Packed with premium features and available in hyper-speed, the Abu Garcia Revo STX Casting Reel has been further upgraded to ensure the highest level of performance. The most significant addition being the dual cast control Infini Brake System. Combining a sealed centrifugal brake with the reel's original linear magnetic brake, the new system provides a limitless range of cast control whether you are pitching a short distance or airing it out for ultra-long casts. Additionally, the Revo STX also features a new swept handle design and drag star for maximum winding leverage and comfort.

Still retaining its smooth Carbon Matrix Drag System for solid stopping power and the Duragear Brass Gears for serious cranking leverage, the Abu Garcia Revo STX is as tough as it ever was. The ten (10) Stainless Steel Ball Bearings plus a Corrosion Resistant Instant Anti-Reverse Bearing provide consistently fluid casts and retrieves, while the Eversilk Coated Pinion Shaft and Pawl dramatically reduce friction for even more enhanced casting and durability. Perfect for a wide range of bass fishing applications, the Abu Garcia Revo STX Casting Reel delivers the quality, engineering and performance anglers have come to expect from Abu Garcia.

Additional Features:

  • X-Craftic Alloy Frame and Sideplates
  • Infini II Spool Design
  • TiN Wormshaft

  • Reel Specs
    Revo SX
    Bearings: 10BB,1RB
    Line Cap: 12/145
    Revo SX-L
    Bearings: 10BB,1RB
    Line Cap: 12/145
    Revo SX-HS
    Bearings: 10BB,1RB
    Line Cap: 12/145
    Revo SX-HS-L
    Bearings: 10BB,1RB
    Line Cap: 12/145

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    Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Cap. (Test/Yd.) Stock Price Qty

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    Customer Reviews

    Comments: we have to be careful not to over-lubricate any of the revo line. if you add two drops of the oil the reel comes with to the interior reel bearing you will get a slight grinding sound and feel. the bearings need only to be slightly oiled. this is true of the revo s - stx - premier - and mgx. these are all fantastic reels - they just don't like too much oil. and they seem to come with a lot out of the box. if you have one that isn't performing well, take the sideplate off, take the spool out and wipe down the spool shaft and inside bearing - you will be happy you did. i am pretty hard on my reels but i also take care of them after the "battle" - love the revo line - there is a reel for every situation. good luck and keep a sharp hook ...

    From: Matt: Northeast, AZ

    Comments: My first baitcaster I have had it a couple of months with absolutely no issues, except for a clicking noise when I reel it in. It is smooth, durable, casts great. I think their is just a rotten apple in the group. 

    From: Reid: CO

    Comments: I just received this reel for my birthday.  Paired it up with a Falcon Bucoo Micro rod and I am really happy with it thus far.  I threw a 1/8 & 1/4 oz crank a mile(not really just seemed like it).  Senko's and any other type of worm or a floating plastic works surprising well with this unlike some other reels I have thrown.  Really smooth on the cast and just as smooth on the retrieve.  Def changed my mind about the curado. 

    From: Aaron: Smithville, AR

    Comments: Was looking to upgrade my equipment. My buddy suggested the abu revos to me and after checking them out bought an stx 6.4:1, then a 7.1:1. I love my revos! They do get scratches on them, but I prefer to call them battle scars!

    From: Tony: Quarryville, PA

    Comments: Like Joe from IL said, tension knob problem is on mine as well and the drag has the same problem, and the spool slips and line always comes loose.  I have an sx and other cheaper garcia reels and don't have any of the problems on any of em.  Lot O' lemons abu garcia.

    From: Noah: NH

    Comments: This reel cast much better than the SX that I sent back, but it feels like I am cranking an egg beater. It is not very smooth like my Shimano or even my Revo S. Taking it back and trying another one.

    From: J: AL

    Comments: I was a Shimano guy until they released the Curado G. Bought two new stx reels (Gen 1 and Gen 2), i think they are better reels even comparing to Curado E.

    Comments: great reel love it!!!

    From: Steven

    Comments:  I got this reel because it was on sale and I know a few people who love there's. I got mine and I had to send it back. The tension knob or cast control knob did not work. I had it tightened all the way down and a 3/16 oz  weight fell like a rock. I'm not saying its a bad reel, but I got a lemon.

    From: Joe: IL

    Comments: Its not the reel tommy dont tie braid directly to the spool

    Comments: the revo slips. when my bait is on my hook on my rod i tighten it down and it lostens. sometimes it wont reel in.

    From: Tommy: Gahanna, Ohio

    Comments:  This is the first reel I have ever bought that is not a Shimano.  I really love the Curado's (the E series), and was wondering how these reels would compare.  I read a lot a great  reviews and decided to buy it.  I am pretty happy.  This reel does feel more solid that a curados, but a tad heavier.  The braking system is also really nice and easy to use.  The only thing that the Curado is better at is probably casting.  The old curados cast farther.  overall, its a pretty darn good reel

    From: Ian: GA

    Comments: debated for months on whether to buy this or a curado, I may have picked the wrong reel. bought the STX and can't say it is all that impressive. It is not very smooth. In fact the winch I also purchased recently is much smoother and neither compares to my Quantum PT tour edition. I do like the braking system on the STX, but I was expecting a lot more from this reel.

    From: Randy: WI

    Comments: Hands down my top 2 favorite reel. 1st is a chronarch though.. Overall, great reel!

    From: Rider

    Comments: AMAZING REEL!  I bought my first Revo this year and could not be happier!  I love how smooth this reel is, I have two Curado's, but they don't compare in my opinion.  Just S's and G's, I cranked the cast control dial all the way to MAX, set all the brake settings on and still was able to cast wacky rigged 4" senko a mile!  This reel does REALLY REALLY well with light lures.  I use a lot of smaller baits for smallmouth bass and was blown away how far I was able to cast some of them.  This is a great reel!

    From: Keegan: Iowa

    Comments: I am now an official REVO MAN! i absolutely love these reels, the S,SX,STX,PREMIER,MGX and many other models whether it be High Speed or Preformance Tuned, the REVO line has a reel to cover whatever type of fishing you may be doing and thats what i mostly love about these reels. I also love the strength, durability, casting distance, braking systems, and drag systems in all of the REVO reels. These reels are the real deal and if ur just beginning in the world of baitcasting, or if ur a 5-time bassmaster classic champion, these reels will satisfy your needs no matter what. I personally bought the STX a while ago and LOVE IT, i can't go fishing without it! i feel naked if im out in a boat without my REVOs. If you want an amazing reel that preforms right out of the box and will last a life-time, go with the REVO. I was a Shimano man before this but i've gotten rid of all my curados, citicas, and a couple other odds and inns (except for my first ones of course) and replaced ALL of them with REVOs and the REVOs covered every single technique that i had or that i could think of. Amazing reels, Amazing prices for the quality of the reels and an amazing brand. ALL HAIL THE REVO... thats all i have to say... :)

    Comments: Best reel hands down.  Been fishing  Shimano Curado's since the original green machine.  Now I've sold all my Shimano's to help replace them with REVO STX's.  Only problem I have with them is customer service.  Lost the tiny case screw at the back of the reel and they don't know the replacement size and want me to pay to ship it to them to replace it, and pay for them to ship it back, complete BS.  Guess I'm off to Lowes to try and match it from one of my other reels

    From: Sam: VA

    Comments: worst reel ever baught 2 and both dont work properly

    From: Blake: AR

    Comments: Been looking for a new reel.  I am now a Quantum convert.  I used the demo program and did not want to give it back.  I caught every fish I hooked and brought them in no problem.  It was a little touchy at first.  (first 5 casts)  After adjustments worry free casting even with the demo line on it.  I bought one and now am getting a second.  i also have a  new  Cronarch and Curado.  The upcoming fishing season will be fun,  either way fishing will be great. Looks kinda boring no radical styling, make no mistake this reel means business. 

    From: Noah: Channahon, IL

    Comments: I've been fishing shimano reels for years and bought my first STX about a year ago. I now own 2 STX's and 3 revo SX's. Sold all the curado's. Revo's are a much better reel!!

    From: Hank: MO

    Comments: I bought the Revo STX HS in early 2011. I had previously owned the Revo S and wanted a higher end reel with higher ratio for throwing plastics. I normally throw weightless Yamamoto Senkos and Kreatures, as well as T-tigged creatures. After 8 months of bassin I'm extremely impressed with the reel. It's still ultra smooth and casts very well. I also love the line pick up with the High Speed Ratio. Any time I see line movement I'm able to reel in the slack effortlessly and if there was a bass there, it's already hooked! The only thing I can say negative about this reel is the paint finish. It's not as durable as some of the other brands, but it's not a big deal to me. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this reel to anyone!

    From: Brian: South Bay, CA

    Comments: It's a proper baitcaster. Nothing flashy and nothing to fancy. I'm not unhappy with the way this reel has performed for me but I'm not impressed. It casts smooth like a $200 reel should and the drag is great, but the aesthetics are barebones and doesn't reflect the price. I'm bored with this reel because it needs a facelift, but the average girl underneath isn't too shabby. Demo her before you date her.

    From: Bud: Swan Lake, NY

    Comments: Best bang for the buck. Cast reasonably well, it's kindda tricky for first time BC users though. 

    From: Adam: Singapore

    Comments: megabass 110, even color names are the same, deadly black, pro blue.  however, if they perform as well as the 110's why spend 25 on a MB when you can buy 3 RC's.  just got 2 for christmas, this spring we'll see if i'll be savin some coin

    From: Jeff: NJ

    Comments: First off, I am a Revo lover and this is all I fish with. My friend have tried to get me to switch over to Shimano. NO! I own several STX. The only problem I have with the STX is it doesn't cast as far as my SX's. I use these series for flipping and T-Rig and C-rig. To me its not a cranking reel. SX is for cranking.

    From: Jarvis: Albany, GA

    Comments: First of all it really boils down to what is comfortable to the user. I have over 16 of the revo series reels and have not had an issue with them at all. I also own a curado a core and a steez. If you wish to compare reels stick with reels from that manufacturer as each will be different. For the ones who stand behind the steez you can't compare this to the steez as they are different in almost every way. For abu reels this one is really good the premier has a lower drag and slips but this and the sx are solid.  The best advice I can give is if you want to know if you will like it get it on a rod and in your hands. Try the demo program.

    From: Bryan: NC

    Comments: It is not that this is a bad reel, but compared to the competition at this price point there is a lot to be desired. First, it weighs too much, more than the Smoke, Curado and Lew's TSS. Second, the finish scratches super easy; I have owned the S and it had the same tendency. I also found both the STX and the S to be very sensitive in that they had to be adjusted just so or they became very prone to backlash. Maybe it just me but I find other reels much easier to fish.

    From: Dean: British Columbia, Canada

    Comments: Probably one of the best Revo's for the money out there. I own 5 Revo's now, 2 S's, and 2 SX's, and an STX. I love my STX mainly for when its really windy out, its so easy to cast into the wind with this reel, mainly because of its dual braking system. To anyone who thinks shimano is better, and not knocking shimano, I actually own curado, it all comes down to how you take care of it. And if you honestly have to keep sending them back for maintenance, then you obviously don't know how to take care of your equipment.

    From: Mike: Big Bend, WI

    Comments: I've had my STX for two years not a problem at all. Fast into the wind great. Smooth retrieve. Drag is awesome. Scale of 1-10.. I give it a 12. Soon I will have another one

    From: Big John: Stafford, VA

    Comments: When they work well, they work great.  Problem is, I have had a bunch of these break down on me.  All total I have had to mail 7 of these back and could have bought a whole nother reel with all the money I've spent on shipping.  I have had a handle fall off, had the breaking system break down multiple times (ironic), and hade reels that made shrieking and grinding noises.  Now, Pure Fishing has been pretty good about swapping them out, but I am pretty tired of paying the shipping to get them to Iowa, which is lame by the way.  In summation, great performance, poor durability, and the next reel I buy won't be an Abu Garcia.

    From: Big J: Houston, TX

    Comments: I have tried over a dozen casting reels and can not rave enough about the Abu Revo line.  The STX is the smoothest reel I have ever used and performs equally (if not better) than the competition.

    From: Bonz: Vermont

    Comments: Smoooooth!!! I tried lots of reels and for the money this reel wins hands down. Casts a mile and smooth retrieval. Put it on a 7' e21 ML-F and it's my go to set up. This reel does scratch easy so cover it up.

    From: Marcos: Soledad, CA

    Comments: I own a Revo S, Revo Winch, Accurist, and an STX. I have had the STX for over a year now and have logged well over 300 hours of fishing on it. If you want a reel that will continue to produce this is the one! unreal product!

    From: Alex: Erie, PA

    Comments: Best casting reel ever made! i own 2 of them and will definitely order more. i have never had a single problem with either of mine.

    From: Cade: KY

    Comments: this has got to be the worst buy of my life. took it back in a week and got a quantum tour. LOVE IT sticking with quantum.

    From: Jonathon: TN

    Comments: ive been a long time user of abu and own several revos and was anticipating on purchsing this one, but when i bought this one it made sort of a grinding noise on the cast and the retrieve. I gave it a month to break in caught several fish on it and it handled them great, but it still made a grinding noise. could someone please tell me if they had a revo that did this and how they solved this problem. thanks

    From: Colby: Pace, FL

    Comments: Best reel Abu has to offer. Way better all around reel than the premier. For you shimano guys out there its kind of like a curado that is smoother on the cast. Highly recommend.

    From: Matt: Knoxville, TN

    Comments: good reel best revo out there (i have them all) it is smoth and strong it is one of the better looking revo's winch falls apart the premier can bow down toro is pretty heavy and unbalenced on abu rods i have this on a carrot stix pg if you are looking for the best buy this and a carrot stix pg

    From: Matt: Cleveland, OH

    Comments: I Love my STX

    From: Ryan: Illinois, USA

    Comments: Amazing, Amazing reel! Wish I would have bought more the day I saw them on sale for $99. Best reel I own next to the winch and curado.  Super smooth, quiet, and tough.  Would buy these reels over and over again if I had the cash.

    From: Robert: Davenport

    Comments: Insane reel, just love it, i have changed my handle to the Revo Premier one with EVA-knobs, and replaced the washers of the drag for even better performance, it is my favourite reel and i own Zillions and Curados as well, got 2 of these babies now, good job ABU!

    From: Mark: Gothenburg, Sweden

    Comments: Hands down one of the best reels made. I own 6 of these reels and push them to the limit everyday.  I have never had and issues from them or the older model which I have 8 of. The stopping power from the drag is unbeatable and, okay yes the paint is scratchable and scuffable but seriously what bass is going to look at the reel and say "naw i dont want this lure because it scratched."? just invest in neoprene reel covers...

    From: Bryan: Wilmington, NC

    Comments:  Im a right handed fisherman. saw this reel in left hand at such a great deal. thought that it cant be that hard to use a left handed reel. i just got this reel in the mail and tried it out. using a left hand reel isn't even hard. i already use my left hand to crank with spinning reels and i got used to it pretty quick. good way to save money on one of abus top end reels. if your right handed i would definitely recommend trying it out. it will open your choices and build your skills. its also the smoothest reel i own. great casting and built heavy duty. tackle warehouse is the best online tackle store period. i always choose them over all other online stores, including bass pro shops. i have ordered many times and never have been disappointed. im just amazed at the way they take care of their customers. thanks tackle warehouse.  

    From: Jordan: Rochester, MA

    Comments: This reel will blow your mind!

    From: James: Illinois, USA

    Comments: AMAZING... I have to of the regular speed and one HS model. The reel is amazingly smooth and as stated by many others with proper tuning backlashes never happen. Also having a silky smooth drag system capable of dishing out 24 pounds of stopping force is amazing! If you want the best... get this reel!

    From: Jason: Weatogue, CT

    Comments: Buy this reel. best reel on earth. then buy one big donkey can of silver spray paint.


    Comments: Had reel 4 months and the brakes are popping up on their own. you get it set like you want it make 3 cast and some of the brakes have popped out.

    From: Adam: Franklin, TN

    Comments: Ok and to edit last post i have to say i would also consider the pflueger patriarch and summit as well as the okuma alumina and the bps johnny morris gold but i still think this is the best. also i think that you cant go without dual breaks, (all of the reels i just told u about have a dual breaking system of some kind). You need the centrifugal brake to control the lure. well you dont NEED the mag brake but mag brake is for eliminating backlash so most pros only use a centrifugal cuz they can thumb to eliminate backlash. but you cant go without centrifugal brakes for lure control.

    From: Manny: Felton, CA

    Comments: literally most likely all in all the best all around reel in the world. It has the best braking system ever! im new to baitcasters and i cant even backlash it when i set the brakes on max. only downfall among all the 10+ benefits is the fact that it is not to terribly scratch resistant as after i believe less then one week it already has 2 scratches/nicks/dings.

    From: Manny: Felton, CA

    Comments: I recently picked up 2 in high speed left hand for my Lamiglas pitchin sticks.  Awesome drag and this reel is smooth.  I have Revo S, Premier, SX and Winch models. I have had ZERO problems with any of them and they perform. 

    From: Doug: Longview, WA

    Comments:Best reels I've ever owned. Fast, light, easy to use. With proper tuning, it is almost impossible to backlash. Love the externally adjusted magnetic brake. I recommend the high speed without reservation.

    From:Big J: Houston, TX

    Comments:I have had this reel for about 4 months now and love it. Its smooth as butter and cast a mile, my only complaint is that the paint coating of the reel isn't that scratch proof. But other than that its a good quality reel.

    From:Drew: Missouri, USA

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