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Abu Garcia Black Max Casting Reel - $49.99

Delivering all the performance and toughness of the Max line for under $50, the Abu Garcia Black Max Casting Reel is equipped with a 6.4:1 gear ratio and a super smooth 5 bearing system. Built around a lightweight, one-piece graphite frame and sideplates, it also comes equipped with a machined, double anodized Aluminum Spool, which provides added strength without adding excess weight. Duragear Brass Gearing also ensures extended gear life, and the Power Disk drag system delivers smooth performance throughout its range, while a MaxTrax Brake System offers complete cast control. Precision engineered with a smoother feel, increased performance, and a more compact design, the Abu Garcia Black Max Casting Reel does it all for a great price.

Equipped with a super smooth five stainless steel bearing system and a 6.4:1 gear ratio, the Abu Garcia Black Max Casting Reel delivers all the performance and toughness of the Max line for under $50.

Comments: I casted a little crankbait in the wind all day yesterday with this reel. Bottom of the line, sure, but a great value. I go thru reels pretty quickly, a combo of not taking care of em, and the brackish water I fish, and soon all of my reels will be these. It does take a minute to get it dialed in, but that ain't no thang.

From: Jay6: USA 4/13/14

Comments: I figured for $50.00 you can't go wrong. All my reels are Shimano, i got this one for a jigging reel. I can not believe how much better it feels in my hand(palms nicer than the Shimanos), it is light. Spinning the handle right out of the box the spool spun for a minute easy. Although i know that is no real world test, no Shimano has ever done that out of the box,and no Shimano cost $50.00. I really do not care about breaking as i will be throwing 1oz + jigs on a 7'6" rod, so bird nests should not be a problem. If all goes well a Revo Rocket my be my next reel.

From: Ed: OH 3/27/14

Comments: For 50 bucks this is the best reel in the world. I use toro 50s for saltwater but I needed something for fresh water. I pick this up for 35 bucks and it is just as good as my toro50s buy this reel

From: Chase: CA 3/3/14

Comments: I purchased this reel about 2 years ago and it has performed well until last fall. The reel began to lock up mid cast and the handle began to spin in reverse on hook sets causing birds nest's. But for $50.00 this is a good reel for beginners or people on a budget.

From: Simon: Ohio

Comments: This reel is by far one of the cheapest reels you can buy. That being said its one of the best reels I have ever owned simply because it holds up so well. Never had a problem and don't think I will for awhile.

From: Keanan: Florence, SC

Comments: This is a good reel for $50 and its great for a beginner baitcaster but it won't stand up to heavy tournament abuse like more expensive reels. I've owned a few and after throwing spinnerbaits for a month the reel started to lock up mid cast and make a loud grinding noise after every 10 casts or so

From: Jordan: Rhode Island

Comments: Great reel, my first baitcaster and still holds up after 4 years of use. Smooth and just a great reel for 50$ If you ask me

From: Conner: Louisa, KY

Comments: I've had a lot of cheap reels in my lifetime and most were just that "cheap".  While this reel is cheap in price it is by far the highest quality reel available for less than $75.  Most of the complaints I've read in this review section were due to operator error and not due to the reel.  I own 6 of these and only one has broken and that came after 4 years of hard use.  There's not another reel in this price range that compares.

From: Josh: Warren County

Comments: Just got this today for Xmas... had to untangle it everytime I cast it, but once I got the brake and the drag and everything dialed in.. It was working like Ferrari... Really worth $50.00 ... Love it so far.  Smooth as butter.

From: Fred: Castaic, Ca

Comments: Got this reel as my first bait caster and its flawless, theres nothing I can complain about is especially for the price. if your thinking about buying one get one no get two these reels are GREAT!!!

From: Andy: Niagara Falls Canada

Comments: Bought four of these reels because my Revo SX's were stolen the day before a tournament.  Still using all four and have purchased two more. I guide for a living and if it can be broke a client will break it.  When that happens I am out $50. No big deal.  If I am throwing moving baits this is what I use.  The big downside is this reel likes to flex when setting the hook hard.  Please fix this ABU! I no longer flip,skip docks or throw anything else where I am laying in to one hard with this rod because I have had several pop out of the reel seat when setting the hook.  A 7.1:1 or higher would be nice too.  Can't go wrong for the money though.

From: J: Grand Lake. OK

Comments: Abu garcia reels never disappoints me! The Black max was my first baitcaster and it is a great reel for the price and for beginners. This reel can cast super flukes 60ft easily. I throw frogs with this reel and 50lb braid and can cast a koppers live target 55T frog 100ft! This reel has caught me a 5LB bass, and several 30 inch pickerel. Great reel.Recommend it to anybody!

From: Alexander: NJ, USA

Comments: Great reel for the price! I've got lots of Revo SXs, Lew's, Daiwa, Shimano, and I initially got this one for having fun with a light steelhead rod fishing for trout (so I could still enjoy the fun of reeling in a fish on a baitcaster).  It's smooth, casts a mile with a 1/2 oz egg sinker/4ft leader.  I had so much fun with it, I used it with the long rod crankin' for bass in the CA Delta and that was big fun!  Great reel.

From: Nate: Folsom, CA (the town not the joint)

Comments: this reel sucked when I got it. Horrible casting distance and backlash EVERY time. Every adjustment I made it would backlash. I put some quantum hot sauce on all gears, knobs, and worm drive now it NEVER backlashes turned out to be a good buy. I recommend this product all it needs is a little lub!

From: XxxbasseradayxxX: Lopez lake California

Comments: Great reel especially for the price. i can throw anything from a weightless fluke all the way to a 1oz spinnerbait on it... even caught my personal best (8 lbs)on it with ease. highly recommend this reel for anyone.

From: Johnathan: MA

Comments: I don't know what you people are doing to abuse these reels and make them crap the bed. I have three of them, and have been fishing them hard all year. I have used them on well over 100 + trips, and in 15 tournaments. And they are still going strong, are as smooth as they were new, and cast as well as anything else I have. One has 50lb braid on it, drag locked down, and has hauled in many many 5lb fish frogging the slop. The other has 30lb braid on it and will cast a weightless fluke further than my Curado 51E, and the other is on my swim jig rod and I can skip jigs wayback under docks with this reel with the magnets turned 1/2 way on further than any centrifugal brake reel I own, and with zero backlash. Are they going to last forever...NO. But when they die, I am out $50 bucks, and have a parts reel for another one. When my higher priced reels start acting up, it's at least $50 to ship, fix, and have it shipped back. I have bills to pay, and kids in school, thanks Abu for giving us broke guys a decent cheap reel.

From: Basswipe: meatwads pond

Comments: I don't know if the newer model is any better according to the reviews, but I have the older model and it's a piece of junk. Made with cheap material and it feels like it's going to fall apart in my hand. I literally have to use both thumbs to force down the spool release. Extremely noisy when I cast...I'm often having to dip it into the water to make the noise go away and it's noisy when I reel in my line. Hook a big fish and it's hard to reel it in. I recently bought a Lew's reel to replace it, and boy am I glad I did. Best reels I've ever used.

From: USA

Comments: Decent reel for the money, However, a lower gear ratio (5.2,1) would be nice for cranking. I'm sure you would sell allot more of these if you made it in the lower gear ratio. "Hint, hint, Abu Garcia". If anybody feels the same way, post a comment saying so. If Abu Garcia has any customer loyalty they should listen to there customers and make the black max with a lower gear ratio, or any changes in its performance for that matter.

From: J: Post Falls, ID

Comments: Work horse for a great price.  Not the farthest casting or smoothest because it is shy a few bearings but has the strongest gears I've ever used compared to other OEM's.  I use it for 12# line or more.

From: Keith: Sacramento, CA

Comments: My buddy had one of these and I decided to try it out one day. First cast, caught a 5 pounder and the next cast caught a 4. Then on the next cast caught a 3 1/2! This reel handled them like nothing. It was spooled with 40# power pro braid. It casted a country mile with accuracy. I went and bought one myself as my first decent baitcaster and i loved it. If your wanting to switch to a bait caster, buy  this combo.

From: JC

Comments: Got this as my first baitcaster, this reel zings, It's a great reel for the money. Only a couple bad backlashes but they were my fault. The only bad thing about this reel is sometimes it feels like its going to fall apart.

From: Zach: Swartz Creek, MI

Comments: I bought this and paired it with a Abu medium rod for topwater and jerkbaits. My first fish was a 25lb striper. The drag froze up but I didn't have it set for such a big fish but was quickly and easily adjusted and the reel handled this fish with no problem. I have a older black max that I've used for 3 yrs now and it still casts a country mile. All you need is a little oil occasionally and your good to go. I have two Shimano Caenan six months old and have already been sent back for repair and one messed up again. Both will be replaced with these, you just can't beat these reels for 50 bucks.

From: Chris: Pikeville, KY

Comments: This is an absolutely great reel. I bought this as my first bait caster and it works like a dream. the casts are very smooth and casts super far with few birds nests. it also works great in saltwater, just make sure you rinse it after (dont be afraid to get it soaking wet). if the reel makes a grinding sound while casting its just because you have spool tension to high and the magnets set to low. as soon as you fix that the sound disappears. overall this is a wonderful reel and all for the great price of only 50 dollars! i would recommend this reel to anyone.

From: Jack: Carlsbad, California, USA

Comments: This is the best reel for the money.  Anyone who has ever used it or knows the ins and outs of reel construction would agree. I've had several higher dollar reels that broke after a couple years and the two black max's i've owned for 5 years are still going strong.   Also, Derick in Pasadena MD if you are trying to use 15lb braid on a baitcaster it's going to birdsnest no matter what type of reel you have.  that's equal to using 4lb mono and i highly doubt you would try to use 4lb mono on a baitcaster would you?  no braid less than 30lb would work well on a baitcasting reel.

From: Rob: PA

Comments: Great reel for the price. Straight out of the box, it cast like a dream. I've tied on plastic, poppers, and buzzbaits so far and this reel has handled them all like a champ. Also has a fairly pleasing design and feel for a reel of this price point. Definitely worth looking into for a good low end baitcaster.

From: Marty: Willow Spring, NC, USA

Comments: this reel is really nice for the price. I recommend though that you use thick line because I tried 15lb braid and it birdsnested almost every cast and I made little to no errors when casting and retreiving. So I'm changing it over to mono or fluorocarbon. Other then that this is a very smooth and all around great reel

From: Derick: pasadena Maryland u.s.a

Comments: Bought one of these a year ago as well as a lews laser mg and i wont touch the laser mg anymore. this reel out porforms in smoother casts, further casts, smoother retrives, better hook sets, more consistant casts, fewer birdnests, feels better in my hand while casting and retriving and easyer to dial in the mag break and spool tension. if i was to enter a tourniment i would buy a revo sx to switch rods with my black max put the black max on my laser mg's rod and throw the laser mg reel in my junk drawer and leave it at home.

From: Ken: nova scotia canada

Comments: Great beginner to intermediate real.  Casts a variety of lures very well and has a decent drag system.  The only problems i've had is fishing in very cold weather, sometimes the anti reverse reel lock fails.  Other than that i haven't had any problems.

From: Broc: MN

Comments: I purchased this reel and didn't listen to all the bad reviews and I extremely regret buying it. I've caught probably 10 bass that were between 2-4lbs and now the reel malfunctions and fails constantly.  Every 15 casts I make the spool locks up on the cast and makes a loud grinding noise and the baits goes nowhere. Ive only used this reel for 3months and its ready for the dumpster.  This reel was the biggest waste of $50. Save up $50 more dollars and buy a Lews Speed Spool

From: Angry Shopper: RI

Comments: good reel worth 120$ i would have no problem payin that AS smooth as the revo sx just oil every 2 months or so u will have no noise or problem.P.S.put a few drops of oil on the bearings before u use it 4 the first time will cast like 50% farther use these tips and the reel may become ur fav


Comments: Ive owned this reel for over a year now and its still going strong, outstanding reel for only 50 bucks highly recommended for thoses who dont want to break the bank and want a quality reel.

From: Shane: lansing mi usa

Comments: i have had this reel for bout 6 months now. ive only had one problem where the gears malfuntioned for a few minutes but i managed to fix it. Cast very well and looks ver slick. i have it on an ultra light and really like it. very balanced. i now own two on a 7 foot rod for cranking. a very well rounded reel for the money

From: Matt: USA

Comments: all I can say is great real but beware a few unlucky buyers will have there line guide brake I am trading it in for Roth a lews revo or shimano

From: Anthony: TX

Comments: This reel is amazing, after about 6 months it started to become alittle noisy but I didn"t care that much, but just a couple days ago, the guiding for the spool stopped moving. It's really good for only $50 dollars, but spend more money on a Lew's, much muchhh better than this.

From: Christian: TX

Comments: I have had this reel for 5 months and It was nice for the price but last week it broke for no reson it was like the drag was lose but it was tight and would not bring in line I am still mad

Comments: I bought this reel around Mar 2012. I have never used a bait caster. I learned on this reel and this is the best reel I have ever used. Out casts, out reels my openface reel and allows me to HOSS in the big ones using the braided line. My biggest bass last fall was 24in 5+ lbs. This reel has the horsepower and yet sensitivity you need on some of those tough matted areas. I also have the Silver Max. I am looking to go to a 7.1 ratio this year for other styles. Great Reel keep up the good work Abu Garcia.

From: Steve: Southgate, MI

Comments: This is a good reel for the tournament angler. The entire Abu max line up is good performance with a great price. I use these for most of my casting applications the external magnetic break adjustments make it quick and easy to adjust to different lures. For 50 dollars this reel does everything I need out of a reel.

From: Mitch: MN

Comments: Its a Popular reel due to its price, and I would never use any of the Abu Garcia "Max" reels, tried em all, they are OKAY, but dont reccomend them

From: Kendog: Kendog Town, USA

Comments: this is a great reel i used it today in it cast a mile i always wanted one for years in i am telling u get one i have revos in feel better about the black max over all

From: Tavaris: Columbia, SC

Comments: In my truly honest opinion, this reel seemed too good to be true for me. It was my 1st baitcasting reel and nearly my last, this being because of its shotty creation. The line guide was my problem, while reeling in line, it would get caught on 1 side and begin to stack up! Every cast I would manually guide the line guide and it was a complete burden! H20 Express all the way!

From: Carson: Huntsville, AL

Comments: this reel is great i throw jigs and texas rigs on it for columbia river smallies it is a great realfor the price keep it up abu garcia!!!!!

From: Garrett: USA

Comments: Picked mine up at Wal Mart and love everything about it...Those who bash it must must be still using the old Zebco 33's for cattin

From: Kevin: Ohio

Comments: best reel ever!!!

From: Panola County

Comments: i have hasd this reel for 2 years now. it is absolutely the best baitcaster for under $50 bucks. this reel has not given me one problem yet. this thing can cast anything from 1/8 oz. and higher, and when i say cast i mean BOMB! awesome reel! must have!!!

From: Jake: LA

Comments: you can't tell how a reel performs by picking it up and playing with it at Wal Mart

From: Scott: IL

Comments: I have had this reel for a few months now and can honestly say it is the best 50 bucks you will ever spend! casts smooth and reels smooth too. I have it on a 7 foot medium vendetta and it balances really well. My only complain is that you can't put Abu Garcia's custom revo shop foam handles on it.

From: Matt: TX

Comments: Amazing reel for the money.Have it for over a year and havent had a single problem with it.Defently will be getting more Abu Garcia's in the future.

From: Tyler: Portage, WI

Comments: This reel is not bad for the price. It hasnt given me too many problems and i think that it is pretty durable and reliable.

From: Zach: NC

Comments: This reel has done nothing but good for me. caught a 52 inch muskie on it. to all those who say its bad, you have no idea what you're saying. this was my first reel and i like it as a temporary/backup, I'm picking up either a revo s or a less speed spool if you have any opinions let me know.

From: Justin: MN, US

Comments: I have always been a big fan of abu garcia. I have had the black max for over a year now and I have not had one problem with it. I want to make it clear to those who hate this reel. This reel may have a cheap price, but it is not cheap quality. If you maintain this reel you will have zero problems. Make sure to check me out on youtube

Fishing with outdoorkid87

From: Hunter: IN

Comments: I dont own one but i have walked into Walmart one too many times and picked it up and started reeling, a nice way to put it would be it sucks brand new, so i dont even want to know how it handles on the lake, it should be next to zebco and might as well come pre spooled save your money and get the silver max 

From: Gus: NJ

Comments: I love it for the price. Mostly I use it for spinnerbaits, soft plastics, and small crankbaits.

Comments: I have the older one and I hate it. It backlashes almost every cast and is not that smooth. I also have the silver max which is awesome! i would rather pay 10 more bucks and have the silver max.

From: Kyle: Lake County, FL

Comments: really good reel i love its smooth casting and it also makes really far cast even with light baits

From: Adrian: Austin, TX

Comments: Great reel for $50. I put orange seal boca bearings in it and now the reel is every bit as good as a revo sx for only $100. With new bearings, great. With original, good

From: Matt: Rantoul, IL

Comments: best reel for 50$ good with berkley trilen big game 12lb

From: Jacob: GA

Comments: caught 150 cat fish over 15 lbs this summer starting to break the paint on the spool relesase is waering but i also took it to canada to catch pike 150 aprox this summer great reel for beginers put the sreight to the test on it

From: Kee: Cary, IL

Comments: just recently bought the updated Black max and all i can say is, wow, what a difference from the old model..smoother casts, longer casts with lighter baits, very smooth retireve as well..the older model, you had to use at least a 1/2 ounce lure to get any distance, not with this one, very impressed for 50 bucks..

From: Scott: Bradley, IL

Comments: I got this reel because I like abu and I thought it was a cheap reel that I wouldn't be very surprised with, but this is a very good reel and awsome for the price

From: Koty: Cedar Rapids, IA

Comments: I've owned the Black Max for about three years and I have not had one bit of trouble with it. However, I paid about half of what is being asked for the reel today. I guess I got a really good bargain. Great reel. Five stars!

From: Bill: Jakin, GA

Comments: I picked up the black max combo earlier this spring when I decided to get back into fishing. I've fished it all summer on local ponds and lakes and I don't have any real complaints. The drag can be a bit rough, but it's a 50 dollar reel so that's to be expected. I've fished a variety of baits with it and it handled them fine. I fish frogs a lot and the reel handled pulling a 6 pound bass out of some of the densest pads I've ever seen without any real issues, and I landed a 15 pound northern with it and the reel didn't falter. I've had no real issues with backlashes, but that's more of a skill thing than anything. The reel has a lot of plastic on the frame, so durability will probably be an issue eventually, but I didn't buy this thing with the intentions of passing it on to future generations. For 50 bucks the quality between different reels is likely hit or miss, so keep that in mind, but mine has been a fantastic reel for the money. It casts far, handles big fish, and looks pretty damn cool.

From: Alex: NY

Comments: I own this reel and I've had no problems with it cast smooth accurate. Can drag a 6 pounder right out the weeds i love it. But i got my first one for 30 bucks and it was great

From: Dylan: Lansing, MI

Comments: WORST reel out there. it is not smooth at all, does not cast well, and after a day of fishing the gears stopped working so i threw it out. best thing i ever did.

From: Kendog: WI

Comments: very great reel for the money i love and it looks great i would recommend this

From: Foster: US

Comments: Earlier in this fishing year, I bought a Quantum Antix Low Profile Baitcaster for Smallies, Large mouth,Walleye, and Pike. Best reel I ever had. Then one day the Drag system broke. Then i went to the store and I decided to Buy The Black Max Combo with the vengance 6'9 rod. First Time I used got a 7lb Smallie. Then I casted it out and The Right side of the reel, It fell off and into 20 feet of water. Next Day I bought another one and THAT broke. It is a reel that is worse than my 4 year old brothers spinning reel. Do Not buy this reel

From: Kevin: MI

Comments: I have bought two of these reels. The first worked perfectly. The second was just a little scratchy but a few drops of Quantum Hot Sauce and it was smooth as the first. I own two Revo SX that I use solely for competitions and I love them and I would say if you can afford them make it your first choice, but for $50 you can't go wrong.

From: Skip: Guilford, CT

Comments: This is a VERY good reel for $50! It's easily worth $80! Very smooth, and casts very far! However, the drag is not as smooth as i'd like it to be, but most of the time i had it cranked down all the way. It doesn't feel as refined as higher end reels though which is to be expected and it probably wont last as long either. I didn't feel any flex while bringing in fish and it does come with quite a bit of features other reels in its class don't have. But hands down this is a great reel for anyone who is either a beginner with baitcasters or just the casual fisherman.

Comments: This reel is the best reel I ever had in my life so far.I had this reel for a couple of months now and i only had a couple of backlashes but the good thing is its very smooth and cheap and if you had to pick any other reel I would go with this one.

From: Trent: PA


Comments: I have a Revo SX and purchased a 6'6" Black Max Rod & Reel combo for my son and took it to a tournament I love it so I ordered me two in left hand retreive, My son hopes they get here soon so he can have his back. I deffinately reccomend this reel for the money.

From: Teddy: TN

Comments: This reel is cheaply made and the braking system is no good to say the best. If I had to do over I would save the money and buy a revo. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR WITH THIS ONE

From: Joey: Lake Havasu, AZ

Comments: I got this reel the other day and I would just like to say this is an awesome reel. I got this for a back up reel because I just wanted a cheap reel that would last me the spring season. I have this on my Abu Garcia Veritas 6'9'' MH action baitcasting rod and it is perfect. It is not the lightest reel but it isnt that heavy either. I have 12 pound flourocarbon on it and it works great for crankbaits, spinnerbaits and lipless cranks, just wish it would come in a slower gear ratio. I would for sure buy another. Great reel for $50.

From: Matt: MA

Comments: it gets terrible on the retrieve even if u oil it up and clean out the internals. DO NOT BUY!!

Comments: I tried out a buddies black max today, they cast super far with ease, and feel really smooth during the retrieve. Haven't used one extensively but i'm thinking about buying one for the reason it casted a light rattle-trap extremely well

From: Colton: KS

Comments: This reel is good for the first five times then it gets crunchy. Save your money! This reel isn't worth it.

Comments: Nice! Right out of package!  For 50.$Smoth casting, crank is smooth, and can cast it to a head wind.if ur starting out black Max is the way to go.

From: 457billbass21: Gainesville, FL

Comments: This reel is great for the money.. If you are looking for a cheap reel for Flipping & Pitching with heavy braid this reel will hold up.. I been field testing it for a full week.. I am using a abu garcia vendetta 7.6ft Heavy & black max LH reel with 50lbs tuf-line and this reel shows no signs of flex or gear feel.. Its smooth and has enough free spool to get the pitching you need from it... So at $49.99 I recommend this reel!

From: Sonny: East Wareham, MA

Comments: I had the old version of this reel and it was my first reel and it has not failed me yet! i might get the new one or find an old 1 on ebay..i suggest this reel.

From: Max: MN

Comments:  Its a great reel. I bought it at cabelas. I have it on a Whuppin Stick and I use it for pitching, it works great, and work great in tournaments. in my opinion, its the best reel you can get if you want something cheap. if you want something really nice, go with one of the REVO SX's they are extremely nice reels. Abu Garcia for life

From: Kendog: Southern WI

Comments: I have the older Black Max reel which was my first bait caster.  I fished it almost everyday with occasional backlash but it was because of me just being in a rush.  Otherwise I still use it today and everyone I showed how to use a bait caster used this reel too.  I now have a four Revo SX's set up different and are flawless no matter how I flip, pitch or cast it.  But I still cast out the Black Max and has never failed me in three years.  I'm gonna get the new Black Max to add to my collection just to have another reel at a great price.   Peace!

From: Cguila: Antioch, CA

Comments: My friend bought one as a beginner reel. I found it to be garbage and not worth the money to begin with. Be smart, save your money and invest in the Abu Garcia Revo S.

From: Jay: CA

Comments: I own an older black max. I've had it about 2 years. The only reason i'm writing this review is because Its in my opinion that whoever wrote the other two reviews are crazy. I abuse my reel. I've never taken it apart i've never applied oil and i've never greased anything on my reel. I fish dirty nasty rivers and creeks. Its not uncommon to see garbage float by or pull an oil can from the 50's out the river too. I've never even cleaned my reel. I use it from about march through mid december. I put at least a few hours a week on it. I'm sure it has no less than 200 hours on it right now.  I've used it in 9 degree temperatures where ice cicles start on every eylet of my pole. I've used it in rivers that were more mud than water. As a matter fact I was using a bass pro shops bionic plus reel in that river I just mentioned and it gummed up the drive on the worm gear and it quit working. Sooo, time to break out my trusty abu black max. Which put in twice the work landing multiple 30 inch dogfish between the many 30 inch plus pike I hunt all year long. I've caught at least 10 38 inch esox on my abu black max. I can't say anything bad about it for the 50 dollars I spent on it 2 years ago. I love it so much that i'm planning on buying the new model to compare the two so I can figure out if I need to stock up on the old model before you can't find it. This reel is the best buy u can make on a low price low profile baitcasting reel.

From: Richard: Owosso, MI

Comments: I've been using Black Max's for a few years now and I haven't had one problem with them.  I now have 5 I think and they're all flawless.  I thought they were going to stop making them and I am so glad they didn't.  I WILL be ordering a few soon!

From: Jamey: Clayton, NC

Comments: Thsi is deffinately the best reel for $50 or less, but if you are big tournament fisherman this is not the reel your looking for. This reel is for people learning how to use a baitcaster or for people that fish just for fun. But i still recommend this to people who are wanting to learn how to fish.

From: Micah: Maryville, TN

Comments: I bought one afew weeks ago and it works great!jerkbait,crank bait,spinner bait etc. SOMETIMES ITS NOT THE EQUIPMENT BUT OTHER TIMES IT MIGHT BE THE OPERATOR!abu has always made quality fishing equipment.

From: Bert: North Augusta, SC

Comments: AWESOME REEL!!!!!!!

From: Matthew: Port Barre, LA

Comments: Pass this one up. I got a black max with high hopes of saving money. Since at the time I could not afford the Revo STX. The magnetic brake system on this reel has to be tuned up to the max and it still causes a bird's nest. Even after tweeking the adjustment knob. A few more dollars and you can get Lew's Speed Spool, Curado 50/Citica to ease downtime.

From: Cvang: MN

Comments: this was the first baitcasting reel that i bought and discouraged me from using them for a while. i didnt want to get a expensive reel for being inexperienced. you get backlashes like crazy. line gets stuck in every little crevice. drag has to be fully on or when you turn the handle it gets loose. spend the extra money for something better. it will be worth it and save you the troubles of this reel.

From: Mike: Long Beach, CA

Comments: ive got 1 2 years ago great reel for 50$ i love the quality abu makes my next reels gonna be an stx!

From: Gary, CA

Comments: great reel got mine yesterday and love it very smooth and casts great.

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Capacity (Test/Yd.) Price Stock Qty
BMAX2 Right 6.4:1 7.9 4SS + 1RB 12/145 $49.99
BMAX2-L Left 6.4:1 7.9 4SS + 1RB 12/145 $49.99

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  • Straight from the Japanese Domestic Market, the Abu Garcia REVO Elite JDM Casting Reel is available in North America while supplies last. Available in two blazing fast gear ratios - 7.1:1 and 8.0:1 - it also features Abu Garcia's new IVCB-6 Braking System.

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  • Designed specifically for fishing crankbaits and other high resistance lures, the Abu Garcia Orra Winch Casting Reel features a powerful 5.4:1 gear ratio, extend handle, and hefty Power Disk Drag System.

  • Offering the perfect blend of performance and style at a great price, the Abu Garcia Orra SX Casting Reel delivers incredible corrosion-resistance and ultra smooth performance.

  • The Abu Garcia Orra Inshore Casting Reel delivers the extreme corrosion protection you need when fishing in harsh saltwater environments, as well as a blazing fast 7.1:1 gear ratio.

  • The fastest low-profile to-date, the Abu Garcia REVO Rocket Casting Reel features a lightning fast 9.0:1 gear ratio and a long list of Abu Garcia's most advanced technologies.

  • Delivering 4.9-ounces of pure performance and loaded with Abu Garcia's most advanced features, the Abu Garcia REVO MGXtreme is the lightest casting reel to ever hit the market with a lightning fast 7.1:1 gear ratio to boot.

  • Designed specifically for crankbaits and other high-resistance baits, the Abu Garcia REVO Winch Generation 3 Casting Rod features an ideal 5.4:1 gear ratio, a tremendous amount of power, and the smooth, ergonomic feel of Abu Garcia's REVO line of reels.

  • Featuring incredible line capacity while still maintaining a low-profile, the Abu Garcia REVO Toro NaCl Generation 3 Casting Reel also delivers the next generation of corrosion protection and a tremendous amount of power.

  • The Generation-3 Abu Garcia Revo SX Casting Reels are over 2-ounces lighter than the previous model, and still pack the tremendous performance and corrosion resistance of the original Revo SX line of reels.

  • The Generation-3 Abu Garcia Revo STX Casting Reels are lighter than ever before - and also feature the widest range of gear ratios in the Revo family - including a new hyper speed 8.0:1 model.

  • Featuring a new cutting-edge look, the Generation-3 Abu Garcia Revo S Casting Reels also deliver the ultimate in casting capabilities whether you're looking for distance or control.

  • Redesigned and re-engineered, the Generation-3 Abu Garcia Revo Premier Casting Reels now weigh in below the six-ounce barrier thanks to new advanced materials.

  • Designed to perform in the harshest conditions, the Abu Garcia REVO Inshore Generation 3 Casting Reel features incredible corrosion-resistance for anglers that put their reels through the paces and the need the toughest reels they can find.

  • The mid-range priced reel in the Max family of reels, the Silver Max isn't mid-range on features. It comes equipped with a flipping switch, a more compact profile and an ultra smooth Power Disk drag system - just to name a few.

  • Weighing in at only 5.4oz, the Abu Garcia Revo MGX Casting Reel is the next generation of the REVOlution - offering lightning fast gear ratios of 7.1:1 and 7.9:1, and compact ergonomics second to none.

  • Featuring a blazing fast 7.1:1 gear ratio and an ultra smooth eight stainless steel bearing system, the Abu Garcia Pro Max is the top-of-the-line reel in the Max family of reels - now with increased performance and a more compact design.

  • Equipped with a super smooth five stainless steel bearing system and a 6.4:1 gear ratio, the Abu Garcia Black Max Casting Reel delivers all the performance and toughness of the Max line for under $50.