13 Fishing has done it again with the release of the new 13 Fishing Envy Black Crankbait Rods. Designed and tested with the input of fellow anglers and seasoned professionals, including FLW Tour standout, Stetson Blaylock, the series delivers cranking performance well above its pay grade.

The unique composite construction of the all new 13 Fishing Envy Crankbait Rods provide the perfect blend of J40T Toray with the perfect amount of T-Glass. This proprietary blend helps achieve a remarkably light and exceptionally strong blank.  The moderate tapers cushion the strike to make sure you get a hook in, and provide the right amount of play to keep big fish pinned. The premium n.e.r.d. (Nano Engineering Research and Design) Guides help facilitate long bomb casting capabilities, and the Evolve Sniper Reel Seat provides a comfortable base that won't put your hand to sleep after long days of cranking. Premium AAA Cork EVA trim grips also add to the comfort. Perfectly tuned and incredibly lightweight, the 13 Fishing Envy Black Crankbait Rods have all the attributes you need to crank up some big ones.

-Backed by a 10-year Warranty

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The Crankenstein is a monster! I won it in 13 Fishing's 52 Weeks of Awesomeness this year & put it through its paces all year. After all the fish I caught with this rod in the year I had it including my personal best 6lb 6oz all I can say is, color me impressed. I already owned a 7'1 M Omen Black, but the Crankenstein was the rod that turned me into a forever owner of 13 Fishing rods. Give one a shot! You won't regret it!

From: MP3: USA 11/30/15

Comments: This is the most comfortable cranking rod I've held. The 7'4" is not to stiff, has plenty of tip. I'm not sure why other reviews mentioned being to stiff? It feels perfect. Bad news, rod snapped at the 5th guide before I got to use it! I put line thru the guides and barely pulled to see the tip and it snapped. No damage to the great Tackle Warehouse tube on delivery. If 13 works on the durability of the cranking rods, I'll try another in the future because it was very comfortable to hold. Thanks for the refund, TW guys!

From: Charles: NC 7/24/15

Comments: I ordered the Crankenstein over a year ago. I could not be more excited about this rod. Its overall look is awesome...its grip is perfect for my hand...the tip absorbs the impact of deep diving cranks hitting structure like there is no tomorrow, it even has been a candidate for fishing a square-bill. Overall, it has performed past my expectations. Yes its long, but it can launch a variety of diving cranks with ease; I have caught countless fish on this crank in every depth range.  I even pulled in a 39inch muskie,  which was way to easy with the soft tip yet firm backbone.

From: Dom: PA 4/21/15

Comments: The Crankenstien is awesome, extremely well made... I love everything about it from the look and feel down to the innovative hook holder. Reel seat and grip are amazing and you can cast a country mile even with 1/2 oz lures. Fell and cast very well and accurate also, very light. hand down way better rod than my much more expensive loomis. Great job 13 fishing for once, I feel like i got a lot more than my money's worth.

From: Matt: Deale, MD 8/8/14

Comments: I like the rod but my first fish to ever catch on it my tip broke off. I have 5 13 rods and have had to return  a lot. If I didn't like the feel of the rods so much I'd probably switch to a different brand.

From: Ryan: Fort Worth, TX 7/26/14

Comments: I would have to agree with Gary on this. The tip on the 7'4" is stiffer than your usual crankbait rod. I use G.Loomis for all my crankbait needs and absolutely love them. I will say that I fish a lot of grass filled lakes and this rod with its stiffer tip is excellent at ripping lipless rattlebaits out of the grass. I wont use it for open water but when I'm fishing the salad its awesome! This rod may not be for all my crankin needs but its great for rippin the weeds!

From: Brandon: Monticello, IN 5/16/14

Comments: I bought the 7'4" model thinking it would be good for crankbait casting for bass. This rod was so stiff, with its moderate action, that it barely bent its tip with a three lb spotted bass on. I thought I was going to rip the hooks out due to the lack of cushioning usually provided by the rod. The general feel of this rod is not much better than my LEWS American hero rod that I have been using at half its price. I feel that this rod is aimed at much larger fish then bass. Just not the right action for my application.

From: Gary: Murphy, NC 5/9/14

Comments: I have had several cranking rods but none compare to the CRANKENSTIEN. This rod launches baits from a 1/2oz Strike King Series 5 to a 10XD. I consider this rod to be the Lightweight Heavyweight.  I cant wait for 13 to come out with the other 2 cranking models.

From: Jeff: Old Forge, PA 4/28/14

Comments: Amazing crankbait rod. I've caught multiple big fish on it this winter and it handles deep cranks very well. Not overly heavy, balances well, and will LAUNCH a 6XD or Spro Fat Papa 70 when paired with a Lew's BB-1 pro.

From: Daniel: Morgantown, KY 4/17/14

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