The top-of-the-line reel in the Max family of reels, the Abu Garcia Pro Max Casting Reel features a blazing fast 7.1:1 gear ratio and an eight bearing system for the smoothest feel in the Max line as well. Offering increased performance and a more compact design, the Pro Max is built around a lightweight, one-piece graphite frame and sideplates, and also comes equipped with a machined, double anodized Aluminum Spool, which provides added strength without adding excess weight. Duragear Brass Gearing also ensures extended gear life, and the Power Disk drag system delivers smooth performance throughout its range. The MaxTrax Brake System also offers complete cast control in a wide range of conditions. Equipped with new advanced technology and upgraded materials, the Abu Garcia Pro Max Casting Reel takes Max performance to the next level.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: :I use this reel for almost everything. Topwater, swim jigs, whatever I need it for. I bought the Pro Max combo which is a 7' medium heavy rod and the Pro max reel. I love this combo. The paired rod and reel allow you to really chuck smaller lures out to where the fish are. With me being a shore angler, this is a must. The reel is very smooth reeling. I like to spool it up with #30 power pro spectra braid or #15 P-line fluoroclear for best performance. Definitely recommend this reel to anyone, especially the beginning angler looking to get into baitcasters

From: Marques: Ashland, WI 3/14/16

Comments:  bought one of these because i was feeling cheap and iv got no complaints i kayak fish and in no way easy on my gear and this reel has held up great for the price... oil them right out of the box and keep em clean they will last

From: Joe: RI 1/20/15

Comments: I have had this reel for over two years and i have caught over 100's of bass on it. I actually like this reel more then my revo sx and for nearly half the price! Do yourself a favor BUY THIS NOW!

From: Vala: OH 12/14/14

Comments: Bought this for my new baitcasting setup. Looks cheap, but preforms well. I prefer the gear ratio, especially well made for spinnerbaits. I have this paired with my abu Garcia veritas, it is worth the 80 dollars.

From: Lane: IN 4/14/14

Comments: Bought one for my daughter as her first bait caster. Trouble from day one: noisy spool,horrible drag,terrible braking.its a good reel for a cheapskate on a budget but dont expect greatness. Bought her a Revo like mine.

From: Bassworthy: Waterford, MI 3/18/14

Comments: I have had mine for two years and it's still running strong. It has caught many bass from one pounders all the way up to a 22" fatty seven pounder in the thickest slop imaginable. It's a great reel for the squid(money)!

From: Big C: Or, USA

Comments: Love these reels I have two of them one on a7ft4 kvd crankin rod another on a 6ft6 got them both loaded up with 30 lb braid and I just yank the bass out the only thing is the line looks like it loads up more on one side of the spool

From: Josh: magnolia de

Comments: Abu Max reels are the best "cheap" reels out there. Listen, they are going to break, and they will probably not last as long as aluminum frame reels, but Abu sells parts, or you can toss them in a box, buy another, and have a spare parts reel. These reels perform, and for us northern anglers who ain't yanking monsters from their hidy holes, they are plenty strong. I have been winching 5-6lb fish out of slop with them all year and they are no worse for the wear.

From: Basswipe: meatwads northern pond

Comments: I bought a Pro Max a little over a year ago. It was a big step up from what I was used to fishing with. The first tournament I fished the line guide stuck several times allowing the line to spool up in the same place until it jammed the reel. I fish mostly during spring and fall and have fished 2 tournaments since with no more failures. Any other issues I had were operator error. I currently have it spooled with 5o pound braid and am casting a wider range of lure weights than the rod and reel are tuned for with no problems (I still occasionally backlash when casting a light lure up wind but that also happens with the other 3 brands of casting reels I use). I would buy another.

From: Jeff: Missouri, USA

Comments: I have one one of the reels, and fish it along side a couple curado-e series, and a chronarch sf, and its a really good reel for $80. The mag cast control turns up as you turn it left. The opposite of most reels, so try that first. Ive caught a few nice bass, and a lot of 1-2 lb fish on this reel, and it performs as expected if not better.

From: Drew: Houston TX

Comments: A couple months of largely unsuccessful frog fishing and its burnt up. Spool rarely engages after a cast, spool screams during casts and it squeaks something stupid. I like abu but this a dud, avoid.

Comments: I've had not a single problem with this reel, the braking system works fine, also no problems with backlash. I really like this reel, I think the problems others are having is simply they dont know how to use a bait caster and need to go back to a zebco. I will definitely be getting more from Abu Garcia!

From: Joseph: Lake City AR USA

Comments: I bought this reel last year and since then I have had to fix it three times. The eyelet which the line flows through gets stuck on one side of reel and won't budge. It's a pain and I'm about ready to throw it in the trash. I'm never buying this reel again. I also have a Veritas and I had it broke on me the first season I had it. I'm ditching Abu and going Shimano reels and St. Croix rods.

From: A Real Person: USA

Comments: I must have bought a lemon. Ive taken it out fishing once and could not cast it without it backlashing on every cast.. seems like the magnetic drag system is not working at all. I turned it all the way up and was casting light lures, plastics.. every cast was a backlash.. was pretty dissapointed. I figured I must be doing something wrong like im missing something but the casting brake simply does not work at all! I must have bought a lemon because it sounds like others are having no probs with it out of the box like Im having. I'm pretty sure Ive waited too long to take it back to walmart and its still in brand new condition so Im gonna try to sell it for 40 bucks.

From: Bob: San Diego CA.

Comments: in 2 years of using this reel I have had not a single problem. Why would have your thumb on the spool instead of disengaging it, idk? That's your fault not the reel, and plus this isn't their top of the line so it's not supposed to be the best! But for what your paying for your getting an exceptional reel for the price.

From: Ethan: KS

Comments: This reel is scrap. I also have had two Revo S and Revo stx wear out quick. Save your money and find an older Shimano or one of the new Lews Tournament MG's or BB1's They blow these Garcias out of the water in performance and quality

From: Mike: Peterborough

Comments: i have the pro max and the speed spool the speed spool is way better but this reel is still pretty good havnt had much problems with it yet

From: Nick: Italy

Comments: Ive been waiting to write a review because I wanted to try and prove that these reels are good with proper maitenence and care. Im sorry to say but I could not prove it. I clean them about every month or two and these reels do not hold up. Even with new oil and grease they are still noisy and arent smooth. Ive had mine for about a year and i can already tell I MIGHT get another year if im lucky. Spend the extra $20 and get a Lews Speed Spool. Theyre soooo much smoother and the compact size is well suited for my smaller hands. Also they are super hard to backlash and cast way farther. Slowly but surely moving away from Abus and going over to Lews!

From: Alex: Fresno, CA

Comments: Addressing the comment below....LEWSSS I have used both and there is no comparison in quality.

From: Sam: USA

Comments: Trying to decide between the Pro Max and the MG Speed Spool from Lew's, any suggestions?

From: Clint: South Bend, IN

Comments: Good real, for what you pay for its worth it.

From: Trey

Comments: Overall, decent reel for the money. When I first got, it was really smooth until a few months later the spool release and handle became quite sticky. Gears often would get stuck. It does have its positives though...Abu is known for their drags and this thing is a powerhouse when it comes to punching mats and pulling them hogs out. If Abu can fix the release and handle issues, this reel can give other more expensive reels a run for their money

From: Master Yoshi: Beijing, China

Comments: I have had this reel for a few months and I have used it less than 10 times. WHen I set the hook on a fish the, with my thumb on the spool, the drag stripped and backlashed the entire spool of line. I emailed ABU and they told me that I could ship it to a repoair shop in Texas on my own dime and if it was not repairable they would discount a new reel. I have never owned any baitcasters except ABU and I own 16 baitcasters and 9 ABU Rods. I will not plan on buying another since they do not stand behing their products. I bought a Lews Speed Spool to replace the Promax

From: Roger: Helena, AL

Comments: I was pleasantly surprised when I first used this reel.  It casts surprisingly smooth, far, and effortlessly.  I have a second gen Revo SX and this things outcasts it all day.  I use it with 50 lb power pro for flipping & pitching and throwing top water.  one thing to note about this reel is that it is ultra compact in size and fits really well in your palm.  For $80 it's an absolute steal!

From: Elijah: Seattle, WA

Comments: to the previous question/post about braid, i have this reel with 50lb braid drag all the way tight, and punch some heavy mats and lilly pads, it performs surprisingly well! smooth, noise because of braid, but yes, i would recommend it for braid.

From: David

Comments: hey guys i got a question. im looking for a heavy duty rell and im wondering if this reel can handle braid and how it will hold up for flipping and pitching in the thick stuff. you know like punching mats. let me know if this reel will hold up to that please

Comments: I've had this reel for several months and its time for something new. The reel felt great for the first month or so and I consistently properly maintain my reels, but within the last couple of months, this thing has taken an awful turn for the worst even with proper maintence. The anti-reverse is almost totally gone, the brake often fails, and the free spool button constantly jams up and the reel handle will just spin freely until the gear catches while my lures sink into inevitable snags. Save your money, buy something on the higher end if your an avid angler like myself. This reel may work well and last quite sometime if youre an occasional fisherman.

From: Mike: Oconomowoc, WI

Comments: I bought this for my 13 year old son an mounted it on a 6'6 vendetta mh an needless to say i broke it in for him while he was in school, a cooler full of white bass an several largemouths over 2 pounds not to mention the fish he has caught on it since. its a great reel no trouble at all this setup will stay in my boat an im about to order a couple more...thanks tackle warehouse an abu garcia............

From: Resse: Toledobend Lake, TX

Comments: Great reel! I have been using for awhile now and still as smooth as it was out the box. Took a few times to get used to it but after that i had no problem.its got the great casting distance and smooth reel. I have caught numerous big bass and cats on this reel and it still works as well as when i bought it. its great reel for the money. definitely has made me loyal to abu garcia

From: Ryan: Virginia, USA

Comments: Good reel but it has the same factory defects as the silver max. Drive gear (handle) and spool release button stick quite a bit. The real is tough I will say, I fish heavy cover a lot and this reel will drag the big ones out without any problems. Another issue is this reel does not fit many of the premium rods on the market, I have to shim mine up with tackle dividers to make it fit snugly. I'm just being honest. Many of these reels are being sold on ebay for $45 becasue the owners are tired of the glitch in the casting mechanism. Fix the bearings and casting mechanism and this will be a great reel. Who is field testing this item, way too many pro max reels are having problems with the spool, reel handle and spool release botton. Overall an above average reel but I don't think its worth $80.00, the price should be more in the $50 to $60 dollar range--its not comporable with reels that cost $80.00 

From: John: Cocoa Beach, FL

Comments: This is a great reel casts weightless senkos and tubes a mile. Very good for the price.

From: Chris: VA

Comments: First off I fish frogs all the time during the summer. 3-5 days a week. This reel has never let me down. Casts a frog a country mile once dialed in and has the balls to drag them out. Spooled with 65lb tuf line and mounted on a kistler 7' grass puncher rod you're ready to go. I also own a shimano caenan and this feels much more solid compared to the caenan. Definitely purchasing more abu's

From: Nathan: Saginaw, MI

Comments: Great real for the price, got mine off of pure fishing to i nabbed it for 45$ cudnt ask for a better real to go with my veritas. So smooth casting and realing as well the 8 ball bearings are great and the handels feel nice too. Will deff, buy more when i get the chance.

From: Drake: WI

Comments: This is a great reel, hands down. It's easy to tune in and a pleasure to cast. I think that the Orra SX is the best reel out there for the money but, the Pro Max is also a big winner in my book and right there with the Orra. I like it way better than the other Max series reel in the AG line up, and I like the Black Max and Silver Max too. The Pro Max is simply a great reel for your money and a great preformer in the water. I would buy another without any hesitation.

Comments: I have never been a fan of Abu Garcia, but after looking at this reel for awhile I decided to go ahead and try it out. Right out of the box it's light weight, compact, and it feels extremely durable. Took it out today and this thing fishes as good as it feels. Definately a good buy for a price that won't break the bank. Good job on this one. I recommend it.

From: Matt: San Diego, CA

Comments: This thing is simply amazing bought one this week...casts as smooth as any reel ive used great product! worth every penny an tha new small profile design feels great in your hand pair up with a veritas an you are ready for bass armaggeadon!

From: Derrick: TN

Comments: I purchased this reel in the left handed version a month or twp ago... For my first baitcaster ever i'd say this thing performs amazingly... Never used a baitcaster before this one and found it very easy to learn how to use. This is a multi-use rod that you can use for any type of fishing.  Ive got it paired up with a vendetta and have loved this thing, highly recommended for everyone especially beginners.

From: Chris: New Jersey, USA

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