Handmade and hand-painted for an incredible level of lifelike detail, the AR Lures Popper 55 takes topwater performance to the next level. It spits and splashes seductively as you chug it along the surface, and also comes equipped with premium, super sharp treble hooks. Completely handcrafted from wood, the AR Lures Popper 55 is a bite size morsel that big bass can't resist. Founded in Japan in 1996, AR Lures specializes in creating top quality wooden lures.

AR Lures Length Weight Class
Popper 55 2.2" 1/4oz Topwater

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

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Customer Reviews

Comments: this is a great little popper... it clearly states in the description it is only 2.2 inches. Exactly what I was looking for

Comments: I actually got this lure out of a Tackle Grab box for 5$ and after using it it is a great finnese type popper.Overall it's a good lure but just for size comparrison it's about 3/4ths the size of my pinky so IT'S SMALL.

From: Trevor: IL

Comments: Bought this lure and returned it because of how small it was. I felt paying 18$ for such a small lure was not worth it. On the other hand it looked very detailed and unique. A bigger version would be awesome!

From: Nate: Templeton, MA

Comments: They are a little smaller than I expected however; they are a finesse type topwater bait that has good action and they simply look amazing. Alot of attention to detail goes into these baits for sure. Just know they are small baits that need to be fished with lighter tackle.

From: Brian: Yuma, AZ

Comments: kick @ss lil finesse popper,on those tough days when they want those smaller downsized lures....this little honey works magic.I will either throw this or my ar lure jetlink and that will usualy be the meal ticket to getting them to bite.not to mention ar lures are amazing looking,love there paint jobs.

From: Steve: USA

Comments: nice popper catches meduim sized fish

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