Completely handcrafted, the AR Lures Pencil 90 Walking Bait features a top quality wooden construction and an incredible level of detail. Very responsive, it easily walks across the water's surface like an injured baitfish, and it also comes equipped with premium, super sharp treble hooks. Available in a range of hand-painted colors, the AR Lures Pencil 90 Walking Bait provides a level of performance you can’t find with mass-produced baits. Founded in Japan in 1996, AR Lures specializes in creating top quality wooden lures.

AR Lures Length Weight Class
Pencil 90 3.6" 1/2oz Topwater

Treble Hooks

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: I agree with the other comment on here....because of Tackle Grab I received this bait the trout pattern and this bait is unreal....Stock hooks are good would recommend changing them out but this bait has some serious action WOW!!!!!  You will not be disappointed with this bait!!  It flat out catches fish and creates some serious wake on the water!

Comments: Thanks to tackle grab I received the trout color this month.  A few things that I like about this bait include; casting distance and no rattles.. Most of the top water plugs that I fish; gunfish, ima skimmer, megabass giant dog x, the butt sits low in the water pointing the nose toward the sky; we all know there is an added benefit to this.. I find that I can walk this bait extremely slow compared to these other baits and not loose rhythm which I really like, and to me I feel like I can present something that looks much more natural. With the natural finish and no rattles I don't think fish are going to think twice about taking a shot at this bait. A big thanks for AR working with tackle grab, I will now be purchasing a few more.

Comments: Very detailed bait, no rattles, which is a good thing for hard fished waters. All and all not a bad little bait, especially if you need a finesse topwater bait.

From: Mrbond007: East Lansing, MI

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