Abu Garcia REVO Winch Generation 3 Casting Reel



Designed with a low 5.4:1 gear ratio, the Abu Garcia Revo Winch Generation-3 Casting Reel is developed specifically for use with crankbaits and other high resistant baits. A new extended ergonomic handle design features larger EVA knobs, which further improves comfort while cranking deep diving baits.

In addition to the more powerful D2 Gear System, the Abu Garcia Revo Winch Generation-3 Casting Reel also includes dual anti-reverse for additional strength and durability in high-pressure situations.


-8 stainless steel ball bearings + 1 roller bearing provides smooth operation
-X2-Craftic alloy frame and sideplate for increased corrosion resistance
-C6 carbon sideplates provide significant weight reduction without sacrificing strength and durability
-Carbon Matrix drag system provides smooth, consistent drag pressure across the entire drag range
-Infini brake system allows almost limitless adjustability to handle any fishing situation
-D2 Gear Design provides a more efficient gear system while improving gear durability
-Ti coated line guide reduces friction and improves durability
-Extended bent handle for increased cranking power
-Large EVA knobs provide improved grip Dual anti reverse provides additional backup for high pressure situations

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Cap. (Test/Yd.) Stock Price Qty
RVO WNCH Right 5.4:1 6.9 8SS + 1RB 12/180 In Stock: 3+ $159.99
RVO3 WNCH-L Left 5.4:1 6.9 8SS + 1RB 12/180 In Stock: 3+ $159.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Great reel, cast amazing, super smooth retrieve. Easy to use & maintain. Handles fish amazingly. Drag is great. Recommend this reel to anyone that likes fishing crankbaits.

From: Drew: Milwaukee, WI 12/21/15

Comments: Most of the people saying their reels didn't last probably didn't have the braking system set up properly or never cleaned their reels. I love my winch and wouldn't have it any other way.

From: Logan: Charlotte, NC 11/10/15

Comments: I'm pleased with the Gen 3 Winch that I traded my Lew's BB1 Pro in on. I thought that the Lew's BB1 Pro was going to be a great reel; man was I wrong. The Lew's was either no distance on a cast or backlash and that is not acceptable when throwing a deep diving crankbait. The Winch is a far better casting reel in my opinion than my BB1 Pro was. I really liked not having the instant anti reverse on the Lew's and that was about it. Maybe Abu will take note of the feature from Lew's and apply it to their Winch. Keep the castablity up Abu. I don't know if this one cast as far as my Gen 1 Winch but it's very close. The reel is a success and I do recommend it as a cranking reel to anyone.

From: Trey: Rogersville, AL 9/10/14

Comments: Very smooth easy to palm. Its a good quality reel, but not for small baits and can cast a mile once u dial it in properly. Same frame as my rocket and definitely would buy another even if I have this one in the bag.

From: Chris: UK 9/7/14

Comments: Use mine almost exclusively throwing 6in or bigger swimbaits. Up to 5oz and it never misses a beat and when a big fish bites it's more than up to the task he's getting reeled in. Only upgrade will be my purchase of the Nacl for throwing those 7oz plus baits... Winch!

From: Jordan: Chesapeake, VA 6/26/14

Comments: very smooth when cranking Deep divers. only problem I had was that even with the drag all the way off there is still some tension on your spool maybe I got a defective reel but doesn't really effect fishing. handles big deep divers like a dream. love the big foam handles. haven't had any problems yet, cast control is pretty sweet. just hoping it last me a few more years.

From: plagerz: kansas

Comments: Best cranking reel made period!!

From: Tanner: Lake Charles: LA

Comments: Have had the reel for probably six months and its bad ass. I noticed it wasn't casting very far and was noisy so, I pulled off the side plate and clicked off the brake that some how turned on. I have this and the stx and run them with not brake pads on and dial in the magnetic as necessary and they make my lews superduty feel like it has a problem when it comes to casting. I think that if casting is suffering and it seems noisy, then the centrifugal brakes are out of balance. Shut them off or make sure they are set up as the manual states. I am drooling over the rocket...I think that is next.

From: rob cape cod

Comments: My Winch no longer casts like it used to and I've only had it for 3 months! It's definitely a work-horse because the retrieve is smooth as butter, but it doesn't cast more than 10 yards, SERIOUSLY. I was in love with this reel when I first got it, but now it makes a screeching sound on the 10 yard cast.... very disappointed with my first Abu...

From: Cantley: VA

Comments: I hate when people say after a month or so it doesn't work the same if you take care of iT and learn to take it apart and clean it properly a mid to upper range Abu will last for life. I still have a gen-2 revo sx and with proper care it works like the day I bought it and that was around 6 years ago. I just sent out for this reel and can't wait to get crankin with it. Keep it up guys ABU FOR LIFE!!!!!

From: Joe: CT

Comments: I agree with every word stated by Steve below. Absolutely will not tune for smaller baits. Once you get over that 1/2 ounce mark look out, it is a casting machine!!

From: Nate: WA

Comments: I was leary to purchase the Winch because of the bad reviews, but there is a limited amount of lefty cranking reels available so I purchased one. I have had the reel for about 2 months now and so far I am very impressed with it's casting distance and how it reduces the wear and tear of all day cranking. I do find it does not perform as well with lighter cranks(3/8 & 1/4) but if you're throwing 1/2 oz or better this reel does a good job.

From: Steve: NJ

Comments: This is my first Revo. When I got the new Gen 3 Winch it casted and performed great. After a few months of normal use, the casting distance has fallen off a bunch and it is noisy as heck. For the money, I was expecting more. Next time I am looking for a new reel - I doubt the Revo Winch will be on my list.

From: Jefferey: Berthoud, CO

Comments: I have 2 of these now, throwing 8" hudds, 9-12" slammers and I haven't had a single problem!  I know I'm using them for more than they were meant for but if it ain't broke, don't fix it. fits in the hand better than any round reel. awesome reels.

From: Justin: landrum, sc

Comments: Smooth salad... this Winch is bad. In this bad is good! Majority of my fishing is for stripers from shakers to monsters it handles them like nothing. Super light and small with alot of power. Good bye round reels and hello low profiles. Gonna be adding one more to the arsenal. Definitely a must have!!!

From: Kazi Delinquents MC: Hayward CA USA

Comments: Awesome reel. Very smooth, casts very far, ifini brakes makes it hard to backlash. I fished in 20mph wind all day and no backlash at all.

From: Hmoob: northern Cali

Comments: This powerhoused a 25 pound common carp with no issues. If you wanna make the one that got away history, buy a Revo Winch.

From: Charles: CT

Comments: Can you say bulletproof? A complete and total workhorse. The most solid reel I've ever owned. I throw big crankbaits and swimbaits with this one and see no reason to look for anything else. I own the original Winch and if it ever decides to give out I'll replace it with the Gen 3 - but I don't see that happening anytime soon!

From: Scott

Comments: @VR yes it should handle those big baits and fish no prob (I wouldn't recommend blades, only harbaits/plastics), down in NM we have a premier Tiger Muskie fishery and I use my revos (SX & STX) to catch em no prob. Hope that helps.

From: NS, NM

Comments: All I can say is BUTTER. The best cranking reel on the market without a doubt. If your thinking about getting this reel and arent sure.... Im telling you to add this to your setup now! you wont regret it garunteed.

From: Brandon: K3 Illinois

Comments: I love this reel! It handled any lure i chucked It is a freaking work horse. Paired with a shimano clarus it is deadly

From: Robert: Richmond, VA

Comments: Brad you should definitely go with this reel if you want a cranking reel! Abu made this specifically for that purpose!

From: Ethan: KS

Comments: I own a few Revo's to date, and I am in love with my SX's. Being a college angler I look to stretch my buck, with that being said I need a new cranking reel, but I want one that will stretch across the board from my deep divers to my 6 to 9 foot range and in between. Would the new winch be alright for throwing my shallower cranks as well?

From: Brad: Morris, AL

Comments: i know this is mainly a bass site but does anyone know if this reel will handle 8-12" baits and alot of hard muskie fishing?

From: VR: Canada

Comments: This thing is a beast! I'm a Daiwa guy, but I have nothing but praise for this reel. Throwing 6" and retrieving 6" Hudd ROF 12's is a breeze with this reel. Abu has it locked up for a low-pro, compact reel that still has GUTS! All this and less than 7 oz, too!

Comments: Love this reel. My first Abu, and I must say, I think it is very well made.  I usually fish Shimano, and I still like my Curado just fine, but this reel feels better made. I have it with 65 lbs braid on a iRod Bubs punch rod 7'11". Great reel

From: Cody: Chatsworth, GA

Comments: Small profile reel with HUGE handles that make winding that A-Rig all day easy. Sweet reel

From: Scott: Roseville, CA

Comments: Amazing reel. I used this all day to day extremely windy and not a single backlash and I do that pretty often. You can use this all day long on a deep diver or something else that has a lot of resistence baits and not even notice. I paired it up with a Shimano crucial crankbait rod the 7" 2' version.

From: Tyler: AL

Comments: One bad mother! This is a beast. I am shocked w/ how light it is but yet strong. It has so much torque that even after reeling in a 4 oz swimbait all day or deep cranking with a DD22, it is effortless. You can barely feel the lure, but just enough that you can feel the bait working, but not your wrist and reel working. I am SOLD and will be ordering 2 more. I might even get one for flipping, it is just TOUGH.

From: Brent: San Diego, CA

Comments: More so a question then a review. Anybody know what size of Boca bearings fit this Winch?

Comments: freakin love this reel for alabama rigs with 65 braid and love it for deep cranking in the winter time if you are looking for a reel this is way worth the money.

From: Ian: AZ

Comments: I have all the other Revo series reels, and love them all. But this new "winch" is unbelievable! A freakin workhorse. Never thought cranckin all day could be so comfortable. Wont be disappointed

From: Chris: Springfield, MA

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