Abu Garcia Orra Winch Casting Reel - $99.99

In order to effectively fish crankbaits and other high resistance lures, anglers need the right reel for the job. With its low 5.4:1 gear ratio, extended bent handle and large handle knobs, the Abu Garcia Orra Winch Casting Reel delivers a balanced combination of power and comfort for all cranking applications. The Orra Winch’s powerful low-end torque generated by its robust Duragear brass gears ensures effortless cranking, and its hefty Power Disk Drag System delivers consistent pressure to wear big fish out and keep those tiny treble hooks pinned. Also delivering long casting capabilities thanks to its advanced MagTrax Brake System, the Abu Garcia Orra Winch Casting Reel is loaded with features and technologies specifically designed to help you get the most out of all your cranking applications.


-Eight Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
-X-Craftic Alloy Frame
-Graphite Sideplates
-Power Disk Drag System
-MagTrax Brake System
-Duragear Brass Gear
-Extended Bent Handle and Drag Star
-Large PVC Knobs


Designed specifically for fishing crankbaits and other high resistance lures, the Abu Garcia Orra Winch Casting Reel features a powerful 5.4:1 gear ratio, extend handle, and hefty Power Disk Drag System.

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Capacity (Test/Yd.) Price Stock Qty
ORRA2WINCH Right 5.4:1 7.6 7SS + 1RB 12/180 $99.99
ORRA2WINCH-L Left 5.4:1 7.6 7SS + 1RB 12/180 $99.99

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Comments: found this reel the other day for $85. Been needing a quality cranking reel & thus was the ticket. Soon as I got it I spooled it with 12lb strength original tied on a spro 1oz deep diver on a 7ft med hvy cranking rod & proceeded to cast across my yard. First cast sent the lure from where I was standing to 65 yards away without an issue. I've been a lews guy and I always will be but when it comes to cranking reels abu hit it out of the park.

From: Tyler: Franklin, TN 10/26/15

Comments: I bought this one based on the price & reviews & I've been beyond pleased. Setup was easy, fine tuning was easy, it casts a mile and performs flawlessly. I highly recommend this reel! I wish they made the same model with a 6:1 gear ratio for shallow cranking! 

From: Justin: AR 10/9/15

Comments: Picked up this reel from the store for deep crank bait, not even a week old and I heard a loud pop. as i was reeling i noticed the gears had broke. i have since replaced it with the same real I hope it was just a defect.

From: Bryan: Broken Arrow, OK 9/14/15

Comments: Really good reel. Was looking at a couple more expensive reels, but decided to get the Orra. Been happy I did. Really smooth casting and winding. Excellent deep crank reel.

From: Bass Man: AR 2/6/15

Comments: This reel is the most solid built reel I have. I have shimano, lews, quantum, and pfleuger. This is the quietest as well as one of the smoothest out of them all. Makes a great deep crank reel.

From: 870BullShoals: Lakeview, AR 1/3/15

Comments: Bought this reel and paired it with a Skeet Reese Crankbait rod. Very Solid reel i have a Revo s and Revo sx this reel is just as solid as the Revo's. Love this reel super powerful when cranking a bandit 300 it feels like theres no crankbait on the line. When cranking a Strike King 6XD the reel oversized handle and low gear ratio helped me crank longer without getting tired. Great reel I will buy a Orra sx next.

From: Dylan: LA 5/12/14

Comments: First let me say i am a Shimano guy. I bought this to put on a glass Powell, with 12# Big Game Mono. This setup was cheap ($160.00). Right out of the shoot, Fish On. Unreal combo. I could not be happier. Not a one birds nest, no noise. Just a great reel, for a great price. I am rethinking the whole Shimano thing. This is my second ABU ( a black max being the first) in short term use, i think ABU's are the bomb. For the $ ABU's cannot be beat. Don't get me wrong, I am love my Shimano's, they just do not make a low geared reel that cheep. Keep up the good work ABU

From: Ed: OH 4/21/14

Comments: AWESOME reel for the price, not implying its a good cheaper reel though. I own several $200-$300 reels and this one holds its own with them. Drag system is very good. The only thing I warn people of is make sure you have plenty of room cause this thing will cast a mile if you want it too. Plan on buying 2 more.

From: Clayton: MS 4/18/14

Comments: Awesome reel for deep diving crank baits and slow rolling spinnerbaits. Can't beat the price. Don't miss out on this awesome reel just because it's 99$. Retail a few months back was 199$. Have 5 of them and have had no problems. Would recommend this reel to anyone.

From: Andy: Valpo, IN 4/2/14

Comments: This reel is amazing! I bought mine in August 2013 and it has been in heavy use. From tossing one ounce deep diving crank baits at the river and tossing jerk baits. Or even jigging spoons off a dock at a local lake. I even use it out steel heading. The construction is superb. The drag system is spot on and the breaking system is outstanding!!! It is affordable reliable and I know I will have this reel for a very long time.  

From: Joe: Spokane, WA

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