The new ABT King Dawg features a proprietary, single-jointed design that makes it easy to walk-the-dog effectively and generate explosive topwater strikes. No special talent required. Just twitch the King Dawg slowly and watch the jointed sections and forked tail create a perfect walk-the-dog presentation. The lure's irresistible action is complemented by its unique tail, which kicks up just the right amount of splash to entice hungry predators. All you need to do is stay alert for the impending violent strike. Available in a variety of Natural Image Transfer finishes that mirror the appearance of actual forage fish, the ABT King Dawg is also outfitted with rugged stainless steel hinges for optimum durability, as well as, laser sharp treble hooks to keep fish pinned and make the most out of every strike.

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King Dawg 5" 3/4oz Topwater

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Comments: This is the best top water bait I have ever used. It spins a little when u throw it but that gives it swag. The first time I used i out caught my dad by 7 it is awesome.

From: Bob

Comments: I've been hoping for a jointed walk-the-dog style bait for a while. Now there's the Jackall Boil Trigger and This...I hope this thing walks consistently and well and that the tail doesnt cause too much drag in the water. The boil trigger's a bit smaller so this is a nice size. The Blueback Herring color is perfection for my area. Our big-fish ponds and tourney lakes are all sea-run herring fed ponds. *Note: the pic of Blue Back Herring here on TW makes it looks like it has blue and pinkish spots and kinda "rainbowy". That is just the flash hitting the sheen on the bait. It looks VERY natural and doesnt have inconsistent color. It's not paint it's like one of those "photograph" finishes with a clear coat so it's quite realistic. I like that they used a real 3D eye and not a photo eye though. Small detail, BIG difference to me* So when you get lucky around here and time it perfectly so ur actually at the mouth of one of our herring creeks when they're coming into the lake/pond so thick that you could almost WALK across the schools...You're going to want a nice assortment of herring imitations because they will not bite ANYTHING ELSE. It creates an absolute feeding frenzy and your arms will literally ACHE from reeling in pig after pig. It's rare to get right in the mix of a true "Blitz" but I've been in 3 or 4 in the last 5-6 seasons (I've been in PLENTY of schools of herring getting mashed by big bass and slammed em good, but the truly rare ones @ the mouth of the rivers are sessions u wouldn't believe/cannot describe...One we were in about 4 years ago was all smallmouth bass and it was 90 minutes of a fish 1 out of AT LEAST every 3 casts and the avg. weight being well over 4lbs, more than a handful over 5 and some tipping 6 and so excited u dont even care enough to weigh u just wanna get it back in and do it again. We were going "awww" @ 3 1/2's...Between the 2 of us in an hour and a half we must've caught 50-60 smallmouth with both our best 5 easily going 26-27lbs of smallmouth. All of mine were caught on a single pointer 100 in the herring color and it was BEAT...missing scales and 50% of it's color and both eyes... Mind you, it was probably the best fishing day of my life...it still happenedd) and one particular time they were really smashing them on TOP/2-3inches deep and I did not have a proper herring imitating topwater. I still SMASHED em but my buddy in the boat w/ a custom painted spook was clearly getting bigger bites and about 2x as often. That was LMB and again it was maybe 45 minutes long...30 fish between us with my best 5 going 25lbs, his going 30 ALL DAY...these are rare and epic events and they seem to have a "time" and pattern according to weather and tide in the nearby ocean. And @ one creek mouth we have a guy who will call us if he sees a SWARM coming into the pond and we get there as fast as possible... So again...if I find myself lucky enough to time an epic herring gorging this year---I WILL be chucking the ABT blue back and it WILL catch pig after pig. I will post an update soon because I cannot wait to get this thing in the H20

From: Tanner: S. Eastern, Massachusetts

Comments: Love it. Buy it. Fish it.

From: Peter: Cleveland, Ohio

Comments: Awsome bait tokk it up Douglas Lake and caught some good fish

From: Austin: Jacksboro, TN

Comments: This bait could be a really good bait if they could figure out how to keep it from spinning in the air when you cast it. It is hard to control your cast and deliver the bait where you want it. Don't waste your money on these baits they will drive you crazy trying to cast them. I cannot fish a lure that won't cast where I want it to go.

From: William: Hohenwald, TN

Comments: amazing lure! caught 2 fish on my first 2 casts yesterday on a highly pressured socal lake yesterday. I wish they would make a bigger version. The only complaint is that it likes to helicopter when you cast it....but who cares! it calls up deep fish!

From: Mike: SoCal

Comments: AMAZING walking lure. Best 1 i have ever used buying every color soon.

From: Sonny: East Wareham, MA

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