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13 Fishing Omen Black Casting Rods - $99.99 to $129.99

13 Fishing Omen Black Casting Rods

Every so often a company will come along and break the status quo. They will do things a bit differently. They’ll tell you fishing does not have to be a pastime, and that quality fishing equipment is not reserved for the wealthy. 13 Fishing believes just that, and the proof is in their new line of quality fishing rods. Introducing the Omen Black Series Casting Rods.

Featuring unbelievable actions designed with the assistance of FLW Tour pro, Stetson Blaylock, the 13 Fishing Omen Black Series Casting Rods feature Japanese 30-ton Toray carbon fiber blanks, which are rolled with the precision of a surgical instrument. Every rod blank is a piece of art left in its natural, elegant state to provide unmatched sensitivity and power. The components are built with special materials as well, including Evolve Titanium Y-Guides with Zirconia inserts and hand selected cork grips. Custom designed hair trigger reel seats also provide a comfortable feel, and direct access to the rod blank. Lightweight and perfectly balanced for the ultimate tip sensitivity, the 13 Fishing Omen Black Series Casting Rods offer high-priced performance that won’t cost you a fortune.

Backed by a 5-Year Limited Warranty

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Comments: I bought this rod for flipping and throwing jigs/texas rigged baits. Unfortunately, this couldn't hold the jockstrap of the Powell rods I own. At only a $40 dollar difference between this and Powell I would have expected much higher quality. I won't own another. The major downfall here is both in the rod blank and the finger trigger on the rod. Make sure you test one before you decide to buy.

From: Zach: Abingdon, MD 10/21/14

Comments: THE best rods on the market, period! I own three of them, 7-1 MH, and 7-3 M and H. Each is incredibly sensitive. I have used the 7-3 H the most, it is amazing for jigs and frogs. That being said, the 7-1 MH is the most versatile. There is not a type of lure I can't use it with. I use it mostly for swim jigs and chatterbaits and have been extremely impressed. It even has enough power for frogs. I've liked the medium power the least, BUT that is because I personally prefer rods with a little more power. I also feel the handle is a little too short. Second best part is the handle grip... Extremely ergonomic!!! And the best part? Can't beat the price. I can't wait to buy many more. GET THIS ROD! Tight lines!

From: Tom: Barnes, WI 10/6/14

Comments: I was a little skeptical about buying a rod without seeing and holding it first. However, my skepticism was quickly forgotten once my order arrived. I liked it so much I ordered a second baitcaster and a spinning rod. These are very good rods at a great price.

From: John: Atlanta, GA 10/5/14

Comments: The medium actions are great for working reaction baits especially because of the smaller butt section. The butt section is about 2" shorter than a similar Duckett rod.  These are the best value on the market period!

From: Reggie: Franklin, NC 9/29/14

Comments: I love this rod except for the small but section. If 13 would make a rod with a but section that was competitive with others this would be the best rod on the market. Please make a longer but.

From: Justin: GA 7/30/14

Comments: I love my 13 Omen rod! Very solid backbone, and most importantly for me, light weight. Not to mention the look of this rod is great, for what it's worth!

From: Matt: Hebron, KY 4/3/14

Comments: I hope they don't raise the price on these things, I'm on my second and waiting for the tax sale for a new 7'11", that should be a beast. I have the 7'1" m and mh in casting, and they are used more than anything else I own. Especially the MH, I can fish just about anything around here with that stick. Love these rods.

From: Garry: Springfield, MO 3/29/14

Comments: I bought the 7'1 MH and was very excited to fish this rod after reading all the great reviews.  Mine snapped on the 2nd cast throwing a 3/8 OZ crankbait (No, it wasn't a technique error).  Now if I ship it back to 13 Fishing and pay the return shipping I'll have around $140 tied up in a $99 rod that I'm not sure I even want anymore!!  Maybe it was just a bad blank but I'm not going to throw another 40 bucks away to find out...I think I'll just consider it lesson learned and buy something else. In 13 Fishing's defense, I didn't contact them to tell them their rod broke on the 2nd cast...who know's, they might have paid to send a new one.  I just didn't feel like going through the hassle to get another Omen.

From: Jerry: Caldwell, ID 3/27/14

Comments: very impressed with the rod. I work at a fishing store. I can fish with any rod that I want to but I bought two one 67 mh and the other 610 m. They are very light and good sensitivity caught good fish with both very impress

From: Jacob: Jackson, MS 3/26/14

Comments: got the 7'6"MH and this thing is a beast.  Light, sensitive, and power.  Paired it with a EXO 100 and balances nice.  Love the way the grip is designed, doesn't feel uncomfortable at all. I checked for rough spots but there weren't any. Caught one small fish off of it while fishing an IKA and setting the hook skipped him out of the water. Great rod and nice quality.

From: Will: Long Beach, CA 3/26/14

Comments: When i got my 7'3" med. rod i was very excited. i almost ordered another one without ever even fishing with the first one. After learning that 3 of my friends had there rods break before they ever made a cast. I am thinking of sending my rod back before i take the tags off and put a reel on it.

From: Matthew: New Fairfield, CT 3/26/14

Comments: Best 100 dollar rod on the market.  I own the 7'1" Heavy action omen black. This rod is far more sensitive than my phenix recon 2 at a price tag of 75 dollars less. The rod is comfortable with a good balance point once a reel is seated. I would recommend this rod to the most novice fisherman or the most experienced. The 30 ton graphite blank comes to life in hand.

From: Eric: Houston, TX 3/24/14

Comments: Update on my last review: I have been out a few times with the rod and am liking it so far. Loads up nicely and is good sensitivity wise, however the handle could be a few inches longer. I like the use two hands to cast anything-just a habit-and the handle is kinda awkward, however I can manage and won't be bothered by it. Haven't caught anything yet as the water is still literally like 35 degrees. I would also love to see a full cork omen but doubt it will ever happen. I think I will buy another soon!

From: Chris: ME 3/18/14

Comments: I've been really impressed with the  omen line from 13 fishing. I've got the 7'11" h and it makes a great frog/flip rod and a 7'3" mh which is a great all around rod.

From: Tony: Cencal 3/17/14

Comments: I have the 7-3 Medium Omen and I love it.  It's really hard to find a rod that is over 7 with medium power and fast action.  The longer length helps when throwing swimbait, flukes, jigs, froggies, on the bassboat, but the extra length is great when fishing out my yak too.  I don't have to worry about Mr. Bass running under the yak or switching sides.  This rod is a very well put together rod.  Looks swag too.  I just ordered another one and will probably order another.  Best rod for the money, hands down.  Go ahead and spend more money...don't know that you would  be getting much more though.

From: Jamie: Irmo, SC 3/14/14

Comments: This rod is awesome. Incredibly lightweight and balanced. I have the 7'1"M casting rod paired with an Abu Garcia Revo SX and it performs beautifully. Like using it more than my Duckett White Ice. Will definitely be getting another in the future.

From: Tyler: Parkersburg, WV 3/13/14

Comments: I own two of these rods in the 6'7 MH and they are awesome. Landed a 7.9 lb largemouth and pulled him out of the brush with ease. The rod is extremely lightweight yet it has the backbone to tame any fish in the lake. I like that they offer a lot of intermediate lengths because I generally use shorter rods for fishing close quarters on my home lake.

From: Kevin: Triad, NC 3/11/14

Comments: I have not fished it yet, but boy am I excited to throw some jerks, top waters and mini squarebills on the 7'1" medium. Perfect craftsmanship. Beautiful.

From: Chris: ME 2/28/14

Comments: I bought a spinning rod version and was impresses now added a casting rod and am going to add more as times and money allow.  Great looking rod n light as a feather you cannot come close to this quality for $99  I would. Snap one or two up before popularity causes price to rise.

From: Fatswarcat: Paradox, PA

Comments: I have the 7'3" M&MH, the sensitivity is good for the price and love the action.  Between these 2 rods you can fish almost everything except big cranks and swimbaits. The only negative I have with these rods is the small grip, I find it uncomfortable throwing 1/2oz + lures on long cast.

From: Brandon: Bryan, TX

Comments: Im very pleased with 13 fishing rods! I got the 7'1 casting rod last mouth. when I used it. I new I had to have the spinning rod! I very happy with them both! I recommend 13 fishing rods!

From: Craig: SC

Comments: Best 100 dollar rod bar none. I mean, the best. Not one of the best, not top 3, THE BEST. If you're thinking about getting this rod, don't think, just get it. 13 fishing also has stellar customer service. I had one rod snap from a freak accident, I sent it back, replaced it for free.

From: Jerry: Cary, NC

Comments: 13 Fishing Omen Black Casting Rod 7'3" Medium.  This rod has an excellent feel to it.  I paired a Lews speed spool, and I am extremely happy with the way this rod feels and performs.  I fish duckett, halo, g-loomis, and shimano rods.  I like to experiment, and this rod is almost one of my favorites.  I have used it for drop shot and square bills and it performs perfectly for me.  Price is great, and the comfort of this rod is what I love the best.  Fits my hand perfectly.

From: Allen: FW, TX

Comments: I have fished the 7'1 H and MH for a whole season now and I cant put them down. These rods have everything you could ask for and more at the price point, envy could price these at $150 and it would still be the best rod for the money. The only thing I could possibly complain about is the handle is just a tad short, especially if you are looking to buy one of the 7'3 rods.

From: Unknown: USA

Comments: I got this rod back in the spring of 2013. Have used it for one year. The rod has held up great. I got the 7foot3 H power. First fish was a 20bl plus drum on Ky Lake. This rod handled it with no problem. Nice rod for the money.

From: Mike: Cincinnati, OH

Comments: the other reviews are spot on.  Ultra light rod, but the butt end is a little short.  The action on the 6 foot 7 inch is not very fast.

From: Matt: Moweaqua

Comments: Ordered the 13 Omen Black 7'1" MH It arrived yesterday(such fast service) I love TW!!! Opened it up and was really impressed with the quality, especially at the $100 price point. It felt real nice in hand, mounted a Quantum Smoke 150 on it and became really impressed. Balance was perfect!!! Took it out this morningfor her 1st spin. Hit one of my favorite Striper waters. I was looking for sensitivity for fishing flukes, and this Omen delivered on the sensitivity level. Popping a fluke I felt the Thunk Thunk... Swung & I was on! I'm really impressed so far with this Omen, and plan on ordering more. Kudos to you guys for putting out a quality product that doesn't break the bank.

From: Brian: Castaic, CA

Comments: Great rod! Got the med/hev 7'3" rod for Christmas and have been fishing with it a few time! very light and cool looking

From: Jacob: Medina, Tn 

Comments: I called the guys at TW because I wanted something for throwing BuzzJets in the river. I needed a shorter rod due to fishing out of aluminum Jon boats and being in tight quarters. I tried the 6'7 MH. All I can say is WOW! This is an amazing rod. Landed several 5 lb plus fish in heavy swift current. Great action and tip so it wouldn't tear out treble hooks. Good backbone. I also used with a 3/8 oz jig. Very sensitive. I will be ordering more 13s in the future.

From: Jody: Cornelia, GA

Comments: I just bought the 7'3 medium.  I love this pole! Light, fast, you can feel everything. Casts great, looks great, I paired it with an AG Orra SX and 30lb Daiwa braid.  What a great set up!

From: David: Garden Grove, CA. USA

Comments: I bought one of these 6'7" MH earlier this year, these are a nice rod with good sensitivity the action is very fast, almost extra fast. I've used this rod for mainly for jigs and spinnerbaits so far. The one thing I will say is the grip is very different than other rods I've fished. I'm not saying it's a bad thing but definitely not what I'm used to. The grip is really thin and almost like just  holding the rod blank directly.

From: Jevan: Estes Park, CO, USA

Comments: I love love love love LOVE this rod. Did I mention how much I LOVE this rod? Ok but seirously, this is my first "expensive" rod. I am just getting into Bass Fishing and I've previously been using cheaper Rods like the berkley lightning shock rod. That rod is ok... But once I decided to purchase something better quality... Well, I was amazed. This thing is light responsive and can cast a crank bait a mile. I purchased the 7'1" Medium casting rod and I am soooo impressed. I didn't want to put the rod down all day. I am starting to believe in fishing gear you pay for what you get. And for $100 you get one hell of a rod! Tight lines everyone!

From: Jefferey: Jamesville, NC

Comments: I got the 7'1" Medium action for fishing with flukes/light stick baits and it's paired with my Pflueger Patriarch XT, and I tell you what... I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!! My only issue with this rod is that I wish the handle was a few inches longer so it could fit in the gap between my elbow and rib cage, and not rest on top of my forearm. Other than that, I love this rod!!!! I HIGHLY suggest you buy one of these!!!!

From: Steven: Valparaiso, Indiana

Comments: best rods I have ever had I got the 7'1" heavy for frogging and flipping. I used it at one of my ponds caught about 20 on the same set up. I put a Abu Garcia pro max on it. Great price. Buy with confidence

From: Jason: Livingston AL

Comments: I have the 7-3 MH spooled with 50 lb PowerPro. I use it for jigs and topwater frogs. This rod is light, sensitive, and powerful. I do wish it had a bet faster/lighter tip when pitching jigs though.

From: Ryan

Comments: I bought the 7,3 mh. Best rod I've ever bought for the price you can't beat it. Compared it to a loomis gl2 and the omen was more sensative. Overall amazing! Rod.

From: Taylor: AL

Comments: Love this rod  I got the 7'11" heavey for pitching a brush hog into lay downs. Sensitive, well balanced and tough.  I hooked a 21 incher under a log and had to drag in a 4 foot log half way back to the boat to get the fish. I will buy more Omen Black Rods!

From: Randy: Hastings Nebraska

Comments: Own two; 7.1 MH & 7.1 M. the MH Broke. These rods fish well not as sensitive as any of my G Loomis rods (not far off) but load and cast just as well. Have them both paired with Lew's tournament pro reels. I fish 3day's a week and I'm a power fishing guy. The rod broke 6 eyes down casting into the wind with 1/2 oz spinner bait. Returned to GM within 30 day's. Went directly back to exchange with a smile! I do however now feel a bit less comfortable thinking I need to be careful on loading up on these rods. the handle fits like a glove! I don't use two hands to cast and no blister after 8 hrs 2,500 casts later, hey for 100 bucks, Best bang for your buck ever. Did I mention they feel like quality, as in the 300 dollar rod range. Go figure!

From: Joe: arlington texas usa

Comments: I have owned a 6'10" medium Omen for about 4 months now. Great rod and great company! This is a very versatile rod. Paired with a Chronarch 51E, it is very well balanced and feels light in hand. Sensitivity and fish handling capabilities of this rod are better than most rods at this price and even some of the more expensive ones. The rod did break on me while fighting a fish but 13 Fishing replaced it for me. For the price, it can't be beat and this company backs up their products! For sure going to pick up more.

From: FishNoob: FishCountry

Comments: these rods are very impressive for the money maybe the best I have used,  I will purchase more of them

From: Scott: FYFFE,AL.

Comments: Love, Love, Love these rods.I own the 7'3" MH, 6'7" MH, and 7'3" Heavy. They are light, well balanced, senstive,and tough! I pulled a 10 lb 32inch snakehead covered in hydrilla out of a thick grass mat with my 7'3" MH no problem. I bought the 7'3" H for froggin. I'm not very good at walkin a frog and I think the tip is a little stiff for froggin but i was able to walk it well enough to catch another 30" snakehead on a Koppers frog.

From: Cameron: Manassas, va

Comments: i have had a 7ft 1 med hev omen rod since nov.2012 that I use for spinnerbait fishing. this is the best spinnerbait rod I have ever used .I use the same model for texas rigged worms 3/16 ounce wt.. it has great power on hooksets. 13 fishing  omen rods are great deal. if you like to use spinnerbaits get you a omen it is the real deal.oh you will buy more.they are that good.

From: David: charles city va.usa

Comments: Just fished with my 7-6 MH for the first time this weekend.  Paired it with a Curado and braid and a 1/2 oz jig.  Balances nicely in hand.  Did have to tape up area under the reel seat as it does have some sharp edges. Rod casts well, is accurate and has plenty of back bone for good hook sets.  My personal preference is for a longer handle, it could use about 2 inches so it tucks under your arm a little more, especially on hook set. Sensitivity is an 8 out of 10.  Aesthetics 9'   Balance 7 ( handle length would solve this and make it a 9).  Finish  6.5 ( sharp edges on the underside of the reel seat) maybe take some sandpaper to smooth it out.  Good rod for the money! Used it for fishing a deep weed line and first fish was a 4.23 LM.  Good Omen of things to come.  Over all happy with rod, caught several more fish with it over the course of the day.

From: John: Central Minnesota

Comments: Loving this rod, just ordered my second (7'1" MH). Thought the handle was a bit thin at first (have large hands), found over a dozen trips or so, that its become one of my facorites. Might be the reel seat, just feels great with the zillion on top. First one I got was a 7'3" M, seems to have more power than other M rods in my boat.

From: Rick: Lake Placid, FL

Comments: I have the 6.7 medium omen. It's is by far the best rod I have used for topwater walking baits. I have many other higher priced rods after using this rod all the rest just feel heavy!! By far the best for the money on the market!!

From: Adam: Anniston, Al, US

Comments: Worst rods I have ever owned. First rod a 7'1 medium rod broke on the fifth fish caught 2.5 pounder. The 13 rod company told me they would send a new rod for free if I paid for shipping did that and they still charged my credit card 50 dollars. Got the second rod and it broke a month later flipping a 14 inch bass in the boat. I will never buy 13 omen again spend a little more and buy falcon have not broke a one of them.

From: Jack: Carbondale Il.

Comments: I picked one of these up after eyeing them for a long time and had a St. Croix break on me. I ended up going with the 7'6 MH with my main use being frog fishing and other top-water applications. I fish all Revo's, and put a REVO SX on this rod with 50 LB Braid. Let me tell you, I have been a long-time Veritas user but will be switching all of my rods over to the Omen! This thing is amazing. Plenty of backbone to pull some 3-4 lbs out of the heavy stuff on a frog and at the same time has a soft tip that allows me to chuck my frog deep into cover (where others I am fishing with simply can't reach) and have awesome hook-up ratios. Buy with confidence, these rods are top of the line and the price point is amazing!

From: Ryan: Minneapolis, MN

Comments: i purchased 2-7'1" mh Omen Black rods, excellent grip and feel, the best rod by far for the money. i broke one, Oops! and they shipped me another rod right away, Excellent service, i will buy again.

From: terrence: steubenville, ohio usa

Comments: Won one of these on the 13 Facebook page guessing contest back in March. It's a 7'1" MH that I've used on almost every trip. Love the responsiveness of the blank, extremely balanced, reel seat feels great as well. The thing I notice most when using the setup (speed spool with 30 PP) is how easy it handles fish. Never feels stressed, plenty of fight and backbone. Just purchased the 7'11" H, can't wait until it shows up! Hoping it does well for flipping the heavy cover around here.

From: Mike: Oklahoma City, OK

Comments: 7'11. It leaves blisters on palm and pinkie finger. If you fish 4 to 5 times per week or long tourneys this simply isnt acceptable.

From: Justin: GA

Comments: amazing rod light and very sensitive but the insert in the top guide broke out after a few days of good fishing so I don't know if I got a defective one or what

From: Jacob: New London Wisconsin

Comments: I got the 7'1 MH model as a gift to use as a versatile rod, spinner baits, small plastic swimbaits, texas rigs, buzz baits, light pitching, etc. I thought the rod is good for a $100 rod, but don't think it's the best thing since sliced bread. My top guide broke on the first trip and I can't feel the blades turning on spinnerbaits as well as I can on the Abu Vengeance I was buying this rod to replace. The rod is light and feels great in my hand, but not as sensitive as I had hoped.

From: Adam: Bowling Green, KY

Comments: awesome rods ofr the money extremely senative and durable.  i have the 7'11" and 7'3". the 7'11" i use for my umbrella rig rod and i love it more than any other.

From: Josh: chattanooga, tn  usa

Comments: Out of the box the hard edges of the front grip hurt my hands, there was seat glue all over the place, burr's on the plastic front grip and the metal washer was not centered and rubbed me raw. Went to work with a file and some sand paper and now I have the highest performing rod in my box. I have the 7'1" MH and the blank reminds me of my Lamiglas Certified Pros but with a softer tip, and a little more power. Same crisp fast action and the balance is as good as it gets. I honestly cannot believe they are offering this blank on a rod that costs only 100 dollars.

Comments: Been reading tons of great things about the rods on a few message boards, decided to give one a shot. I've had the 7'1" MH casting for almost two weeks, on about four trips, and it's the only rod I like to throw. Although, I'm not like most, I've only had rods like Veritas and savvy. Safe to say (in my opinion) this rod blows those two out of the water. It feels so responsive in hand, makes my other rods feel like they don't have an action at all, very impressed. I'm saving up now for a M spinning, hoping TW has another sale soon! Thanks TW and 13, satisfied customer!

From: Doug: Amarillo, TX

Comments: I bought the 7'1" med heavy a couple weeks ago.  Finally got use if for the first time last night in our club tourney on Pickwick.  I am absolutely in love with this rod.  The sensitivity is amazing for a $100 dollar rod.  Better than my Falcon Cara and lighter.  I was fortunate enough to catch a 3lb smallie and 5lb largemouth last night and won the tourney with 16.76 lbs.  At one point last night I made a run and forgot to hook my worm on my reel.  The weight and worm was about 6in from my rod tip and I guess it got frayed during the trip.  After the run I picked the rod up, reeled my line in a bit and something didnt feel right, free spooled my line out a little more, then rereeled it up, something still didn't feel right.  I checked my line and noticed the line fray.  Couldn't believe I could feel that in my rod handle.  Anyways, if I plan on replacing all my worm, jig, c-rig rods with these.

Comments: After reading all the positive reviews on this rod, needing a new rod, it was hard not to get this one. First impressions, the rod was very unique. It was very comfortable for me and surprisingly light. My denali jadewood was my favorite rod, but this quickly became my favorite. I loved everything about it. I did read a few reviews saying how people got lemons that had defects from the manufacturer and that made me sceptical, but hearing they got new ones quickly that worked perfect made me feel better about it. On my first trip out, on my third fish, my rod snapped in the middle. The fish was about a pound, so i knew the rod was defective. I sent it in and im currently waiting for my new one, and tackle warehouses service was awesome. As long as you dont get a lemon, this is a great rod. I cant wait for my new one and im sure this one will work great.

From: Kai: Bellevue, WA

Comments: I normally don't write reviews but I didn't see many reviews for the 7'11" H/XF so I thought I'd write one. I received the 7'11" last week that I use for flippin and punching. It was delivered in a timely manner from TW. Overall it's a very good rod. I normally don't order rods without holding them first to feel their balance, how the sit in your hand, etc but after reading so many positive reviews I decided to order one. It's sensitivity is great, it's fairly light for a flippin stick and balances well when you put a reel on it. That said the one huge draw back for me is how it sits in my hand. I've tried to hold it a few different ways, but the cork part of the handle tapers too quickly and rubs on the corner of my palm opposite of my thumb. After punching mats,  flippin, and fighting a few fish, it left me with a blister. I'm hoping some grip tape will help but we'll see. I would strongly encourage you to hold this rod before you buy it. I couldn't because the stores here don't carry them. For the money though, you can't beat the sensitivity, the weight, balance and looks. I just wish they would redesign the handle.

From: Mike: Lincoln, Ne

Comments: Great rod with good back bone and nice tip. Feels great and have caught big bass with this rod

From: Sang: Madison, WI

Comments: Purchased the MH 7'3" for throwing a frog.  Got out today and killed them missing only one caught fish to 5 lbs and handled them like a dream.  The tip is soft enough to throw the frog way back and has enough backbone to pull the big ones out of the brush.  I will be buying more to replace my other rods.

From: Lynn: AZ

Comments: Alright guys I have ordered and fished 6 omens
2 6-9m buzzbait/spinnerbait   
1 7-3h flipping and punching 
1 7-1mh  foot ball jig
1 6-7 mh skipping docks jig
1-7-3 mh frig rod

I have put 9 weeks on the water with all my new rods All rods are paired w 50 and 100 sized cores and 1000 scorpions

Got all my rods from tw  when I received then I was happy as always w the super fast shipping and quality of packaging
Now after being on the water 3 days a week min the rods have Ben thru the ringer I love the rods for the price they fish like gold and 300$ rods don't compare I sold my Loomis nrx's to buy some more and free up some $ after fishing the omen line I was amazed and what's tops this is the customer service  I broke a guide on my 7-1mh ( my fault hit the rod box putting it away)  so I called 13fishing and matt took care of me they sent me a guide and had it fixed localy  and they also sent me a hat and sticker for the trouble I'm totally 100% impressed w the company thanks tw  for carrying a great product and thanks 13fishing for supplying me the tools to win and cash a lot of checks in my local tourney  trails!!! 

From: Matt: Fall River, MA

Comments: I have the 7'1" mh and its unbelievable. I have caught well over 70 LMB over 15" in the past 4 days on an all terrain football jig.

From: Adam: WI

Comments: have 2 7'1 mh and are great rods caught lots of 3-5lbers and have been very impressed very light as well also tip snapped on on 13 fishing handled it quickly and sent a new rod

From: Ross: Tulsa ok

Comments: I now have the 7'1" in both MH and H and I absolutely love them. Sensitive tip with plenty of backbone. I fish weekly tournaments and I cast both of these rods for hours and they are very comfortable. You cannot find a better rod in this price range, period. I highly recommend these rods.

From: Dan: Pekin IL, USA

Comments: I have the 7'3" MH. Very comfortable rod in part because of the design of the "trigger". Has a great backbone and allows you to wrestle the big ones in with little effort. Going to start converting my casting rods to be Omens. There is one issue that is pretty minor though, the reel seat screw can be a little stiff to remove after a reel is locked in for a while but it is definitely better than being to loose.

From: Brad: Omaha, NE, USA

Comments: Bought the 7'1" medium and loving it. got in to a school of 10lb stripers and she performed excellent. very light and balanced as well.

From: Charles: KY

Comments: Got the 7'3" H to use as a pitching rod. I have had it since December and it is an extremely sensitive rod. It had enough backbone to pull a 5 and about 5 lb of weeds out of cover and it came with ease. Rod is very light. I used gl2 before this rod. Selling them to get 2 more of these. Great buy, if you dont have one, get one

From: Matt: IL

Comments: Came back for round two (and the Memorial Day sale). Purchased a 7'3" MH back in February, been throwing the rod every trip since it arrived. Absolutely love the tip action on the rod, makes throwing a 1/2 oz football jig seem like nothing. This time I went for the 7'1" M...needing something a bit shorter for my treble hook baits. Excited!

From: Brian: Springfield, MO

Comments: Purchased the 7'6" MH and on its maiden voyage I broke it on the 3rd cast with a senko...Warranty time.

From: Alan: Ca Delta

Comments: purchased this rod today and loving it. Took it out and caught 2 northern and a few bass. Very light and sensitive and also strong enough backbone. I got a 7'1 MH and It feels light as my other Loomis rods. I would recommend this rod to anybody for a affordable price you can't beat. Might get a few more cause its that GOOD!!!

From: AVwj: Minneapolis, MN

Comments: Had the 7ft 6 omen black rod and snapped it boat flipping a 4lber in the everglades, but before that I swung numerous big fish. I have the warranty and they sent me a brand new one for $50.

From: Nick: South Florida

Comments: had my 7'3M for about a month so far, its my spinnerbait, buzzbait, swimjig, lipless crank, squarebill, rod, its an excellent rod for the money. feels just like my loomis IMX. is it sensitive? yes, and then some.   is it light & balanced? yes.   is it strong? yes for time if had it.   would i recommend it or buy another? absoutly. this is my 3rd omen black and im planning to get at least 2 more. thanks 13 for building a rod that other manufacturer would charge $200+ for, but for making it affordable to us, the anglers. like there motto says, "were all about the angler".

From: Alex: Springfield MO

Comments: sean in AL< if your gonna be throwing cranks with the rod as well, i would get the 7'3 Medium. it should be able to handle the 1/2oz baits no problem, good luck! im ordering a 7'1 medium as i type this!

From: David

Comments: Awesome rod. I have a 7'1 MH paired up with my Gen 3 STX and wow...what a sweet combo. This rod screams quality from top to bottom. Great rods, and an absolute steal at this price. 13 Fishing has gained a fan.

From: Jason: Dandridge TN USA

Comments: Still a great rod.  Bought a Heavy 7'1 rod for flipping/pitching heavy cover.  I'm not too impressed with the backbone of the rod.  I don't think this rod was made to flip/pitch heavy cover.  The taper is nice and fast, but the rod bends too much, again not enough back bone.  When I compare it to my other two flippin rods, which are specific flippin/pitchin rod, there's a huge difference.  Still a nice rod, I have 3 (7'1 H, 7'1 Med, 7'3 MH).  Great rods for the price.  I will find a good use for this 7'1 Heavy for sure somewhere, just not flipping/pitchin.

From: Dan Yang, WI

Comments: Hey guys, I know there are a lot of questions about this rod pertaining to the lure uses, but I am still on the fence of which length and strength to pick up. I love wire baits (spinnerbaits to buzzbaits) and I also like to throw large plastics w/ 3/8-1/2 oz. weights and also  shallow running cranks. My question is: SHOULD I GET THE 7'3" MEDHEAVY OR MEDIUM?. I purchased a Skeet Reese 7'6" Heavy Cover with micro guides and it is great but the tip's sensitivity is not there. I want a rod that will have some give but not bow down when I throw a 1/2 oz. bait. ANY HELP???

From: Sean: Auburn, AL

Comments: I was a bit of a skeptic at first because I wasn't familiar with the company. I primarily buy St. Croix, but decided to give 'em a try. Man am I glad I did! Everything about the rods are excellent. Well construction all around and very affordable. Definitely going to add these to my collection! Great product 13 Fishing!!!

From: Mike: IL

Comments: Jacob i would use the 7' 3" MH if it were me. Love these rods best rods ever used will be switching all rods to these soon.

Comments: best rod ive used to date, has excellent sensitivity for a rod at this price ,excellent balance, very nice handle, guides, the list goes on and on. one sweet rod! i just put in an order for two more.

From: John: AZ

Comments: This hat is great! fits perfect and dosn't get dirty easy even though it is white. 13 fishing also makes the best rod i have ever used.

From: Trevor: FL

Comments: is the 6 10 rod good for worm and jigging???

From: Tim: WI

Comments: love these rods, man are they amazing, MH is perfect for just about everything that dosnt have treble hooks, and the medium's work perfect for trebles and smaller baits like grubs and shakey heads. handle is a tad short, but surprisingly it tucks nice under your arm and is very comfortable. best $100 ive spent in a LONG TIME. cant wait for next paycheck so i can pick up a 7'6 and a 7'1 spinning

From: John: Northern California

Comments: what would be the best rod choice for a pitching .5 oz jig and Texas rigs? Need help

From: Jacob: IN

Comments: When I read the first of these reviews, I was a little disappointed about many who just received the rod expressing the "Wow" factor, only to follow up with that they are hoping to fish the rod soon. Well, I've waited awhile and took my Black Omen 7'3" Medium fishing many times. I am impressed with its sensitivity and overall quality of build. At first I thought I would love it!  But then, after trying several reels on it: Curado 50E, Curado 200E5, Daiwa Alpha 103, and Daiwa TDZ 103, I found that I absolutely could not live with the very short cork handle.  It tapers quickly and ends soon. The deal is, it feels ok for the first 30 minutes, but then begins to feel awkward, and then uncomfortable. You won't be able to tell this until you've fished it awhile. I agree with others it is a great buy! It is a fine rod. And, if YOU can abide the handle, it will be fine. Just be aware that this MAY be an issue. Others have mentioned this issue, but speak lightly of it. It may or not be a deal breaker for you.

From: Mitch: Springfield, LA

Comments: best rods I've ever used, started out with a 7'1" mh rod now have 6'10" m, 7'1"mh, 7'3"h, 7'6"mh and love all of them (I build my own custom jigs do the 7'6" and 7'3" usually got more of a work out ) for the price you can't beat them period.

Comments: had a veritas, thought that was nice, fished this and it put that veritas to shame. for $100 this is the best rod under $200 you can buy. i don't see how the can sell em for this cheep! if your gonna try one, i would recommend the 7'1MH or 7'3MH

From: Austin: TX

Comments: i got a omen i love it im going for 7'1 MH

From: Abraham: Ventura, CA

Comments: the 7'1" M and loved it.  Extremely versatile.  Bought the 7'6" MH and it is outstanding for pitching.  I caught a 5 on the flipping stick and it handled her no problem.  Sensitivity is much better than the Loomis GL2 I tried. At this point these are the only rods I'm buying.  The price and performance on these rods is exactly what I have been wanting.

From: Larry: Charlotte

Comments: Just got the 7'3" M.  I am very impressed with the rod - weight, balance, construction, are all very good.  The action is fast to very fast with a nice forgiving tip, yet enough backbone for larger fish.  This is a great buy for 109.  Can't wait to get it on the lake.

From: Ben: OH

Comments: Just got my 7'1 MH and all i can say is WOW! Light,feel good in your hand ...for 100$ this rod cant be beat! I like this rod more then my phenix mbx classic

From: Sam: Longbeach, CA

Comments: Purchased the 7ft 6 rod about a month ago, first trip out at okeechobee. Went to my favorite stretch of matted up bullrushes with spawning fish all around. I was boat flipping 4's and 5's no problem, love the rod, awesome action and the perfec amount of backbone to boat flip pigs!

From: Nich: South Florida

Comments: These rods are amazing. I have two now and am looking at buying several more when I can get all my other rods sold. They are balanced extremely well. The componets are amazing. And they look great to boot. You'll not find a better rod at this price point. 13 is the best, hands down.

From: Daniel: Morgantown, KY

Comments: Wow!  Bought 7'1" M for fishing shad raps this spring and shakey heads this summer.  This rod is the real deal!  Balance is great and the overall look/craftmanship is outstanding for the money.  Can't wait to use it!

From: Larry: Charlotte, NC

Comments: I just received my OMEN OBC7'1MH and it is just as the other reviewers have stated,a SWEET rod at this price point.This rod is as nice as rods coting $200-300.Cant wait to try it out.If you don't have one,get one now. Best $100 i've spent.

From: Tony: West Chester, PA

Comments: These rods are very light feel great. Bought one, used it, went back and bought two more. Cant beat them for the money.

From: Scott: Shelbyville, IN

Comments: Daniel - That is great to hear. Great rod, great price, and great customer service. What more can you ask for. No brainer

From: Mark

Comments: This is my second review of this rod. I've loved it, but this review isn't about the rod. It's about 13 fishing's customer service. I noticed when I brought my rods in for the winter that the butt cap was missing from my omen black rod. I emailed Matt from 13 fishing and got a reply within 15 minutes. Later that week I received a box from them with a new butt cap, a window decal, and a 13 fishing hat. All I asked for was a new butt cap. This is what great customer service is about. Going above and beyond to make the customer happy, or in this case more than happy. If you're thinking of getting anything 13 fishing, do it. The quality of products matched with the quality of service is unparalleled.

From: Daniel: Racine, WI

Comments: I bought the 7'1 Medium, and all I can say is WOW! The sensitivity is on par if not better than my W&M micro guide and my GLoomis IMX. The reel seat is very "different" to say the least, but it gives you a great feel of the rod blank right or left handed. I like it enough to have my Shimano Calais CL200 on it with 10lb Seagaur Red Label fc. I will buy more of these rods

From: Mike: Cleveland, OH

Comments: Initially exceptional build quality awesome appearance combo of flat black and silver is cool, however felt a bit heavier than I hoped. Put my 03 Revo inshore on it headed out to favorite bass lake this rod is so balanced it is deceptively light fish all day comfortably throwing everything very solid hook sets cranked fish in great backbone and tip I own several much lighter and more expensive rods what is so strangely incredible is how did Omen achieve a rod that feels heavier and stronger fish so comfortably Balance Balance . Whether finnese fishing or working heavier baits I dig this rod best purchase best rod better than rods I have paid considerably more for Buy one u will understand

From: John: Monterrey, CA

Comments: I bought the 7'1" Med Hev and out of the box this rod is awsome. It is very well built and looks great.I haven't had a chance to fish it yet but if it fishes as good as it looks. I'll be buying more. 

From: WV Pride: Davin, WV

Comments: I ordered the 6'10 with intent to use it for lipless cranks. It has now become my Senko rod, and vibrating jig rod. It's pretty sweet. Solid, flawless, above average components, and it's easy on the eyes. A few small knocks. The handle area is very skinny, but not uncomfortable skinny. Somewhat awkward until you use it for a day. Sensitivity is above average for a stick at this price point. I would say it is right in between a fast and extra fast if such a thing exists. The handle is fantastic without a doubt, but the reel seat hood could use a little tack to it. I was seriously considering selling some rods to make room for more of these, but then I ordered a Kistler KLX - Now I have 3

From: Mark: WA

Comments: When I felt these rods I was extremely impressed with how light and balanced the rods were.  The tips were nice with enough flex to cast a little lower than rated on the rod, and all the rods had nice backbone to them.  Their actions were crisp and exactly as stated, handles are a very nice touch.  As someone else has stated, I am also a guy who likes the longer handles as I wished these had, but you can definitely get used to them quick.  They are extremely hard to beat at $100.  Blows everything out of the water in their price range except the phenix series which use 36 and 40 ton graphite and carbon fiber weaves.  One thing I must say...make sure when getting a rod from the store to make sure you go through and look at the guides and make sure they line up down to the tip of the rod as well as horizontally.  I have used a lot of rods and for their price, I don't see anyone beating them anytime soon for the quality of the rod and how they perform.  The actions and power are spot on to what they state they are.

From: Casey: Austin, TX

Comments: how is the 6.10 M rod???? what is it good for??

From: Timothy: WI

Comments: These kill the veritas.  The 7'1 Med. Heavy makes a good frog rod if you dont want to go up to the 7'3.  light and sensitive

From: J: IL

Comments: Love this rod! Great job 13 and TW! Bought the 7'6 Med/Hvy ,  Looks great, sensitive, light, balanced and love the new grip. Excellent rod .... Will not find better at this price point. Keep up the good work!

From: Jason: TN

Comments: This rod is great. Simply put, for $100, its way above most of the competition in price range. Other than Abu, this rod is the best. Paired with Abu Revo MGX this combo looks good and produces fish.

From: Daniel: Racine, WI

Comments: Got the 7'11" for flipping and punching and i have to  say i am so impressed with this rod i am writing a review and i normally do not write reviews. Handle feels amazing, nice  sensitivity, and the rod balances out well a lews tournament pro reel no complainants 10/10

From: John: Fayetteville, NC

Comments: I ordered the rod from Tackle Warehouse, my first impressions of the rod were it looked amazing, felt great in the hands and was crazy light! But looks don't catch fish, so to the water i go to test and again just blown away by how great this 100 dollar rod is. Felt great in the hands all day, was light so didn't get fatigued and the cork and eva was a nice touch the sensitivity was amazing that reel seat should be a standard! For a medium-heavy the backbone is beast and the tip is nice and fast slings your lure out a mile and helps with the presentation you want to present. So for testing i threw crankbaits,jigs,frogs,texas-rigged plastics and weightless plastics and it performed amazing for all techniques but obviously some of them you would not want to use a medium-heavy for at all times but my test worked great. Finale i can't believe this is a 100 dollar rod, i've fished 200 plus rods that don't fish this amazing! So if you've been looking into getting do so, you WONT be disapointed! I will now be fishing 13 fishing rods exclusivily and on the 2013 FLW tour!

From: Adam: Clayton, NC

Comments: just wanted to leave a review on the superb job tackle warehouse does on custermer service..the rod looks sick its details are amazing and for the price you cant go wrong..i just got mine a couple days ago..i purchase a 7 1 mh paire it with a lews speed spool and the combo looks amazing..im gonna purchasing and envy 73mh to paire with my steez thats how impressed i ham with 13 :) tanks again tackle warehouse...

From: msb: Canada

Comments: 13 fishing is on top of their game! excellent quality and pricing! you cant go wrong with these sticks...the omen series of rods are on par with the loomis IMX series and the envy line is outstanding! on par with the loomis glx/nrx in my opinion, but at almost half the price...keep up the good work guys!

From: Troy: Prairie du Chien, Wi

Comments: Finally got out to use this rod, and im very very impressed. for $100, there is no better pole out there under $200. i have a few g loomis gl2 rods, and this 13 fishing omen rod puts them to shame, lghter weight, not tip heavy, more sensitive, looks and veel way better, and Better sensitivity by far. Highly reccomend, if you looking to spend $200 or less on a rod get this. if over $200 get the 13 fishing envy black rod. its $240-250 and is best rod i have ever used.

From: David: WA

Comments: There is absolutely not a better rod below 200$. These are light, sensitive, very responsive, and comfortable to fish all day. Plus these are ~100$ a rod!

From: Jay: Fayetteville, AR

Comments: 7 1 MH just purchased this rod, have not fished with it yet, will submit another review on that.. but just holding it, its is a very very nice rod, smooth sick looking finish, comfortable reels seats and and handles, fit your hand well. and let me tell you this rod is light and balanced very well. i paired it up with a lews speed spool that it a matte black also, and it is probably the most bada$$ looking pole/reel combo ive seen. cant wait to use it and see how it performs, the part that really matters!

From: David: Enumclaw, WA

Comments: I was contacted by 13 fishing to rectify my issues almost immediatly! I must say it gives me a new respect for the company. Satisfaction is priority to them and i am happy to say i don't feel like just a buyer. Product getting fixed and completly have a new level of respect for this company! Buy them with confidience.

From: Josh: Bonne Terre, MO

Comments: Bought the 7'3" MH Fast action, wanted a good all purpose type casting rod. I fish a lot of Texas rig setups and quite a few jig applications, so far this rod has been perfect for both up to about an 1oz. Generally, I'm fishing a Veritas and had few complaints, but I must say this Omen just feels way better in hand. The finish was incredible as well, lost of attention to detail and very clean. The guides seem to be the same as my Veritas, which are good for this price point, the reel seat is very different but very comfortable, feels perfect when palming. Balance is fantastic with my Speed Spool, looks great as well as a combo. Very pleased with this rod so far, will be trying a 7'1" ML spinner next for drop shot, good work 13 fishing! 

From: Pat: Racine, WI

Comments: Purchased this rod Tuesday the 2nd of oct and am not pleased at all. I have had this rod on the water twice and on the second trip the top ceramic eye cracked and broke! I have a 7'1 mh for my plastics fishing 17 # floro. It cracked from just regular fishing and hook sets. I must say poor choice in guides even states in warranty won't cover broken guides etc must be a sign!

From: Josh: Bonne Terre, MO

Comments: The 7'-3" MH has become my new spotted bay bass rod of choice. I can't build them for this cheap. From 1oz spinners to 5" MC's with a 1/2 to 3/4 oz Warbaits head. Can't beat the quality for this price.

From: CFM: SoCal Inshore

Comments: I bought the 7'1" med. to pair with a chronarch E6 for small crankbaits, but found I like it better paired with a  Core for small texas rigged plastics. The rod is very lite and sensitive for this price range. One of the best value rods out there.

From: Jared: UT

Comments: Jacob it is great for all around. I wouldn't crank with it. But I have used it for Spinnerbaits/chatterbaits, Flukes, Texas rigs, and jigs up to 1/2oz and it did great with all of them!!

From: Brian: Pittsburgh, PA

Comments: how are these compared to the Phenix Recons??

From: Taylor: Russellville, AR

Comments: to Jacob: the 7'1 mh would be a great all around rod. but if you want a super versatile rod and can spend $30 more, the 7'3 heavy falcon bucoo micro is the best there is. that rod can do it all. super light and sensitive for a heavy power rod. its crazy. if I had to pick just one rod to fish with  everytime I went out; that would be it. it has better feel and weight than any of my mh rods, but has more power. check it out

From: Scott: ME

Comments: Would the 7/1 mh be a good choice for all around fishing.. Texas rigs, flukes, or spinnerbaits?

From: Jacob

Comments: Well I have been fishing the Omen Black rods for 3 weeks now(7'1" med/hvy both casting and spinning) and I have to say that a better value doesn't exist any were period!!!! The rod is lite and has a great tip. I was expecting the sensitivity to be that of a Veritas boy was I ever wrong!! This rod blows it out of the water for basically the same money, and the look and feel of this rod are a thing of beauty!! Give them a try you will not be disappointed!!!!!! 

From: Brian: Pittsburgh, PA

Comments: I decided to try the 7'3" Heavy for my 1/2-1oz swimbaits. I have it paired with a Lew's Pro. I am impressed overall. For the price - well worth the money.

First Impression - Very detailed and slick looking rod.

The reel seat is my favorite when comparing to other similar rods I own. The first two eyes are the only ones that have the Y guides. Personally I like them all to be Y guides on my heavy rods but that's just preference. The eyes are small diameter but not to be confused with micro guides. The handle is shorter than my other 7'3" rods that I own but it does not seem to bother me at all while fishing. The power of this rod feels great and gives me the confidence needed to land large freshwater fish.

Most importantly, 13 fishing seems to have excellent and timely customer service. I would compare it to the same experience I receive here from tackle warehouse.

Overall - I do not feel you can find another rod at this price point that performs and looks as well as the Omen. I am definitely impressed and would recommend this to anyone in search for a rod under $200. You just cant beat it for $99-$120.

From: Jason: Crystal Lake, IL

Comments: Amazing rod for the money. Feels like a 200 dollar rod. Have the 7'3" paired with a Revo Premier. Awsome set-up. Hope to good anther omen or two soon.

From: Tyler: Inman, SC

Comments: I have the 7'3H, 7'6MH and the 7'11H and these rods have exceeded my expectations!!! I have been using Shimano Cumara rods exclusively for the past couple of years now and i will say these rods are equel or maybe a bit beter, when you consider the price point. I did own a few of the new Shimano Crucial rods but they have Huge guides on the rods and were tip heavy!! These Omen rods balance GREAT with my Curado E series and Chronarch E series reels. The 7'11H is one of the best punching, flippin grass rods I've ever used!! Do not let price on these rods fool you! They are as good as any rod in the $100-$200 range. The custom reel seats are very nice! The best features of these rod are the sensitivity, balance, and price, not to mention, they look SWEET! Have used the 7'3 H for big football jigs and the 7'6 MH for C-rigs and flutter spoons. these rods have preformed GREAT! Can not wait to try the ENVY and hopefully a crankbait or reaction series will be in future from 13.

From: Big Bass Dude

Comments: I recently got the 7'1" m and mh in the same length. Like the previous review, i originally purchased the medium for shallow, non-square billed cranks. Instead i'm throwing my 3/16-1/4 oz spinnerbaits with it and my 3/8-1/2 oz spinnerbaits with the medium-heavy. Love these rods! I was a bit skeptical at first, thinking they were gonna be a bit "cheaper" than the claimed components. I was dead wrong. These rods are light and sensitive, and the components are of good quality. Not only do my quantum smoke 150's balance well on both rods, the look awesome on them too.

From: Dan: WV

Comments: I'm with Buck on this one, plus the not leaving a name when you post...hard to take that credible (might as well just put "competing tackle company"). I ended up with a 7'1" M action, wanted it for small cranks out here on Kentucky Lake this fall. Found it to be almost too nice for that, actually called and after to ask about a more limber rod and found they are working on a cranking series for the spring (score!). The rod itself was unreal, balanced perfectly with my Revo SX (2010 model) and looked great as well. The finish was out of this world, not to mention the balance and overall feel in hand...reminds me a lot of my Champion 702C (not much heavier either, a bit better balance as well). The reel seat is pretty incredible as well, haven't seen one like it before, feels great in hand where your fingers wrap around. Can't imagine there is a better $100 rod out there, I've tried my share unfortunately, but think I may have found something good here.  The only thing I'd like is a bit longer handle given I wanted to crank with it, but it's turned into a superb chatterbait rod and fluke rod thus far! Great work for a new company, can't wait to see their higher end rods the other review spoke of...excited!!!

From: Mike: Richmond, KY

Comments: Rod is Balanced and really light, i bought the 7'11 Heavy rod for my tournament fishing. First fish i hooked with the rod(2.5lbs) Broke the thin metal piece holding the eyelet!! i hope it was a defective Rod and i will be giving them another go round

From: Josh: Broadway, VA

Comments: Wow! What a beautiful Rod, I would compare this to many rods twice the price!!  Clearly the craftsmanship in this rod is far superior than the competition, these guys custom made every piece on these babies!!  I have been fishing my 7'1"MH for 2 weeks and I absolutely love how light and balanced this rod is.  Once i put my Revo on it it balances perfectly just in front of the Reel-Amazing!  I love how powerful this rod is but it still has a super fast sensitive tip.  I read on www.13fishing.com that these guys have a high end rod coming out soon, I am definitely going to pick one of those up.

From: Doug: Houston, TX

Comments: One thing about these feedback is, hardly anyone gives specifics on which rod they purchased and used. As feedback should mention the specific rod - Length, tapper etc. Back to the feedback, I have the 7'3" Heavy Fast Rod. It is a well balanced rod for being heavy. The blank is crisp. It is however, using my Zillion Type-R and T3-1016HS on the rod, a tad bit tip heavy as well as being a bit heavy but that is the characteristic of most heavy rods in this price range and even some of the $200 rods are heavier or not as well balanced. This rod is by no means a GLoomis NRX/GLX or Daiwa Steez or a Dobyns Extreme or can it be compared to. One thing to note is, Phenix rods are great but they use a different blank. If you look at the Phenix Recon, they use Toray's 36ton Graphite vs this 13 Omen rod uses Toray's 30ton Graphite. Big difference in Graphite and weight. I have written up a more detailed review on www.tackletour.com - under forums - rods. Again so far I am very impressed with a rod at this price range that features high end top quality components that is usually reserved or found on $300+ rods. And there are few rods like this one.

From: Buck2thperch

Comments: Not sure what rod Trevor got but when I played around with them at ICAST they seemed heavy and no where near balanced. Phenix builds a much better rod in my opinion.

Comments: This is by far the best rod I have ever fished with before.  It is very lightweight and is balanced perfectly. I would absolutely recommend this fishing rod.

From: Trevor: Deltona, FL

***Note: If you have questions about this product or need assistance with an order please email your questions to info@tacklewarehouse.com

Rod Handle Length:
Tackle Warehouse measures its rod handle lengths from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ Diagram ]

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13 Fishing Omen Black Casting Rod 6'7" Medium

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Fast 10-17lb 1/4-5/8oz 9+Tip Omen Cast A
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12-1/2" $99.99 3+
Omen Cast A

13 Fishing Omen Black Casting Rod 6'7" Med Hvy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Fast 12-20lb 3/8-1oz 9+Tip Omen Cast B
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13-3/4" $99.99 12/05
Omen Cast B

13 Fishing Omen Black Casting Rod 6'10" Medium

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Fast 10-17lb 1/4-5/8oz 9+Tip Omen Cast B
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13-3/4" $99.99 3+
Omen Cast B

13 Fishing Omen Black Casting Rod 7'1" Medium

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Fast 10-17lb 1/4-5/8oz 10+Tip Omen Cast B
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13-3/4" $99.99 3+
Omen Cast B

13 Fishing Omen Black Casting Rod 7'1" Med Hvy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Fast 12-20lb 3/8-1oz 10+Tip Omen Cast B
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13-3/4" $99.99 3+
Omen Cast B

13 Fishing Omen Black Casting Rod 7'1" Heavy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Fast 14-25lb 3/8-1 1/2oz 10+Tip Omen Cast B
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13-3/4" $109.99 3+
Omen Cast B

13 Fishing Omen Black Casting Rod 7'3" Medium

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Fast 10-17lb 1/4-5/8oz 10+Tip Omen Cast B
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13-3/4" $109.99 3+
Omen Cast B

13 Fishing Omen Black Casting Rod 7'3" Med Hvy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Fast 12-20lb 3/8-1oz 10+Tip Omen Cast B
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13-3/4" $119.99 3+
Omen Cast B

13 Fishing Omen Black Casting Rod 7'3" Heavy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Fast 14-25lb 3/8-1 1/2oz 10+Tip Omen Cast B
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13-3/4" $119.99 12/05
Omen Cast B

13 Fishing Omen Black Casting Rod 7'6" Med Hvy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Fast 12-25lb 3/8-1 1/4oz 10+Tip Omen Cast C
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14-1/2" $119.99 3+
Omen Cast C

13 Fishing Omen Black Casting Rod 7'11" Heavy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Extra Fast 14-25lb 3/8-1 1/2oz 10+Tip Omen Cast D
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15" $129.99 3+
Omen Cast D

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