The 22nd Century Triple Trout Stubby Swimbait is the beefed-up version of the standard Triple Trout with a wider and taller body, big eyes and the same killer two-joint construction. It also generates a louder "thump" than the original during its characteristic S-curve action, which makes it a great choice in stained water conditions. An excellent performer at fast or slow retrieves and at virtually any depth, the Triple Trout Stubby Swimbait is extremely versatile, providing anglers with a multitude of options on the retrieve. Heavy-duty swivels, molded into the body of the lure instead of stationary eyelets, also allow the hooks to rotate 360-degrees, helping to prevent fish from leveraging and throwing them during the fight. And each bait features a soft plastic tail with a simple screw-in attachment for quick and easy replacement. Available in a variety of bass-attracting colors, the 22nd Century Triple Trout Stubby Swimbait is a great addition for anyone's swimbait arsenal.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Agreed. Best baits money can buy. Extremely durable. fish will keep eating them after the paint is gone.

From: Tacklejunkie: Riverside, CA

Comments: the triplers are the baddest swimbaits made that $ can buy they swim true and don't break they'll will catch anything that swims

From: Mieger: Castaic, CA

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