Designed specifically for the ABT Multi-Rig System, ABT's extensive line of ABT Multi-Rig Accessories Kits allow you to easily modify and experiment with different configurations that will take your Umbrella Rig fishing to the next level! No longer do you have to spend the extra money on multiple high dollar rigs necessary when readying for changing fishing conditions or differences in state regulations. With just one Multi-Rig and a few choice accessory sets, you will not only save money but storage space and preparation time when it comes to adjusting your umbrella rig to "dial-in" your Bait-Ball size and presentation. Choose from a variety of value priced sets including Buzz Blade, Spinner Blade, "Teaser", Fixed Wire Jig Hook, Big Game and now Titanium "Super" Wire arms, each designed to quickly change in/out of the Patent Pending swimming head w/ removable wire harness contained in every Multi-Rig and Multi-Rig Kit.

MRS 1/8oz Teaser Wires - These unique Patent Pending 3.5” “Fixed Head ‘Teaser Wires” are designed specifically for states limiting the number of arms that can have hooks attached. This set-up allows for easy attachment of your teaser baits directly to a no hook lead-head thereby avoiding the unnecessary use of “hitchhikers”, snap-swivels or cut-off jig head hooks. The fixed positioning eliminates rolling and tangling of baits while improving castability, keeling and compactness of your rig. (2 per pack)

MRS .047 3.5/4.5/5.5/6.5" Stainless Replacement Wires - These High Strength Stainless .047 Replacement Wires come in either 4.5", 5.5", or 6.5" lengths to make it super easy to replace a wire or modify the overall size of your “Bait-Ball” formation. Mix and match different lengths to fit any fishing condition. Wire sets come with premium 60lb+ test rated snap-swivels. (3.5" - 3 per pack, 4.5/5.5/6.5" 5 per pack)

MRS .051 10" Super High Strength "Big Game" Wire Sets - This 10" Super High Strength Stainless .051 Wire set with 75lb+ rated snap-swivels is designed specifically for large trophy gamefish including Striper, Pike, Musky, Lake Trout, Peacock Bass and inshore saltwater species. These should be your first choice whenever a larger profile rig that can handle heavier baits and the hardest fighting fish is a must. (5 per pack)

MRS Assorted Wire Packs - The perfect choice for the novice Multi-Rig angler ready to experiment with the multitudes of configurations that can be created with various styles and lengths of MRS accessory wires. This pack is loaded with the essentials and includes (2) 4.5", (2) 5.5", (2) 6.5" Stainless .047 Replacement Wires plus (2) "Weightless" Teaser Wires and a 3/8oz Fixed Wire Jig Hook. An absolute necessity for those ready to take their Multi-Rig fishing to the ultimate level! (9 wire pack)

MRS Spinner Blade Wires - Spinner Blade Wire Arms give you the option to add maximum lift, flash and vibration in lowlight or stained water. Each 4" arm comes with a tandem Nickel #2 Colorado/#4 Willow. Rigged in single, tandem or triple configurations, these set-ups give you more options than any other umbrella rig and are bound to attract more strikes when fishing shallow or weedy cover conditions. (2 per pack)

MRS Buzz Blade Wires - Buzz Blade Wires give you the option to stay strictly on top with the super high lift counter rotating dual prop arms. Each measures 4" with 1-3/8"/2" aluminum blades to create single or tandem high lift configurations for maximum disturbance. Either way, these set-ups give you more options than any other umbrella rig and will trigger vicious strikes on the surface. (2 per pack)

MRS Fixed Wire Jig Hooks - This newly developed and Patent Pending 3/8oz "Fixed Jig Hook Wire" allows you to work your Multi-Rig through places that no other umbrella rigs have come back from before! Specifically designed to create a compact bait ball that casts like a bullet, these high performance wires stay in an upright and permanently fixed position. This means that the imbedded Premium Mustad Jig hooks will not roll-over and hang-up when retrieved through tree’s, stumps, brush or rockpiles thus giving you the new ability to slowly swim or crawl your Multi-Rig through the nastiest structure without fear of losing your valuable set-up. (2 per pack)

MRS .035 Titanium Premium Wire Sets - Specially designed to meet the growing demand for more durable finesse, compact and lo-vis rigs, Titanium "Super Wire" offers 5x the strength in half the weight of stainless. Our proprietary bonding formula and highest quality components combine to produce a super flexible yet long lasting set of stealthy .035 wires that perfectly fit any ABT Multi-Rig. ABT's Titanium wires are essential for bringing your Multi-Rig fishing to the "Ultimate" level during the toughest of conditions.

MRS "Weightless" Teaser Wires - Equipped with ultra-lightweight Patent Pending ABS plastic semi-ball heads, these unique wires make it even easier to attach your teaser baits and fish your Multi-Rig in super shallow water and whenever a compact size finesse rig needs to be created. 5.5” length. (2 per pack)

The ABT Lures Multi Rig System is the ultimate umbrella rig.

Check out video from ABT Lures showing some of the different rigging options possible with the ABT Lures Multi-Rig System and the ABT Lures Multi Rig Accessories Kit.

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