Abu Garcia REVO STX Generation 3 Casting Reel


Utilizing a combination of advanced materials and a new compact design, the Abu Garcia Revo STX Generation-3 Casting Reel’s weight has been reduced over 2.5 ounces. That’s a 29% weight reduction over the previous model! The reduction in weight, combined with the new EVA knobs allows anglers to fish all day with less fatigue. The Abu Garcia Revo Generation-3 STX also features the widest range of ratios in the Revo family with 6.4:1, 7.1:1 and a new super high speed 8.0:1 ratio model.


-10 stainless steel HPCR bearings + 1 roller bearing provides increased corrosion protection
-X2-Craftic alloy frame for increased corrosion resistance
-C6 carbon sideplates provide significant weight reduction without sacrificing strength and durability
-Carbon Matrix drag system provides smooth, consistent drag pressure across the entire drag range
-D2 Gear Design provides a more efficient gear system while improving gear durability
-Infini brake system allows almost limitless adjustability to handle any fishing situation
-Infini II spool design for extended castability and extreme loads
-Compact bent handle and star provide a more ergonomic design
-Ti coated line guide reduces friction and improves durability

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Cap. (Test/Yd.) Stock Price Qty
RVO3 STX Right 6.4:1 6.4 10HPCR + 1RB 12/145 In Stock: 1 $199.00
RVO3 STX-HS Right 7.1:1 6.4 10HPCR + 1RB 12/145 In Stock: 3+ $199.00
RVO3 STX-HS-L Left 7.1:1 6.4 10HPCR + 1RB 12/145 In Stock: 3+ $199.00
RVO3 STX-L Left 6.4:1 6.4 10HPCR + 1RB 12/145 In Stock: 3+ $199.00
RVO3 STX-SHS Right 8.0:1 6.4 10HPCR + 1RB 12/145 In Stock: 3+ $199.00

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  • The Generation-3 Abu Garcia Revo SX Casting Reels are over 2-ounces lighter than the previous model, and still pack the tremendous performance and corrosion resistance of the original Revo SX line of reels.

  • The Generation-3 Abu Garcia Revo STX Casting Reels are lighter than ever before - and also feature the widest range of gear ratios in the Revo family - including a new hyper speed 8.0:1 model.

Customer Reviews

Comments: Most of the problems people are having can be fixed if they clean & lube their reels after every use like the owners manual states. I have the same reel that is relubed & cleaned after every two uses & it works the same as the day I pulled it out of the box. I've caught hundreds of bass on this reel (I've had the same reel for three years.)

From: Dylan: OK 4/28/16

Comments: I have had this reel for over a year now and have put it through the wringer. The only part of this reel that has not held up is the paint. My drag works flawlessly and I can cast about 45 yards with a 1/4 Texas rig. I don't understand why there are so many negative reviews. Maybe I just got a good one.

From: Todd: St. Louis, MO 12/28/15

Comments: Bought this reel less than a month ago and loved it until last night the drag stopped working. Will man handle a 9.3 pound bass when it works correctly though

From: Austin: GA 6/9/15

Comments: After 3 months the thumbbar started catching which is extremely annoying when trying to fish in a tournament. 

From: Landon: TN 3/1/15

Comments: I bought the 6.4:1 brand new and I have spent so much time trying to dial this thing in and I still can't break 35ft with a squarebill. The retrieve is buttery smooth, but I can't get the bait out far enough for that to matter. I have oiled it, I have cleaned it, I have tried everything I can think of and it will not cast well. The 7.1:1 would be good for pitching because you don't have to cast it. I'm sticking to my Pflueger Supreme XT

From: Connor: Galatin, TN 2/16/15

Comments: This is a great reel and its great for the price point. I think they should use a carbon fiber handle on this reel in addition to the MGX and the Premier. Once you dial in the dual braking system for the specific lure and its weight, this reel is very smooth. I have the 6.4:1 paired with a 6'10 glass cranking rod. I plan on getting the 7.1:1 model for flipping, pitching, etc. Two thumbs up to Abu Garcia on this one, great product.

From: Nick: Vineland, NJ 1/29/15

Comments: This reel is just outstanding. Its smooth like a hot knife join through butter. And the looks of it are beautifully sparkly I'm just in love

From: Billy: Mexico 11/30/14

Comments: I bought 2 of these gen 3 stxs and at first I was in love with reels and thought it was the best reel on the market and then I fished it in light rain once and now one makes a wine when I make a long cast and the other feels hesitant, and I only fished em for about 2-3 months, I hate to knock down my favorite reel brand but I think I'm going over to shimano and trying the chronarch series, they feel a lot more solid and are the same price

From: Alex: Miami, FL 10/13/14

Comments: Fantastic reels. Have caught many fish on it and had no problems with the drag slipping or anything. Very strong, durable reels that are affordable. Great reels.

From: Noah: CA 7/3/14

Comments: Good reels, but I expected more. The decision to drop aluminum sideplates for plastic(I know they throw out their tech speak about it, but that's basically what it is & sadly this is what all brands are doing these days) I think made a big difference in comparison to the Gen 2s, which were silent & buttery smooth, while these have some noise & while not rough, aren't to the same level as their predecessors. The Rocket is the closest to Gen 2 smoothness I've found & the only difference between it & the other Gen 3 reels is the sideplates, so that's where I'm putting the blame. Solid reel, just not quite up to the level I expected of it.

From: KCL: IA 4/2/14

Comments: Absolutely LOVE my stx. If i have the money for another i will definitely get another!! great job Abu. Use it mainly for flipping jigs and swimbaits and has held up great! Excited to be using it in my tournaments this year!

From: Adam: Bloomington, IN 3/25/14

Comments: I am a Abu guy and have the MGX Premier STX and SX. And I have used all generations of the premier STX SX and SX. But the best STX made was the gen1. The last two generations wasn't what I expected. I just wish I still had the first one. Only complaint I had for that one

From: Jarvis: GA 2/26/14

Comments: This reel is not the greatest reel ever, I used is for forging and all heavy applications and did not hanle is good over his reel is not good and would not buy another one

From: Nick: IL

Comments: The gen 2 revos were awesome! Why abu! Why.... Yeah they're light, but so is an empty beer can... Which you will have plenty of from drinking your frustrations away from spending $200 on a reel that isn't worth it. I have a gen 1 Skeet Reese revo, gen 2 winch, and a gen2 sx, and they are buttery smooth. I talked my friend, and my brother into getting a gen3 winch after I had such success with my old winch, and they are grindy and make horrible noises when they cast. My gen3 stx makes pretty good casts, but its just way grindy! I will be going to shimano's e series reels or trying to find gen2 revos on eBay from now on.

From: Blake: Chatsworth, GA

Comments: I bought one of these reels in august, and it is amazing!it is compact lightweight and doesn't backlash unless I'm trying something new and difficult like skipping docks, Overall my favorite reel ever purchased.

From: Kieran: Marietta, GA

Comments:  I bought this reel ar Dicks Sporting Goods about a month ago and this is a great f/p and spinnerbait reel! I can get pretty far cast when im f/p. And this thing launches 1/2oz spinnerbaits. Definatley worth the money especially since it has a dual breaking system!

From: Dylan: Bakersfield, CA, USA

Comments: The brake tabs pop up on a cast occasionally. I don't know about you guys, but i don't like having to take the side plate off every 10 casts and pop the tabs back into place.... I've always been a Shimano guy, but i decided to try an Abu out bad choice on my behalf. Shimano is where it's at, you can't break those reels

From: James: Lake Minnetonka, MN

Comments: If you are a serious tournament fisherman do not buy this reel! Bought two of these and they did not last one tournament day of constant casting! Drag: not as billed and Casting distance was good to start the day and went to crap befor the end of the day!

From: Paul: AL

Comments: This is an update from my last review. I sent my STX back to Abu Garcia to repair the thumb bar that was very hard to press and release. The whole process took about 2 weeks but I just received it back and it's as smooth as a baby's butt! Thumb bar never felt so good! Easy to press and it releases with minimal pressure on the handle. It is now a weapon of bass destruction. Awesome job Abu Garcia for backing up your products! These are great reels that are backed up by a great company! Fish on my friends, fish on!

From: MRH: SB,CA

Comments: Ok, I do like this reel, or so I keep telling myself. It feels good, casts good, handles itself well with all size fish, smooth drag, compact design, super light weight, looks good.... But I just sent mine back to Abu Garcia. The thumb bar sticks! Very hard to press and release. Literally had to two thumb it to get it to work, having to push hard with both thumbs! It sticks and it stinks! It's the only problem I've had with it but it's an annoying one.

From: MRH: SB,CA

Comments: Best reel you can get for $200! Super light, compact, super smooth! I use this in salt water for sand bass and spotted bay bass. Better than all of my shimano reels, no doubt.

From: Kyle

Comments: Don't read these fake reviews. I broke this reel down. This reel has some high quality components. Yes it's very light but it's a very strong reel and it's a POWERFUL reel. Fish nothing but swimbaits on it and it handles big fish very well. Get it, you won't regret it

From: Jon: NJ

Comments: I have nothing to say but good things about this reel, Abu Garcia has done it again. This is by far the farthest casting and smoothest reel I've owned, It can cast light lures a mile and hardly ever backlashes because of the duel braking system. However my reel did come drenched in oil out of the factory, but after a little bit of touching up its been the best reel I've ever owned.(I've owned a lot of reels.)I love the fact they put metal where its necessary and other lightweight materials where they don't, making this reel extremely light. Anyone having problems with this reel off the bat should try cleaning out some of the oil/grease and then re-lubing the reel again the way it should b done.

From: Brad: Chapel Hill,NC

Comments: I had a problem the second time out with this reel the clutch needed adjusting I was unable to cast the reel I shipped it back to Garcia they repaired it quickly. This reel is not worth 200.00 dollars  "NO WAY " I fish a lot and this reel will never hold up after a couple of seasons hate to kill you Garcia, Maybe it because I fish with Daiwa Zillions the Garcia reel feels like a toy compared to the Zillion I know the zillion are double the cost but you get what you pay for!!

From: Rich

Comments: I was super excited to get the 8:1 ratio. I honestly hated the reel. I replaced it quickly with a lews tournament pro. Its uncomfortable to hold, the thumb bar seems cheap and ready to break, and it just doesn't even come close to my older Stx in my opinion. It might be for some but I will keep my older revos, lews, and now I own 6 tournament pros. Just can't beat them. Again my opinion isn't worth much but these just weren't cutting it

From: Brian: canal Fulton, oh

Comments: ive got the Stx on a 7ft8 irod Gen2 an its awsome dont know what all the complainings about cause mine is smooth no squeeling an ive got big hands an never hit my knuckles

From: Bruce: LA

Comments: Do yourself a favor and get one of these reels! You won't be disapointed. This reel does it all. This is my go to reel. It's very easy to adjust for casting multiple baits. I fish at least once a week, and on tournament weekends as many as 4 days a week. If you take care of these reels (cleaned and lubed like your supposed to) they will last forever. Pairing these reels with my Tom Pryor custom rods, you can cast all day without getting fatigued. This is a great low cost reel in my honest opinion!!!

From: Jacob: Page, AZ US

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