Delivering all the performance and toughness of the Max line for under $50, the Abu Garcia Black Max Casting Reel is equipped with a 6.4:1 gear ratio and a super smooth 5 bearing system. Built around a lightweight, one-piece graphite frame and sideplates, it also comes equipped with a machined, double anodized Aluminum Spool, which provides added strength without adding excess weight. Duragear Brass Gearing also ensures extended gear life, and the Power Disk drag system delivers smooth performance throughout its range, while a MaxTrax Brake System offers complete cast control. Precision engineered with a smoother feel, increased performance, and a more compact design, the Abu Garcia Black Max Casting Reel does it all for a great price.

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    Engineered from the ground up for finesse fishing, the Abu Garcia REVO LTX JDM Casting Reel is a great choice for anglers who prefer a casting reel over a spinning reel. Previously only offered on the Japanese Domestic Market, it is available in North America while supplies last.

  • Setting the standard yet again in compact, lightweight performance, the Abu Garcia REVO MGX Casting Reel is back and better than ever with some key upgrades.

  • Weighing in at just 4.5oz, the Abu Garcia REVO MGXTREME2 Casting Reel is the lightest Revo yet. Packed with Abu Garcia's most advanced reel technologies as well, it's a true performer.

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    Designed specifically for crankbaits and other high-resistance baits, the Abu Garcia REVO Winch Generation 3 Casting Rod features an ideal 5.4:1 gear ratio, a tremendous amount of power, and the smooth, ergonomic feel of Abu Garcia's REVO line of reels.

  • Delivering a winning blend of performance and price, the Abu Garcia Silver Max Casting Reel offers the toughness and features you need to be successful on the water.

Customer Reviews

Comments: I Have 2 of these reels and I am very impressed better than my Revo I am becoming a tournament angler and I need a high preforming reel so Great Reel for the Money.

From: Wyatt: MN 8/31/15

Comments: I have 3 of these reels. I love them all to death. I have had one for over 3 years still works great. Not the best reel in the world but then again it's only like 50 bucks! I would recommend this to anyone who wants a good, cheap, reliable reel. Love them! Use them for Texas rig, jig, anything!!

From: Jacob: VA 8/31/15

Comments: This reel is by far the best reel for the price. I have thrown small crank baits to 1.5oz swimbaits and have caught many 5 to 7 pound bass and it has held up very well. After a while it will start making noise, but as long as you oil it every 2 months it should be fine. Great reel for the price.

From: Jacob: Gilbert, AZ 6/13/15

Comments: I've abused this reel for two grueling seasons of hardcore fishing and it's still kicking. Its not the smoothest reel i own but after two seasons of heavy spinnerbait/chatterbait abuse and even pulling a 5.10 frog fish thru the slop this reel has earned its keep in my arsenal. You cant buy a better reel for $50 hands down

From: JBird: RI 1/10/15

Comments: Got this real a couple years ago, it is awesome! I was a beginner then and I thought for $50 what could go wrong and it has performed like a 200 dollar reel it holds up very nicely and is great for beginners like me!

From: Andrew: Lino Lakes, MN 11/25/14

Comments: I casted a little crankbait in the wind all day yesterday with this reel. Bottom of the line, sure, but a great value. I go thru reels pretty quickly, a combo of not taking care of em, and the brackish water I fish, and soon all of my reels will be these. It does take a minute to get it dialed in, but that ain't no thang.

From: Jay6: USA 4/13/14

Comments: I figured for $50.00 you can't go wrong. All my reels are Shimano, i got this one for a jigging reel. I can not believe how much better it feels in my hand(palms nicer than the Shimanos), it is light. Spinning the handle right out of the box the spool spun for a minute easy. Although i know that is no real world test, no Shimano has ever done that out of the box,and no Shimano cost $50.00. I really do not care about breaking as i will be throwing 1oz + jigs on a 7'6" rod, so bird nests should not be a problem. If all goes well a Revo Rocket my be my next reel.

From: Ed: OH 3/27/14

Comments: For 50 bucks this is the best reel in the world. I use toro 50s for saltwater but I needed something for fresh water. I pick this up for 35 bucks and it is just as good as my toro50s buy this reel

From: Chase: CA 3/3/14

Comments: I purchased this reel about 2 years ago and it has performed well until last fall. The reel began to lock up mid cast and the handle began to spin in reverse on hook sets causing birds nest's. But for $50.00 this is a good reel for beginners or people on a budget.

From: Simon: Ohio

Comments: This reel is by far one of the cheapest reels you can buy. That being said its one of the best reels I have ever owned simply because it holds up so well. Never had a problem and don't think I will for awhile.

From: Keanan: Florence, SC

Comments: This is a good reel for $50 and its great for a beginner baitcaster but it won't stand up to heavy tournament abuse like more expensive reels. I've owned a few and after throwing spinnerbaits for a month the reel started to lock up mid cast and make a loud grinding noise after every 10 casts or so

From: Jordan: Rhode Island

Comments: Great reel, my first baitcaster and still holds up after 4 years of use. Smooth and just a great reel for 50$ If you ask me

From: Conner: Louisa, KY

Comments: I've had a lot of cheap reels in my lifetime and most were just that "cheap".  While this reel is cheap in price it is by far the highest quality reel available for less than $75.  Most of the complaints I've read in this review section were due to operator error and not due to the reel.  I own 6 of these and only one has broken and that came after 4 years of hard use.  There's not another reel in this price range that compares.

From: Josh: Warren County

Comments: Just got this today for Xmas... had to untangle it everytime I cast it, but once I got the brake and the drag and everything dialed in.. It was working like Ferrari... Really worth $50.00 ... Love it so far.  Smooth as butter.

From: Fred: Castaic, Ca

Comments: Got this reel as my first bait caster and its flawless, theres nothing I can complain about is especially for the price. if your thinking about buying one get one no get two these reels are GREAT!!!

From: Andy: Niagara Falls Canada

Comments: Bought four of these reels because my Revo SX's were stolen the day before a tournament.  Still using all four and have purchased two more. I guide for a living and if it can be broke a client will break it.  When that happens I am out $50. No big deal.  If I am throwing moving baits this is what I use.  The big downside is this reel likes to flex when setting the hook hard.  Please fix this ABU! I no longer flip,skip docks or throw anything else where I am laying in to one hard with this rod because I have had several pop out of the reel seat when setting the hook.  A 7.1:1 or higher would be nice too.  Can't go wrong for the money though.

From: J: Grand Lake. OK

Comments: Abu garcia reels never disappoints me! The Black max was my first baitcaster and it is a great reel for the price and for beginners. This reel can cast super flukes 60ft easily. I throw frogs with this reel and 50lb braid and can cast a koppers live target 55T frog 100ft! This reel has caught me a 5LB bass, and several 30 inch pickerel. Great reel.Recommend it to anybody!

From: Alexander: NJ, USA

Comments: Great reel for the price! I've got lots of Revo SXs, Lew's, Daiwa, Shimano, and I initially got this one for having fun with a light steelhead rod fishing for trout (so I could still enjoy the fun of reeling in a fish on a baitcaster).  It's smooth, casts a mile with a 1/2 oz egg sinker/4ft leader.  I had so much fun with it, I used it with the long rod crankin' for bass in the CA Delta and that was big fun!  Great reel.

From: Nate: Folsom, CA (the town not the joint)

Comments: this reel sucked when I got it. Horrible casting distance and backlash EVERY time. Every adjustment I made it would backlash. I put some quantum hot sauce on all gears, knobs, and worm drive now it NEVER backlashes turned out to be a good buy. I recommend this product all it needs is a little lub!

From: XxxbasseradayxxX: Lopez lake California

Comments: Great reel especially for the price. i can throw anything from a weightless fluke all the way to a 1oz spinnerbait on it... even caught my personal best (8 lbs)on it with ease. highly recommend this reel for anyone.

From: Johnathan: MA

Comments: Decent reel for the money, However, a lower gear ratio (5.2,1) would be nice for cranking. I'm sure you would sell allot more of these if you made it in the lower gear ratio. "Hint, hint, Abu Garcia". If anybody feels the same way, post a comment saying so. If Abu Garcia has any customer loyalty they should listen to there customers and make the black max with a lower gear ratio, or any changes in its performance for that matter.

From: J: Post Falls, ID

Comments: Work horse for a great price.  Not the farthest casting or smoothest because it is shy a few bearings but has the strongest gears I've ever used compared to other OEM's.  I use it for 12# line or more.

From: Keith: Sacramento, CA

Comments: My buddy had one of these and I decided to try it out one day. First cast, caught a 5 pounder and the next cast caught a 4. Then on the next cast caught a 3 1/2! This reel handled them like nothing. It was spooled with 40# power pro braid. It casted a country mile with accuracy. I went and bought one myself as my first decent baitcaster and i loved it. If your wanting to switch to a bait caster, buy  this combo.

From: JC

Comments: Got this as my first baitcaster, this reel zings, It's a great reel for the money. Only a couple bad backlashes but they were my fault. The only bad thing about this reel is sometimes it feels like its going to fall apart.

From: Zach: Swartz Creek, MI

Comments: Great reel for the price. Straight out of the box, it cast like a dream. I've tied on plastic, poppers, and buzzbaits so far and this reel has handled them all like a champ. Also has a fairly pleasing design and feel for a reel of this price point. Definitely worth looking into for a good low end baitcaster.

From: Marty: Willow Spring, NC, USA

Comments: this reel is really nice for the price. I recommend though that you use thick line because I tried 15lb braid and it birdsnested almost every cast and I made little to no errors when casting and retreiving. So I'm changing it over to mono or fluorocarbon. Other then that this is a very smooth and all around great reel

From: Derick: pasadena Maryland u.s.a

Comments: good reel worth 120$ i would have no problem payin that AS smooth as the revo sx just oil every 2 months or so u will have no noise or problem.P.S.put a few drops of oil on the bearings before u use it 4 the first time will cast like 50% farther use these tips and the reel may become ur fav


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