Abu Garcia REVO SX Generation 3 Casting Reel



The Abu Garcia Revo SX Generation-3 Casting Reels dropped by over 2 ounces compared to the previous model, taking lightweight design to the next level and reducing the weight by 25%. A more powerful D2 Gear System, the next generation of Duragear, provides enhanced efficiency and precision when the water, and as with all new Revo low profile reels, the new X2-Craftic alloy provides the most advanced corrosion protection. The Abu Garcia Revo SX Generation-3 Casting Reels’ MagTrax brake system also provides smooth, consistent brake pressure for casting precision like no other.


-9 stainless steel ball bearings + 1 roller bearing provides smooth operation
-X2-Craftic alloy frame for increased corrosion resistance
-C6 carbon handle sideplate provides significant weight reduction without sacrificing strength and durability
-Carbon Matrix drag system provides smooth, consistent drag pressure across the entire drag range
-D2 Gear Design provides a more efficient gear system while improving gear durability
-MagTrax brake system gives consistent brake pressure throughout the cast
-Infini II spool design for extended castability and extreme loads
-Compact bent handle and star provide a more ergonomic design
-Ti coated line guide reduces friction and improves durability

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Cap. (Test/Yd.) Stock Price Qty
RVO3 SX Right 6.4:1 6.7 9SS + 1RB 12/145 In Stock: 3+ $119.99
RVO3 SX-HS Right 7.1:1 6.7 9SS + 1RB 12/145 In Stock: 3+ $119.99
RVO3 SX-HS-L Left 7.1:1 6.7 9SS + 1RB 12/145 In Stock: 3+ $119.99
RVO3 SX-L Left 6.4:1 6.7 9SS + 1RB 12/145 In Stock: 3+ $119.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Love This Reel, I own 9 I have them. I have paired them up with lots of different rods. Generation 1-3 are great but Gen 3 is so much lighter and smoother. 

From: Brooks: Marietta, GA 2/10/17

Comments: Not saying this is a bad reel but its definetly not my favorite. For $160 it dosnt cast far it is terrable at pitching and flipping. The handle seems short i dont have big hands but it just dosnt feel right to me. I never have liked the grips on abu garcia's they just feel cheap. The reel is smooth and drag is smooth and strong enough. Just not my go to reel.

From: Taylor - 2/2/17

Comments: This is a great reel for your money. It will exceed your expectations. It casts just as well as my revo rocket and can fight fish like a champ. I use it on my frog rod and I can cast a spro poppin frog a mile and it super smooth. Recommend to anyone looking for a very high quality reel at a very good price!

From: Jeremy: FL 1/20/17

Comments: I bought this reel in the spring and its great. Couldn't ask for anything better. I got it in 7.1:1 & I can do every technique even cranking, just slow your reeling speed down & it will work. I put it on free spool & can sling it a country mile. All in all a great reel.

From: Aidan: USA 9/1/16

Comments: I bought this reel second hand and it's without a doubt one of the best reels I've ever bought.  Such a smooth release and it makes fighting those smallies a walk in the park.  I have reels that cost much more than this one but this out performs them.  I'm more than satisfied with the this reel, I plan to grab another one in the future for another setup.  Defiantly a great bang for the buck!

From: Paul: NY 8/17/16

Comments: I love this reel! caught a 6lber a few weeks ago & the reel performed flawlessly. Would recommend for a beginner in baitcasting.

From: Patrick: MO 6/7/16

Comments: This Reel is amazing. I have paired it with a St. Croix Mojo Bass & a Halo Fishing Red rod and its the lightest combos I have ever used. Not to mention very smooth. I used this for cranking, flipping, frogging, you name and is easily the best.

From: Race: Wiliston, FL 3/26/16

Comments: These reels are amazing for their price point. I am currently in the process of switching all of my bait casters over to this reel. It cast very far & very accurately & the retrieve is buttery smooth. These reels seem very durable as well. Highly recommend!

From: Ryan: KS 12/19/15

Comments: Awesome reel for bass fishing! I have mine in a 6.4:1 gear ratio & I have it paired with a 7 foot medium action duckett ghost. I mainly use it for lip less crank baits and small texas rigs. I will be buying more of these reels and other reels from Abu as well. I love this reel and highly recommend it! Abu garcia for life!

From: TY: Vilonia, AR 11/16/15

Comments: I will start out by saying this is a great reel! I have fished with this reel in a left handed retrieve and a 7.1:1 gear ratio for the last two tournament seasons and have caught hundreds of fish with it. This reel is on my primary flipping setup paired with 30lb. powerpro braid earlier in the season, but now holds 40lb. Berkley trilene 8-carrier. Haven't had any major backlashes with this line unlike with the 4 strand powerpro, and it seems to compliment the reel perfectly. The only issues I've had with this reel have been when I'm fishing in the rain. The spool release (casting button) becomes much harder to press down, and is almost a challenge in frigid conditions primarily because of how cold my hands are. I clean my reels every 3-5 months but have had this happen on multiple occasions in the rain, or if the reel becomes submerged, which has happened a few times. Overall though this is an amazing reel with a great drag & spool tension system that really fine tunes whatever weight of jig I throw with it. I would gladly take 3 more of these reels if I had the choice.

From: Matt: Batavia, IL 10/13/15

Comments: Great reel. Always have loved abu since my first 5600. Only thing I don't like about it is that they should put extended bent handles on all of their reels. Other than that great reel!

From: Zach: Osceola, AR 9/17/15

Comments:  I have 2 of the 7.1, And have only had to replace the pawl on one of them. Other than that no issues. They will fish light or heavy from 6lb floor to 65 lb braid with ease. Very smooth, very comfortable for palmers and cast with ease.  Can't go wrong with Abu! Very solid reel!

From: Jeff: Alex, OK 9/9/15

Comments: I've had this reel for about a year and it has blown me away. It was my first baitcaster & I highly recommend it to any beginner or expert. You barely have to thumb it and it can be used for almost any bait. All in all, very smooth extremely light and the best all around reel for the price!

From: Matt: PA 8/5/15

Comments: The Gen 3 REVO SX is one of the best reels you can buy for under $200. I fished a tournament where it was 19 degrees outside and the reel blew me away. Even though the reel was just about completely frozen and I had gloves on, the casting was amazing!

From: Devon: KY 3/29/15

Comments: I use my SX for flipping with 65lb braid and it holds up good, just wish the grips were a little more thicker & longer along with the handle. Great reel for heavy lines (frogging, flipping)

From: Brady: Lacrosse, WI 3/23/15

Comments: I own 4 of these reels, several black max, and a couple revo s spinning. I have not yet had an issue with any of my Abu reels and being a Florida heavy cover bass guy I can tell you I put them through the ringer. The Revo SX is light, smooth and best part very strong. Cant go wrong with Abu Garcia products.

From: EtEEzY: FL 1/27/15

Comments: I've use every Abu Garcia Low Profile reel from the Black Max up to the Revo Winch and the Revo SX is by far my favorite. Once dialed in, it casts like a dream. I own two gen3 Revo SX reels now and will shortly be buying a third and fourth. I highly recommend this reel to anyone in the $160 price range.

From: Ben: KY 12/29/14

Comments: This reel is absolutely amazing, smooth, casts the distance! Can take a beating and still keep going, if you're looking for a lightweight reel with power, you have it here! Im satisfied with mines. Definitely recommended!

From: KT: NC 9/26/14

Comments: I shouldn't say its a bad reel I think I just got a dud its not engaging and when I cast it sounds like the gears are grinding but they said to ship it back to them so we'll see what happens

From: JD: CT

Comments: This is a great reel. It's small, light, and powerful. I've had mine for a year now and it hasn't let me down once. Even with big fish on the reel performed perfectly. I will admit the reel is a little harder to tune than most but once you have it tuned it is a dream.

From: Justin: Ohio

Comments: Fished this reel all season worked great Oiled it every couple of trips. caught some huge pike drag worked great no issues keep it clean and oiled should last years

From: Steve: Scottsville ny

Comments: I have to agree with some of the people here because I have the revo sx gen 2 and its way stronger and durable compared to this reel i have the same problem with the reel not engaging I love my gen 2 but Abu might have lost a few customers at least when it comes to the $150 and under models I did get the gen 3 winch and I will say that it is working great still with no problems

From: JD: CT

Comments: This is my first casting reel I've ever bought and will never go abu again.. I was excited with this reel when I first got it.. first time out on the lake and about twenty casts later the reel won't engage after making a cast.. Messed with it a little and it started working again.. occasionally it'll do it again.. spoke with the sales reps and they told me, "it's abu. This is common with their reel.. I can send it in for repair, but they'll replace what's it's not broken and you'll get charge for it. It'll do the same again.. Just press down hard on the release lever  every time you use it".. I was very disappointed for I can't return the reel cause i bought it a couple of months before fishing season starts..

From: Michael: MN

Comments: My very first baitcaster. No doubt there's a learning curve but now that I've using it consistently I can honestly say I absolutely love this reel. It casts like a bullet from weightless plastics, spinnerbaits, crankbaits etc. I even use it for some inshore bass fishing and it hauls em in no problem. So far so good this reel is a workhorse!

From: JC: CA

Comments: Been die-hard Shimano fan for over 20 years. Recently I was window shopping and picked up the Revo SX...immediately fell in love with the feel of this reel! Light and balanced. Decided to jump in so I got one 6.4:1 (Drop Shot) and two 7.1:1 (Jig and Worm). Spent time in the yard tuning them and to the water I went. So far all I can say is WOW! Very smooth, no effort casting (with greater distance than my Chronarchs I might add) and a great drag system. Only time will tell if they can last as long as my Shimano's but I feel that I've made a good choice. I didn't need to buy new reels, just wanted to change it up. Now I'll be replacing all my reels with the Revo's. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the reels on the market nowadays so it'll be a personal preference.

From: Will: NW, OK

Comments: I use this reel in saltwater for stripers and this reel has some power! I'm throwing big 7 inch swimbaits and catching 25-35 inch fish. This reel is super light and has the power you want for any kind of fish. Abu Garcia For Life

From: Jon: NJ

Comments: I have recently purchased on eof these reels has a great feel to it but, I had a four pounder and as I reeled it in I heard a noise and the reel started to spin backwards. It might of been a faulty reel or the make just failed, keep this in mind when fishing with this reel

From: Braydon: Lake Arrowhead, CA

Comments: I just bought this reel yesterday in the 7:1 gear ratio, and paired it with a 7'6 MHF Veritas rod. First time ever spending this much money on a set-up and so far it is worth it. I took it out yesterday evening and caught maybe 20 bass. Its smooth and I was casting a lot farther than my other set-ups. I pulled in a 4lber with probably  lbs of grass and muck and it was a breeze. I would definitely recommend this reel to someone.

From: Travis: Huntington,WV

Comments: I own several shimanos ( citica/curado) which are great reels that will last along time,   and 3 johnny Morris signature reels which use to be my favorite. i bought the revo sx 3 months ago and it is the best reel i've ever owned hands down and also for the same price the revo sx blows them out. Very light, cast a mile, easy to cast with light weight, very very smooth,  and I found to be VERY EASY to flip cast with. I will for sure be switching over to all revos. 

From: Ryan: baton rouge,la

Comments: I just received this reel is the mail, it's super light compared to my Curado G but it's not a smooth as the curado. I will be sending it back and getting another curado.

From: Jimmy: TX

Comments: I love this reel. Had no problems with it out of the box and it preforms great. Awesome reel in every aspect especially price.

From: Joe: Scottsdale, Az

Comments: First time out the reel had problems. About every third of fourth cast the reel would not retrieve the line when I started turning the handle. After I turned the handle for about five to ten turns it would kick in. I was in a tournament and had to put it away. I took it back and had it replaced. I'll be out tomorrow to check out the new one.

From: Stan: Hammond, IN

Comments: bought this reel becasue i picked up another rod for jigging, and holy wow! 30 lb power pro. Can still cast half oz football head further then anything else i own. incredibly smooth. probably smoother then my cronarch i have. and dialed it in within 6 casts or so. if you pick one up from a store. make sure you get one from the back or that is still sealed up, i recommend giving it a shot

From: Dustin: Liberty Lake, WA

Comments: I think most of the people that are saying that this reel is garbage are Shimano fans, I have 6 of these 3rd gen reels and there perfect, light weight, smooth and super strong. Get one you won't regret it

From: Bill: CA

Comments: bought e series curados 5 years ago still perform flawlesly bought gen 2 revo sx 2 years ago looks cool worked nice when new does not cast as well as shimano curado e i baby my reels this revo sx is garbage does not cast as well as shimano not a long lasting reel cast out clutch does not fully engage half the time noisey sorry i purchased it looks cool but pure junk will never buy garcia again rather fish a reel that is a half once or so heavy than fish light weight junk  like this

From: Todd: Dallas

Comments: Hey everyone, i just got the SX last night, and it is 3 times better than last years, and I didnt even think that was possible! I have fished almost every single reel company (excluding pinnacle) and abu has come out on top every time. Pick one, or more, of these Revos up, it won Icast for a reason!

From: Paul: Midwest

Comments: I'm not particular brand person I have lews, shimanos & Abus. This reel is by far the wrost one. I have 3 gen2 sx I like those, but this one is terrible it' is impossible to get tuned right. The tension knob takes like 3 clicks and its all the way tight. Also the thumb bar gets stuck and you can't reel.

From: Zakk: LA

Comments: this reel is pretty beast, i was casting weightless senkos and flukes a good 25-30 yards today with 17lb fluoro, thats pretty far! with heavy line like that. the drag is super smooth, engages just fine, looks sick and is very comfortable to palm. getting another one here shortly to pair with my new rod

From: David: WA

Comments: Took the side cover off and the spool out and lubed bearings, tightens the screws that hold brake to side cover, and removed some line. Problem with noise and vibration fixed. Reel is now pretty darn smooth, still not a big fan of the magnetic only braking, but it works okay.

From: Daron: LA

Comments: Great reel - very light - a bit smaller then the original SX - wish it had 11 rather then 10 bearings. 

From: Kev: Keystone

Comments: Love this reel.  Have caught 7 bass weighing 4 lbs. to 8 lbs. on it since Christmas.  Couple it with a St. Crox Rage 7'1" Med Heavy Rod and you can cast your lures a mile.

From: Steve: Cary, NC

Comments: just str8 beast...smooth n light...tune it right n u will never backlash..oh n 1 more thing...VERY SEXY

From: Mr. HMOOB: CA, USA

Comments: I've been a shimano guy most of my life but there reels keep going down hill. So I bought an SX to use as a cranking reel. I opened the box pick up the reel and all I can say is wow. Smooth clean and I was surprised how lite it was. Ill be rethinking my faith.

From: Andrew: SoCal

Comments: This is my first low profile reel.  Coming from a Calcutta 200GTB, this reel is light, smooth, and has tons of drag.  The only bad thing I have to say about it is I do NOT like the magnetic-only braking system. I'm not saying this is not a good reel, but if you haven't used a mag brake before I suggest you try one out before you buy.  I would rather a centrifugal brake, personally. I have this reel on a Cashion 7' MH worm and jig rod and I really like the setup.  I will be keeping the reel, but beware of the mag brake.

From: Warren: Pell City, AL

Comments: Love this reel so smooth and cast so nicely and I have it on a 7' M duckett love it and plan on getting more

From: Bodee: St. Augustine

Comments: Abu garcia is by far my favorite reel manufacture. My Revo sx gets a hard work out every fishing trip. I have it paired up with a G loomis GL3 and throw nothing but plastic swim baits on it. The design is very well, fits in my palm very nicely. The SX and S are both great reels, the next reels i purchase will be abu garcias.

From: Brad: Lakeland, FL

Comments: Awesome reel for saltwater, I catch reds, stripers and snook on this reel!

From: James: FL

Comments: pretty good reel. Smooth and casts pretty far. Got it with a 734 Dobyns savy.

From: koj tub boy: Fresno

Comments: I have 3 revo SX's all of Dobyns rods, 2 for small swimbaits and 1 for crankbaits. I use them just in saltwater and they are very light and strong! I recommend them to everybody!

From: Jimmy: CA

Comments: you really have to play with this reel until it actually gets good... it has a real fast spool. I can only cast spoons, jigs, and heavy worms with this but it works well when you get it down

From: John: AL

Comments: I can't wait to get mine in. I'm gonna pair it with a 7'3 vendetta 2 and im getting the reel 7:1:1 put 50 lb braid and throw frogs and pitch and flip

From: Sam: Dallas, TX

Comments: Seems to me that this reel is probably what I am looking for. I have been using baitcasters for about 4 years and I am looking for an upgrade. I like to fish every inch of the lake wether its froggin' shallows, crankin', jigging... just about anything. I am searching for a well-balanced reel and I was wondering if this is it.

From: Jake: Ann Arbor, MI

Comments: This thing is SMOOTH! I paired with a GLX. I'd been looking for a baitcasting reel that would let me cast finesse baits as far as my spinning outfit let me. This reel hit the mark bigtime! I may pick up another to replace my old Curado!

From: Tre': Montgomery, AL

Comments: I've had my chance to use one of these in the high speed model, and I will say, not impressed. These reels may be lighter.than the previous generation, but internals are not what they should be, especially the fact that these reels have back play. Who spends $180 for something that feels like a MAX series reel. If you can get your hands on the gen 2 revos, do it. Its just sad that Abu Garcia took the same path Shimano did with the Curado.

From: Mike: WI

Comments: Awesome reel. Casts very well and it smoother than my Gen 1 revo sx. Also, it is much lighter. Well worth the money

From: Colby: Pace, FL

Comments: Best bait caster ive ever owned. Buttery smooth, as light as a feather compared to the older Revos and just an over all great reel. Handles fish like a dream. Paired with a 6' 9'' Veritas and a spinnerbait, you cant beat it.

From: Matthew: MA

Comments: The best bait cast reel I've ever owned. It was my first Abu and I have to say, I'm a fan. Dupes smooth and light as a feather. It also goes fantastic with my temple fork 6'6" rod. Very happy with this purchase

From: William: TX

Comments: I have the Gen. 2 and just broke in the new Gen 3. WOW! The generation 3 is sooooo much nicer overall. The first thing you'll notice is how much lighter the new one is and how much better you feel after a day of peppering the water all day long. It's smaller profile is much nicer for Pitching, yanking spooks all day ect... The new one is a little smoother but they are both smooth and cast a mile. Get one!!!

From: Ryan: Seattle, WA

Comments: Maybe mine is defective, but this thing backlashes more than any reel I have ever owned. Besides the first gen Revo SX. I loved the gen 2 SX, but this one is horrible in the casting department. The ergonomics are great and it is smooth as butter.

From: RS: TX

Comments: This is one awesome reel. You're not going to find a better reel in this price point from anyone.  Its not as refined or light as a Steez, but its also not $600.00.  Its super smooth and cast like a dream with tons of power in it.  I was fishing for bass and ended up with a 6 pound catfish on the line and this thing brought it up like it was a shaker.  Great reel.  Would definitely get another one if needed.

From: Milt: San Fransisco, CA

Comments: Great reel!!!!  Makes the older revos I have fell like ton.

From: Eric

Comments: Amazing reel! I got one and now I just ordered 2 more! Very light and super small! They are way better than diawa and shimano reels! And excellent power for fish in the Chesapeake bay! Highly recommend them for anybody!

From: Bob: Baltimore, MD

Comments: November reel better  than the older models smaller and lighter. I think the profile is smaller than the curado and chronarch E'skeep it up Abu Garcia.

From: Hieu: Houston

Comments: Been playing with one of these for about 3 weeks and what can i say... Abu has done it again. I came from curados and chronarchs and loved those reels but then... I found Abu. I will be fishing these reels all year this year and cant wait to see what they come up with next.

From: Derick: Brigham, UT

Comments: Got one of these way before they are made to the public. Awesome reel ! Smalleer, lighter, but just as strong ! Great reel !!!!

From: Chris: Ooltewah, TN

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