Handmade and hand-painted, the AR Lures Jet Link Swimbait offers an amazing level of detail and craftsmanship. The color patterns and finishes are second-to-none, and the bait's jointed, wooden construction provides it with a lifelike swimming action that you can't find with baits made from synthetic materials. Also equipped with super sharp hooks, the AR Lures Jet Link is a highly responsive surface to subsurface bait. Founded in Japan in 1996, AR Lures specializes in handcrafting top quality wooden lures.

AR Lures Length Weight Depth
Jet Link 2.8" 3/8oz 1ft

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

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Customer Reviews

Comments: great paint job on these things. doesnt wake as good as ide hoped and a bit smaller than i imagined but does catch fish just like almos any other lure out there.

Comments: cool little bait but not worth $20.... the eyes fell out the first time i used it and i did have to do some tuning to get it to run straight. like the other comment its good as a collector lure.

Comments: love this little lure,it looks amazing in the light.but it is quite small.nice to have a wake bait on the small side but just so you guys know this thing is small,has ar quality and still a collector type lure,so to me its well worth it

From: Steveo: US of A

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