started to see the wear factor come into play or should I say the roughness? The reel got steadily worse over the course of 2 months. It does have some good things going for it ...weight, castability and comfort- but to be 110% honest here....My Lews BB1 Pro models are a far superior reel for the money.

From: Tony: West Haven, KY 9/11/14

Comments: Being someone who fits the bill for this reel as a right handed fisherman I can honestly say this is the lightest, smoothest, and most powerful reel I have ever fished. Everything about this reel is of the highest quality and if I had the money I'd get another one.

From: Denham: WA 6/28/14

Comments: Why all the crying over a left-handed reel? You have TWO hands people, learn to use a right-handed reel.... if you're wanting a reel that bad.... do you always scratch your head with the same hand? Really, quit whining about a left handed reel, and use a right handed reel

From: Jordan: NC 5/15/14

Comments: Why in gods great graces do they not come in left hand?!? im getting really tired of seeing all the new reels I want to try and then seeing they only come in right hand! a lot of lost business if you ask me.

From: Josh: CO 5/6/14

Comments: I say the same... Come on! Where are the left handed reels!!!

From: Ken: MI 5/5/14

Comments: I never in my life felt a reel like this one dose ... Just the hole set up I have it paird with 7-1mh envy rod and all I can say is wow !!! Just balance and the feel in ur hand ... Put to you this way I owned all the top line abu reels you can have and I'm switching all my reels to concepts ... 13 is head of the game, great job 13 on a 10-10 reel ...

From: JJ: NC 3/28/14

Comments: Kabam and WOW! I had a chance to finally put the 13 Concepts in action today and I have never been so impressed ever! The smooth spool emptying casting distance is the best ever. Dollar for dollar, ounce for ounce. That is the good news, the bad news is time to go shopping to change out 25-40 plus reels in my current casting arsenal.

From: Bob: Las Vegas, NV 3/22/14

Comments: Come on 13 make left hand reels!!!

From: Peter: WI 3/19/14

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