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Trophy Bass hunters "in the know" have kept the "Glide Bait" style swimbait a well-kept secret for years due to it’s unique "side-to-side" action and uncanny ability to entice double-digit Largemouth and world record Spotted Bass into striking. Japanese-made versions started the trend but have failed to take "Glide Bait" fishing to the next level due to their lack of proper profile, size, castability, horizontal sink rate, glide characteristics and color patterns required to continue to fool increasingly discriminating tournament winning fish. Master lure designer Allen Borden understands this evolutionary curve better than most and knows what’s really required to create a better mousetrap and thus has created a premium quality Glide Bait series of hard swimbaits for the most discriminating anglers on the West Coast.

Made from proprietary composite polyurethane, each hand- poured, precisely weighted ABT Suicide Glide is individually tuned and tank tested before being custom painted and color matched to its "True-to-Life" soft tail fin. These highly coveted glide baits measure an exact 9.25", weigh 4.6oz and come equipped with #6 Owner Hyper Wire split rings and 2/0 Owner Premium trebles to insure your trophy of a lifetime will not pull off.

Each ABT Suicide Glide is precision engineered to reduce tumbling on the cast, while exhibiting the sharpest turn radius and smoothest glide pattern yet produced. Once you master your retrieve timing and twitch cadence, you will experience an extreme side-to side "carving" action and "suspended sink rate" that will take your Trophy Glide Bait fishing to the ultimate level!

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Suicide Glide 9.25" 4.6oz 2/0 Owner

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Comments: Awesome striper bait-if you're a striper fanatic like me!Some friends talked me into using it-got a 9, a 23 and 28 pound stripers (weighed/released) on it in first two trips-lost another 30 class fish at boat too! I was shocked at how stripers will seek this thing out-something is right. Tough, extremely well made with super detail-love to just watch it swim. It does crazy things when you twitch it, I have never seen before. Thrown alot of big swimbaits --thankfully my friends finally convinced me to try it. I've had  big stripers hang right by the boat under this lure-just waiting...-this never happened before! Heard ABT is putting out a Punker kind of SWave topwater soon-if anything like the Suicide on top-it's over! Worth every freakin penny-just got my fourth one to make sure I'm set!

From: George: Madera, CA 5/6/14

Comments: yea its a bit pricey BUT.... This thing has the ABSOLUTE BEST glide action I have ever seen,best in my lure collection and that's including ragos,roman made,gan craft,deps,3:16,triple t's,fish arrow,megabass,and many more small jdm companies.... You get the point. This lure is going to set records and be a game changer. I find myself hypnotized when I reel this thing back in. If you didn't know it was attached to your line you'd swear it was a real fish just swimming on by. I was a little hesitant on buying this but after handling it and seeing it in action,the way it swims,glides,sinks and does its random 180's I am SOOOO glad I got it. If your on the fence about this lure....get it trust me you'll be glad u did.

From: Steveo: USA 5/5/14

Comments: Good action, tad pricy..however still prefer my roman made for size, action and bite ratio.

From: Bass Snax: USA 5/1/14

Comments: Awesome bait. Slow sinking. Slow or fast retrieve. Nice, wide glide. Good hardware.

From: Jay: CA 5/1/14

Comments: This bait is no joke. Two of the very best Glide Bait fisherman in the Valley/NorCal worked with ABT for a year to perfect this bait and the Video is testament. Blows the Gan Craft 230 away in size, profile, tracking, posture, sink rate and castability. The best glide bait for the money, bar none. Great job ABT!

From: Charley: Oakley, CA 4/30/14

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ABT Lures Suicide Glide 9

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  • Clear Lake Hitch
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  • Golden Trout
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