Designed for a range of inshore applications, the 13 Fishing Omen Green Casting Rods offer the same deadly precision and quality craftsmanship as the best-selling Omen Black Series. Whether you are targeting redfish, sea trout or tarpon, the Omen Green rods have the actions, tapers and longer lengths you need to be successful every time you hit the water. The lightweight 30-ton Japanese Toray Carbon Blanks offer unmatched power and sensitivity, and each rod is also finished with premium components, including Evolve Titanium Guides with extra-hard, braid-ready Zirconia inserts. The Evolve Hair Trigger Reel Seat also puts you in direct contact with the rod blank to help you put the hook to more fish, and combined with the EVA padded fore grip and AAA cork handle provides serious all-day comfort. Proof that high-priced performance doesn’t have to cost a fortune, the 13 Fishing Omen Green Casting Rods are now available at Tackle Warehouse.

-Backed by a 5-year Warranty

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Got an Omen Green for Christmas & I can punch, throw frogs, everything. This & all other 13 rods are the best!

From: Robert: TX 3/25/16

Comments: stick with castaway or no. 8 13's rods snap on 1.5 lbs bass no. 8 is their sister brand & is much better (& cheaper).

From: Ethan: Houston, TX 3/15/16

Comments: This rod is flat out. The Best! 13 Fishing has stepped it up with all their rods! I had an omen black (gen1) 7'1" M and landed a 4lb bass flipping near laydowns! Also had a 7.5 lb bass punching mats with the 7'7" omen green

From: Robert: USA 3/6/16

Comments: All I can say is thank god TW has such a good return policy, Had the older style Omen & it snapped twice casting, only thing worse then their fishing rod's is their customer service, tried contacting them on their website and crickets is all you get, strongly recommend another brand of fishing rods.

From: Nick: Sioux City, IA 2/17/16

Comments: I bought the Omen Green 6'8" M casting rod a while back. The overall design of it looks great and feels great. First time out on the water with it i caught 4 bass with one above the 5 lb mark. This is by far the best rod ive ever fished with, sensitivity in the tip is great and the backbone is very very strong. Getting the 5 lb bass in was a breeze. I would say that this rod is just as good or if not better than any G Loomis rod ive ever fished with. Very happy with this rod and 13 fishing in general

From: Hunter: MN 10/8/15

Comments: Got one of these as a upgrade from a broken one, half way thought the season, it randomly snapped at the top guide half way down, sent it in got a new one. One week later same thing happens to the replacement. Just a heads up tip can break very easily. Overall a good rod as long as you dont mind sending in once a year.

From: T.V.: USA 9/25/15

Comments: Do not overlook the 7'2 MH as a Frog Rod. I started using this one about a year ago & I've found my go-to frog rod. Its a tad heavier than the Omen Blacks, but it casts a frog a mile and in my opinion has the perfect balance of Tip Action/Backbone for frog fishing. I can walk a frog with ease, get solid hooksets & the MH has plenty of backbone for pulling them out of anything. Plus, one thing that goes unnoticed since it was originally designed as a saltwater rod is that the eyelets on this rod (especially towards the tip) are a tad larger than normal. I've found this to be great for frog fishing in slop, my eyelets don't get clogged like they have with past frog rods. If you're in the market for a frog rod, I'd strongly consider this rod. Plus 13 Fishing's Customer Service is unmatched imo.

From: Ryan: Minocqua, WI 7/28/15

Comments: I got this Rod for christmas and pared it with concept A reel. First impression sleek and sexy. This rod casts like a dream. I thought it might be to stiff for bass fishing but was totally wrong. This rod can handle anything and more the omen black can. very pleased Customer.

From: Drake: Danville, CA 1/3/15

Comments: I use it for topwater bass fishing. Tosses spooks with ease. Can also swing a 3lbers into the boat with no problem at all. Good back bone.

From: Jeffrey: Williamston, NC 10/29/14

Comments: bought this rod a month ago and paired it with concept A reel and i cant believe how well this thing has preformed i caught my personal best smallie 6lbs throwing wacky senkos and caught some monster large mouths cranking with it. i would recommend this rod to every one

From: Dalton: Muskegon, MI 5/28/14

Comments: broke this baby in yesterday!!! Threw 1 oz jig head w/ 4 inch sassy shad for striped bass at the dam discharge. Caught a few striped bass and sandies on it. Very sensitive and light. The rod has a great back bone!!! Satisfied customer!!!

From: John: OK 3/26/14

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