Winner of Best of Show in the Freshwater Reel Category at the 2011 ICAST Show

The next generation of the REVOlution continues with the 5.4-ounce Abu Garcia Revo MGX Casting Reel. Significantly more compact and ergonomic than any reel on the market today, the Revo MGX also delivers lightning fast retrieves, including the fastest gear ratio ever produced in a casting reel - an astounding 7.9:1.

The combination of its groundbreaking, one-piece X-Mag alloy frame and C6 Carbon Sideplates also provide tremendous weight reduction without sacrificing strength or rigidity. And if you want to cast ultra lightweight baits with a baitcaster, the Revo MGX has you covered there too with its Infinitely Variable Centrifugal Brake System(IVCB-IV). It offers 28 levels of external adjustment, so you dont even have to take off the sideplate to cast a wide variety of baits quickly and easily.  Keeping you a step ahead of the competition, the Abu Garcia Revo MGX Casting Reel is packed with revolutionary features and performance.

Additional Features:

-Infini II Spool - for extended castability and extreme loads
-Carbon Matrix Drag System
-Aircraft Grade Aluminum Main Gear
-Compact Bent Carbon Handle
-Flat EVA Knobs
-Titanium Coated Line Guide
-Recessed Reel Foot - for increased ergonomic palmability

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I had this reel for about three years and i loved it. it was light, comfortable. but about a year ago i asked a guy at ISE who was sponsored by Abu what i should use the reel for and he said jigs. so i did some research and took his advice. but when i started using it i found that i had to keep winching my drag tighter and tighter. the problem was i kept getting drag slips when i set the hook causing me to lose fish. the problem with the reel is that the drag system isn't strong enough for that style of heavy fishing. Because of this i ended up ruining the rag on my $350 reel. i am no pro but my advice this reel is great for almost everything but if you decide to buy this reel dont use it for that heavier style of fishing like jigs frogs and swimbaits. If you want something for jigs save some money and buy a premier the drag is much stonger or try another brand like 13 fishing or lews. they both make great reel with bulldog drag.

From: Alec: Sacramento, CA 2/28/16

Comments: I bought 2 MGX's and both have issues. The casting button sticks on both reels and doesn't engage when you start reeling. I have to manually push it up with my thumb. I have missed fish because I don't realize when it sticks - random. I have sent them to 2 different authorized repair places and both say they cleaned them and don't have the issue. Very disappointed in these high dollar reels. Save yourself some money and buy the S or a different brand which is what I did.

From: Teri: Nashville, TN 7/9/15

Comments: This Reel is the BOMB ..... perfect in every way. Strong, Light, easy to adjust and casts farther than my other high priced competitive baitcast reels.  5+ Stars

From: Dave: Oakville, Ontario Canada

Comments: had mine a few years now, fishing from a yak so it hasn't had a real easy ride. But I really like this reel, upgraded with bocas and its been great! It casts for distance and of course is very light. I feel bad for the few who had issues because they are really missing out on a great product. I'm not a brand homer, I have to many nice baitcasters, Abu, shimano, diawa and lews and this mgx is just a good product and I'm thinking Ltx or maybe extreme.:

From: Tim: USA 6/16/14

Comments: I have a MGX paired with a Helios 7' Medium rod.  This is by far the lightest rod and reel combination I have ever owned.  I have owned this for around 6 months and use it 3 to 4 times a week.  It is an absolute pleasure to fish with because of the weight and function.  I use it for my finesse casting i.e. shakeyhead, 1/16 1/8 ounce t-rigging, and light jigs.  It performs perfectly for these applications.

From: Eric: Houston, Tx

Comments: Abu Garcia never disappoints!   I have been using Abu Revo reels for the last 6 or 7 years and I added two MGX's to my arsenal this season and I love them both, the cast control is by far the best I have ever used.  I can cast 1/8oz finesse worms into the wind without a problem.  I also have a new gen 3 STX and compared to the MGX it doesn't hold a candle.  I can easily outcast the STX and the breaking system on the MGX NEVER gives me any problems!   My only problem is I love the MGX so well I wanna change all my reels to them! 

From: Jamie: Madison, WV, United States

Comments: Best Baitcasting reel out there! Perfect for crankbaiting and topwater.

From: Max: IL

Comments: starts out the sme as everybodys review:at forst it felt amazing super light never felt a reel smoother it laster about 2 months of bass fishing caught 6 pounder in spawn and acouple 3 and 4s on it it was nice! then one day on lake st.clair useing a 1/4 texas rig for largmouth needed to make a long cast to a piling because there was no way to get boat closer so whiped out and snap! the plastic pins in side snaped but only 1 so i stoped using it and went to the stx. a week later i went to an inland lake full of lagemouth and casted fine for a while nest thing you know 3 more pins break and make the side cover fly off! enyway adfter reading other people reviews not impressed so got ride of this thing and now am a very happy lew's customer!!!!

From: Dale: ont, canada

Comments: Well I recently got the MGX and was thoroughly impressed the first day. Had never used a reel that performed as well as it did. Used it two more times then hooked into a fish and realized the fish was ripping drag. I knew that I had set my drag up pretty high so it was strange then I noticed as I would crank the spool would not move the crank would just spin. After only three uses the reels drag system was stripped out on me. I took it back to bass pro and got my money back I had the option to exchange it but I wouldn't get another MGX if I had to.

From: Landon: Marietta Georgia USA

Comments: I am a die hard daiwa fan, and just purchased this reel in February and I am highly impressed.  I have a couple steez reels and this reel is comparable in every way and for a cheaper price.  It is not as smooth as a Steez reel but if daiwa keeps jacking up their prices this is the best reel out there under $400 bucks.

Comments: I have 2 of these reels. Did the Boca orange seal upgrades to both. Made a great casting reel even better. I use them hard, finesse and pitching lighter jigs with no problems. prefer them to my premiers,chronarchs and curados. Highly recommend this reel. Matched with a medium action Cumara it's light as a feather

From: Jeff: Orland park Il.

Comments: i love reviews people are brutally honest and you wont find a neg ..if you have to say a neg its the price.otherwise cast like crazy far and so quit and smooth easy to maintain i do say get it i have the 7.1 and its plenty fast only thing i had to get use to the speed but i wouldnt give it back for a full refund now..love it and you will also

From: Jimmy: Tallassee, AL

Comments: Hands down best reel on the market. Its smooth and cast a mile. Caught an eight pounder on it and it preformed perfectly, couldn't ask more for a reel. way to go Abu Garcia.

From: Clay: FL

Comments: Outstanding reel...allowed me to upgrade from 10# to 15# flouro for finesse applications while INCREASING my cast distance with 1/8oz shakey head.  If it fits in your budget, buy it.

From: A.C.: Montgomery, AL

Comments: I own three of these reels and they are the absolute best reels I have ever owned. Smooth and long cast, fast retrieve speed, and great power, I would recommend these to anyone.

From: R.J.: San Diego, CA

Comments: If you have used BOTH the Abu Garcia MGX and the Lew's Tournament Pro Speed Spool, witch one fished the best,(drag-wise as well)Thanks! God bless and tight lines.

From: Elijah: Mystic, CT

Comments: If you have the money, buy this reel. The overall quality of this reel is unreal. No problems and nothing but long smooth casts.

From: Daniel: Racine, WI

Comments:  I own one of this little reels and feels very nice. I  tried it with some power fishing techniques but performs better with finesse applications. For power fishing I like better the premier G2 because it has more body to hold to when setting the hook!!! Just my point of view.

From: Hans: Mexico

Comments: i love this reel i can cast a finnese worm a mile its also is great for dock fishing its very accurate ans smooth highly recomend it

From: Daniel: Jacksonville, FL

Comments: I have 2 of these both in 7.9 ratio one has the Boca Bearing upgrade and the other stock the upgrade made it even better. I fish everyday about 40+ hours a week and I have had the issue of the thumb bar sticking but I return it and get a new one and fish till it breaks. I have used the Steez reel and in my opinion not worth the difference in money. I would have them if there was a difference. Lets face it everything made these days aren't worth what we pay for them but I can say this I will be adding a 7:1 to my collection.

From: Henry: Frankston, TX

Comments: I had the same problem with the thumb bar sticking and hand to manually push it back.   Exchanged it and have not had a problem with the new reel.    Super light and smooth, very nice..  

Comments: Ok writing a follow up to my earlier review. After using this reel after awhile I've notice the thumb bar starting to stick and will have to manually push it back up. Might be the way im palming the reel and my hand is getting in the way. But not happy with it. Will be sticking to my core and steez.

From: Anthony: Bay Area

Comments: Possibly the nicest reel I've fished.  This thing is flat out amazing.  I've been using it to cast my "finesse swimbaits" 1/8 oz jig with a 3 to 4 inch swimbait and this reel launches the light bait without back lashing.  I can't imagine a reel that is priced higher than this one being much better if at all.  My fist Abu Experience was with the Revo S about six years ago and it was horrible and had stayed away from anything ABU.  I cut a nice check in a tournament recently so I splurged and have been very very pleased with the MGX. In this price range I previously thought the TD Zillion was at the top but after fishing the MGX I'm changing my mind.  Don't get me wrong...I'm still a huge Zillion fan but they are flat out heavy.

From: Frank: GA

Comments: I haved owned two of these reels sense the day they came out. two seasons of fishing at least three tournaments a week and no problems at all other then the trim screw fell out of the end of one of the knobs, i am not one to do lots of maintaince on my reels, blow it off with a air gun once a month and shoot some oil on it, the reason people think these reels fell cheap is because they are so light and they are not used to that, a boat anchor heavy reel will fill as smooth as a cadilac but that dont make it better, i can two hand over hand cast this as hard as i can throw straight into a twenty mph wind and hold it by the handle with no thumb on the spool and never get backlashed. and this is throwing a sr5 shadrap, try that! i almost empty the spool. when i am next to another boat throwing crankbaits and people see how far i am getting them out they go(holly s... what is that reel!) its on a 7ft st croix ledgend. if you want the best reel made and light enough to throw all day this is the one. also flips and pitches like a dream 1/6 and 1/8oz jigs.

From: Sam: Clarksburg, Ohio

Comments: Super light and an awesome feeling reel took it out and it casted flawlessly caught several 4 plus pound spots on a jig with 15 pound fluoro but after about a week I had destroyed this reel. The thumb bar sticks every two to three casts set hook and reel and the spool disengages and it starts making that awful clicking sound. I'm no stranger to high end tackle, I've had daiwa zillions and Shimano chronarchs and cores that last me four and five years this thing lasted two weeks before it was replaced then returned all together. Save your cash and buy a tdz or a core I wouldn't recommend this reel for a tournament fisherman it doesn't like hard use.

Comments: This reel is light and smooth. Compared to my core 51mg it is just as smooth but the drag on my core is smoother. The drag on the revo is a little jerky when you crank it up. Will see how it holds up it the long run.

From: Anthony: Bay Area, CA

Comments: I fish anywhere from 5-6 days a week, I take care of my reels and I usually clean them and make sure everything is in check every week; I have had this real for roughly two months, It was great for a week or so then the cast button kept sticking and I would have to push it up manually. I looked past that and continued using it until it finally stopped being as smooth and started making noises then a few weeks later the reel was done. Honestly not worth the money, I have 2 Shimano Curados that perform and last. If you want to spend the money invest in the Daiwa Steez or Daiwa Zillion, great reels!

From: Keith: Christiansburg, VA

Comments: if your not happy with the drag stick your thumb on the spool!! Fish braid and give them nothing!

From: Jackson: Australia

Comments: Love this reel! Hands down the best reel I have ever used... it cast light plastics super far! Foam handles are a joy to use. You can fish all day and your arm and wrist will thank you when you are done. This super light reel has no problem handling bigger bass as well. The MGX is an instant classic in my opinion. This is one of those reels that people will continually talk about in the future, I guarantee it. "Remember when the MGX came out for the first time? What a reel!"

From: Normz: Orange County, CA

Comments: I am a Quantum guy.. but this MGX is down right sexy!

From: Don: Ft. Worth, TX

Comments: I agree with Billy, this reel as a drag way much more powerfull than 5lbs test! Like Billy, ive made my own test and I was really surprised! What do you want, Abu did it AGAIN!! I Love the MGX at DEATH!!!

From: Bruno: Quebec Canada ,

Comments: i caught a 30" SnakeHead at Potomac River and this Reel handle the fish with out any issue, and i can fish all day and not even thtired... the Best reel... Abu 4 Life... ^^

From: JC: Stafford, VA

Comments: huys if you are thinking about getting this reel do it it will not disapoint you the people who say it is bad has not even felt one of these they are just shimano freaks trying to give abu a bad name guys the core sucks because it only holds 80 yards of 12 pound mono and they dont even have an external braking system which is a biggie to me piss off you shimano freaks a i have a curado which is almost worth the money but i also have a revo sx which blows the curado away

From: Matt: Lakeville, MN

Comments: Best reel made! I have one on a 6 6 Duckett and its the lightest combo ive ever felt. Casts a mile and weighs nothing. Llike Big John said wish they would go on sale so I can buy a couple more. Abu Revos are the best reels made and the MGX just sets the bar higher.

From: Will: AL

Comments: awesome reel. works great on a veritas for skipping jigs, also throws baits a mile!  weight isnt a big deal for me, its more about function for me and this reel is great.

Comments: For those who think that the MGX drag isn't powerfull, like just 5lbs max... I correct you right now. After having reading the tackletour review I wanted to see if the MGX really had a 5lbs max drag and after a 21 days trip in the north of the Quebec. Fishing monsterous pike and musky, i am able to say that the reel was able to "winch" all of these cows! By using properly the drag I also succeeded at catching a 22.5lbs pike so don't think that this reel is a toy! But i must say that fishing monsters all day with this reel require an apropriate care but this is indeed if you want to fish pike in a place like the north of the Quebec! At the end I was impressed by the reel capacity to be overused! If you dont believe me test the MGX, you might be surprised! ;)
From: Billy: Texas, USA

Comments: im not sure what these few people are talkn about the shimano having better reels...maybe to you..whcich is ok...but i have two of these and my fishing partner has a steeze...and this feels so much better and more solid and out performs the steeze...i have it on a Kistler Helium 2 MH micro 7ft...like the one person said..i can fish all day and not even the tired...IM WATING FOR A SALE THEN I WILL BUY 2 MORE.. they ARE that good..

From: Big John G: Stafford, VA 

Comments: this reel is very smooth ,light,strong,with a good drag system.put it on my zbone.fish all day long without feeling arm weary[my arthur doesn't bother me as bad either. caught 2 stripers in the mid teens and this reel handled them great.it will cast a mile also.

From: Banks: Kimberly/AL/USA

Comments: :i have 6 of this and i been using it for while, it is Awsome reel... ^^

From: JC; VA

Comments: this is an awesome reel incredibly light and helps out great with the sensitivity. the high speed gear ratio is a must for fishing jigs or soft plastics. it is really easy to tune so you can optimize your casts. i throw everything from a 1/8 oz to a 1 oz texas rig on this and it will throw them both a mile or a foot without backlashing.

From: Alex: Martin, TN

Comments: i've been using MGX for nearly 12 months & i found nothing wrong with this reel. cast smooth wt light lure whatmore heavy lure. do have some noise during cast but its ok to me. IVCB works great and easy. just a click to suit with lure weight and there you go. comparing to a high-end shimano reels (aldebaran, scorpion etc) MGX is a way behind. sorry to say but it's true. it's all about what u feel in your hand. with the said shimano reels u'll feel a lots smoother than MGX in casting aspect. hard to describe but apparent. as overall MGX is a great reel but a bit pricy as its level.

From: Arm: Malaysia

Comments: I can't understand people saying it feels cheap, it's 5.4 ounces! If you associate lightweight with cheap then you don't know what you're talking about. This reel is a dream. It's 5.4 ounces of awesomeness. I assure anyone considering it it does not feel cheap. it's not a silent reel but it's quiet and very smooth. casts crazy far. I love it and you will too, 350 is expensive but every high end reel except for Lews reels are overpriced. It might not be worth 350 but its as close as any reel will every get.

From: Alec

Comments: Great reel. But was not totally satified with the performance of this reel. Seems like I paid 150.00 more for cosmetic and lightweight appeals. After tuning this reel it still can not out perform my Revo STX's.  I will be keeping my MGX but will stick with the Revo STX.

From: cvang2345: Rogers, MN

Comments: this thing is crazy lite,it almost feels toy like its so lite.im not so sure on the price tag though,this is a very nice reel and has alot of quality components,but to me i just dont think or see $350 put into this reel,just to shave off a few ounces??? ill stick with my regular revos,if someone is going to complain about 5oz over 8oz...then they need to grow some ;)~

From: Steveo: USA

Comments: i have no idea what these peaple are talking about i have both core and mgx, the core blows the mgx out of the water, better breaking system, cast way further, alot more smooth and is way more tuff, never have had to take the core back, the mgx is always breaking on me, go with the shimano core, it is way batter and cast a mile, never breaks last forever!!!!! GET THE CORE IT KILLES THE MGX AND ANY OTHERR BRAND REEL.

Comments: @Bud, I plan on putting mine on a St. Croix legend tourny or mojo, are those worthy lol? Any way these reels what to say... WOW, WOW is all, lighter than a baseball, more powerful drag than the daiwa's px and steez, the core, and the exo, tackle tour say these reels drag are 5 lbs max, they are wrong sorry guys, I've demo's this, the core, the steez, the pix, and the exo, and I caught several fish in the 7-10 pound range on this reel and stopped them in there tracks, a 5 lb drag wouldn't do that. The core is crappy compaired to this its built well but holds like no line at all 95 yards of 10 lb test? the steez 8 lbs of drag are you kidding me, keep up daiwa, the pix, meh no line capacity either, the exo holds the most line but adjusting the brakes on it is tedious you have to remove the side plate turn a dial you know the drill on this I turn a dial on the outside one or two clicks and I get cast that are a country mile far and never backlash. Long story short I coughed up for this one. Hasn't arrived yet, but it will any day now. Can't weight to put it on the weightless St. Croix legend tourny and hit the lake.

Comments: This thing is like the excalibur of bass fishing. Just holding one in my hand at the store made me angry - so ridiculously light. Wish I could throw cash at it. I took it out along with a quantum smoke and it made the smoke feel cumbersome and heavy. Needless to say I still went with the smoke, but this thing haunts my dreams. If you've got the money - cough it up on this, it's insanely smooth. Just don't buy one unless your worthy of it - I don't want to see this on a Berkley Lightning rod, or casting a bobber. Be a champion dock-skipper, or a club champion... at least.

From: Bud: Swan Lake, NY

Comments: As with all Abu Garcia reels, they overload this thing with grease and oil. I wasnÕt only so-so impressed at first, but after totally disassembling, cleaning and assembling using only a few drops of oil and a microscopic amount of grease on the gears, the difference is phenomenal. It feels 1000 times better than before. I like this reel so much; I spent the $80 and upgraded all the bearings (minus the 4 in the handle) to ceramics and that made an even bigger difference. I have never cast as far or as accurately with any reel as I am able to with this one. The only problem I have had is thin line digging into itself and jamming up the spool. I think this is actually because itÕs spinning a little too well and I tend to leave the brake on its lowest setting! I originally had 15lb Suffix 832 and re-spooled it with the 30lb spider wire ultracast fluoro-braid and it eliminated that problem. At .30mm, itÕs a larger diameter line than I would like, but it does the job well.

From: Dan: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Comments: This baby deliver what i expected for a reel of that price. The retrieve is super sup∆r smooth, cast like a dream and the IVCB-IV is just too amazing to be describe. Don't hesitate to buy one, you will not regret.

From: Alex: Montreal, QC

Comments: i had this reel next to a core 50, core 100, and steez.  this reel seems to have more handle resistance than the rest.  very handsome reel though.

From: Steve: NY, NY

Comments: matt, dont let the bad reviews fools you, i got 2 of these reels right now, and i must say this baby its got very smooth retrieve and line flow, and super easy casting reel you have ever held in hand, i have used daiwa steez, shimano core 50mg, calais 200dc, and daiwa Z2020SH,abu premier,STX, SX, and the MGX is an excellent reel for the money and the performance. i can be very honest to telling you about this.

Comments: I thought about buying this reel but all the bad reviews kinda scared me away from it so I think i will go with the Shimano Core instead.

From: Matt: Corcoran, MN

Comments: Got the left hand version from Pure Fishing, very very VERY smooth and very very light, very comfortable to palm. Casted a 2 gram UL lure without any birdsnest, brake set to zero, free tension knob setting. Just that I cant seem to set it to fully freespool, the little white brakes still touches the metal ring inside.

From: dayat710: Brunei

Comments: Felt great for the first 30min but then I backlashed and it never felt the same again so I took the side plate off and all of the braking componets fell out in pieces. I'm gonna send it back and hope this one was just a fluke thing because it sure feels good and I'm 100% abu garcia.

From: Brandon: Bynum, TX

Comments: I demand alot out of my gear when fishing tournaments. This reel performs flawlessly and does NOT make noise nor is it hard to dial in for perfect casts on larger heavier baits or lighter finesse baits. If you are a Quantum or Shimano preffered brand fisherman, stick with them if you have never had a problem. If it isnt broke, dont fix it.

From: Matt: Iowa

Comments: i didnt pick mine up at TW but i did get one, i wish i could test drive it like it was a car but i couldnt, it felt good at the store but after getting out on the water with it i just cant justify spending $350 on one of these, it feels kind of cheap. not buttery smooth like a core or even a chronarch D and doesnt cast as good either. this one was a  miss ABU....

From: John: Everglades, FL

Comments: Just got this reel at the store i work at and i must say i expected more. Extremely light but makes noises when reeled and just feels like plastic to me. Feels like a $200 reel to me. I agree with Austin to get a shimano core if you want to spend that much money.

From: Cody: FL

Comments: The reel is light, but i expect alot more from a $350 reel. Pick up a Shimano core instead. Casts much further and reels more smoother.

From: Austin: GA

Comments: This reel looks like it was made by the same company in Korea that makes the Lew,s Speed Spool. And it's NOT in the Steez class at all. It's a ok reel not a $350 reel.

From: Leroy: Whitefish, MT

Comments: Need a reel, so bought MGX 7.9 2 days ago. Used it on the water today. Easy handling. Solid feel to it. Great pricing, great expections, all met 100$

From: Victor: Singapore

Comments: By far the best casting reel I had ever used...previously owned reels like ryoga 1016, conquest c100, abu inshore, stx, elite..non of the above can be compared to mgx in terms of casting distance and ease... 3 days of heavy casting from 1/4-1oz...no problem at all...no backlash..retreival is very smooth, loses out to C100 though...extremely light weight and so easy to palm...the distance achieved is also the best among the above reels..cant imagine if bearings are change to Abec..meantime just stick to stock bearings.. The side carbon cover does looks wimpy...hope it can last..definately no heavy knocks or drop... The 4 white brakes on the spool looks fragile too..pls handle with care too... Other than that, is really a superb reel..try it and you be amazed how well it cast...great for newbie too...buy cheap buy twice...just try this out if your any of your friends own one...you be spoiled by mgx..really..

From: Siah:Singapore

Comments: still waiting for a left hand retrieve, what's the holdup

From: Fresno, CA

Comments: Since I met IVCB on my Morrum I found that its the best centrifugal brake on the market, IMO. So, as far as I have 6 Revos I found that I need a light finesse reel (apart from Morrum, of course) and I get MGX SHS L from JDM. I wasn`t surprice but the line capacity even with the heavy lines is great but with the 8lb FC it was very nice for casting and thanks for gears , for presantation. I cast different things even non-finesse topwaters up to 5/8- perfect! And if you`re abu guy yo`ll find again a smooth and powerfull drag.I think then that reel is the same class like Steez. Great job, Abu! 

From: Denis: Cyprus

Comments: I have no clue why People do not like the Mgx! Its a great reel its supper light its amazing! But for all you zebco 202 loving freaks that do not know how to throw a baitcaster and exspect to by a 350 Dollar reel and think your never will get a backlash its stupid! Dont hate on something you do not know how to use!

From: Kaleb: Lakeland, FL

Comments: TERRIBLE enough said like brandon said the cast control messed up and the reel is useless waste of 349 bucks definitely  sticking with quantum

From: Dylan: Nashville, TN

Comments: if you turn your brakes on the third setting and then loosen up the spool knob quite a bit then you can throw whatever bait you want into whatever wind there is and not backlash it.  and you can still launch then downwind.. i havent backlashed my reel in several months of fishing.. great reel just have to mess with the brakes

From: Cole: Granbury, TX

Comments: I love this reel I paired it up with a cumara and it is the best finesse combo. I have 4 curados and 5 revo premiers and I love the mgx by far

From: Danny: TX

Comments: this reel is horrible!!!! ive had it for three weeks and since they made the cast control system out of plastic the reel made a bad sound on one cast opened the sideplate and all the little things on the spool all snaped. this reel is a discrace to abu garcia!

From: Brandon: Roswell, GA

Comments: Because this reel is so much more compact and ergonomic than anything on the market today, we introduced new gear ratios for the MGX that provide similar line retrieve rates as other existing Revo reels. The Revo MGX 7.1:1 gear ratio provides similar inches per turn "IPT" to other standard 6.4:1 Revo models (28" IPT). The Revo MGX 7.9:1 high speed gear ratio model provides similar IPT to other 7.1:1 high speed Revo models (31" IPT).

From: C Young

Comments: The MGX is a fine reel, mine is a 7.9:1 and I've had it a little over a month. If you are an Abu guy you will be very happy, it is lightweight, casts finesse lures well & is very smooth. Think of an ultralight Revo Premier that handles finesse baits better. Know that the MGX has an audible "zinging" sound when casting, not unlike a Calais DC. While it is not superior to a Core 50 Mg, a Steez, or a PX Type-R, IMO it is in their league. I'm happy with the MGX but I'm not ready to dump any of the other reels mentioned either.

Comments: This real is nasty definally the best on the market.. Buddy tryed to get me to get a shimano i said who????

From: Pete: NY

Comments: Im distribuitor of AbuGarcia in Brazil and saw at ICast this magnific reel! Its unique, amazing...for sure will be a "killer" for the other brands.

From: Leonardo: Curitiba, Brazil

Comments: this thing looks great,comes in at a very impressive weight,this reel is going to be a shimano core killer!!!!its got it beat with beauty and weight this will and already has the baitmonkey calling...shimano who??? core what????.... EXACTLY!!!!!

From: Steveo: Chicago

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