Still the world's lightest aluminum low profile baitcasting reel, Abu Garcia was able to make key upgrades and refinements to the Revo Premier Casting Reel - without sacrificing its lightweight. Notably, Abu Garcia responded to anglers' concerns and beefed up the reel's ultra-smooth Carbon Matrix Drag System to ensure a hefty 20 lbs of max drag.

A new dual cast control Infini Brake System also now provides anglers with a limitless range of casting precision by combining a sealed centrifugal brake with the reel's original linear magnetic brake. The engineers at Abu Garcia weren't done there though. They also included three more Stainless Steel HPCR Ball Bearings for increased smoothness, bringing the total count to 9 ball bearings plus one Corrosion Resistant Instant Anti-Reverse Bearing. Remarkably with all of the upgrades and strengthening, the Abu Garcia Revo Premier Casting Reel only weighs slightly more than the previous model at 6.7 ounces (compared 6.35 ounces). Now smoother and stronger than ever - find out why the Abu Garcia Revo Premier Casting Reel is one of the most popular reels in bass fishing.

Additional Features:


  • X-Craftic Aluminum Frame and Sideplate
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum spool
  • Infini II Spool Design
  • Compact Bent-Handle and Star
  • Flat EVA Knobs
  • Reel Specs
    Revo Premier
    Bearings: 9BB+1RB
    Line Cap: 12/145

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    Customer Reviews

    Comments: Save your money and just by basspro ,same thing!!! Compared my premier to the carbonlight the gold one ,inside (gears,clutch)almost the same!!!!!!

    From: Steve: PA

    Comments: This is my fourth premier and i was sold when i saw my girlfriend throwing a spro frog 40-50yds on one of her first times using a baitcaster no backlash at all wen tuned right this reel becomes one of the best tools to have in your boat, i also own 2 shimano core's and a few other high end reels and this reel can compete with reels much higher in price especially at 199!

    From: Louis: Milwaukee, WI

    Comments: SMOOTH AS BABIE CHEEX! light yet feels rock solid. casts a mile. luv it and that's the bottom line

    From: Jeroo: IN

    Comments: Great reel. Dont know why everyone bashes ABU. I own 4 revos, A premier, sx, s, and stx. all are awesome reels if you are looking for a workhorse reel, get a revo.

    From: Art: Brighton, CA

    Comments: This is an amazing reel i have all sorts of types of reels including an exo and this reel compares and i think its my new favorite.

    From: Tyler: US

    Comments: I now have four Premiers, three 6.4:1 and one 7:1 gear ratios. In my opinion there isn't a better reel, now that they are priced at $199. they smoke everything else in this price range. Super smooth, casts a mile without backlashing with just one tab on the centrifical brake and a couple clicks on the magnetic depending on the weight of what your throwing. Light, comfortable to palm, grips are comfortable in any temperature with the EVA foam, drag is smooth and strong. I don't have anything negative to say about the premiers, and I considered myself a Shimano reel guy before the quality of shimano's curado, chronarch, and citica models took a nose dive in the quality department.

    From: Brett: Orange County

    Comments: These reels are the best thing going since sliced bread i don't care what any one else  says about price this or that quantum and diawa both have reels for way more than this just fish one and you'll be hooked the drag alone can't be beat it halls wappers in with ease. i'm a lefty and the 6:4:1 is sweet it slows me right down to where i should be.

    From: Chris: Saugus, MA

    Comments: OH yea, only thing is....when are you they gonna make a 7:1 lefty? c'mon ABU!!

    From: Nick: Fresno

    Comments: Love this reel

    From: Nick: Fresno

    Comments: Horsed a 10-1 on day 2 or the Bassmaster Southern Open on the Harris Chain and a 8-3 on Day 3 for a 6th place finish with no problem. Enough Said!

    From: Revo Lover: GA

    Comments: Well you know that old saying? If you can't run with the big dogs you need to stay on the porch. That is absolutly true about the Premier. The Premier reel is in a legue of its own. I have 2 premiers and they are a gift from God. They perform and work great! I know because I am pretty rough with my equipment. I am not going to say anything bad about other reels because everybody has their own opinions and everybody is different, but I do leave you with this.If you are tired of your shimano,Diawa,Lews, or whatever. You will find a reel in the Revo family that will satisfy your needs.

    From: Bert: North Augusta, SC

    Comments: I have 2 of these in the HS(high speed) model, beats my curado 200E's in looks, performance, and feel. Good reel, a bit pricey. I would stick with curados if you don't want to spend so much.

    Comments: Fantastic reel.   Light, solid and with the eva grips very comfortable to reel as well as effortless.  This reel is shockingly smooth on the crank.  I really don't like to get into the comparing to other reels like the Shimano or Quantums,  all are quality.  The people who get on here and say "my Shimano or Daiwa is better"  are really just stating personal opinion.  If you enjoy fishing with a state of the art quality reel you'll enjoy this one.

    From: PCB Basser: Panama City, FL 

    Comments: :@Revo Lover I was just saying that because I get a Curado 200e for 150$ or less, or spend 2 times the money for a reel that's not 2 times as good as my curados? no way i'll stick with older shimanos, the new ones have gone to hell.. The REVO PREMIER is a great reel if you have the $ though.

    From: Kollin: North West, IN

    Comments: Don't know why people are comparing these reels to the curado. Please! These reels are the best. Ultra smooth!!!! Just paired the 7:1 ratio with a 7'2" MH Falcon Cara Reaction Swimjig rod. Can't wait to hit the Harris Chain.

    From: Revo Lover: GA

    Comments: Doesnt perform like a $300 reel, get a Curado 200e7, it casts the same distance.

    From: Kollin: North West, IN

    Comments: Not as smooth as a CURADO? what are you smokin... this reel is a lot smoother than a curado, dont get me wrong, curado's are good reels but they are not even smooth. this reel is worth every dollar, the line control is amazing and the wide range of weights it can cast without any adjustment is just phenominal, i have 3 and they have never done me wrong, i can cast into with wind with a 1/4oz jig with no probs

    From: Santa Barbara

    Comments: Not as smooth as Curado's, but it does cast like 15 feet further, its not worth $280. Get a Curado 200e7 for $150, or just do yourself a favor and get Lew's or Quantum EXO. But if you are considering this reel, spend a little more and get the Shimano Core.

    Comments: I have 4 SXs an 1 Premier (for now), this reel casts amazing!!! Not as smooth as the SX but for me the cast control is amazing, feels amazing on Cumaras, Endurance and of Course.. Veritas!! Buy one, you won't regret it.

    Comments: Amazing reel worth every dollar. Don't hesitate to pick one up, you will not regret it.

    From: Evan: Seattle, WA

    Comments: Can never get this thing to cast right, idk what it is. I own multiple revo's and i like the s and sx much better. Its very light but just wont throw near as far as my other reels. All i own is abu products and have never had a problem with any of them except this one. Maybe i just got a lemon but i wouldnt waste the money when the lower grade revos perform just as well if not better. If the sx came in a variety of gear ratios that would be the only reel id buy.

    From: Devin: New Orleans, LA

    Comments: This reel is great.i have the 6:4:1 and i use it for spinnerbaits and some times crankbaits i have caught some nice bass off this reel i would recommend it to any one looking for a  good quality reel i also own the revo sx,team daiwa zillion,quantum smoke,shimano curado and a couple other low end reals and this is by far my favorite .

    From: Joey: Monroe, NY

    Comments: If anyone thinks this reel is better than any Shimano or Daiwa; they are more than welcome to have them all!  I have purchased five Revos and had problems with two of them.  I have two friends that are sponsored by them, and complain about them.  One even has multiple Shimano reels.  He says he keeps breaking the Revos and they send him new ones.  NICE!  I'm not bashing the company, this is all true.  You couldn't give me a Revo.  I'll take a Curado 200E over any Revo made anyday and I can fish; believe me.

    From: AC: CA

    Comments: this reel I amazig caught a 4 pound bass with it and it handles big fish very good.

    From: Jimmy: USA

    Comments: This is definitely not worth what they cost. I have only had mine for a few months and the metal trim on the front and around the cast control  are changing colors already like oxidized or something. It was making a weird sound when retrieving and adjusting the drag star, so I took it apart only to find a whole bunch of metal shavings all over in the gear box. I wanted  to believe all of the Revo hype, so I decided to buy their flagship reel and it is OK after a thorough clean and re-lube. also when palming there is a significant amount of movement from the palm side plate. I otherwise thought it pretty smooth but will not compare with my lower costing, but much higher end Quantums.

    From: Josh: MI

    Comments: Great reel. Own the previous model as well the new one and am very happy with both. Light weight and very smooth, but I am happier with my Lew's tournament pro speed spool. Same weight, almost the same reel for less than half the price.

    From: Ian: MN

    Comments: Magnet break is useless... You cant adjust the break tabs because there spring loaded. The drag feels like sand paper and is jumpy.... Reels smooth tho.. To me its not worth the money

    From: Sonny: Wareham, MA

    Comments: So far, so good.  The reel casts great, the retrieve is solid and effortless.  You can really dial in the reel with the dual breaking.  A quality buy!

    From: John: St Louis, MO

    Comments: Best reel made for $280, WAY WAY better than any shimano, yes there is better reels out there but you'll haft to pay $400+ for one so for the price this IS the best of the best

    From: Dustin

    Comments: Best reel I own. Super smooth cast, retrieve, & drag to go along with being very light. The dual breaking system is fantastic & can tame even the wildest of fluorocarbons out there. The only problem I have with it is that it makes me rather dislike my 09 Premiers. The new HS version makes me want to go all Premiers & a couple Winches, but my wallet just won't spit out the cash to do that.

    From: KC: NW Iowa

    Comments: I agree Mario 110%

    From: Tony: Alabama, USA

    Comments: People who say they don't like this reel simply don't know how to fish. Simply put, the best reel out there. Better than ANY shimano, yes any shimano, daiwa, or quantum.

    From: Mario

    Comments: i have multiple curados and a zillion and these honestly dont really compare..... feels like it should be in the $150 price range. ive given ABU a few chances and im just gonna stay away for now on.

    From: William: Sam Rayburn

    Comments: Not comparable to the chronarch or zillions.  It's not even the best reel made by Pure Fishing. The Pflueger Patriarch XT feels like its a $200 reel and cast/reel like a $200 reel, not this POS.  IMO, spend less money and get the Patriarch XT or a little more and get a Chronarch or Zillion. Even a Curado cast and feel smoother!...

    From: Scratchie: Kentucky, USA

    Comments: This reel is flat out awesome. the lightest best feeling reel I have ever held, I have one paired with a Kistler Helium LTA for a jig setup and it is the lightest most sensitive combo I have ever held. The reel cast a mile, reels smooth and the drag is good as well, could be a little stronger but for the weight and feel of this thing it is well worth the $ and probably would be worth even more.

    From: Matt: Massachusetts, USA

    Comments: Had two of these and both of them broke the first heavy day of fishing. The level wind gear is made of some light composite and bent on the first day of use. This reel is in no way made to withstand the rigors of tournament fishing without some upgrading.

    From: Dan: Corinth, TX

    Comments:Wow and more wow. This thing feels like a million bucks and fishes like a million bucks X 10. Awesome reel I have two of them and 10 more would not be to many!

    From:Rodney: Oshawa ON, Canada

    Comments:Went to stores held all kinds of reels. Curado Patriarch XT, Core, Steez etc. This thing flat out is the best reel for the money. It has the feel of the steez/core but is more powerful and the 2010 model has dual cast control plus its $100-$200 cheaper. Pitching has become easier. Casting is a mile. So far it has handled 15 snook, LM/SM, 1 muskie, 1 pike w/ no hand dragging. If you fish every day like me, than this will be in your arsenal for years.

    From:Josh: Naperville, FL

    Comments:I own 3 of the older Premiers and am happy with them but the new model that I recently bought is smother. The drag seems stronger and when set properly is almost backlash proof.

    From:TM: Centre, AL

    Comments:Have two of these reels and many other Revos and Shimanos, they work awesome! They even know how to make them in left hand or at least they spend the extra money to satisfy all there customers!!!! Thanks ABU. Take notes ARDENT!!!!


    Comments:Without a doubt the best bait caster I have used. Just got back from striper fishing on the delta and this reel performed great. Great drag and being able to set the reel to cast many different weight lures without backlash. I have never been able to cast a bait casting reel with no thumb pressure and still get NO BACKLASH..... great product.

    From:Dennis: Redding, CA

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