7 Strand Standard Crimping Sleeves - $2.99

The 7Strand Crimping Sleeves are brass connector sleeves that are compatible with 7Strand Uncoated Wire in Camo Bronze. A great choice for adding a stinger hook to larger swimbaits, the 7Strand Crimping Sleeves are strong enough to handle big game saltwater applications. 7Strand makes some of the highest quality terminal tackle in the fishing industry and the 7Strand Crimping Sleeves are no exception. 

7Strand Diameter Line Size Quantity
A3 0.06" 90lb Uncoated Wire 25
A2 0.05" 40lb & 60lb Uncoated Wire 36
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7 Strand Standard Crimping Sleeves

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
7Strand Standard Sleeves A2 $2.99
7Strand Standard Sleeves A3 $2.99

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