Every so often a company will come along and break the status quo. They will do things a bit differently. They’ll tell you fishing does not have to be a pastime, and that quality fishing equipment is not reserved for the wealthy. 13 Fishing believes just that, and the proof is in their new line of quality fishing rods. Introducing the Omen Black Series Spinning Rods.

Featuring unbelievable actions designed with the assistance of FLW Tour pro, Stetson Blaylock, the 13 Fishing Omen Black Series Spinning Rods feature Japanese 30-ton Toray carbon fiber blanks, which are rolled with the precision of a surgical instrument. Every rod blank is a piece of art left in its natural, elegant state to provide unmatched sensitivity and power. The components are built with special materials as well, including Evolve Titanium Y-Guides with Zirconia inserts and hand selected cork grips. Custom designed reel seats also provide secure, comfortable base for your reel and balance out each rod perfectly. Available in a range of lengths and actions for a variety of bass fishing applications, the 13 Fishing Omen Black Series Spinning Rods don’t cost a fortune - they just function like they do.

Backed by a 5-Year Limited Warranty

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I bought this rod and it lasted me 3 months before breaking. I keep great care of my gear, but this rod snapped about 4" from the tip when setting the hook on a 6lb LM Bass. I cought over 100 fish on this rod including 8+ lb bass. i loved this rod and up until its breaking point i would have recommended it. Its a good buy for a cheap price, but with all these reviews about breaking, it may be smarter to spend some extra cash & get a better quality rod which is what i am doing now. 13 fishing has a policy where if it breaks due to manufacturer defect they will replace your rod as long as you registered your purchase with them. They also have another option where they will replace your rod for only $50 no matter what the reason for breaking was. Its your money, gamble wisely!

From: Justin: NJ 9/12/15

Comments:  These rods are tough for a low budget rod. I cannot believe these rods broke from manufacture defects. Learn to care for a rod, and do not try to pull a snag free with a curved rod, and do not walk on them. Customers reviewing these posts, do not pay attention to the negative reviews. They are not made by good anglers, who care for their gear. Go to http://www.tackletour.com/review13omencastingrod.html and read a real fair review. It was given by a professional, an 8.33 out of 10. Hands down, best $100 rod.

From: RiverBrownOutdoors: Phoenix, AZ 3/19/15

Comments: Bought 4 Omen Black spinning rods at the start of last season, 2 6'10" Med Lt and 2 7'1" Med. Only 1 survived as three broke throughout the season (the first one broke the first time out!). There are better quality rods out there in this price range. Not impressed with these and would not recommend them to other anglers.

From: Tye: Canada 1/12/15

Comments: I bought the 6'7" ML, the rod is very sensitive and light but I broke 3 of them in 4 months. The tips are super thin I picked up a medium action and haven't had a problem with that model yet

From: Spencer: Ham Lake, MN 7/21/14

Comments: This rod series is a great value for the money. Extremely light but strong. Used the 7-1 medium for throwing weightless flukes and it was awesome. Plenty of power to set the hook and long casts makes it a winner.

From: Fatswarcat: USA 6/6/14

Comments: Got the 7'1" Medium and this rod is light and sensitive, but has some power as well. Had one guide break off and I'm not sure why, but it got replaced really fast. Thanks to the great customer service of Tacklewarehouse. The new one can and I have caught everything from 4" bluegill to 28" steelhead (rainbow trout) without feeling overpowered or underpowered. Great rod for the price.

From: Dale: OH 5/14/14

Comments: Picked up the 7'1" MH over the weekend. I was able to compare it to the new Loomis GL2 side by side and swore that the GL2 was heavier. I went with the 13 Omen just for price. When I got home, I weighed the 13 and it was a full ounce heavier. Still balances well enough though. Appears well made, nice and clean looking. It is sensitive as well. I plan on upgrading to the Envy series soon. This rod reminds me of the older GL3 series Loomis put out years ago. Nice price-I'm happy.

From: Randy: Lubbock, TX 5/12/14

Comments: The rod is light and sensitive. However, the top of the reel seat (where you rest your hand) is a bit short and uncomfortable. Other than that, for the price you can't beat it.

From: Andy: USA 5/2/14

Comments: I bought two of these , a 7'1" MH casting and a 6'10" ML spinning.  I have several G. loomis rods which I love, but I was very impressed with these, especially for the price.  The spinning rod however had a small glob of epoxy on the inside of one of the guides, so I told TW and they took care of the entire issue by replacing the rod, free of charge, that's what I call customer service!  Back to he rods, the quality is excellent overall, the casting rod and the new spinning rod have no cosmetic blemishes.  Both rods are very light, very balanced, and they have outstanding sensitivity.  I know some people have said the ML spinning feels weak and flimsy, but I would disagree with that.  I think it feels like a true ML with an X-fast tip, it's awesome for dropshots.  I really think you would be hard pressed to find a better rod under $200.  I will be buying more that's for sure, you get such an amazing rod for the money, best bang for your buck out there.

From: Keegan: IA 4/13/14

Comments: These rods are amazing! i don't know why there are so many bad reviews. The guys that are breaking these things on hook sets probably damaged the rod somehow. i have six of these and four envy's and never have broken one! and i have put mine through several regional tournaments bfl's and ever start tournaments. i love these guys i would recommend them to anyone!

From: Thomas: VA 4/13/14

Comments: Out in a club tourney yesterday and fishing shaky head on 10lb line. set the hook and snap about 5th guide down. this is the SECOND rod from 13 fishing that I have had to send back. first one was the casting variety MH action and broke casting a swim jig. sending this one back for an exchange but may look at the duckett ghost for replacement. I have never had rods break like this for little to no reason.

From: Adam: Charlotte, NC 3/30/14

Comments: I got a 7,1 MH and a 7,3 M and both are outstanding rods. Theses rods handle fish better than my 200 rods. I have one paired with an exo 30 and it is a sick setup for wacky worms and drop shots. If you don't have one of these you need to try one they are amazing.

From: Aric: Siloam Springs, AR 3/2/14

Comments: Not as nice as everyone is claiming. The carbon fiber looking stuff is just cheap plastic..held a Shimano Compre and this rod side by side and the blank on the Omen felt like a slurpee straw compared to the Shimano..Even the Envy series by 13 felt a little cheap in my hands..SAIL carries these in Canada

From: Corbin: Hamilton, Canada 2/27/14

Comments: 6'10" Med Lt This blank is suppose to be extra fast, however the rod is much more limber than advertised and power does not kick in until about halfway down the blank.  When fishing an 1/8 jig head, you rarely feel a bite, just weight or a light tick and I am finding I have to reel down extremely hard to keep a fish on.  The rod sensitivity is great, however after some time on the water, I will be looking for a new rod.

From: Brett: NY

Comments: This rod is freaking amazing! Its the perfect drop shot rod. Fits great in the palm of your hand and the sensitivity is great. Buddy has a Dobyns ML Savy and they feel just about the same! This company is going to go far! DO NOT HESISTATE TO BUY

From: Alex: Fresno

Comments: Omen Black 7'3" med spinning.I have only used this once so far but I can tell it will be a nice rod to use.So on this first day I have to say that it was packed very nice from the factory and delivered very quickly, and the tip though thin is very tough. My son found it as I was throwing away the cardboard and introduced it to my ceiling fan. It didn't break didn't fracture at all and I further stress tested it to see. Impressed with the durability so far. A lot other rods would have snapped. Will complete this review after another few days on the water.

From: Todd: Florence, AZ

Comments: 7'1 Medium,, caught numerous Smallmouth in the 3.5-4lb range this weekend using a 4" wacky rigged senko and a fluke. this rod handles fish very nice, its pretty dang sensitive for the price i payed for it, and still had a nice tip to throw out those smaller baits and feel soft bites, but still had backbone to pull fish from some dock pilings and weeds. over a good rod. i would recommend

From: Mike: WA

Comments: 6'10''Med-Lt, Ex.Fast, Spinning

I got this rod few months ago and took the time to fish it a bit before posting a review. Very nice esthetics, nice looking logo, minimalistic looks - exudes quality and good taste, quality guides well spaced , ok handle, though I would have prefered it even simpler without the silver trim. Very thin tip - I was afraid it will be too brittle and break on bigger fish. I caught some smallmouth up to 3 pounds, few perches (they gave me actually the measure of the high  sensitivity of this rod), few pikes 3-4 pounds, a sturgeon of roughly 1.5 meters which managed to get unhooked just at the shore, and some carps in 10-20lbs range while dropshotting. I was extremely impressed especially by the power of this rod when fighting those massive carps on 10 lbs line.
For the price, I see it as if not the best, one of the best offerings on the marked. A very high quality product which excells in power, sensitivity and looks. Comparable with my Kistler KLX rods. Thanks 13Fishing for a your fresh presence in this tackle market, thanks tacklewarehouse for great service and shipping, thanks to all the reviewers from tacklewarehouse and tackletour who helped me in chosing this rod.

From: Cristian: Montreal, QC, CANADA

Comments: Purchased the 6"7" medium Omen Black for fishing un-weighted soft-plastics, primarily floating worms.  Rod felt great.  Well balanced paired with a Shimano Sahara 2500.  Not a surprise as I have been big fan of the casting rods in the Envy line.  Currently own 4 of those.  Sadly, this Omen Black spinning rod snapped on the 2nd hook-set on a 2 pound bass! I have pictures of the fish still hooked up with the broken rod. Not giving up on Omen Black, but very disappointing.  Hopefully the warranty and customer service will be great and I will be fishing with it soon.  I truly believe this was fluke and not an true issue with quality.  Time will tell.  Thanks in advance to 13 Fishing for standing behind this product.  Will be returning it to my local dealer today.

From: Robert: Little Rock, AR, USA

Comments: 7'1 Medium is perfect rod for shakey head, wacky rig, shad raps, small cranks.  perfect balance with my revo sx20, and sensitivity is just as good as my okuma Concept C3-40X rod which cost $159 and has 40 ton graphite. this rod is the real deal!

From: David: CA

Comments: I have not had much time to spend on the water with the ML but I will do another review.  It was not until my first outing that I realized the guides were horribly bent. After an email, I have to admit it was the best customer service experience in my lifetime "bar none" AMAZING. I also had a butt end fall of a casting rod only after 7-8 outings.  Omen sent me two new rods with a return label and some free swag.  The only issue is that the new rod guides were just as bent, they seem to be very flimsy, and easily bent.. Im really questioning durability here, if I have to re shape guides over time they are going to break.  I will probably not buy any more rods until this changes.

From: Brett: Rochester Ny

Comments: Very Disapointed... I bought the 6'7 medium for weightless plasctics. I set the hook on a 2 pounder the 6th guide down completely snapped off.The rod only lasted 3 fishing trips. Other than that it WAS a great rod..

From: Hunter: Port Charlotte, Florida

Comments: man hard to beat this rod. blows my Gloomis gl2 out of the water, close but better than my veritas, this rod is the real deal! i cant imagine how nice the envy series is, defiantly recommend the 7'1ML for dropshot and the 7'1M for all other finesse tactics.

From: Sean: AL

Comments: honestly, this rod fishes like a $200 + rod. simply amazing they sell these for $100. the ML are perfect for grubs or drop shot, Mediums perfect for shakey head or wacky worm and some small texas rigs. and you fish cranks on any of them. seriously, give this rod a try, you will NOT be dissapointed.

From: Tyler: AR

Comments: love this rod, hard to believe only a 100 bucks for it

From: Chuck: OH

Comments: Amazing rod for the price. I bought the 7'1" ML spin and it comes very close to my 6'8" NRX with the same line and lure weight specs. I can go on and on about the features of this rod. I paired it with a Stradic CI4, 2500, using 10 lb. braid and it seems like the perfect match. Technology has really come a long way in rod building. You will not be disappointed with this Omen series.

From: Tom: Somers Point, NJ

Comments: Wow, what an awesome rod, for 100 dollars you can't beat it.  I have the 7'1'' ML and M, and they are both awesome rods, I use the ML for dropshoting and the M for a shakeyhead.  I currently have a 7'11'' H on the way and can't wait to test it out. I have one or two of about every rod in the 100 to 130 dollar price range and overall these are by far the best in my opinion.

From: Jake: SC

Comments: the rod it self is a nice well made rod.  I like it alot.  The rod i bought was a MH rod paired with a brand new shimano stradic size 4000 reel. the rod balances out perfect with this size reel and weight.  when you put your finger on the rod to balance out the pole, my finger was right on top of the top cork grip thing.  the pole seems to be heavier than my other poles but my other setups have a 3000 reels. so less weight.

From: CA

Comments: Not trying to say this is a bad rod because I have never thrown it, but I ordered the 7'1" Med Lt and when I was taking the bubble wrap off the tip and I barely bent the tip and about 4 inches broke off with no hesitation.  I would be careful when taking the wrap off the tip.

From: Michael: LA

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