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Following in the foot steps of its bass-catching brethren, the ABT Lures “DD2” Donkey II delivers a slightly modified profile that is easier to walk and just as tempting as the original. A little wider than the DD1, the ABT Lures “DD2” Dirty Donkey II features a jointed tail section that helps move the bait from side-to-side with a seductive and lifelike swagger.

Along the front, the ABT Lures “DD2” Dirty Donkey II features a cupped chin that slaps against the water as its fished, producing a strong “blurp” noise that draws bass to the surface. Equipped with two sticky-sharp Owner stinger hooks, the ABT Lures “DD2” Dirty Donkey II is made to gently move across the surface and trigger an aggressive feeding response that will increase your heart rate and your fish count.

ABT Lures  Length Weight Class
 "DD2" Dirty Donkey II 6.5" 3oz Topwater

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I bought this lure thinking to myself if it would do damage like the punker. Surprising, it did. I added a split ring and a swivel to make it walk the way I prefer it to. Caught a nice Striper on the first trip with it. Great product.

From: Joesue: Banning, CA 1/3/15

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