Every so often a company will come along and break the status quo. They will do things a bit differently. They’ll tell you fishing does not have to be a pastime, and that quality fishing equipment is not reserved for the wealthy. 13 Fishing believes just that, and the proof is in their new line of quality fishing rods. Introducing the Omen Black Series Casting Rods.

Featuring unbelievable actions designed with the assistance of FLW Tour pro, Stetson Blaylock, the 13 Fishing Omen Black Series Casting Rods feature Japanese 30-ton Toray carbon fiber blanks, which are rolled with the precision of a surgical instrument. Every rod blank is a piece of art left in its natural, elegant state to provide unmatched sensitivity and power. The components are built with special materials as well, including Evolve Titanium Y-Guides with Zirconia inserts and hand selected cork grips. Custom designed hair trigger reel seats also provide a comfortable feel, and direct access to the rod blank. Lightweight and perfectly balanced for the ultimate tip sensitivity, the 13 Fishing Omen Black Series Casting Rods offer high-priced performance that won’t cost you a fortune.

Backed by a 5-Year Limited Warranty

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I purchased a 7'3" Heavy-Fast rod for jigging and frog fishing after careful consideration and the reading through of many great reviews. The very first outing with this new rod was amazing; great sensitivity and all I could imagine from the reviews... until it broke. I was fishing a frog across matted grass and small stems when a 2-3 largemouth exploded on me. As I was rearing back to set the hook, the rod snapped at the reel seat. I was in complete dismay. However I returned the rod hoping my previous was a bad apple. I have had this new rod for a few weeks now (fishing it everyday for a whole week) and it is definitely all it was made up to be, couldn't speak better for the return policies and my new rod! Definitely would buy more! 

From: Noah: GA 8/20/15

Comments: had this rod for about 2 hours catching fish left and right during a night bite and them bam rod snapped about 2 inches from the top thought it was a fluke so I warrantied it. After I got the wrong rod in return that one snapped in the exact spot must have been a bad batch of blanks love the feel of the rod and love the reels but I won't be buying another anytime soon

From: Connor: CA 8/7/15

Comments: I've been using a couple 13 omen blacks for three hard years now. I have used rods that cost 3-4 times as much in the past, but these rods will outperform anything close to their price range and no doubt they are better than most rods that cost twice as much. The 7'3" MH is a B.A. jig rod. The 7'1" Medium spinning rod is so sensitive you can feel a smallie sucking in a senko on a slack line, and the action is fast enough that you can drive a hook home with half the stroke needed with other "fast" rods. I love the grips on both the spinning and casting rods, very comfortable, powerful, and exceptional performance. Best rods on the market. Pair em up with a good shimano reel and they'll make ya feel all warm and fuzzy inside every time you pick one up...

From: Chad: Sanford, MI 7/31/15

Comments: Got the 7'1" MH.  After taking it out the of package I found that the guides were not even close to being straight down the blank but figured I'd still be able to fish with it. Only fish I caught with it was off of a dock. Figuring it had the strength I decided to swing the fish on the dock and when I did the rod snapped 3 guides down from the tip. Ive done this multiple times with other rods and have had no trouble, and the fish was only about 2-2.5 pounds. A little disappointed, especially after reading the reviews on wired2fish about these particular rods. Don't know if I'll go with another one in the future but for now I'll stick with the ducketts and Abu Garcias I think.

From: Ryan: Brunswick, ME 7/26/15

Comments: I had the 7'1" Heavy rod for a whole 2 months. I took care of it, kept it in a rod glove, cleaned it, etc.. This rod broke during a cast with a half ounce jig and 15 lbs test line. The rod clearly says on the side that it can handle a half ounce jig. If I were you, I would spend my money on a ghost. For 100$ it's probably the best rod on the market. I think I will stick to duckett.

From: A Money: Williamsburg, VA 6/27/15

Comments: for the price they are a very good sensitive rod that feels great when your gripping it and very well balanced. But now after buying a few and fishing for awhile with them I still love the way they feel but I'm discovering that the line guides are very flimsy and not sturdy at all I had one bend like butter on me also the rods seem to be very brittle and will break very easily if you have a mishap.I was really hoping this would be the rod that I switch all my rods too but I guess ill have to keep looking.

From: Zach: USA 6/21/15

Comments: Bad to the bone! These rods are everything you would want in a higher end rod. Just as the description states, these rods are worth twice what they cost. I own the 6'7" med, and love it as my topwater jerkbait rod. I finally found a company I can always rely on for each rod I buy. On another note, I also own several of the spinning rods as well. They are fantastic.

From: River Brown Outdoors: Phx, AZ 5/30/15

Comments: Recently picked one of these rods up to replace a broken rod and all I can say is wow!! The sensitivity and comfort this rod offers is second to none. These rods and ducketts are the only thing I will get from now on.  If your thinks mg about getting one just go ahead and get it!

From: Devon: KY 5/23/15

Comments: Picked up the 7'6 MH for my Concept A & was immediately stunned with the performance of this setup. The rod is very well balanced, light & extremely sensitive for the price point, I could feel when my spinnerbait wasn't spinning right & a quick twitch of the rod got the blades working again! Couldn't be any happier with my purchase. I find it extremely comfortable to fish!

From: Blake: Placentia, CA 4/26/15

Comments: I decided to try a 7ft 11in omen black. It feels like holding a lightning rod you could break cinder blocks with. It is very stout, but not much in the handle region. I wish it had a little more length in the handle to use your forearm for additional support. The MAJOR flaw in the rod that i got was that mine showed up with misaligned guides. The first guide is about 10 degrees rotated out of line with the other guides.

From: Thomas: Macon, GA 4/18/15

Comments: Bought one and after a few months the knob to tighten and loosen up the real seat came unglued which it still turns just the 13 label twisted around. A little apoxy and I fixed it but after all the reviews I found the rod to be a little overrated. I like a fatter grip and these are a little uncomfortable for me I guess being slimer then most.I have the 7'3 MH and its stiff as all get out. I use it for mostly top water now. I give it a 6 out of 10 decent rod just not for me. I'll stick to my falcons. Would like to try the envy but its a little high for my budget

From: Zach: Baton Rouge, LA 4/3/15

Comments: I have several (5) of these in both M & MH. They work great and for the price point they'll put a big smile on your face (they have mine!).

From: Rondo: MN 3/28/15

Comments: Bought this rod (7/1 M) based on all of the positive reviews. I should have paid more for this rod. Much more. Can throw 1/4 & 3/8 lipless baits of all kinds & you can feel every tick, nibble, meverything.

From: Hank: Actionville, IL 3/24/15

Comments: As a huge fan of these rods I ask for something a little unconventional... Raise the price! No where, including TW, can keep these in stock and they are absolutely amazing rods. I would have no issue paying 150 for the omens and it would probably make it much easier to actually get your hands on one!

From: Dan: Fort Wayne, IN 3/5/15

Comments: I own 6 of these 13 rods, crankin, spinning, casting. Super sensitive and plenty of power. Best thing I like about these rods, they balance very well, Cast a mile & fit my hands. I personally like more rod on the business end & less on the butt. 

From: John: OK 2/28/15

Comments: I switch almost all my rods every 2 years and I cant wait until these are gone. I had 10 of them and I'm glad I bought the replacement plan because I used it often. these rods are a 6/10 at best. but they have done a great job in Marketing but the Omen doesn't live up to the hype.

From: Jason: WI 2/26/15

Comments: I bought a 13 fishing 6'7" medium heavy, fast action Omen Black rod last spring. I was really happy with it, a lot sensitive, a bit like the feeling the Abu Garcia Vendetta gives you, but its not an Abu. Book closed it has the best backbone I ever saw and that made the casting a little bit more selective with the casting distance, because the backbone could not kick it and it was a short rod at the same time. Unfortunatley, I broke the rod by mistake in July and I am still looking foward for a new one.

From: Thierry: Boisbriand, QC Canada 12/11/14

Comments: I have 5 rods from 13 Fishing, 4 of which are the Omen Black models. These rods are incredible, especially for the price. They are super sensitive for a $100 rod. They also are very light weight. The powers and actions are exactly what they say. The guides are very durable and hold up against braid well. The reel seat is great. It allows maximum contact with the black. Overall, these rods are the best you can buy for the price.

From: Zach: Austin, TX 11/13/14

Comments: Bought the 7'11" for punchin. Does the job but could use a longer butt section. Caught a few fish and the sensitivity seemed decent.

From: Kevin: USA 11/5/14

Comments: I bought this rod for flipping and throwing jigs/texas rigged baits. Unfortunately, this couldn't hold the jockstrap of the Powell rods I own. At only a $40 dollar difference between this and Powell I would have expected much higher quality. I won't own another. The major downfall here is both in the rod blank and the finger trigger on the rod. Make sure you test one before you decide to buy.

From: Zach: Abingdon, MD 10/21/14

Comments: THE best rods on the market, period! I own three of them, 7-1 MH, and 7-3 M and H. Each is incredibly sensitive. I have used the 7-3 H the most, it is amazing for jigs and frogs. That being said, the 7-1 MH is the most versatile. There is not a type of lure I can't use it with. I use it mostly for swim jigs and chatterbaits and have been extremely impressed. It even has enough power for frogs. I've liked the medium power the least, BUT that is because I personally prefer rods with a little more power. I also feel the handle is a little too short. Second best part is the handle grip... Extremely ergonomic!!!

From: Tom: Barnes, WI 10/6/14

Comments: I was a little skeptical about buying a rod without seeing and holding it first. However, my skepticism was quickly forgotten once my order arrived. I liked it so much I ordered a second baitcaster and a spinning rod. These are very good rods at a great price.

From: John: Atlanta, GA 10/5/14

Comments: The medium actions are great for working reaction baits especially because of the smaller butt section. The butt section is about 2" shorter than a similar Duckett rod. These are the best value on the market period!

From: Reggie: Franklin, NC 9/29/14

Comments: I love this rod except for the small but section. If 13 would make a rod with a but section that was competitive with others this would be the best rod on the market. Please make a longer but.

From: Justin: GA 7/30/14

Comments: I love my 13 Omen rod! Very solid backbone, and most importantly for me, light weight. Not to mention the look of this rod is great, for what it's worth!

From: Matt: Hebron, KY 4/3/14

Comments: I hope they don't raise the price on these things, I'm on my second and waiting for the tax sale for a new 7'11", that should be a beast. I have the 7'1" m and mh in casting, and they are used more than anything else I own. Especially the MH, I can fish just about anything around here with that stick. Love these rods.

From: Garry: Springfield, MO 3/29/14

Comments: I bought the 7'1 MH and was very excited to fish this rod after reading all the great reviews. Mine snapped on the 2nd cast throwing a 3/8 OZ crankbait. Now if I ship it back to 13 Fishing and pay the return shipping I'll have around $140 tied up in a $99 rod that I'm not sure I even want anymore! In 13 Fishing's defense, I didn't contact them to tell them their rod broke on the 2nd cast. Who knows, they might have paid to send a new one. I just didn't feel like going through the hassle to get another Omen.

From: Jerry: Caldwell, ID 3/27/14

Comments: very impressed with the rod. I work at a fishing store. I can fish with any rod that I want to but I bought two one 67 mh and the other 610 m. They are very light and good sensitivity caught good fish with both very impress

From: Jacob: Jackson, MS 3/26/14

Comments: got the 7'6"MH and this thing is a beast. Light, sensitive, and power. Paired it with a EXO 100 and balances nice. Love the way the grip is designed, doesn't feel uncomfortable at all. I checked for rough spots but there weren't any. Caught one small fish off of it while fishing an IKA and setting the hook skipped him out of the water. Great rod and nice quality.

From: Will: Long Beach, CA 3/26/14

Comments: When i got my 7'3" med. rod i was very excited. i almost ordered another one without ever even fishing with the first one. After learning that 3 of my friends had there rods break before they ever made a cast. I am thinking of sending my rod back before i take the tags off and put a reel on it.

From: Matthew: New Fairfield, CT 3/26/14

Comments: Best 100 dollar rod on the market.  I own the 7'1" Heavy action omen black. This rod is far more sensitive than my phenix recon 2 at a price tag of 75 dollars less. The rod is comfortable with a good balance point once a reel is seated. I would recommend this rod to the most novice fisherman or the most experienced. The 30 ton graphite blank comes to life in hand.

From: Eric: Houston, TX 3/24/14

Comments: Update on my last review: I have been out a few times with the rod and am liking it so far. Loads up nicely and is good sensitivity wise, however the handle could be a few inches longer. I like the use two hands to cast anything-just a habit-and the handle is kinda awkward, however I can manage and won't be bothered by it. Haven't caught anything yet as the water is still literally like 35 degrees. I would also love to see a full cork omen but doubt it will ever happen. I think I will buy another soon!

From: Chris: ME 3/18/14

Comments: I've been really impressed with the  omen line from 13 fishing. I've got the 7'11" h and it makes a great frog/flip rod and a 7'3" mh which is a great all around rod.

From: Tony: Cencal 3/17/14

Comments: I have the 7-3 Medium Omen and I love it.  It's really hard to find a rod that is over 7 with medium power and fast action.  The longer length helps when throwing swimbait, flukes, jigs, froggies, on the bassboat, but the extra length is great when fishing out my yak too.  I don't have to worry about Mr. Bass running under the yak or switching sides.  This rod is a very well put together rod.  Looks swag too.  I just ordered another one and will probably order another.  Best rod for the money, hands down.  Go ahead and spend more money...don't know that you would  be getting much more though.

From: Jamie: Irmo, SC 3/14/14

Comments: This rod is awesome. Incredibly lightweight and balanced. I have the 7'1"M casting rod paired with an Abu Garcia Revo SX and it performs beautifully. Like using it more than my Duckett White Ice. Will definitely be getting another in the future.

From: Tyler: Parkersburg, WV 3/13/14

Comments: I own two of these rods in the 6'7 MH and they are awesome. Landed a 7.9 lb largemouth and pulled him out of the brush with ease. The rod is extremely lightweight yet it has the backbone to tame any fish in the lake. I like that they offer a lot of intermediate lengths because I generally use shorter rods for fishing close quarters on my home lake.

From: Kevin: Triad, NC 3/11/14

Comments: I have not fished it yet, but boy am I excited to throw some jerks, top waters and mini squarebills on the 7'1" medium. Perfect craftsmanship. Beautiful.

From: Chris: ME 2/28/14

Comments: I bought a spinning rod version and was impresses now added a casting rod and am going to add more as times and money allow.  Great looking rod n light as a feather you cannot come close to this quality for $99  I would. Snap one or two up before popularity causes price to rise.

From: Fatswarcat: Paradox, PA

Comments: I have the 7'3" M&MH, the sensitivity is good for the price and love the action.  Between these 2 rods you can fish almost everything except big cranks and swimbaits. The only negative I have with these rods is the small grip, I find it uncomfortable throwing 1/2oz + lures on long cast.

From: Brandon: Bryan, TX

Comments: Im very pleased with 13 fishing rods! I got the 7'1 casting rod last mouth. when I used it. I new I had to have the spinning rod! I very happy with them both! I recommend 13 fishing rods!

From: Craig: SC

Comments: I got this rod back in the spring of 2013. Have used it for one year. The rod has held up great. I got the 7foot3 H power. First fish was a 20bl plus drum on Ky Lake. This rod handled it with no problem. Nice rod for the money.

From: Mike: Cincinnati, OH

Comments: the other reviews are spot on.  Ultra light rod, but the butt end is a little short.  The action on the 6 foot 7 inch is not very fast.

From: Matt: Moweaqua

Comments: Great rod! Got the med/hev 7'3" rod for Christmas and have been fishing with it a few time! very light and cool looking

From: Jacob: Medina, Tn 

Comments: I just bought the 7'3 medium.  I love this pole! Light, fast, you can feel everything. Casts great, looks great, I paired it with an AG Orra SX and 30lb Daiwa braid.  What a great set up!

From: David: Garden Grove, CA. USA

Comments: best rods I have ever had I got the 7'1" heavy for frogging and flipping. I used it at one of my ponds caught about 20 on the same set up. I put a Abu Garcia pro max on it. Great price. Buy with confidence

From: Jason: Livingston AL

Comments: I have the 7-3 MH spooled with 50 lb PowerPro. I use it for jigs and topwater frogs. This rod is light, sensitive, and powerful. I do wish it had a bet faster/lighter tip when pitching jigs though.

From: Ryan

Comments: I bought the 7,3 mh. Best rod I've ever bought for the price you can't beat it. Compared it to a loomis gl2 and the omen was more sensative. Overall amazing! Rod.

From: Taylor: AL

Comments: Purchased the MH 7'3" for throwing a frog.  Got out today and killed them missing only one caught fish to 5 lbs and handled them like a dream.  The tip is soft enough to throw the frog way back and has enough backbone to pull the big ones out of the brush.  I will be buying more to replace my other rods.

From: Lynn: AZ

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