The stunning design and sleek look of the Abu Garcia Orra S Spinning Reel highlight the advanced features and technology packed inside its corrosion-resistant X-Craftic Alloy Frame. A smooth performing sealed Hybrid Carbon Matrix drag system offers reliable drag performance, and a one-piece gearbox design provides more precise gear alignment for smoother operation. The reel’s durable, braid-ready aluminum spool also eliminates the need for mono backing thanks to its unique corkscrew design, which allows braid to be tied directly to the spool without slipping. Slow oscillation also ensures even line lay with all types of line. Sleek, stylish and extra tough, the Abu Garcia Orra S Spinning Reel offers precision-engineered performance you can count on.

Additional Features:

-Duragear Brass Gear for extended gear life
-Everlast Bail System for improved durability
-Stainless Steel Main Shaft and Components

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Picked up this reel in a combo around Christmas. I fish inshore only. I'm now having to oil it pretty frequently to keep it smooth. If you fishing inshore buy the inshore model. Which I did not know existed when I picked this up on a whim. I have the 30. If you're freshwater I will assume that it will hold up well.

From: Schuyler: Lafayette, LA 8/10/16

Comments: Really good quality spinning real, everything you could expect from the high end stuff. There aren't many plastic pieces and you dont notice them. Really smooth and innovative. Would buy!!! 9/10

From: Quinn: Burnaby, BC 6/16/15

Comments: I bought the s30 and right out of the box, the reel had a grinding noise. when the line is dragged out, the spool would wobble as if something is bent or warped. that was enough to return it. I am thinking that not all are like this b/c I see good comments. I think its just quality control issue. I have a 10year old abu Garcia reel that is smooth as butter and it only cost $25. my Sedona only has 3 bearings but it is much soother than the one I returned which had like 6 bearings, which doesn't make sense. I still like the S30 and want to give it another try but it sure is disappointing when you experience this. This was my first reel that I returned b/c of quality issues. I have about 14 reels and one was a waste of money that I cannot use any more, its Quantum.

From: Bryan: Brentwood, CA 9/12/14

Comments: This reel is absolutely amazing. I've caught about 40 bass on it in about 4-5 months. I love it. It is very smooth and the drag is very strong. For 70 bucks, i highly recommend it. I had about a 10lb kitty on it, and it handled exceptionally well.

From: Noah: CA 4/26/14

Comments: Just got my Orra S20 today, put on the spool and tighten down the drag. After tightening it all the way down, the spool seems kind of loose. Took it of and checked the mainshaft that runs into the gearbox and the whole thing moves up and down as if it is loose. looks great but kind of weary on how it will perform since its loose. if you guys know how to fix it let me know or else I'll have to send it in to get it fixed.

From: Unknown: USA 4/23/14

Comments: Experimented with putting this orra s reel on different rods I own. I fished for bass, pike, steelhead, salmon etc.  it's a good reel guys, no issues. Drags above average, casts well,  low noise levels, looks greats, and it's not much heavier than the revos.  All in all I put this reel to good use and had no issues.  Great bang for your buck here. As long as people don't have unrealistic expectations for this reel it's at a great price for what this offers.  If you want a great looking light weight reel packed with performance , go for the shimano ci4.  Lot more expensive tho

From: Jesse: Cambridge, Ontario 3/21/14

Comments: I've owned this reel for 2 years now. The reel grinded right out of the box. But, I have not had any major issues with it except to say it is loud. Still use it a lot because of how light the set up is.  

From: Neil: KY

Comments: A great reel its very smooth and has a pretty good drag system. Definitely can not beat this reel for the price!

From: Jake: Hebron CT US

Comments: Very good and smooth drag well fishing in dry conditions. the biggest cons is that when wet the reel grinds and the more you use it the harder it is to reel the line in. even small water splash on the reel need to be avoided.Opened it up, clean everything, regrease and reoil was fine dry but again do the same thing once water got on it.

From: Kou: Appleton, WI

Comments: I recently purchased this reel about 3 months ago and it has performed very well. I carried to Table Rock for a week and fished it with a Vendetta 6'9"ML primarily tossing jerkbaits. The reel was virtually perfect on casting & retrieving. I spooled it with Berkley 100% flurocarbon.I landed 12 Kentuckys and 3 smallies and 1 largemouth with no issues. I highly recommended this reel at this price point.
I have older Shimano Saros and Daiwa Regal Z's and this reel is equal to them at a lower price point.

From: Michael: Ripley Tennessee

Comments: I own two S30 and they are amazing...don't let the neg reviews fool you.  01 May 13 caught a 6 lbs. bass and the reel performed great on a shimano sellus worm/jig rod.

From: Larry: Shaw AFB, SC

Comments: this is a great reel for the money,i will be buying more

From: Chuck: OH

Comments: I own 3 of these reels.  1 s20 and 2 s30's.  Love them!

Comments: This is junk dont buy it just kidding its friken awesome i havent bought it yet though

From: Nick: Hamilton, ON, Canada

Comments: True shimanos handles screw directly into the drive gear but they dont strip out like these cheap abu threads

Comments: To those complaining that the handle threads into the gearbox: You do realize that is how-end Shimano reels work as well, right? Different does not mean worse. This is a good reel though my preference would forego the red.

From: Bob: Old St. Anthony

Comments: this is the worst reel ive ever owned. absolute junk. it feels like its going to fall apart in your hands. its noisy. the drag is garbage the handle feels like it could strip out at any time save your money and get a president.

From: Nick: IL


From: J The Hog Hunter: Garysburg, NC

Comments: Awesome reel! i have the orra s10 on a 6'6"m abu vendetta rod with 15lbs. spiderwire code red cuzz it looks better and it is the best wacky rigging setup ever! short length for skipping under docks and the fish look right past that red braid and u can feel everything! very stylish wen put together with the vendetta 2!!!

From: Johnny: Telletubby Land

Comments: A very nice reel. I just got it today in the mail and was very well packaged. Lower comments talk about a "metal on metal" noise but I experience absolutely none of that when I went fishing soon after it arrived. Extremely smooth and a great price! Get this reel.

From: Wes: Kansas

Comments: For the price point, this is a great little reel.  It is smooth, has a solid drag, is lightweight, and looks sharp to boot.  It does have a few features (like the handle screw) that should be upgraded, but again, for the price it is well worth it!

From: Drew: NC

Comments: This reel has been amazing for me. Very smooth and casts like a dream. Outstanding price for the quality of reel.

From: Landon: Darlington, IN

Comments: best spinning reel i ever bought....super smooth....great handle design.... Abu is exactly what they always were... No flaws and great quality control

From: Zack: USA

Comments:  i just got this reel yesterday and took it fishing. I love it!!! Its smooth and cast far its amazing. I have it paired with a 6,6" medium lews tournament speed stick SG and its perfectly balanced. And it handles fish amazingly. I have it spooled with power pro 30lb. Braid in vermilion red. I love this combo. I knew abu garcia would satisfy me. They make great rods and reels. This is a great reel. Buy it and u wont regret it.

From: Jared: KY

Comments: worst spinning reel i ever bought...not smooth..terrible handle design...save your money..abu is not what it once was..either design flaw or quality control problems

From: David: Miller Place, NY

Comments: I bought this reel & rod combo because I was looking for a ri to use exclusively for drop shotting or shakey heading rather than using one rig for both. This is a great option for either. The drag system is super smooth, especially when fighting a big bass with a tiny drop shot hook in its mouth right next to the boat, I have the confidence to loosen the drag up a little and just let the fish fight itself out. Plus it casts a mile and right on target. I'm really happy with this purchase

From: Christian: NJ

Comments: Worst reel i ever owned.  Fished with it once and returned it.  The spool liked to spit out line and it felt like it was lubed with sand.  The finish seemed cheap and the handle screws in to, not through the gear box which is asking for failure if you ask me.  do your self a favor and buy a Shimano reel.

From:  John: Portland, OR

Comments: Have the orra s combo, 7' medium action with orra s reel.  Took it out today for smallies and walleyes. Great feel and super smooth! Love the drag system. Bail closes and opens with ease.

From: Ge: Appleton, WI

Comments: Just purchased this reel and it finally arrived!....Well i havent used this reel yet but before i go into details....  Ok, before i bought this reel i have always been skeptic with Abu's reels!  i own many STX and SX's.  All of my Abus within the first week..looked like they been through hell and back.  They always had very bad cosmetic issues!  And as far as the Orra S went, right out of the box, right where the handle was, was a gaping gouge on it!  FML!!!  but eh..paired it with the 7'2 MH Covergence and it feels very very nice!

if i had to rate this..i would prollly rate it...

cosmetic = 7
quality = 8
price point = 9
overall IMO rating = 8.5

From: Ryoji: Green Bay, WI

Comments: This reel is amazing for the money.. Been field testing it for about a full week.. Also works great with braid.. Overall this reel is smooth and the bail trip its strong and smooth

From: Sonny: East Wareham, MA

Comments: Only a few test runs so far but the reel is solid and smooth. I bought the s20 model, or 1236663 and paired it with the new shimano 6,9" medium stellus. Awesome combo and is weighted perfectly. Very excited about the combo and can't wait to use it more, so far it's an 8 out of 10

From: Stephen: Clarksville, TN

Comments: Bought two of these reels and both handles stripped out within a week cant believe the quality is gone down on abu products the soron i bought 2 years ago gave out this winter is why i bought these reels and now there bad but i have a cardinal from 5 years ago and no problem yet funny how the cheaper reel is lasting longer

From: Wesley: West, TN

Comments: Just a few days ago i went down to my local tackle store and decided to get a new combo. So i was looking around and fount this reel, and picked it up and instantly loved it it is light and reels smooth.I got a size 30 and I paired it up with a 6'9" veritas ml and it is an absolute perfect combo for drop shot! Buy this reel and you will not regret it

From: Avery: Blairsville, GA

Comments: abu seems to be dropping in refinement fast.  Bought this reel, and it is smooth and casts well,  but the handle knob post was loose, wasn't pressed in the handle properly.  So I super glued it in a pinch.  Didn't have time to send it back.  Works fine now.  Also got a vendetta rod and the tip kind of curves to the left and there are air bubbles all over in the epoxy.  Don't trust abu anymore.
Hopefully shimano stays true....

From: Snaildog: Indianapolis

Comments: awsome reel! casts a mile, smoooth fast retreives. bying three more before some one at abu Garcia catches on. At 70 bucks I bought my last Pluger supreme xt.

From: Mike: Stevenspoint, WI

Comments: Great reel, exactly what I was looking for. I bought the 30 and spooled it with 8lb Vicious Pro Elite Fluorocarbon, and paired it with an Abu Garcia VERITAS 6'6" M, and what a great combo. This reel does everything I need it to do, casts smooth, and the drag is even smoother, it's very quiet, and really light, makes for a long day on the water that much more enjoyable.... If you donÕt have one, get one, you'll love it.... 

From: Tommy: MN

Comments: Awesome deal! I almost feel like I got away with something. I have been using two 30's on the CA, delta with 20lb braid and needless to say I am very happy with my purchase. They cast very far and they are much faster than most spinning reels on the market today! For the price range I would have to say it does not get much better than this! (Plus you can tell your buddies the finish is tiger blood)

From: Nick: Stockton, CA

Comments: WOW! Just got the 40 size reel out of the box and spooled. Unbelievable how smooth this thing is.. replacing a 10 bearing Quantum Q-Vex and mounted it to my 6'6" M Vendetta. Aside from being the perfect real LOOKS wise, this thing casts as well as my Pflueger Supreme XT and at least with my Vendetta, gives a great balance and feel. Abu delivers yet again! Buy this reel.. you won't be disappointed!

From: Sam: Mansfield, MA

Comments: Really good real people! I used it back in march. My guide was testing them out and they perform really well! Casts far with a smooth retrieve. You wont be disappointed

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