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The ABT Multi-Rig System is the only umbrella rig on the market with interchangeable wires and a swimming head design. It's uniquely engineered and patent-pending removable wire harness allows you more versatility than any other! With a little imagination, you can create multitudes of life-like "Bait-Ball" configurations to fit any fishing condition or state/country regulation. Each Multi-Rig Starter Kit comes with everything you need to create your "Ultimate Umbrella Rig," including a standard ABT 5 Wire Multi-Rig, 5 perfectly matched ABT Multi-Minnow Swimbaits and 5 "Tiered" ABT Multi-Jig Heads. Also included is a bonus Multi-Minnow Swimming Head Tail that can be easily attached to the back of the Multi-Rig Head to create the most realistic rig ever! Additional interchangeable accessories such as Buzz Blade, Spinner Blade, "Teaser," Fixed Jig Hook and Titanium Wires Arms are also available making the highly adaptable ABT Multi-Rig System the most valued Alabama Rig on the market today!

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Be forewarned, this thing is huge! Runs nice, great swimbaits (action, appearance, etc.) but it is a large rig. I will probably end up saving it for some striper waters. Compared to some other rigs I have purchased, this one seems to be a little more durable.

From: Brandon: San Diego, CA

Comments: First day I threw this rig a 6 1/2 mama slammed it!It was the only fish I caught on it due to her one eye I beleive, plus I spent almost the whole time dragging on beds. I even got a fish off a bead just dead sticking a single swimbait I took off the rig. The fish are spawning right now so I got a bunch of other hits on the full rig but I think they were just head butting it away from the beds.TROUT PATTERN KILLS EM!

From: Cali Bassbandit: Santa Clara, CA, US

Comments: OK,I have not used this yet BUT I have seen a 13.0 lb largemouth bass pulled out of a lake with this.The guy was using a natural colored Kaitech swim bait.A great 'Bama rig with interchangeable wires that you can get in different lengths.Great bait,gonna get me some...I am going to use 1/16-1/4 oz. jigheads on a St.Croix Mojo Bass rod that is 7' Heavy power rod that will cast 3/8-1 1/2 oz. lures which is great for big worms,jigs,spinnerbaits,deep cranks,and frogs/big topwaters. It is going with an old Abu Garcia Ambassaduer with 17 lb test Berkley Trilene Big Game monofilament. Don't buy a specific umbrella rig rod because it'll only fish those rigs and is not versatile,the only reason you should is if you are fishing 40 foot of water with 1/2 oz. jigheads. Other than that stick with the rod I mentioned. Good luck and happy fishing

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