The ABT X2 Squarebill Crankbait is available in both a floating and revolutionary suspending version Using a uniquely weighted ball bearing chamber, the X2 Squarebill is designed to dive to 5-ft and deflect off grass and heavy cover where big fish lurk. With a reinforced shallow diving bill and stout #4 VMC hooks, this low pitched rattler is built to take a beating when cast around tight cover. Bounce it off rocks, stumps and docks then kill it for those precious seconds of suspended animation to trigger crushing strikes from ambushing bass. Available in ABT’s hottest colors, the ABT X2 Squarebill Crankbait delivers shallow water perfection.

ABT Lures Length Weight Depth Class
X2 Squarebill 2.5" 7/16oz 0-5ft Floating
X2 Squarebill 2.5" 1/2oz 0-5ft Suspending

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

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Customer Reviews

Comments: If I had to choose 3 crankbait brands/models they would be Bomber (Fat Free Shads), 6th Sense (Crush75) and obviously ABT (X2). This little guys are tournament winning baits. 

From: Hans: Mexico

Comments: This is one of my best detailed crankbaits i have!! Nice colors and really durable!! got the purple perch and it is really nice!! mite want to change the hooks though!!!

From: Ricky

Comments: Fished a club tournament this past weekend and to start with it was turning out bad. I moved out to 14ft of water in a creek channel and casted this thing into 5ft of water. The second cast bam the first fish. I went on to catch 15 more. There was 5 other boats in the same area and didnt even come close. I went from having two dinks to placing 5th over all. Thanks to ABT crank in the Midnight shad. Hope to see more colors and depths. Im sold.

From: Mike: Normanpark, GA

Comments: I had been looking for a quailty square bill and came across the ABT Series 2. Fished  a local spot and after tossing just about everything in the boat from top water to finesse, for no fish, I decided to see how this new hardbait would swim. Ended up putting 7 fish in the boat in the next hour or so. The ABT Series 2 saved the day.

From: Bryan: Goleta, CA

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