AR Lures has finally introduced the AR Lures Big Swimbait to the US. Handcrafted from high quality wood, each AR Lures Big Swimbait is also hand-painted for an amazing level of detail you can’t find with mass produced baits. Its double jointed construction and hinged metal tail create a lifelike swimming action at any retrieve speed, and super sharp treble hooks offer lightning fast penetration for quality hooksets. Founded in Japan in 1996, AR Lures specializes in creating top quality wooden lures.

AR Lures Length Weight Class
Big Swimbait 7.6" 2oz Slow Sinking

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The action on these lures is a 3/10, swims very awkwardly on a slow retrieve. Had to fish as a jerk bait to get a decent action. Paint and finish is still very clean.

From: Brian: San Diego, CA

Comments: I love and am a HUGE ar lure fan,I collect and fish there lures.I to had a problem with my paint chipping and coming off on my rainbow trout at the joints,with hardly any use...I emailed Chip from AR and he is warraning my lure....AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE,THAT'S WHY I LOVE AR!!! Other then that the action on these is great and they catch biig bass. I'm super excited for tw to carry the new ar lures that are coming out..the lipless crank with the nose prop and hope to see the topwater frog with the prop on here soon.

From: Steve: USA

Comments: The details that goes into these lures is unbelievable! The look of it is 10/10 the swim action is fairly decent 8/10 the paint did chip after a full day of fishing all around the joint area. The epoxy or clear coat could of been a bit thicker. I did email back the manufacturer and they did reply and sending me a new one.

From: Eric: San Jose, CA

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