Featuring a convenient flipping switch and an ultra smooth six bearing system, Abu Garcia took the high performance Silver Max Casting Reels and made them even better thanks to new advanced technology and materials. Precision engineered with a smoother feel, increased performance, and a more compact design, the Silver Max features a lightweight one-piece graphite frame and sideplates as well as a machined, double anodized Aluminum Spool, which provides added strength without adding excess weight. Also equipped with a MagTrax braking system for smoother casting in a wide range of conditions and a smooth performing Power Disk drag system, Duragear Brass Gearing also ensures extended gear life. The new and improved Abu Garcia Silver Max has the features you need at a more affordable price.

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  • Delivering a winning blend of performance and price, the Abu Garcia Silver Max Casting Reel offers the toughness and features you need to be successful on the water.

Customer Reviews

Comments: I've been using this reel for about a year now & it's great. This reel was my first casting reel & I highly recommend it for beginners.

From: Brock: Newkirk, OK 1/1/16

Comments: By far the worst real I own. I like abu garcia but these real is just flat out bad, I do no recommend it for just 20$ more you could get the new lews speed spool mg and that is an amazing real for the price.

From: Mac: NJ  10/8/15

Comments: Save your money and buy a higher end Abu or similar price range of a different brand. Have tried the reel with several line types, and have a hard time keeping this reel from backlashing. The flipping switch on my model was also unreliable.

From: Carl: UT 8/27/15

Comments: This reel is Amazing, I've owned one for about 2 years (was my 1st baitcaster) and haven't lubed or cleaned it and runs super smooth. Not sure why but it backlashes a lot on flouro but not mono and braid. Used it to catch catfish as well.

From: Evan: WI 4/2/15

Comments: This reel is awesome for the price. It was my first bait casting reel a few years ago, and I still bring it with me everytime I go out. I own several much more expensive reels, but even sometimes I prefer the silver max. This is a great reel for someone looking to buy their first baitcaster.

From: Clayton: Bufrod, GA 1/24/15

Comments: My first baitcast reel that I paired with a St. Croix mojo bass rod. Ive had it about a year now and it still works flawlessly.

From: Zane: OK 1/20/15

Comments: So I have had my silver max for about three years now. It is my only Abu Garcia Reel I own, I have 3 shimano reels, 2 Curados and a Calcutta. Honestly this silver max is a reel I must always have with me. Sure the flip switch is the only way I can engage my spool, but I can cast a weightless worm just as far as I can cast a 3/8 oz big hammer lead head and 3" big hammer when I take it fishing in the bay for some spotties. Very comfortable in my hand and I don't care if some of the components do not work anymore I love this silver max reel and I have never had it fail on me. Good bang for your buck if you ask me.

From: Trevor: San Diego, CA 12/13/14

Comments: I got this real over a year ago and at times it would not be smooth but all i had to do was oil and it still works like a charm

From: Tommy: USA 10/12/14

Comments: I tried to go cheap but I just wasted $60 of work. It birds best nonstop no matter what I put the brake on. It has a broken flipping switch. When I actually make a cast it goes 10yd MAX.It feels like plastic. Save up the money and buy something better!

From: Brett: TX 6/13/14

Comments: Really great reel except for the flipping switch, it broke before I got to fish with it. My only other problem is that maybe one out of every 20-30 casts,there is a really obnoxious clicking noise when the spool spins letting line out. Doesn't affect casting distance though. Also, I have had the handle spin backwards on a cast 2 or 3 times (out of fishing with it for close to a year), I have no idea why but again, it doesn't affect casting.

From: Nolan: VA 4/8/14

Comments: This is not a terrible reel, but it could be a lot better. I have issues casting fluorocarbon with it. Therefore I use mostly braid. I have used it now for 2 years and am looking to replace it. It seems like its starting to fall apart- somehow if I jerk the line really hard the gears spin backwards... and the anti-reverse on a spinning reel. Obviously that shouldn't happen. Also the handles are REALLY small, so pulling bass out of heavy cover isn't the easiest. I'd give it 3/5 stars if I could.

From: Tom: Ham Lake, MN 3/12/14

Comments: This reel is great for its price. Im a shimano man and this reel casts almost as far as my lew's and curado after i tune n grease it properly. I will post it on youtube when i have a chance.

From: Shimano Man: Stockton, CA

Comments: Really good reel. I have had mine for 4yrs and I can still cast a mile with it. Really good reel for the price.

From: Tyler: Taylorville, IL

Comments: Only caught about 100 - 200 bass on this reel and the drag stopped working on it, if u fish a lot don't buy this piece of junk!!

From: Caleb: Norway, ME

Comments: I purchased the silver max without ever using a baitcaster previously and i backlashed constantly while practicing with weights. But i figured out how to tune it and i was amazed this morning 10-23-13 i went fishing in the Necannicum river in Seaside,Or and landed a 15 lb chinook on my second cast with the sivermax caster reel and the rest of the day was a blast using my first bait caster. Tune it in! Tighten your reel drag so you feel a slight hesitation while reeling. Then set your line speed at half. Make sure you line your reel with enough tension and a good knot or you will have major problems. This reel is for fisherman only!

From: Brian: Astoria, Or USA

Comments: awesome reel for the money, mine scratched easy though. but its an awesome reel!

From: Dylan: KY

Comments: I also have owned a Shimano Citica G series but this reel is as good as Citica. I received the reel today and went to fishing with it. No backlash whatsoever! I would recommend this reel for your first baitcaster!

From: Jay: NH

Comments: Best reel for under 75 bucks in my opinion. All you have to do is tune it up properly, and you will not get tons of backlashes! The Silver Max is a great low priced reel for beginners, people wanting to save some cash, and for everyone else! Get yourself one today, and you will be happy! I sure do love the two that I own!

From: Dominic: MD

Comments: I have 6 of these reels. I started out buying the Promax. And wasn't to happy with it. these reels are smooth and are perfect for flipin/pitchin. I also use these for deep cranking. Good reels. Buy you some.

From: Jay

Comments: Very smooth and quality reel.  It is great for flipping and pitching.  Set the brakes about a quarter of the way and it casts far without backlash.  Abu Garcia has made another quality reel.  Five Stars.

From: Anthony: Greensboro, NC

Comments: I got this reel around christmas2013 and it's great. The reels pretty smooth it's made out of quality stuff and it's drag is great I've pulled in huge 50 pound logs in on a medium ivy rod with this reel and evn while pulling up and reeling down with a lot of tension it was still smooth. The price I agree should be hire a lot like the black max but the only problem I have with it is sometimes I end up Hitting the flipping switch while casting and it messes with the reel. You should get this reel it's great for the price.

From: Josh: Beloit wisconsin

Comments: This hands down is one of the strongest reels for the price around $60. I currently have one on a 7'6" Abu Garcia Vengeance. I use this specifically for punching, flipping and pitching. Handles fish very well! Used for huge carp and haul em in no problem. Im an Abu guy FOR LIFE

From: Adrian: Seattle, WA

Comments: I purchased the Silver Max over Christmas 2013 and I must say I'm extremely impressed with how it handles and casts. I also purchased a Revo Premier and a Revo STX, lets just say I had a great Christmas!!! Abu Garcia has truly taken my fishing to new heights. I'm a big fan!!!

From: Brandon: Charlotte, NC

Comments: Absolute trash! This thing is great for the birds making nests. After 2 hours of being out on the water and only getting 8-10 decent casts I called it a day. The fish were out and feeding but I spent more time trying to dial in the drag and dealing with birds nests on this thing then actually fishing. Spend a bit more money and get a better reel.

From: Salem, OR

Comments: This reel is awesome! I've had it for about a year and it has been one of my favorite reels. Really good for the price

From: D: CA

Comments: had this reel about a month before i had problems, somehow the line guide wouldnt move across the pawl so the line just bunched up on one side. this reel is okay it definantly isnt a revo.

From: Caleb: NC

Comments: To answer any dis-beliefs about whether this reel can handle big fish i exclusively use my S max for tiger muskie, it handles 40" fish with ease.  Great reel to transition into baitcasting.

From: Noah: The Land of Enchantment

Comments: this is all around just a great reel and is great for beginners.Built extremely well for just 60 $.

From: Tony: TX

Comments: perfect baitcaster for smallies..this reel excels for spinnerbaits and buzzbaits..even 1/4 ounce jigs are not a problem casting..have the tension knob turned almost all the way off and the spool stops right before the bait hits the water which results in zero backlashes (for me anyway) would recommend for anyone, especially if you're new to baitcasting..AND a very affordable and quality reel..

From: Scott: IL

Comments: $100 reel performance at $60. This reel is my first baitcaster and it has been a surprisingly smooth transition. Backlashes in the beginning, as I was trying to learn how to use a baitcaster, but backlashes are easy to fix on this reel. Great feel and nice casts, looks like a higher end baitcaster too. Only thing is, I would only suggest this reel to bass fisherman. At max drag a fish over 4lb is still going to pull a lot of line, but that can be fun. However I cant see this thing reeling in a fish over 10 lb, without a long, long fight. Great reel though. 4.5/5

From: Joe: USA

Comments: This reel has caught me a lot of fish. I really like it. It is one of the easiest reels to cast that I have ever used and for that it gets a big thumbs up. However, if I could change anything about this reel it would be the flipping switch. I hate the location of the switch because I find myself hitting it often and causing me to miss out on the next cast. Other than that, it's a very stout reel and a great value.

From: Dano: KY

Comments: This reel is simply amazing. The 6 ball bearings make  it extremely smooth. I paired it up with a 6'6 med hvy lightning rod; and they pair up very well. Abu Garcia needs to up the price on this reel. For 60 bucks they have to be losing money. Awesome Reel!

From: Scott: Melbourne, FL

Comments: Great Reel, its nice, smooth, inexpensive, nicely built

From: St Paul, MN

Comments:  I purchased this reel in December and this reel is so much better than the previous model. It is very smooth and casts great. I have used it to fish shaky heads and skip jigs under docks. No major backlashes while skipping and the drag has been great. The reel feels more beefed up and I am truly impressed. I love my Revo SX's but I may buy more of these if the one I have continues to perform

From: Roger: Helena, AL

Comments: This reel is not worth the money Abu Garcia suggest. I have hauled in over 50 bass on my Silver Max 2 and after one month of use, mine has developed major a major problem with the spool engagement mechanism causing the handle to completely lock up during retrieves. Additionally, the spool will develope high speed distortion while casting lures like lipless crankbaits and spinnerbaits. This reel does not fit well with most rods under $50 either. I recommend spending a few additional dallors on for a Revo or Orra Sx, the Silver Max 2 is just not a quality reel, it looks very nice but it does not hold up very well. I fish every weekend when I can using soft plastic worms. When I'm on the water, I usually spend 8 to 10 hours--this envolves quite a few cast. The reel worked great for the first four trips, but now it malfunctions on a regular basis just like the older version. Purchase at your own risk--mine may just be a bad one.

From: John: Cocoa Beach, FL

Comments: This reel is awesome! Super smooth, casts far even with light lures and comfortable.

From: Alex: Fresno, CA

Comments: I own 2 stx's, a revo s, and a sx I purchased this reel just to try it out on a rod that I did'nt have a reel on it yet (veritas) with the thought I would just return it ....let me tell you this new revamped silver max is just as smooth and casts just as far as my higher end revos I can't believe there asking 60 bucks for it ...great job abu garcia I am a customer for life..

From: Rick: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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