Several Elite Series pro's used the ABT Lures X2 Slow Sink Crankbait with great success in the 2011 season, catching numerous fish - as deep as 25-feet. A slow sinking, deep diving crankbait, it's designed to consistently reach depths of 18ft+. It's specially weighted so it will sink seductively on its own, allowing you to reach depths previously unreachable with standard deep diving crankbaits. "The key to fishing max depth is an extremely long cast! By counting it down, it will allow you to cover more productive and deeper water," says lure designer, Allen Borden. Available in a range of proven color combinations, get down deeper with the ABT Lures X2 Slow Sink Crankbait. For best action and casting results, ABT Lures recommends using 10lb to 14lb test line.

ABT Lures Length Weight Depth
X-2 Slow Sink 2.75" 7/8oz 18ft+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: good bsit for gettin way down there, like when youre fishing a jerk bait in super cold water.  be patient and let it sink for 20 seconds before starting to reel to get to that 20t ft or more.  you can cover so much more productive water, and not have to reel in half a cast just to get it to the bottom like you do with a floater

From: Joe: USA

Comments: Had the bill PULL OUT of the body after about 4 fish on one bait. Otherwise, good lure with quality hooks.

From: David: Hobbs, NM

Comments: Casts like a bullet, and the baits are of very high quality. I can get about 12 feet depth on a straight retrieve with 10-pound fluoro, but you can also let it sink on a dead fall, where you can reach depths of 25 feet. It's a sinking crankbait, pretty cool. Chartreuse Black and Citrus Shad are my two favorites for Washington State. This is a very well made lure and well worth $7.99.

From: Daniel: Spokane, WA

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