MSRP: $24.99

Please Note: Baits and Jigheads not included. Paddle bait behind rigs head also not included. 

Allen Borden and ABT have done it again.  Former Strike King Lure designer and creator of the King Shad has taken umbrella rig fishing to a whole new level. Unlike any other, the ABT Lures Multi-Rig System "The Ultimate Umbrella Rig" gives you the unique ability to modify, adjust and create a multitude of configurations to fit any fishing condition.

Each ABT Multi-Rig features a patented screw lock swimming head with removable wire harness that allows you to easily change your wire configurations from as few as two up to a maximum six. You can also change wire lengths from 3.5-6.5 inches (with the ABT Lures Multi-Rig Accessory Kit) and add weight to the hollow Polycarbonate head to adjust for deeper presentations. In addition, 6 different head colors are available all featuring a barbed bait keeper making it super easy to attach and match your favorite swimbait tail to create a more realistic and truly complete bait-ball profile.

Each ABT Multi-Rig comes standard with four 5.5 and one 6.5 inch** high-strength .47 stainless wires pre-set in an adjustable configuration providing worry-free performance while throwing larger/heavier baits and battling larger gamefish. Various weighted teaser & wire replacement accessory packs are also available, making the ABT Lures Multi-Rig System clearly superior to any other umbrella rig system on the market.

ABT’s Multi-Rig System - "The Ultimate Umbrella Rig"

Check out video from ABT Lures showing some of the different rigging options possible with the ABT Lures Multi-Rig System and the ABT Lures Multi Rig Accessories Kit.

**Please Note: Ghost Blue, Ghost Green & Ghost Rootbeer Brown models come five 5.5" wires.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: horrible quality head mine started to crack and shatter right out of the box the clay head breaks to easy.

From: Cole: Lafayette, CA

Comments: The concept seemed really cool, so I decided to pick two up, despite the reviews about cracked heads. And sure enough... Right out of the tackle warehouse package... One of the heads is completely cracked on both sides. I would super glue it, but that would defeat the purpose of the removable head. They do seem cool, and this company is on the right track, but this product is not ready to hit the market. The plastic head is just not durable enough. Back to the drawing board ABT.

From: Jack: Milford, CT, USA

Comments: Interesting concept but a total fail. I received one with the head cracked right from the package. This is all that holds the wires on the rig. A thin plastic shell. The bait holder on the back of the head is giant and requires some bait surgery to work. Kind of like putting a swimbait on an anchor. A screw would be more practical. I made the mistake of buying 4 of these. Will never purchase from ABT again. Staying with the Swarmbrellas.

From: DF: SoCal

Comments: If you put the wire holder head in backwards the head will not screw down...turn the head around!!   it will be loose and won't work right-of course! -the sharp end has to be down!!! It is very strong, tight,  and I've caught stripers to 25 pounds on it as a guide. I change all the wires out and put in unique configurations using their accessories-nothing like it anywhere. I can make this rig do anything-all in one thats bulletproof. Completely versatile, all quality, and able to be changed out-using just one rig.   one trick umbrella rigs don't let you change wires or completely adapt rig on the fly-as I do all the time . If you think there's a better rig out there -you haven't done your  homework or understand the ABT multirig! Future of umbrella's 

From: George: Madera

Comments: Kinda disappointed with this rig. The concept is great but the wires move around more than I like. It seems to be made from quality components, but the wires on mine move alot. May just be a defective one, but in my opinion there are a couple better rigs out there.

From: Will: AL

Comments: Dan from Ontario, you're an idiot, it comes like that so anglers can bend it the way they want to. This one is the best in the market IMO.

Comments: I bought the ghost rootbeer brown model and the wires werent bent at all. The 3rd image showing the head with the wires bent at the hook is not how mine is. The wires on the one I received look like the wires in the accessory pack, completely straight. If you tell me they're gonnna be prebent, at least bend them!

From: Dan: Ontario, CND

Comments: If you want the best umbrella rig ever made, the ABT Multi-Rig is a one-stop-shop. You can remove the lead head, remove the wires to stay legal and even rig up a swimbait tail on the lead-head. No other umbrella rig comes close to this quality. Thanks ABT and Tackle Warehouse!

From: Daniel: Spokane, WA

Comments: Took a flyer on this as it was on sale, and then part of the Bass Master sale, so I got it for a song.  I live in MN where these, with 5 hooks, would be illegal.  I bought this to customize it down to 1 hook with a couple dummy swimbaits and spinner blades.  I still have to confirm with the DNR that such a setup would be legal.  But the components all appear to be high quality.

From: Austin: St. Paul, MN

Comments: I bought this lure from Tackle Warehouse 2 weeks ago.  I went out pre-fishing for a tournament and did great. I did not get any double hook ups but when they hit it was on! Special thanks to basshookups.com where I get all my fishing information.  The only place I trust which lead me straight to tackle warehouse.

From: Jim: Sacramento

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