The AR Lures Crank 65 Shallow Crankbait features a high quality wooden construction for a lively, tight wobbling action that you just can’t find with baits made from synthetic materials. Completely handmade, its bulky, fat body offers an appetizing target for hungry bass, and its square bill helps it deflect off of underwater obstructions to trigger strikes. It responds quickly to every movement and rod twitch, and was also painstakingly tested and refined to ensure it has just the right action, profile and desired characteristics. Available in several hand-painted color combinations, the AR Lures Crank 65 Shallow Crankbait delivers premium wooden performance.

AR Lures Length Weight Depth
Crank 65 2.6" 1/2oz 2ft

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Customer Reviews

Comments: these baits look awesome but, they fell apart within a few casts...they were giving to me by a friend who was bragging about them and has been an avid bass angler for over 30 years...hopefully they will work out the kinks and put out a better product

From: Brad: Orlando, FL

Comments: this crank is awesome. The finish is incredible. It hunts like crazy, and it catches a lot of fish. Well worth the price.

From: jsw: TX

Comments: Just wanted to share some results and observations. First, it will catch bass but most lures will. These lures are expensive and look really good but they are over priced for what you get.. I noticed this morning that the lure I used yesterday had an eye missing and the paint has started to crack where the eye went missing. I keep eyes and other items so I replaced the eye with one of my own. Not the same color but it gives it a personality of its own. Another thing I was curious about was why did it have that little screw and cap just above the tie off eye on the lure. I took it off and what I found was that the tie off eye had originally been drilled in the wrong place and off center and this was a cap to hide the mistake. The only lure that had this defect was the 65 series squarebill crank and can be seen on several of the lures pictured at tacklewarehouse. The set up jig must have been off when drilled and so instead of scraping them, they just covered it up.

From: Jeff: Toccoa, GA

Comments: My new favorite shallow squarebill crank! There's not a plastic bait out there that can compete with this guy, the action is wild! It's also the farthest casting squarebill i've ever used, this thing will outcast a LC bds 4 all day.

From: Brian: GA

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