Abu Garcia constructed the Revo Inshore baitcast reel to fill the void of low profile reels in the saltwater market. This low profile, high performance reel was built for brackish water situations. The one-piece XC-alloy frame, crank side cover, and stainless steel crank shaft make the Revo Inshore virtually corrosion free. The Carbon Matrix Drag system and the rugged 6.4:1 gears with stainless steel bearings make this Revo one of the smoothest yet durable saltwater reels on the market today. Whether your fishing for bass in brackish water or targeting redfish in the gulf, the Abu Garcia Revo Inshore baitcaster will prove to be worth its weight in gold.

Included: Power Handle

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Reel Specs
Revo Inshore
Bearings: 7 HPCR
Line Cap: 12/175

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Customer Reviews

Comments:  I use this reel in saltwater for calicos / spotties as well as freshwater for largemouth / stripers.  The drag and gearing can handle anything.  A lot of power packed into this lil reel and the drag is money. Throw 50 or 65lb braid and you are golden. Definitely recommend for the crossover saltwater / freshwater fisherman!

From: Matt: Carson, CA

Comments: This reel is a great all-around model.  I use mine for everything freshwater and everything saltwater.  The drag is the best feature, overpowering even the Revo Toro models.  Almost nothing can outrun the drag on this reel paired with 65lb braid.

From: Alex: Long Beach, CA

Comments:This reel is the best reel I own. I recently went on a saltwater trip and it functioned excellently. I would reccomend this reel to any fishermen.

From:Mike: Houston, TX

Comments:This reel is awesome! It casts like a dream and I'm not an open face reel expert. One tip though. I put 50lb test powerpro on it but I had to put about 10 yards of mono backing since the powerpro is so slick, the drag didn't work properly. I definitely plan on buying another one! By the way, i use this reel exclusively in saltwater.

From:Casey: Savannah, GA


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