Abu Garcia REVO S Generation 3 Casting Reel - $129.99


Whether you want distance or control, the pitch centrifugal brake system of the Abu Garcia Revo S Generation-3 Casting Reel provides the best of both worlds. With a combination of self adjusting spring loaded brake blocks and pitch brake block, the Pitch centrifugal brake can be adjusted to suit any fishing situation.  The new cutting edge look of the Abu Garcia Revo S Generation-3 Casting Reel is the perfect match for the Veritas series of rods.


-7 stainless steel ball bearings + 1 roller bearing provides smooth operation
-X2-Craftic alloy frame for increased corrosion resistance
-Carbon Matrix drag system provides smooth, consistent drag pressure across the entire drag range
-Pitch centrifugal brake system
-D2 Gear Design provides a more efficient gear system while improving gear durability
-Compact bent handle and star provide a more ergonomic design

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Featuring a new cutting-edge look, the Generation-3 Abu Garcia Revo S Casting Reels also deliver the ultimate in casting capabilities whether you're looking for distance or control.

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Capacity (Test/Yd.) Price Stock Qty
RVO3 S Right 6.4:1 7.4 7SS + 1RB 12/145 $129.99
RVO3 S-L Left 6.4:1 7.4 7SS + 1RB 12/145 $129.99

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  • Featuring a new cutting-edge look, the Generation-3 Abu Garcia Revo S Casting Reels also deliver the ultimate in casting capabilities whether you're looking for distance or control.

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  • Equipped with a super smooth five stainless steel bearing system and a 6.4:1 gear ratio, the Abu Garcia Black Max Casting Reel delivers all the performance and toughness of the Max line for under $50.

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Comments: This reel was my first baitcaster and WOW..I expected to get more than one season of occasional use out of it.  Now the reel is bulletproof when it comes to not backlashing, making it excellent for beginners to get their hands wet.  You will sacrifice some significant distance though with it's design.  I can cast twice as far with my Curado which makes fishing the bays on my kayak much more fun.  Also, it's not as salt water resistant as it claims, even after completely washing the reel down with each use it gets gunned up pretty easily.  This reel is no longer in my arsenal and if I ever do decide to get another Abu it's going to be an inshore model, something that has proven itself worty of having on my kayak, not this paperweight.

From: Chris: Seal Beach, CA 3/10/15

Comments: I now own two of these reels. They both still cast like bullets. Take care of them, clean them, and they will last a long time.

From: Z: Abingdon, MD 12/5/14

Comments: I got two of these guys a year ago to match with my Veritas'. First the Pros: It looks good, especially paired with a Veritas, and thats about it. Cons: The spring loaded brake system does not allow you to tune the reel to get the maximum amount of distance, maybe get 20-25 yds per cast. i tried grease, oil, nothing allow for this reel to get what i want out of it. I have Black Max's that out perform this reel. The drag system is okay but again, other less expensive reels have done better. All in all for Abu to put a "Revo" name on this reel is disappointing because all their other Revo products are amazing! With that said, if you are a beginner to baitcasters this reel is for you! Just for the fact it has the break system and it will help you control your casts and not backlash all the time. For people with experience throwing bait casters, pay the extra 30$ and get the Revo SX, you will not regret it! Hope this helps!

From: Danny: Las Vegas, NV 12/4/14

Comments: I haven't even had this reel a year and already have had issues with it. The pawl has already gone bad. I did not expect it to have issues this early into it's use. I will not be buying any more abu Garcia reels.

From: Riley: IL 10/7/14

Comments: I now own three of these reels. I've never had a single issue with one. I love Lew's reels you definitely can't go wrong with this reel or Abu. Great product.

From: Zach: Abingdon, MD 8/13/14

Comments: This is an Excellent baitcaster for the money. I spooled mine with 10lb mono and haven't had any problem at all casting. I opened up the sideplate and set "one" of the centrifugal brakes to "on" and dialed in the spool tension. I have yet to have any problems with this reel. I really like this reel as well as any of the centrifugal casters.

From: CJ: Gretna, LA 6/13/14

Comments: I have a revo s 3 gen like a lot of reviews this reel cast stupid far and I see some people talking about putting bocca bearings I did the same never could get it tuned in back lashing more in my option the bocca bearings and this reel don't get along because of the breaking system but this reel on 7 ft MH Veratis or Duckett Micro Magic = one sick combo and performs better than the Shimano Citica just a few more bugs but all in all solid reel

From:  Justin: Seabrook Tx

Comments: This reel is my first revo and I must say I'm very impressed. It is so light and yet is so powerful, I throw swim jigs effortlessly on this and it's still going strong! Can't wait to get more revos now. Keep it up Abu

From: Ethan: KS

Comments: I used this withn10lb and 30lb braid for finesse worm and cranking respectuvely. I like it for both, but finessing better. Casts great! No issues for me!

From: JD: Little Elm, TX

Comments: not a bad reel for 129 but my lew's tourny mg is 5 times better and the lew's speedspool is evan better honstly. im not shooting down this reel but thouse 2 Lew's are 5 times better

From: Dale: ontaro,canada

Comments: The braking system has an issue that seems to pop up after a little use. It seems the brake tabs that you have set to OFF will weaken and turn themselves ON. I used to be able to launch a 1/2oz Red eye shad, and noticed my casting distance was crap all of a sudden. Checked the spool, and sure enough the pitch brakes kept breaking loose and turning them selves on. This issue was present in the older Revo S model, so it's disappointing that such a great reel has the same flaw as it's predecessor.

From: Jason: Dandridge, TN, USA

Comments: Decent reel after testing. Better than its former silver model.I own many older Shimanos so its a tough comparison to those. Lews Tourny pro and MG are close in smoothness but the Lews will out cast this reel by a bit. Lews very esy to set up with External antibacklass.I would still recomend this reel though as through initial testing, it seems solid. Will give update after season is over.

From: Mike: Canada

Comments: I bought two last fall and loved them. I fished hollow bellies all fall and early winter even in 30 degree weather they were smooth and would cast a mile better than any of my lews.

From: Jason: WI

Comments: I bought this little reel for my dad bc he can't go three casts without creating a new home for birds. I tightened up the new break system and on one of the settings i could keep my thumb completely off and throw as hard as i could without a single thread coming up. I then set the brakes to free as i prefer and could cast about as well as i could with my other abus. Overall, pretty solid reel. If you wanna learn how to fish a caster or just looking for an great feel for the price this is your reel.

From: Zac: IL

Comments: main problem with this reel is that, on occasion, it tries to engage in the middle of a long cast.  Very bad grinding noise.  I own about 9 other casting reels.  This is the only reel that does this.  My LH pro max is a more reliable reel and 40 bucks cheaper!

From: Mike: Modesto Ca

Comments: bought 2 of these reels to try out. the first one worked great and was smooth. the other one was terrible, made a grinding noise while reeling and casting distance was terrible. hopefully i just had bad luck with this one, going to return it and try again

From: Gage: IL

Comments: i purchased the revo s and was very please with it  Intell I was attempting to set the hook and their was no drag on the spool to even reel in the fish. I try tighting it and it didn't even retrieve I had to bring the line back in with my hands.  Very disappointed when I returned it they said that iam not the First return for the same problem.wow I realy love the low profile so I spent 30$ to get the revo sx its sweet.

From: Duke: CA

Comments: I just bought the revo s to match my duckett rod and I must say its pure quality as abu Garcia has always been known for.cast great feels great and looks great. Its a must have for tourney fishing.

From: Martin: Ft. Hood, TX

Comments: Great reel cast 1 mile only problem is that its not good with braid but that's ok I hate braid

From: Scott: New Haven, MI

Comments: Smaller profile than the previous Revos and much tighter mechanism. Love this reel, buying more soon.

From: Scott: Roseville, CA

Comments: Chris get the revo s. I own both and the revo s Is much better

From: Ron: San Jose, CA

Comments: Get a revo s This thing casts so far its stupid, fairly light and comfortable fit, only complaint feels cheap when you reel

From: TP: OC, CA

Comments: This reel was my first low profile reel and it is awesome. its smooth and sleek, casts great, not much info on the braking system but all around great reel

From: Dominic: Ashland, OR

Comments: Hands down Revo S. I own 6 Revo's now from the S to the premier, and soon to the MGX and I won't trade them for anything. Casting is smooth and effortless. I will say out of all the Revo's I own the SX is my favorite. I can outcast all my reels with the SX.

From: Angel: Chicago, IL

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