These little "money makers" were inspired by Allen Borden’s famous Wag Tail Swimbaits. The ABT Multi-Minnow Swimbaits incorporate his unique "box tail" design for that irresistibly subtle swimming action that fish just can't resist. Down-sized and re-engineered, the ABT Multi-Minnows are perfect for creating the most life-like swimming bait ball ever - when used with ABT's Multi-Rig System. Whether it’s on ABT's "Ultimate Umbrella Rig" or another, every angler will appreciate the Multi-Minnows' high-speed, true tracking and realistic body shape. Available in multiple colors, rig the incredibly durable ABT Multi-Minnows on the ABT Multi-Jig Heads for optimal results when fishing umbrella rigs. The Multi-Minnows also work amazingly well on their own when targeting big fish with a single finesse swimbait. Get yourself a pack of these deadly creations and - get back in the game - with the ABT Multi-Minnow Swimbaits.

Length Quantity
4.25" 6**

**6 per pack (Includes five (5) full-size 4.25" Multi-Minnows & one (1) 3.5" Multi-Minnow Swimming Head Tail that can be easily attached to the back of the ABT Multi-Rig System Head)

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These swimbaits look great and the square tail design is different and attractive.  However, at least used on an A-Rig, the overall tail action was not as pronounced as the 5 inch Yum Money Minnows.  Unless I burned or jerked the A-rig, the swimbait tail action appeared to slightly shimmy/vibrate at most.  Maybe that is the intent of the tail action but past success with using an A-rig revealed the more tail action and wobble of the bait, the more strikes.  I tried these swimbaits on a 1/4 oz. jighead with exposed hook but the tail action wasn't any better with no strikes.

From: Jim: Huntsville, AL

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