Completely handmade, the AR Lures AR Frog features a high quality wooden construction for custom quality performance you can’t find with standard mass produced baits. It delivers a killer action in open water, and is also deadly when popped slowly over weeds and lily pads. Its unique belly hook is engineered to fold under the body to reduce snags in vegetation, and also provide a wide range of motion once a fish is hooked. Finally available in the US, the AR Lures AR Frog delivers the winning performance and fish catching ability that has made AR Lures so popular overseas since 1996.

AR Lures Length Weight Class
Frog 2" 3/8oz Topwater

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Customer Reviews

Comments: great detail and a awesome little topwater frog...did i mention litte,this thing is kinda small,easy for the bass to enhale but yea this pic makes it look or seem kinda big or like a normal size frog,dont get me wrong its a great lure and catches them but just so you know its on the small side.but ar lures are quality and collector lures.so i love them regardless

From: Steveo: US of A

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