A lightweight reel that dishes out heavy weight performance, the Abu Garcia Revo Premier Spinning Reel provides the best of both worlds - the strength of an all-metal construction and the lightweight properties of graphite. Abu Garcia’s revolutionary NanoShield plating technology, used for the Spool and the Stem, is up to 300% stronger than the same graphite parts and up to 50% lighter than the weight of aluminum. In fact, NanoShield technology is so strong and corrosion resistant, it’s the same material used to protect components inside nuclear reactors. Also extremely rigid, it gives you the ability to better handle torque on the reel stem when fighting oversized fish.

A sealed Carbon Matrix Drag System also provides consistent fish fighting pressure throughout out its range, as well as, up to 12-lbs. of max drag, and a a compact One-Piece Aluminum Gear Box, combined with a total of 11 HPCR bearings, ensures the Abu Garcia Revo Premier Spinning Reel maintains precise gear alignment and stays silky smooth, lightweight and reliable for years to come.

Additional Features:

-Everlast Bail System
-Slow Oscillation
-Stainless Steel Mainshaft and Hardware 

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Bought the 20 size and absolutely love the reel. Strong, durable and the bail system feels great. Not flimsy like some other brands. Big thumbs up for dropshot, tubes and flukes!

From: Dan: Spokane, WA 11/15/14

Comments: I bought the 20 size a couple of months ago. From the box it was rough and had an annoying "thump" to it.  I fished with it for 8 trips or so to see if it would free up, but it never did. I mailed it back to Tackle Warehouse on a Thursday and the following Monday TW emailed me saying my replacement was shipped. Hopefully, I got a lemon. More importantly, Tackle Warehouse has outstanding customer service! I will only buy tackle from Tackle Warehouse from now on.

From: J: Yuma, AZ

Comments: I have a size 20 with 8lb Nanofill, for flathead. I've had it now for about 6 months and it out performs all my other spinning outfits. I caught a 89cm flaty with no effort at all the reel performs flawlessly time and time again. When you hold and use this reel you know it will be with you for a long long time. Those of you who wine about the price are morons if you want a reel built from Quality materials and fish smooth consistently then your going to have to pay for it and $250 isn't that much for a reel like this, sure you can bye a reel for Half the price but it won't last long and then you'll have to replace it and in the lone run cost more 

From: Paul: Australia

Comments: I got the 30 size and paired it with a 7'1 Villain, medium action. I was nervous about spending that much on a spinning set, but it's worth it. I really love this reel. It will cast far and is extremely smooth.  I have 10lb Power Pro braid on it. I just hope it lasts along time!!

From: Travis: Huntington, WV

Comments: Allready 30 years Im using spinning reels and try many brands. This reel was a love on first sight, and you must try it to belive. From now I belive in love on first sight. Amazing lightweight spinning reel.

From: Hrvoje: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Comments: Best spinning reel period. Yes $250 is expensive for a spinning reel, but like Jordan said you get what you pay for. Ive got it on a 7ft duckett and its an awesome combo for dropshotting or finesse jigs. Put 10# nanofil on it and you can cast it a mile and a half. Abu done it again with this reel it really deserves the revo name.

From: Will: Tuscumbia, AL

Comments: Its a very good reel. it works good on heavy fish and works good with mono or flouro line. would highly reccomend it.

From: Kenden: Wind Lake, WI

Comments: This is a nice reel but would fit more in the 100 dollar price range, for this price you can buy 3 shimano sahara's and the shimanos are a better built reel.  This is very comparable to a sahara but it is 3 times the cost...not impressed abu

From: Jeremy: Punxsutawney, PA

Comments:  This is sure one of the smoothest spinning reel I've ever used, nice drag set up, ease casting, great control and never like using spinning reels until I tried these.  I now own 2 of them paired with a Carrot Stix.  Yes I agree that they are a little pricey, but you do get what  you paid for. 

From: Jordan: DeKalb, NY

Comments: great reel for the price.  Very smooth.

From: Derek: Las Vegas, NV


From: Darin: Hemet, CA

Comments: OMG Totally the best real ever!

From: Creighton: Des Plains, IL

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