The lightest casting reel to ever hit the market, the Abu Garcia REVO MGXtreme Casting Reel delivers 4.9-ounces of pure performance. Packed with Abu Garcia’s most advanced features and technologies, it kicks out a blazing fast 7.1:1 gear ratio with power well beyond its weight class. The Carbon Matrix drag system kicks in smoothly and delivers up to 12lb of max drag for the wherewithal to tame the biggest bass, and its cutting-edge IVCB-4 centrifugal brake system furnishes complete cast control for a variety of applications. Top-of-the-line from top-to-bottom, the Abu Garcia REVO MGXtreme delivers lightweight, smooth functioning you have to feel to believe.  


-Seven Stainless Steel HPCR Bearings + One Roller Bearing
-Two Additional Ceramilite Spool Bearings
-One-Piece X-Mag Alloy Frame
-Carbon Matrix Drag System
-C6 Carbon Sideplates
-IVCB-4 Centrifugal Brake Design
-Infini II Spool Design
-Compact Bent Carbon Handle
-Round EVA Knoba
-Aircraft-grade Aluminum Main Gear
-Also Comes with Spare Set of Flat EVA Knobs

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Initial impression of this reel, like most people, man is this thing light! I figured it'd be light because that's one of the things the MGXtreme is known for but you don't understand the amount of weight reduction until you've put it on a rod. I chose the Abu Garcia Veracity and am really enjoying the setup. Before even spooling up the reel you can feel how smooth the gears wind. Once I got it fully rigged and on the water it continued to impress by how far this thing will cast even the lightest of baits. Even with other Revo's in the boat its hard to put this thing down. My second hook set allowed me to put it to the test. As other people have said, this thing is silky SMOOTH! A 6lb 3oz LMB had me around a stump but as soon as it came unbuttoned this reel decided to impress yet again; the drag system in the MGXtreme is incredibly smooth and I found it difficult to focus on fighting the fish with how impressed I was with the performance of the reel. Can't recall if I was smiling bigger because of the big fish in my net or the satisfaction of the purchase. I'd definitely recommend this to an avid fisherman and would purchase the reel again.

From: Damon: TX 12/29/14

Comments: Got this rod yesterday and holy crap is this thing light I mean unnaturally light. If you have a reel that is 6+ oz you will feel a big difference. I love the looks of the rod its well machined, different and very solid. The reel outcasts everything I have and I purposely tried to get this thing to bird's nest and for the life of me couldn't do it which shocked me. The reel if smooth as heck and has no handle movement at all for me. The only movement there is is the actual knobs where they connect to the handle they do kind of go back and forth but just ever so slightly.

From: Stephen: East Stroudsburg, PA 10/28/14

Comments: I purchased one in March and put in on a NRX rod. In June the reel frame broke. I first thought it was my reel sit on my rod. It about a week for Abu Garcia to replace and I was back fishing with this reel again. I'm very happy with how this problem was handled. This reel is the very light and is fun to fish with.

From: Bob: Tracy, CA. USA

Comments: the lightest reel i ever held. it feels alot more solid than the mgx. cast very far and very smooth. i think its well worth the money

From: MN

Comments: I think the only thing I don't like about this reel is the small round knobs on the handle, BUT they include the regular Revo knobs which feel like your other Revo's (if you have them). I used 15# invisx on a Dobyns Extreme 703... It will cast a 1/4oz jig literally 50 yards with ease. The price is heavy, but it outperforms my steez and other supertuned reels which I didn't think possible. Buy some Mylanta to get over the sticker shock, then buy the reel - you won't regret it if 1/8-1/4oz baits are your main lures in highly pressured clear water.

From: Russ: Canton, GA

Comments: As soon as I received and opened the box, I was impressed with this reel. Yes it is very light, crisp, and solid. Matched it with NRX casting, it was a dream combo. Fished with it the same weekend I recieved it, I was even more impressed with the way it cast and retrieve - buttery smooth. This reel exceeded my expectation considering I fished with JDM reels. By the way, caught a 5# LMB on my first cast without any problem. Still buttery smooth even with load. Love it! Definitely worth the price.

From: Rahu: Ontario, CA

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