One of the best values in an Abu Garcia Reel, the Orra SX Casting Reel combines many of the popular features of the Revo Series and adds a few of its own. Featuring the low profile design and ergonomic comfort of the Revo, the Orra SX is constructed from a light-weight Aluminum Frame and Graphite Sideplates. Housed inside the sturdy frame are seven Stainless Steel Ball Bearings that provide the reel with it's smooth casts and retrieves.

Abu Garcia's Pitch Centrifugal Brake System is easily accessed through the reel's non-handle sideplate, and provides the ultimate in cast control and backlash resistance. A quick adjustment of the brakes will provide the angler with the braking force necessary to pitch a heavy lure a short distance or allow you to cast a lightweight lure a mile. Also helping with backlash resistance is the corrosion resistant Instant Anti-Reverse Bearing, and the Orra's Duragear Brass Gears and an Oversized Main Gear help generate its speedy gear ratios and also provide plenty of torque.  In addition, the Power Disk Drag System delivers smooth performance throughout its range like you would expect from Abu Garcia. Born from the Revo Series, the Orra SX Casting Reel is built around the performance that has made Abu Garcia lengendary, providing anglers with the perfect combination of performance, reliability and value.

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Reel Specs
Orra SX
Bearings: 7BB+1RB
Line Cap: 12/145

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have two of this bad boys, they work pretty god!! Use it for everything, cranks, jigs, frogs, even some light swimbaits like 6" hudd or 7" glide, they are really giving us a lot for the really good price. And best of all IT CASTS A MILE!

From: Otto: Las Vegas, NV 4/4/16

Comments: This was my first baitcaster and I absolutely love it! It's super smooth and easy to operate. I caught my very first bass on this reel! I bought the 7.1:1 gear ratio with 14lb mono.

From: Daniel: Clarksville, TN

Comments: I bought this real over a year ago, and I have got to say this is the best reel I have ever owned. With 12 pound flo it will cast a mile with just the smallest bait. This real is all around "perfect". I highly recommend this real. Great price too.

Comments: hey i have had this rod for 3 years and it is awesome im 13 and i catch tons of fish on it and it hasnt broke yet!

From: Bailey: Lacrosse, WI

Comments: I have an orra sx got it for xmas, so smooth one of my most favorite reels. i have it paired with 30 pound power pro moss green braid.

From: Nathan: British Columbia

Comments: I have owned this reel for 3 years.  The reel literally feels like it is brand new!  There aren't any signs of wear or bad build quality.  Great for a fisherman like me on a budget (even features a aluminum frame).  I'm a major fan of the Centrifugal Braking System in this product.  I typically turn on one pitch and one spring-loaded break.  The setting works with practically all bait applications.  At 8.7oz this reel isn't exactly a burden to use all day!  Highly recommended.

From: Connor: IN

Comments: I love my Orra caster it's balanced on my Orra combo smooth as silk and can cast a country mile no joke I can throw a half ounce football head 45-55 yds and with this brake system tuned without backlash. me and my buddy each have one and neither of our worms or anti backlash systems have broken. Just for pond hoppin it's pretty durable plus with a good cleaning and oiling occasionally it should last (it even withstood him putting his in the microwave)

From: Christian: GA

Comments: good reel for the price, pretty smooth. I was really happy until the anti reverse blew out. So i got the revo gen 3 and i could not be happier.

From: David

Comments: great repeal for only 99.95, ver smooth and casts great! Definitely recommend this reel

From: Jack: Fombell, PA

Comments: I've had this reel for about a year or so now and its been a good reel up untillth past month or so, first the anti reverse went out on me, and two weeks later the worm gear is now out of it and my line keeps stacking up on the right side of the spool, my revo sx did th same thing after abou 4-5 years o use though. i oil my reels regularly, all in all, i recomend the revo series if any.

From: Hunter: Illinois, USA

Comments:  i am a big dude with big hands but this reel is perfect for me. my boyfriend got me it and i love it so i got 2 more
just oil it once in a while and it is a great reel i do not regret it so get one

From: Alex: Chicago, IL

Comments: I had this reel for 1 year and the anti reverse broke. When I got that fixed the worm gear broke. It was a good reel for a few months but it just doesn't last. My friend had the same problems. I prefer the lews reels. They last much longer and a better price

From: Spencer: LA

Comments: Ive had this reel for about 2 years now and EVERYTHING about it is perfect. I dont understand why people are having trouble with the anti reverse mine has worked beautifully. I've put this reel through so much (im tough on a reel) but this reel just keeps on producing and I love it. Abu Garcia sure can make a reel! I recommend this to any one, just make sure to oil every so often and itll work great.

From: Lane: NC

Comments: this is a great reel. i just bought one a few weeks ago and i love it. casting with it is so smooth. i was looking for a reel that was good with low price so i got it and im going to be using a lot. pick one up

From: Matt: Chicago, IL

Comments: This is great reel for a great price. I have 7 Orra SX's now and I will continue to purchase these reels as long as Abu Garcia makes them!

From: Brian: Santa Rosa, CA

Comments: This is simply the best reel for the money that Abu Garcia makes. I love the braking system it is so simple to use and makes backlashes nearly impossible. I like this reel better than the Revo's that I have and that says a lot because they are great reels too. This thing delivers in every way. I wish that I had a boat full of them.

From: Dano: KY

Comments: this only has one braking system in it correct? i just bought the stx today (love it by the way) and wondering about picking up one of these soon.

From: Jason: US

Comments: After upgrading all my rods and reels this year I concluded it's not quite worth $100. Buckle down and save the extra money for the Revo SX. You will thank me!!!! It's a good reel for pitching and flipping, casts quite far after tuning. It does feel great in your hand (super low profile). If you can get it for $70, I would recommend the Orra SX(esp if your on a budget). Also, It looks killer on a Vendetta rod w/ red reel grips on it.

From: Ryan: Seattle, WA

Comments: junk. anti reverse went out on an 11 lb fish, after i had it fixed once before. caught the fish but with much difficulty. if i cant depend on it when the big one is on the line, im not interested!!!!

From: Tomas: Cochran, GA

Comments: i have had mine for a year and a half and i have only cleaned it once and its still going strong

From: Joseph: AL

Comments: this reel feels really nice out of the box. I took it for a test spin in the  yard, average 30 yard cast with my personal settings. it was smooth!! I actually  had to look down and make sure  the drag was set right while retrieving my first cast!!! it was so smooth great reel in my opinion. but then again im a abu guy for life!!!  good fishing and tight lines all

From: Thomas: Kennesaw, GA

Comments: I have this reel in the 7:1:1 ratio and its amazing. The reel is so smooth on the retrieve. I have used it for flipping with 65lb braid on it, and for spiinerbaits with 15lb floro. Under any situation, it has performed excellently.

From: Boca: CA

Comments: Amazing reel, I bought it at the store and I've had it for over a year now, I have the Abu Garcia Orra SX-HS though, everything is the same except for the fact that the gear ratio is a little faster, it's 7.1:1 so its good for spinners, buzz baits, and even some crank baits.

Comments: This reel is great. Smooth and durable.  It comes with a spool for braid and a spool for other types of line.  I liked the first one so much I bought a second.  Checkout my review on

From: Travis: KS

Comments: Bought this reel about a year ago. Have had it repaired twice. Great reel when its working, but my anti reverse went out as well as having to have the worm replaced. But i guess for a hundred bucks that to be expected. I will say that when it is working i think it cast as well if not better than my curados. but its not nearly as smooth

From: Chip: Siler City, NC

Comments: Abu Garcia does it again!!  Right out of the box, this thing is a machine.  I purchased the 20 version.  Spooled this baby up and wow....truly amazing.  I was previously using the Shimano Sahara's, but once this baby touched my hands, it was over.....I had both versions of the Orra spinning reel in my hands to try out, but went with the SX.....

From: Robert: Virginia Beach, VA

Comments: Have had this reel for about 6 months now. It works great not a bit of problems with the reel. I have landed several 5 & 6 lbers with it . I will be buying another

Comments: Might want to look elsewhere.  For the price, this reel just isn't worth it.  The anti-reverse is horrible and destined to fail sooner or later.  I had an issue with the handle going backwards when under a heavy load.  I sent it back for repairs and a few days later it was returned.  A few weeks ago, I got snagged on a submerged limb and while pulling it in, the handle did the same thing.  None of my 'cheaper' reels have done this.  For 100 bucks, there are many other reels of much better quality than this.

From: Bill: Flatwoods, KY

Comments: Same comment as the rest, great cast but even with controlling the spin with your thumb the spool still ends up with loose line after the cast?  Gonna stick with the Revo SX only.  Pretty much flawless so far in both speeds.

From: Chris: Antioch, CA

Comments: Update from last comment. The reels anti reverse is completely broken.  Whenever I make short twitches with the handle it makes a horrific grinding noise.  I can also reel both backwards and forward now whenever I want. Spend the extra 30 bucks and get a quality product like the revo s or daiwa tierra unlike this piece of crap.

From: Trevor: FL

Comments: This reel can truly can cast a mile,  but ends up with a nasty backlash EVERY CAST!!!!!   I thought it was a good reel during the first 6 months But it ended up slowly getting worse and worse in casting distance, the overall "feel" of the reel and smoothness. 

From: Trevor: FL

Comments: Picked one of these up and handled a 9 pound bass with ease. The next day i caught a 33 pound grass carp on it with ease. Great reel for the price.

From: Devin: Allen, TX

Comments: its a good reel

From: Michael: MS

Comments: First of all, this reel can cast a mile!!! Second, for the people having problems with backlash. Look up the video on youtube I posted "Abu Garcia Orra SX - backlash problem quick fix" all you have to do is take off the side plate and swab the friction wall with a q-tip, problem solved!!! The manufacture puts WAY to much grease on it causing the backlash problem, also tighten the tension knob tighter than usual, its more sensitive than other reels. HOPE THIS HELPS =)

From: Adam: Washington

Comments: This is a very excellent reel i have two of theses reels and i have had no problems with the reels. I have read all the comments on tackle warehouse page and it sound like some of these people dont know how to use a baitcaster reel you need to practice using it in the yard before going fishing with it. i have caught 6 to 10 lb bass an a couple of large catfish with the reel and it handle both very well. The best thing to is dont pay that much attention to the pros an cons on this reel, if its the one you want to buy do it an just learn how to use it correctly.

From: Bryan: New Boston, TX

Comments:  i expected alot more out of this reel when i first got it.. the brakes wouldnt work very well and it would backlash often. i was throwing small spinnerbaits at first but that didnt work out for me, so i switched it to my popper rod and surprisingly it worked great but i switched it to my square bill crank/ liplees crank rod and it performs so much better than before. it took awhile to get used to it, but its a pretty solid reel for the money but it wouldnt be my 1st recommendation

From: Matt: Carbondale, IL

Comments: I have the revo winch and SX love them both figured i save a few bucks on the orra SX, bad idea tons of back lashes and i can't control my cast. I love my other abu garcia reels but not this one. Buy the revo SX for a few dollars more its worth it.

From: Tom: Pittsburgh, PA

Comments: I got 4 of these reels and my partner has 3. All 7 of them right out the box when you put pressure on the drag the anti reverse wouldn't work. Piece of garbage!!!

From: Justin: FL

Comments: Love these reels for the money.  they are good for worms and jig fishing.  I really dont like them for crankbaits though.  The drag and gears dont hold up well enough for crankbaits.  I have one that i used for crankbaits and the gears are torn up.  So dont use it for cranks!

From: Andrew: Warner Robins, GA

Comments: i got my orra last week. and the first thing i noticed was how smooth it reeled, straght out the box! i paired it with a 7 ft med. heavy lightnig rod shock, with 30 lb fireline. i put it to the test today on my neighbors lake. this thing is amazing! i was using a 1/2 oz jig around thick timber, and he orra performed flawlessly. i caught 12 bass ranging from 1 to 5 lbs, and it still casts and reels every bit as smooth as when i unboxed it! the drag.... perfet. casting.... perfect. retrieving.... perfect. handling fish.... perfect. braking... perfect. i am in love with this reel, espesially for $100!? what a steal! i also have a curado, and its great... but this orra just blows past it! i have been a fan of abu for a while and have several revos... they have never let me down! the only bad thing i could say about this reel is that the anti-reverse is not the best. but other than that.... great job abu! also, soon i will be getting another revo toro winch and will have a review for them up soon. i highly recomend this reel for anyone. so keep on fishing :)

Comments: I'm a big Abu Garcia supporter also sponsored by them. I was given a demo to use and give my pros and cons and I have to say this is a good reel but the drag system and anti-reverse system are not the best. We found that two out of every five had problems with the drag system after a good week of fishing. So in this case they need to lower the price to 79.99 then you would get what you pay for.

From: Shane: Tennessee, USA

Comments: Just got one, and its wonderful, i could cast further and with minimum backlashes even for a beginner on a baitcaster.

From: Rozwandi: Brunei Darussalam

Comments: ohhh shoot this reel is an amazing creation. perfect combination with the vendetta just bought both of them two weeks ago and lookin to buy another. hit me up if u want to do some socal fishin.

From: Nick: San Diego, CA

Comments: I bought two of these reels this past winter from TW. While reeling in a 3 lb. fish yesterday the eye that distributes the line back onto the reel evenly broke and is frozen in one position. I must have received one of the lemons too and seeing I'm not the only person that has had problems with these reels I'm more skeptical about them. It did cast great and was smooth but this was very disappointing.

From: Mike: Waldorf, MD

Comments: Hadn't heard of this reel until looking through TW's inventory while trying to find an affordable set up of high quality. Decided to give the Orra SX a try and paired a couple of them up with a few Vendettas. Awesome combo for an awesome price, will definitely continue to order more. Very slick design, not heavy on the hands, fits in the hand perfectly, and is EXTREMELY smooth.

From: Mark: Raleigh, NC

Comments:Chris definitely got some lemons. I have 8 of these reels and am about to buy 2 more. They cast awesome, handle big fish well and I love having all the same reels to quickly change rods and baits without having to alter my distances and mechanics.

From:Jason: Benton, KY

Comments:I don't agree with the below comment. These reels are great! I have a citica e and this is way smoother and casts way farther. Also when you have a big fish on my citica reel slips when you are reeling but the spool isn't turning. This isn't so with the orra. The orra also has a very strong drag system....GREAT REEL FOR THE PRICE!

From:Andrew: Warner Robins, GA

Comments:I bought three of them and sent two of them back. One of them was stiff when reeling and the other was not anti reverse. Will not buy another. First abu product I have owned that I thought was junk. I guess back to the stx and winches for me.

From:Chris: Oklahoma, USA

Comments:Very smooth reel and great for the money. But I'll stick with the Revo.

From:Jarvis: Albany, GA

Comments:I have 8 of them. Can't beat the price or reel.

From:Devon: Lake Orion, MI

Comments:No way can you buy a better reel for the money. I have one and it preforms as well if not better than my reels that cost twice as much. Great reel!

From:Petie: Lebanon, KY

Comments:I have two of this reels, I love them for the price.

From:Jase: Florida, USA

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