Looking for realistic appearance and life-like action? You can't come any closer to the real thing than ABT's new Banshee Swimbait. This new narrow-profile, 4-1/2-inch jointed hardbait is available in a variety of "Natural Image Transfer" finishes that perfectly replicate the colors and patterns of actual forage fish. Even more impressive is the way this lure swims. Thanks to its four jointed sections and unique design, you can fish the Banshee anywhere in the water column, at any speed, and it will deliver the same incredible "undulating" action. Steel hinges, instead of plastic, ensure unsurpassed durability.

ABT Lures Length Weight Class ROF
Banshee 4-1/2" 1/2oz Slow Sink 10" per sec
Banshee 6" 1-1/2oz Slow Sink 16" per sec
Banshee 8" 3oz Slow Sink 15" per sec

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

"There isn't a single body of water on the Elite Series schedule where I won’t be putting these lures to work - they're that versatile and effective ... the new Banshee Swimbait is so life-like, whenever I pick one up, I keep expecting it to flop out of my hands ... The combination of the detailed 'natural image transfer' patterns and the amazing swimming action makes the Banshee hard for bass to resist. I'm also blown away by its versatility. You can fish it fast or slow, down deep, or in the middle of the water column - even topwater - and you’ll experience the same deadly results." - Grant Goldbeck, veteran Bassmaster Elite Series angler.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Great for muskies! Bought 4 inch and 6 inch. 4in weighs more like 1/4-3/8 ounce. 6in weighs more like 1/2-3/4 ounce. Great action but very light. Better to use a MH spinning rod. Cant really use a bait caster. It will spin out. Needs more weight on the tail end. Handle 28-39 inch muskies, 6-20 pounders. Cant say I didn't catch any big fish with this lure! Tight Lines! 

From: Olson: NM 9/28/14

Comments: Definitely add this to your swimbait collection. Great action, casts fantastic. It seems really durable so far too. No giants have offered at it yet. But i feel its only a matter of time. Ton of follow ups and swipes.

From: Nick: Speedway, IN 5/30/14

Comments: This is a good swimbait esp for the price. Do not try and throw this on something like a  big swimbait rod w/ 25# line and wonder why it casts short. The 8'' has good drawl. I fish it on a medium heavy crankbait rod (let the rod load) with a lob cast like mentioned many times previously. It can make some bomb casts. It's not the best casting towards heavy wind. I'd go with a good 17# floro and make sure you tie a good knot. The patterns are good and it's swims great. I'd say it shines best in the recovered post spawn period into fall transition. Match your hatch and fish with confidence!

From: Ryan: Seattle, WA.

Comments: good action catches fish. i got the 6 inch midnight shad and it is a darker color and has a black back. casting is dificult but when i side cast it fine. the only problem realy is the hooks. my first time using it after a few casts and fish i got a fouer pounder to bite but the hooks bent andt it got of at the boat

From: Robert: MA

Comments: Just a bit difficult to cast smoothly, but looks real good and great swimming motion in the water. Just a word of precaution though, I picked up the threadfin shad color and it was a lot darker than it appeared in the picture.

From: Fishinfolks

Comments: This thing does cast terrible. get the jackall instead

From: Kyle: CA

Comments: I agree with most of the other comments, this lure looks really good in the water, but it is hard to cast due to the whole helicopter effect and it lands in the water like a ton of bricks.

From: Jason: Pennington Gap, VA

Comments: This thing is junk! Casts like crap and feels super cheap. Looks ok swimming, I'll give it that much. Don't waste your money. Go with a BBZ instead.


Comments: This thing flat out catches fish. It doesn't have a weight transfer system, so casting with the wind is strongly recommended. For early Spring and late Fall, swim it slow along cover and get ready for the slam dunk!

From: Daniel: Spokane, WA

Comments: After fishing this for several hours there is really something wrong with the weight mechanism, I think it's too light, causing it to helicopter 90% of the time. It also effects the casting distance which is mediocre at best. The realism in the water is EXCELLENT, so no complaints on the actual profile. It's just that this needs to be modified or used in another way, maybe something like the longest trailer on a umbrella rig! That way you get the cast distance from weight, it will look like it's chasing school fish, etc. and it will allow you to fully customize the rig to your liking in addition to having this realistic swimbait!

From: Lamar: Wake Forest, NC

Comments: Just got mine in the mail today, looks great, can't wait to get this thing in the water!!! I will post a review later once I get a couple fish and see how it casts, etc.

From: Lamar: Wake Forest, NC

Comments: I've had a selection of the 6" and 8"ers in my box for the first part of this year. I've had the local tiger muskies follow this lure like crazy, but they won't commit. Yesterday a buddy and myself tried a less pressured lake, and they were all over the 6" rainbow pattern. I only had the one in that size and pattern, so my buddy was out of luck. He tried a lot of other lures, and caught 1 musky to my 4. No problems casting it either. Great lure for sure.... I'll be ordering more!

From: Fred: SLC, UT

Comments: Great swim bait....I like to stroke this one, meaning I crank the reel a couple of times, then pop the rod, letting it flutter back down like a wounded baby bass.  Just kills em....and it will cast bad if you throw it on a traditional swimbait rod, just throw it on your regular worm baitcasting rod

From: Andrew: San Antonio, TX

Comments: This bait looks good as far as action in the water is concerned. However, it cast's horrible. I think it is because the bait is so flat that it catches a lot of resistance when thrown. When I cast it, the bait helicopters and creates a very short casting distance. I will never buy another one.

From: Mike: Evans, GA

Comments: best swimbait ive ever used hands down action is amazing definetly will be buying more and i have no problem casting these and i through mine i dont know why people say they cast bad

From: Zach: PA

Comments:  Very Good swimbait, swims great! You can do alot with it. Use light line with smallest version. I like the bait, only wish they could upgrade it with weight without effecting the action of bait. It works! Plan to use it this summer for largemouth bass. Action is top but needs the right line. Needs an upgrade with weight so it can be casted far and more colors. Its good!!!

From: Alex: Kansas

Comments: This swimbait has an awesome swimming action. You can jerk it, swim it, twich it, burn it, walk it. No kidding. I have the 4" and the 6". Have caught several stripers on it on the delta. I don't really have a casting problem with this bait unless I'm casting into the wind. I use a powell 733 rod with 15-17 lb mono or even 50 lb braid with a Shimano Citica 201e or Curado 101b reel. No problems. You just have to side cast if you want distance. Don't use overhanded casts and throw rainbows, it will helicopter and you will get 10 ft with a bird's nest. Learn to side cast and you'll be fine with a baitcaster setup. On the other hand, I'm not too thrilled on the "realistic" paint job. I prefer traditional colors.

From: Chris: Ca Delta

Comments: 6 inch and 8 inch models casts over 40 yards on 20 lb Trilene Big Game on spincasting gear- no problem. Caught over 40 stripers dowrigging  the 6 and 8 inch model in one day to 13 pounds plus- smokin the other guys bait and plugs at San Luis! I find Guys having casting issues are using wrong setups .  Run straight even at high speed -4 mph . Got 10 stripers in 20 lb range casting and ripping 6 inch chartreuse shad this year. best new striper lure period

From: Dale: Madera, CA

Comments: 4in in threadin, 6 in trout, took these babies out to the delta, lost a few big stripes on the 6, haven't landed one yet, caught a 5lb large on the 4in, but it broke the tail off, only fish I've caught on these, they are hard to cast, prepare for a lot of line twist, they tend to spin in the cast, otherwise, good action, with a little twitch, you can walk them, these are good lures under $15

From: PitchingSenkos: Sacramento

Comments: Purchased 4 of these.  They have great action  but hard to cast.  Even with this great action have not caught a fish on any of the baits.

From: Mike: TN

Comments: Awesome action....beats the Spro any day. When I first got this bait it looked like a piece of junk....quickly changed my mind after I saw it in the water...get one!

From: Daniel: NC

Comments: Yea there a little hard to cast but there worth it the action alone is amazing!!! Casts great with a spinning rod. But i still get it done with a Baitcaster Try a side sweep cast it helps

From: Sonny: East Wareham, MA

Comments: If you having casting problems, use a medium action rod, not your typical swimbait rod. I use a 7' medium action veritas with 15lb PLine Fluoroclear and it casts great. I get helicoptering once in a while but most often I am getting 75'+ casts. I swim it, rip it, twitch it, dead stick it and burn it (not all at once) and the fish just flat out KILL this bait! I love it!

From: Jared: SC, USA

Comments: Bass,striper killer! Buddy got 28lb striper  shore fishing! Right setup key on light 1/2 oz.  jointed bait to decent casting-like River2sea bait too. Best action on planet. Got first new 6 inch 1.5 oz. models at ICAST-already  3 stripers 12-17 lbs - inhaled it! Awesome mind blower action!. Killing bass too! ABT says out this month.

From: George: Madera, CA

Comments: I ordered 3 of these and have used only one of these so far. It goes have great swimming action and looks great in the water. It is a little hard to cast with a baitcaster, cast mush better with a spinning reel. The only complaint I have is the tail section came off and now I have a useless swimbait since the tail section sunk after only being used for the second time.. I may try to rig something and experiment with what I have left.

From: Jeff: Toccoa, GA

Comments: Casts like junk but PHENOMENAL action. I wish ABT made it in a silent version. For clear water applications, the action is great, but personally feel the sound is a turn off.

From: Tony: North East GA

Comments: awesome bait, caught fish today on it while using it for the first time.

From: Chris: Escondido, CA

Comments: great little swimbait

From: Zack: Wis

Comments: I own lots of hard swimbaits.  This one casts poorly, but the swimming action is great.  I think the best application for it will be pitching around docks.  Love the size.  Paint job is average, try to make it lifelike and I think impressionistic is better, color is more important.  I believe if they made the tail out of a soft plastic, the helicopter issue would go away and you could make casts twice as long.

From: Scott: Buford, GA

Comments: I bought one of this swimbaits and tried it out, I see what some people are saying about the casting problem. I was using a Curado 200E5 and 10lbs. line, still can't get a lot of distance on it because it just hits the air and it helicopters really bad on each and every cast, I will try and change the front hook for a heavier one or even add lead to it and see if it improves but other than that is a very good swimbait.

From: Charlie: Trenton, NJ

Comments: Simply the finest swimbait I've ever fished.  I had no problem casting the smaller 4 1/2" size on 12 lb. test, but for anyone wanting a larger/heavier version, there's now a new 6" size.  ABT's Banshees have the most natural swimming action I've seen in a jointed harbait...they look exactly like real baitfish too.  Awesome!

From: Mark: Mission Viejo, CA

Comments:  Not sure why people are having problems throwing this bait. My only guess is that its due to operator error or a dirty reel. I throw this on a 7' M Veritas and a Revo SX with 15lb PLine and it casts beautifully. Today alone I caught two fish that were close to 7lbs on it. These baits are awesome! I will be buying more for sure!

From: Jared: SC

Comments: looks great, swims great, casts like JUNK!!!

From: Jeff: MA

Comments: great bait! will buy more of it! hooks need to be replaced.  not that strong after 5 fish

From: Riches: Fresno, CA

Comments: Yes-It's a very light swimbait, but a real fish catcher with  incredible swimming action! I found casting the bait  with a soft underhanded toss solved the distance issue. Hard  "pushing"casts can make it tumble at times.   ABT says new heavier,  castable, 6 incher on the way. An awesome unique bait , any way you cut it!

From: Dale: Fresno, CA

Comments: Great Bait! To others with casting problems try lighter line. I went out with this bait to the delta and came across a striper boil.  My friend was throwing a spro bbz 1 and for every one fish he caught I caught 3-4.  This bait is sick you can dead stick it and stripers will enhale this thing.  Great bait will buy more.

From: Riches: Fresno, CA

Comments: I have to agree with the comments about the difficulty of throwing this bait with bait caster setup.   It swam fine once in the water.

From: Phillip: MN

Comments: I have had a real hard time casting this bait with distance. It wants to spin like crazy and i would like to see a heavier size that will cast longer. Used there set up of 12 lb line and 7ft med casting rod and still same result..bait looks good in the water and swims great.

From: Rick: Gainesville, GA

Comments: AWESOME!!!! This bait gets destroyed!! First day of using it , I got lit up on by seven northern pike, and a few bass, love this bait killer swimming action!!!

From: Mrbond007: East Lansing, MI

Comments: I just bought a few of these little guys (in 3 different patterns)... On my first trip out, the other day, I threw the rainbow trout pattern a bit, and did get a little, 13 in. Largemouth on it... Sure, it was tiny, but I've caught nothing on other lures that I've thrown for years... Maybe it was a fluke, but I doubt it... It's a good looking bait, and swims nicely...

From: Dave: Bay Area, CA

Comments: This swimbait flat out catches fish. Just throw it out there and slow reel it over windy points.

From: Marquel: Upland, CA

Comments: I've used the Banshee trolling for  stripers in Central California and have caught over a hundred fish on it in the 2 to 15 pound category-with many 9 to 12 pound fish. The perch pattern has been the best for some reason. It's been a killer bait! Can't wait for the 6 incher.

From: Dale: Fresno, CA

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