6th Sense Peg X Stoppers 9pk

6th Sense Peg X Stoppers 9pk
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The 6th Sense Peg-X Stoppers are professional weight stops designed to peg your weight close to your hook on a punch or flipping rig. Pegging your weight ensures your bait will penetrate thick, matted vegetation and small holes in cover by not allowing the weight to slide up and down your line. The soft rubber construction of the 6th Sense Peg-X Stoppers also won't damage or crimp your line, while providing a firm grip to keep your weight in place.

9 per pack

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I like these cuz they float so i use them as bobber when i use worms. I never used a better bobber cuz these are not bright red n white so the fish dont c the bobber and they r small. i have like 5 of these at home and i love them

From: Matt: USA 5/29/15

Comments: This is hands down the best pegs for punching and flippin heavy Mats..  Fits just about every brand of 1-1/2 oz tungsten weights and keeps them in place!

From: Jay: Ca Delta

Comments: I have used many types of these bobber style weight stops and this is the best I have found. Others may give you more stops per pack but who cares if they don't work. I primarily flip 20-25# floro and these work great- best thing for texas/punch rig alignment/security after a mojo peg/took pic yet, unlike these methods, these won't nick/deform your line while at the same time allowing your sinker to detach from your rig once you have hooked a fish. This means less weight for the fish to leverage your hook loose. Flippers easily pay $500- 700 for rod/reel and $15-30 on line- for less than $2 do yourself a favor and keep your rig correctly aligned and each presentation spot on.

From: Tim: WI

Comments: its good and for the price you cant go wrong, I used 50 lbs power pro and its all good.  it does slide up a lil but you just slide it back down!  Love em!!

From: Steve

Comments: My personal favorite pegs. I use them on 20 pound flouro all day long with no problem.

From: Justin: NJ

Comments: These work well with 30 pound Power Pro Braid, which has an 8 pound mono equivalent diameter. The slide easily enough for accurate positioning, yet hold their position without sliding when casting or fighting fish.

From: Vince: Tucson, AZ

Comments: Best weight pegs on the market. Unlike its competitors the xstopper doesn't slide up your line after coming through cover. I use these when flipping grass, and i wouldn't use any other peg!

From: Tanner: Hurst, TX

Comments: Great product $. I use with 65 lb. braid mostly. Pretty tight but that's good. Only problem is when used with a large tungsten weight ( 3/4 oz. plus) without an insert. They tend to be just a hair too small when punching due to the size of the hole in the weight and occasionally the stop slips through the weight. Have also used with flouro up to 17lb without issue. On my 4th pack of these.  Would definately recommend....

From: DOUBLEDIGIT: Salinas, CA

Comments: using them w/ 20#& 17# vicious fc, w, no problems, @ all. great product!

From: Wheels: New Berlin, NY

Comments: these work perfectly, will buy many more

From: Chuck: St. Clairsville, OH

Comments: I agree with the other comments, they do hold well, but they will not work with anything larger than 12lb. mono. I tried, and they are so tight, that when you try to put them on, they pull the wire completely out of the keeper, and still don't go on your line.

Comments: These work great compared to most they hold on the line easier.

From: Colton: Ladylake, FL

Comments: These work great for pegging you weights.

From: Lance: Livingston, TX

Comments: These things work AWESOME and highly recommended for pegging your weights.

From: Matt: Antioch, CA

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