MSRP: $169.99

Sporting a bold black finish, the Abu Garcia Revo SX Casting Reel delivers performance and precision equally as bold. Featuring a comfortable and stylish low-profile design, Abu Garcia further improved the ergonomics of the reel with the inclusion of a new compact Bent (Swept) Handle and Drag Star. Also equipped with ten (10) Ball Bearings and one Corrosion Resistant Instant Anti-Reverse Bearing, the Revo SX retains it Abu Garcia signature smoothness.

Additionally, the X-Craftic Alloy Frame and Sideplate provide an excellent corrosion resistant barrier, as well as, a solid base for the reel. Housed inside, the precision machined Duragear Brass Gears are extremely durable and supply the Revo SX with its excellent winding power. Not letting up an inch, the Carbon Matrix Drag System delivers solid stopping power and stays smooth throughout its entire range. Rest assured the Abu Garcia Revo SX Casting Reel will look great on your favorite casting rod and provide you with years of reliable performance.

Reel Specs
Revo SX
Bearings: 10BB+1RB
Line Cap: 12/145

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Customer Reviews

Comments: great reel for the money.  i would definitely recommend this to anyone

Comments: I have 7 of these reels and are hands down the best reels for the money! Enough reel for any level angler.

From: Josh: MO

Comments: I fished this reel heavily for 2 years no oil or grease and its still smooth as hell if i clean and lube this thing it'll probably be better then the day i bought it highly recommend this reel especially at the sale price you can't go wrong

From: Joe

Comments: I Bought the revo sx last February and i am retiring it for the season due to cold weather and all i have to say is this reel does it all. I fished heavily with the revo sx (4 times a week) and it took the punishment. Yes you will birds nest a few times but once you tune it, it will cast a mile and its buttery smooth. This reel has some serious durability because it still feels like it's brand new after all that fishing. Treat this reel right and it will do the same back. ABU FOR LIFE!


From: The Dog Hunter: Garysburg, SC

Comments: im a quantum man but i bought one of this and I'm impressed.

From: Jesse: Phx, AZ

Comments: debated with myself for about a month to either get the revo sx, or another shimano curado. I decided to try the revo sx and im glad i did. it outperforms my curados in distance, smoothness, line capacity, and looks. highly recommended.

From: Bryce: Orange County, CA

Comments: Love this reel. Great and reliable reel, very smooth, and casting distance is awesome. I talked to Casey Ashley when he was still sponsored by Abu Garcia and he said the Sx was his go to Revo.

From: Taylor: AL

Comments: Awesome reel and to people having problems with backlashes, the reel is touchy but once u get it dialed in u can cast a mile. Plus if u kept getting baacklashes u must not know how to use a baitcaster.

From: Ryan: Good Ole USA

Comments: I have the Revo SX paired with a 6-9 MH Duckett. This is an amazing balanced setup, and this reel can launch finesse style baits a mile! I have yet to have a single flaw with this reel. Looks awesome, high quality and is relitively cheap for the way it performs. Highly recommend!!

Comments: i think this reel is awesome for all u guys that right bad comments i disagree,I oiled it as soon as i got it and it runs smooth and its common sense if u take out of the box and trie to cast with it,its going to backlash bad but it took me 30 minutes to get it set up right. For the price its a sell, ive got a 7'medium duckett and its a slick setup very happy with abugarcia

From: Kolton: Kansas, USA

Comments: I got a lemon too.  Sent it back. I noticed the newer models are Version 3.  I have a few V2s and love them.  Maybe AG got lazy and started looking toward the new models and let these falter?

From: Matt: TN

Comments: I may have gotten a bad SX because others say there's are smooth, but mine is not. It feels like a wore-down reel. But in my eyes, it doesn't feel as smooth or sturdy as a Curado... and it's definitely not a Premier in disguise.

Comments: I recently purchased this reel and have taken it out on one trip.  I gave this reel an honest try and threw it most of the day.  I do agree with others and will say this reel is smooth!  But had one of the worst days on the water because this thing would backlash like nothing else!  Easy underhand or sidearm casts were no problem, but when I put a little force into my casts the reel would backlash.  I fiddled with the drag settings but nothing seemed to work.  I will continue to use the reel to figure the thing out but so far I'm not a big fan of the Revo SX - and I LOVE Abu Garcia reels.  Also, I have it spooled with 10lb Sunline Sniper FC and at times the line got stuck in the tiny space between the spool and the body.  Did I draw a bad one?

From: Ken: CO

Comments: Good reel but the finish chips, wears, and fades quite easily which doesn't bother me to much.

From: Jordan: SC

Comments: TJ from CA was wrong when he said that this reel breaks down easily because it simply does not. He said when he, "Got 30lbs braid on it" it broke down. If your looking to put something like 12lb braid on it then he wouldn't have had this problem. This reel is great and would recommend to anyone to buy one.

From: Michael: New Canaan, CT

Comments: THIS REEL IS AMAZING. this reel is so smooth,cast out so far,i dont even have to put my thumb on the spool to cast, its silent and sleek. this reel is so fast and so very powerful i horsed a 5.8lb bass out of lilypads 0n this reel over rate 10/10 awesome reel Abu.

Comments: one of he best reels on the market those who diss these reels eiter 1 dont maintnence/maintain  them or 2 just dont know how to use them. in my opinion the premier is no better than this one in my mind the STX and SX are the best and you wont beat the longevity and smoothness for the price period.

From: Austin: Russellville, AR

Comments: The reel cast good but it takes many cast to get dialed in right and the drag system is not the best. It's not a bad reel but probably not worth the money either.

Comments: The people who bag on this reel are the ones that dont know how to use it far one of the best reels out there

From: TJ: CA

Comments:  i got this reel about a year ago .i got 30 lbs braid on it on a powell diesel(the diesel is a great rod). i started using it and then it startin jacklin it up and i had to bring it to bass pro to fix multiple times. do not get this. save your money and buy the premier

From: Matt: Chicago, IL

Comments: Have loved this reel for the entire time I have used it and then bought 10 more!!!  I sell fishing gear for a living and have tried everything, and I just keep getting great service out of them, i recomend them highly!!  and TW's prices are fantastic!!!!

From: Mike: Jacksonville, FL

Comments: Great reel. My experience with it has been hit and miss at times, but at the end of the day it gets used a lot and always delivers. What I like is that it is built extremely well and it has never failed me. What I wished was different is the braking system. I like the system on the Orra and Revo S better. This reel is awesome once you get it tuned in but, it can be a hassle getting it where you want it. Once there though it's a go to reel. I would buy the Orra before purchasing this one again based only on tuning ease and the $70 price difference. I still have to say that I give the SX a huge thumbs up.

From: Dano: KY

Comments: I have got to say I love this reel compared to the revo s this reel has the best drag of any reel I have ever used.the berkelylighning rod I use it is the best

From: John: CA

Comments: I own 7 of these, and they all perform flawlessly. By far my favorite reel of all time.

From: Tim: TX

Comments: Great reel everyone. It's not too expensive, and once you get it set up you will have no backlashes. I reccomend paring it with a Powell 704C. Great great combo, light, and really gets the bass out.

From: Paul: FL

Comments: This reel is sick i got it for 2 year and it still smooth i fish for striper, bass, and sturgeon and i have no problem

From: Meej: Sac

Comments: HOLLY F-! I love this reel. I was emptying half of a full spool w/ a DT10 crankbait in heavy perpendicular wind w/ 10ib mono today. It's smoother than my Curados (though I  still love my E7's). I just bought a Revo Winch and it's even smoother. Go Revo!!! Bass aren't biteing yet but I horsed a 2ib 4oz brown trout w/ ease that hit 20 yards out. Thank you Tacklewarehouse. Reviews you can trust!!

From: Ryan: Seattle, WA

Comments: This is one of the best reels i've ever used by far!!

From: Alan: Spartanburg, SC

Comments: When Casting this reel it is so buttery smooth. its like a piece of heaven in your hands. Definitely investing in more REVOS  in the future.

Comments: Just ordered my Revo SX today and i cant wait to play with it!! Paired with a St. Croix Avid 7' Medium, Spooled with 14lb Suffix Fluorocarbon its going to murder fish this spring!

From: Tou: Sun Prairie, WI

Comments: I now have 4  SXs and I like the casting better than my two STXs. I only own Revos now. Nice tight Quality reel. I'm 58 and used all the major names over the years. Best value out there.

From: George: Maine

Comments: I bought this reel a week ago and it's still snowing here but I spooled it up and took it out in the back yard to cast it around, it has a super bad bearing in it somewhere, grinds and makes a ton of noise, not smooth at all.  Taking it back and never buying another one. 

From: Ccoon

Comments: I'm amazed that so many people don't understand how baitcaster brakes work. Even the person who said they were amazed because with magnetic brakes the brakes engaged later in the cast. That's how they're designed. Centrifugal brakes control the beginning of the cast and magnetic brakes control the end of the cast. You people should watch some instructional videos or somehting before you bash an amazing reel just because you dont know how to use the expensive piece of equipment you bought. Just because it's a high end reel doesnt mean it's going to solve the problem of you not knowing what you're doing!

From: Jay: FL

Comments:  For the past few years I have only fished with shimano curado's but always wanted to try the revo series. I finally ended up buying the revo sx hs for my froggin rod because the max drag is 18lbs compared to the 10 lbs on the curado's. Its hard to say which reel is actually better but I can say this is a great reel and I will be adding another revo sx to the arsenal in the future.

From: Bob

Comments: First, wow. I love my two SX's in both gear ratios. Stop reading comments and put in 100 in the Quantity box and put em on the Veritas micro guide rod and rip some lips.. Out performs my CuradoE7. Good with braid, flouro and mono. Very smooth and one tip is to put a drop of lube in the worm gear after every 3-5 usages. Have casted small wackys to 1 ounce tungstens no problemo :-)

From: Logan: Jersey

Comments: Great combo with the Vendetta rod, As a testament to the combo i landed a 52 inch grass carp on 12 pound flouro ( sucker hooked him in the tail) with this combo, and it didnt miss a beat, the drag worked like a champ. ABU GARCIA FOR LIFE

From: Sam: Crestview, FL

Comments: The SX has all the features that you need in a high performance reel.My SX casts far and no backlash.Its durable structure allows you to handle any situation.Great Product!!!!!

From: Bert: North Augusta, SC

Comments: one of the best reels you could ever own

From: Justin: Grand Rapids, MI

Comments: I own 4 SX, 1 STX, 1 Premier and 3 curados.  Besides weight, i think the SX is the best revo made.  I can cast the SX and Curado about the same which is far better than i can cast the STX or Premier.  The only reason i prefer the SX over the curado is because i can skip docks alot better with the SX.  I hardly ever backlash while skipping or casting.  The SX doesn't feel nearly as loose as the Curado neither.   

From: SC

Comments: I have 2 Revo SX reels and I wouldn't trade either one for any other reel on the market. The Revo SX is the best reel in its price range. Super smooth casting and retrieve. I can cast mine over 50 yards easily with any lure that's >1/2oz. Once you get it fine tuned, it's nearly impossible to backlash, even casting into the wind.

From: Andy: Northeast, GA

Comments: i have both the curado and revo sx and they are both great reels not far off from each other i hardly ever have backlashes with either one the only big difference between the two is that the revo is solid feeling and the curado is loose feeling but that's not a huge deal i would recommend either one but if i was buying another reel i would buy this one

From: TX

Comments: If you are having trouble deciding between a Curado or a Revo SX, definitely go with the Curado. So much smoother and not to mention the fact that the Curado hardly ever backlashes.  I have both and I do anything to trade this reel in for another Curado.

From: Trevor: IN

Comments: This reel isn't what people make it to be.  Honestly i think its a piece of junk.  Backlashes after 30 ft.  The most finicky reel i have ever used in my entire civilized life.  Do your self a favor and don't get this reel.  Get a reel with "centrifugal brakes"  Because i think the mags are botched design.

From: Joe: Montezuma, NY

Comments: This reel is absolutely awesome. It is so silky smooth, it casts a mile. The drag is a beast. I horsed a 7 ponder out of heavy slop no problem. I paired it with a St.croix mojo bass frog & slop rod. Their awsome together. I just bought the Revo Winch for deep divers, cant wait to try it out. Abu forever!

From: Shawn: Danville, NH

Comments: What a Great reel!  I paired this up with the Dobbyn's Savvy and i tell you what!  I feels very good!  I have to admit!  this reel feels smoother then my Zillion 50th and my Zillion Type R!  If you are in the market for a nice reel and dont want to pay bucoo bucks on it!  this reel will by the perfect reel for you!

From: Ryoji: Green Bay, WI

Comments: I've owned quite a few baitcast reels, but this one is my favorite.  Who needs all the fancy cast controls?  I mean honestly, if you can't cast without the brake all the way set, then you are missing out on your reels potential in my opinion.  All I need is to be able to loosen and tighten the spool, along with a quick and easily accessed magnetic brake on the side.  I feel shimano makes good stuff too, but these revo's just feel so good in your hand.  They're kind of heavy, but when you set the hook and reel in your first nice fish with this reel you'll know what I mean.  The bent handle design gives you great leverage and feels comfortable on retrieves as well.  Drag is good and so is the line capacity.  However, I have big hands.  If you have smaller hands this reel might feel a little wide in your palm. 

Comments: This is a great reel. It feels good in your hands and with the right settings it is almost impossible to backlash. The only thing that this reel can't do is throw small weightless plastics, but i would recommend it to anyone.

From: Luke: MO

Comments: I had been fishing a Revo S model for the last year and decided I wanted to step up a bit in quality to an SX. Mainly to try out the magnetic braking system on the SX as the S has a six pin centrifugal brake. The braking is much smoother as I am an early thumb type of caster. The pin brakes seem to come early as I thumb, but the mag brakes come on later and give a much smoother feel. The reel feels very solid and tight all around. The drag system is very good as well. I've pulled some three and four pound bass out of heavy salad topped with moss and had no trouble with slippage. I now have two SX models. One with 50lb power pro on a Vendetta H  and it is the 7.1 speed. Another with 12lb P-line flouroclear on a MH rod an a normal 6.4 retrieve. Both I have had for a few months now and love them.

From: Todd: Hutchinson, KS

Comments: These reels are amazing, I own 3 and I've had em for abt a year and there still awesome. Revos are the smoothest and strongest reels on the market hands down. I LOVE them!

From: Samuel: Hahira, GA

Comments: I own four of these reels..I use them for Senkos andCrank Baits..people are amazed at how far you can throw a Senko

From: Bud: TX

Comments: best reel on the market!!!! better than the curado in every way except weight. so smooth, super quiet when casting and last a long time! i got 2 years on mine and its still just like it was the day it came out of the box. soooo smooth

Comments: this reel puts shimano to shame! better than the curado in every way except weight. its so smooth and very quite when casting. ive got 2 years on mine and its still just like the way it was out of the box. shimano who? curado what?

From: Colby: Pace, FL

Comments: Awesome Reel!!!..............

From: Kev: PA

Comments: I hate to say I only have one of these bad boys, and i have to say, this is heaven in a reel. The 7.1:1 ratio works frogs and jerk baits like a dream. Very satisfied with the quality and the look. I have full intention of owning more.

From: Ben: MS

Comments: This reel is the best i just got it and love it i also got a abu garcia vedetta rod to go with it and  great combination..

From: Lane: Montgomery, AL

Comments: great reel. ive  had  the older version for a year now, but it works like it was made yesterday have it paired up with my falcon bucoo micro. its a match made in heaven!

From: Griffin: Indiana

Comments: I have 3 of these, and owned them for 3 years and they still work like new.  It is my go to confident reel and pairs beautifully with a carrot stick.  I pitch weightless senkos to jigs with this reel.  It feels more sold than the Shimano 200EX, but these two reels both work great. 

From: Brandon: Fayetteville, NC

Comments: I got my Revo SX today and it was like Christmas morning all over again. The first string i put on it was stern florocarbon but that did not work out to well. then i tried out this berkly mono and it is a whole lot better on casting. I paired it up with the venndetta 7'' med/heavy. But over all its a very good combo u just have to play with the settings to get it to how you like it. Have fun fishing !!!!!!

From: Brett: TN

Comments: Smooth reel and casts a country mile!  It is very sensitive on the spool tensioner settings so one has to dial in very carefully per bait application.  Mine came very, very over the point that it was even on the outside of the reel.  I stripped mine down, purged the bearings and wiped out excess grease then relubed the bearings with Quantum Hot Sauce and put hot sauce grease on the gears.  It is much smoother now than it was out of the box!  Great reel!!

From: Bill: Flatwoods, KY

Comments:  I now own 2 of these reels. Absolutely love them. I first picked one of these up while fishing with a friend, I was using a curado that I had recently bought and he was using his revo sx, we swapped for an hour, and I really didn't want to give the revo back to him. After that I went back and returned the curado and bought 1 in the 6:4:1 ratio paired with a 7' Vendetta, love the reel so much   I went and bought a second one int he 7:1:1 ratio with a 7'3" Veritas. Both reels use Sufix 832 40LB braid. ABU GARCIA FOR LIFE

From: Mike: Waukesha, WI

Comments: I have just about every reel out there but when it comes down to it this is what I'm using day in and day out. Whether I'm throwing 1/4 ounce jigs into the wind or big spinnerbaits it gets the job done. I've got 5 of these and I've only had one break... after 5 years of usage.

Comments: ok this is a nice reel but dont make the same mistake as me lol.......i bought this reel for throwing weightless cannot handle it they are too light to be throwing with this reel so i had to switch this with a quantum energy pt and i can cast senkos fine....but do not let that stop you from buying this its an awesome reel for throwing texas rigs it casts them a mile and effortlessly

From: Candlewood: Connecticut

Comments: The Revo Sx, reel for reel, is one of the best in my arsenal. Performs like some 200 dollar models and then some. Out casts the Shimano Currado 300 E and gives The Quantum Smoke a hard run for the money.  I have it paired with a Med Bucoo Falcon rod with micro guides and use the 832 Suffix Braid. Bass and catfish have been no contest. Im going to test my tackle on reds and stripers in the coming weeks. If you dont have one...get one...This reel kicks BASS!!

From: Charlie: Austin, TX

Comments: I recently return my quantum code reel because i didnt like it it was making all kind of weard noices and every cast = backlash and i bought this reel and a medium 7 feet veritas rod i love it really smooth retrive and casts so smooth like butter and the best part no backlashes LOL!!!!!! i strongly recommend this reel !!! ABU GARCIA FOR LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Kostas: USA

Comments: This reel is so smooth and cast a mile! i got it paired up with a duckett and its a match made in heaven!

Comments: Really good reel. I own the 6.4.1 in a left handed model. It's great with big baits and casts pretty smooth. I like everything about it. I just wished the reel handle was a bit longer....

From: Tpheng: Tulsa, OK

Comments: Buy 3 you wont be let down.  Own the STX also, blindfolded you wouldnt tell any differance.  High quality very smoothe, and abu honors their warranty. 

From: Nick: LOZ, MO

Comments: Love this reel.  I own 3 now.  Casts like a charm and has a very smooth retrieve.  Worth ever penny!

From: Jason: Alabama, USA

Comments: Love the SX

From: Ryan: Illinois, USA

Comments: This is a great reel. I have the SX, STX, and Winch and am impressed with all! Paired with ESSOX rods these reels make killer combos! The SX is my favorite for spinnerbait fishing and I LOVE fishing it. The SX casts far into the wind with no backlash what so ever! GREAT REEL!!

From: Jason: Florence, SC

Comments: This real is amazzing!! im not going to lie if you want a fantastic real for the price this is it! its VERY smooth. It casts amazing. I went with the 7.1:1 for a little bit more speed really rip the spinner baits. Im impressed by this real and will forsure get another before summer!

From: Tom: Fremont, WI

Comments:  A solid performer, but you need to really pay attention when dialing in the settings for the lure you're casting.  Not as forgiving as the premier.  Wish they would have kept the straight handle or made the swept one a little longer.

From: John: St Louis, MO

Comments: I agree with Daniel from NC, use any REVO series from Abu and you will not be let down. I personally own the SX and STX and do not regret it AT ALL! I have also used the Premier, Revo Winch, and Revo Inshore and am impressed by all of them! Next purchase will probably be a REVO Inshore for calicos and big largies here in SoCal. Another GREAT product from Abu Garcia

From: MAQ: Los Angeles, CA

Comments: Ultra smoooottthh I have this paired with a falcon low-rider and it is a combo sent from heaven my favorite

From: John: Camdenton, MO

Comments: SMOOTH! just got it yesterday and havent had a chance to take it out yet but this thing is smooth!

From: Garret: Indiana, USA

Comments: excellent reel casts a mile reels smooth has a very strong drag i have it paired with 7' 3" vendetta for fishing toads they feel really comfortable together and look pretty sexy too

From: Humpty: Florida, USA

Comments: Get any Abu Garcia REVO series, and you will not regret it. Abu has the highest quality product Ive ever had. My father still uses his Abu 5000c from 1970, works like a charm and casts a mile. Great great product.

From: Daniel: NC

Comments: this reel performs like a hundred dollar reel, ill stick with shimano.

From: Donald: Everglades, FL

Comments: i bought this reel about 4 month ago and combo it with a fenwick techna av.  it performs great and it is a little heavy but its performances outweighs its weight.

From: Hmong 2: Arkansas, USA

Comments: i love this reel. its amazing, i have it paired up with a 6 6" med. hvy. vendetta rod. it also has great backlash control, cause i have had it for 3 months now and i have had only about 6 backlashes of wich were not bad at all. the first time i went fishing with this reel and rod combo i was using a black and blue A.T. football jig trailed with a crazy legs chigger craw (also in black and blue) and i caught a 5 1/2 pounder on deep weed lines. awesome reel, highly recommended by me

From: Jared: USA

Comments: I just recently bought this reel, but i love it, i got it as a jig reel with a 7' MH vendetta, and its awesome. love the colors of the two and i actually got some red braid at first just for looks, but i changed back to some fluoro, but i love this reel!

From: Ryan: Wilmington, NC

Comments: Great reel, using mine on a 7'3'' vendetta for Northern Pike fishing with soft/hard jerkbaits, spinnerbaits and cranks, still smooth after 2 years of fishing. Great value reel, would pick it over curado any day.

From: Mark: Gothenburg, Sweden

Comments: This reel is great, paired on a Kistler rod and you will have the perfect combo. I have mine on a Helium II and there is no play in the spool, no flex in the frame and no slipping.  the drag is sweet also it will give you the muscle to rip lipless in grass pull a bass out of heavy cover or steer a stubborn bucket mouth away from the mess. I have the HS model on a kistler 7'3 frog and slop rod and OMG ITS SICK!!!

From: Bryan: Wilmington, NC

Comments: Great reel! The handling and gear ratio allows quick and efficient power to pull fish out of heavy cover. The craftsmanship is top notch, especially for the price! Could not have made a better choice.

From: Johnathan: Atlanta, GA

Comments: Amazing baitcaster. very smooth at casting, might not be as smooth as diawa reels when you reel in. but for my age its the best baitcaster ive used. also its a great pair with the 6''6 medium vendetta rod. plus im only 12 year old.

From: Brandon: Atlanta, GA

Comments: This reel is great, feels and fits awesomely in your hand, not too heavy, casts well and reels very smooth. All around great reel for the $, stylish as well. I would definitely buy another and probably will.

From: Matt: Massachusetts, USA

Comments: Used for the first time today on Crooked Lake in Lake Wales, FL. I was amazed at how smooth it cast! Didn't land any fish in the boat, but hung three! Paired it nicely with a G Loomis GL2! Can't wait to actually break this reel in with a big Florida bass!

From: Shuey: Riverview, FL

Comments: I just purchased this reel a few months ago just as it was released.  It is very smooth  and it performed very well matched with the 7'3" Vendetta rod ! It looks and feels great in your hand! Spool it up with Seaguar fluorocarbon, tie on a Eakins jig, use a sweet beaver as a trailer and its ready for a big ole mossyjaw! Sweet!!

From: Michael: Ripley, TN

Comments:just got it, fished with it all day and it performed well. Just feels good in the hands.

From:Kyle: Oklahoma, USA

Comments:Pretty decent reel, I have it paired up with a Dobyn's 7'3" med-heavy rod, and the combo looks super sick with the black and red.

From:Hmong: Central California

Comments:Great reel, have it matched up with a vendetta rod great combo. very light.

From:Cody: Orlando, FL

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