Abu Garcia REVO Rocket Casting Reel


Packing a lightning fast 9.0:1 gear ratio, the lightweight Abu Garcia REVO Rocket Casting Reel is the fastest low-profile reel to ever hit the market. It pulls in an impressive 37-inches per turn to take the slack out of any line, and it’s also extremely tough thanks to its corrosion-resistant X2-Craftic Alloy Frame and Sideplates. Perfect for walking-the-dog with topwater lures or burning spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and crankbaits back to the boat, its Infini Brake System features both centrifugal and magnetic brakes to provide maximum casting distance for a wide range of lures. Also equipped with an Extended Bent Carbon Handle for increased cranking power, the D2 Gear Range provides a more efficient gear system for increased speed, power, and durability. Lightweight, blazing fast and loaded with a host of Abu Garcia’s most advanced reel technologies, the Abu Garcia REVO Rocket Casting Reel is as fast as they come.


-Ten Stainless Steel HPCR Bearings + 1 Roller Bearing
-X2-Craftic Alloy Frame and Sideplates
-Carbon Matrix Drag System
-D2 Gear Range
-Infini Brake System
-Infini II Spool
-Extended Bent Carbon Handle
-Large EVA Knobs
-Titanium-coated Line Guide

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Cap. (Test/Yd.) Stock Price Qty
RVO3 ROCKET-L Left 9.0:1 6.8 10HPCR + 1RB 12/145 In Stock: 3+ $229.99
RVO3 ROCKET Right 9.0:1 6.8 10HPCR + 1RB 12/145 In Stock: 3+ $229.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments: At first I wasn't sure about paying an extra hundred dollars for what seemed like a little bit faster version of the Revo STX. But after using it, I'm in love. It has upgrades including a longer carbon fiber handle and a much nicer smooth clicking tension knob. It is extremely fast and smooth. I bought it for flipping and frogging and it does amazing. The 20 lbs of drag and super speed help get fish out of the thickest cover you could imagine. You won't be disappointed. 

From: Kyle: Bakersfield, CA  2/9/17

Comments: Best reel for skipping jigs under docks! Gets their head turned quick with the 9.1 gear ratio! So spool up with some 20# flourocarbon & get to skipping! All Abu Garcia reels are GREAT by the way! Have fished all of them from the Mgxtreme all the way down to the blackmax

From: Trey: NC 11/18/15

Comments: have had the reel for a few months and it's lived up to the hype.. I love to throw top water especially frogs and it's amazing .. Crazy fast too!paired it with a cabelas tourney trail rod and wasn't impressed, so I paired it with a 7' mojo bass rod and it blew me away! I'll be ordering me a Mgx here soon !

From: Justin: Langeloth, PA 4/12/15

Comments: Just out of the box this reel seems to be amazing! I haven't put it to good use yet to know how well it handles. I have mine paired with a 7'3" MD hvy duckett ghost and so for I love the setup!

From: Caden: Grand Haven, MI 1/2/15

Comments: Bought the Revo Rocket this past spring to use for topwater, flipping and jig fishing. At first I was very disappointed as I wasn't getting the casting distance I desired. Tried several rods and still poor results. After using it 4 times I decided I would lube it with Hot Sauce. The result was that it was like using a different reel. Very smooth and long casting.  I am definitely pleased with this reel and it is my favorite for jig fishing or flipping.

From: Larry: New Johnsonville, TN 11/12/14

Comments: I recently bought this reel and planned on using it for flipping. I live in Florida and flip all year so I wanted the best flipping reel out there. The reel's speed is very impressive. After using the reel for a couple months I noticed the reel handle getting shaky. The more I used the reel the worse the handle got. After taking the handle off I noticed that the carbon fiber had weakened and stripped. I sent the handle to Abu Garcia and am still waiting for a replacement.

From: Luke: Bartow, FL 5/6/14

Comments: This reel is the best reel I have ever used. It is perfect for fishing in heavy cover, because it pulls the fish out were as a regular reel wouldn't recover enough line.

From: Harley: IL 4/21/14

Comments: This reel blows away the core. The value of this reel compared to the steel isn't even a competition. This is the best reel on the market especially if your looking for fast.

From: G: Baton Rouge, LA 4/14/14

Comments: for the coment with the steez being beter i have never used the steez but i do know that for 500-600 they better be a hell of a lot better. ive had this reel  for 2 months now and love it im 16 and its a little hard to get money at 16 but id by another if i could this along with  other abus they cant be beat for the money

From: Austin: FL

Comments: Sorry to tell you abu garcia guys ,but the rsvo,s dont even come close to the Steez, Cores or the new Mets.I just got a new revo rocket today ,its a good reel but far from being on the level with the reels I listed ,so Abu Garcia its time for you to go back to the drawing board

From: So Ca

Comments: Abu Garcia has hit a home run with the rocket! Fantastic feel, casts great, and super fast. Already caught an 8 lber with it paired with a 6,6 veritas and worked great!

From: Zach: Brown County, IN

Comments: this reel is the bomb! Super light super fast gear ratio. Perfect for flipping and pitching in heavy cover with the 9.0:1 gear ratio they come flying out of cover. By far my favorite reel I've ever owned. Can't put this thing down

From: Brendan: PA

Comments: What a reel!

From: Rod: West Des Moines, IA

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