The next generation of the Abu Garcia Vendetta Casting Rods are precision-engineered for a balanced feel and additional durability. Featuring super sensitive blanks with plenty of power, they utilize advanced 30-ton graphite fibers and high-tech Intra-Carbon technology. Abu Garcia’s Intra-Carbon technology uses very thin layers of multidirectional carbon fibers within the construction of the rod.  These layers provide an increase in the compression strength, making the rod less susceptible to failure when under intense loads.

The 30 Ton rating indicates a superior grade of graphite. The result is a lighter rod with increased sensitivity. The higher the tonnage, the stiffer the fibers used in the construction of the rod. Stiffer fibers more efficiently transmit vibrations to your hand so you can feel more strikes. Stainless steel guides with Zirconium inserts provide additional durability as well as improved casting, and a Fuji ECS Reel Seat combined with high density EVA handles provide maximum comfort for long days on the water. Available in a range of lengths and actions, the Abu Garcia Vendetta Casting Rods deliver exceptional angler value and advanced performance.

-Texas-rigged Hook Keeper
-Backed by 3-year limited warranty 

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have 10 of these rods, 8 casting & 2 spinning, of all actions & lengths. Love them, nothing bad to say. Paired these rods up with Revo SX's and they are amazing. Light weight, sensitive, tough! As long as Abu Garcia keeps making the Vendetta series, I'll keep buying them.

From: Jason: USA 9/14/16

Comments: I purchased the 7'6 heavy for flipping this year. I noticed that the rod is sensitive and very stiff but the rod snapped when setting the hook on a hog in heavy cover. I quickly sent Abu an email to resolve the issue and to no avail. It took 3 more nasty emails before a response. They did take care of the issue but I have not seen the replacement as of yet. As for the quality of the rod this is a great economically priced fishing rod for someone looking to get serious about fishing but is not ready for a tournament pole. overall I would rate this rod a 7/10

From: Kroberts: Raymond, NH 8/11/16

Comments: I've been using the Vendetta line of rods since they came out. I have nothing but great thing to say about them. They are light, and very sensitive. If you treat them with care(just like any other rod) they are fantastic. I have spinning and casting versions of the rod and have pulled in 5 lb smallmouth & large walleyes with ease. My rods have also done battle with the occasional muskie and preformed wonderfully.  For a n $80 rod, it is fantastic. Don't compare it to a $200+ St Croix rod, its not in the same class!!! It is however, an excellent rod at an very reasonable price.

From: Mike: Tomahawk, WI 6/29/16

Comments: 7' paired with Abu Garcia Pro Max. Mainly used for cranks, spinnerbaits, lipless baits. Had it since October of 2014 and it has stood up to many largemouth bass and gars. Boat-flipped bass over 3+ pounds into the boat, as well as 3+ foot gars with ease. Not a single issue or complaint to be made.

From: Matt: Winter Haven, FL 6/7/16

Comments: I've had the 7'6 MH and H since the second generation came out. These rods have outperformed & out lasted a few of my rods that cost twice as much. They are sensitive, not too heavy & have good actions. I 7'6" MH is my go to Frog & swim jig rod. Perfect action & a pleasure to fish with. Honestly, my favorite rod in my locker.

From: Sony: ID 2/11/16

Comments: I had a bad experience with these rods, but I will tell you this; ABU Garcia has the best customer service I have ever dealt with. I have since moved on to better pieces, but I would recommend Abu Garcia products to anyone getting their feet wet in the fishing game. Great entry level gear & the service from the company is GREAT! The higher end rods are spectacular pieces. I have several Veritas 2.0 & the old veritas rods and they are some of my favorite for tossing heavier baits.

From: Paul: Broadway, NC 1/5/16

Comments: These rods get a lot of hate. I have no clue why. I have five of these. Love them. Have another coming in the mail, I've flipped 5 pounders with the 7'3" MH for going on 3 years now. Couldn't ask for a better product. Oh yeah and I've fished tournaments with these for 2 year seconds now

From: Jason: Hartselle, AL 12/5/15

Comments: I've had great success with the 7' medium. No issues with guides, inserts, reel seats, or tips. I've cranked, jigged, punched & ripped everything from 4 & 5lbers to 8 & 10 inchers with no problems. Not everyone has deep pockets so I've used this rod for everything. I would suggest it to anyone and will buy again.

From: Garrett: Amarillo, TX 10/14/15

Comments: good little rod, no complaints. i got the 6'9 mh for spinnerbaits and it is far more sensitive than expected to be. ive had it for 2 years now and its still goin. far better than the over rated tatula. i would gladly buy it again

From: Jack: Cape Girardeau, MO 9/26/15

Comments: My father bought 3 of these and 2 came broken. Abu replaced them and they were fine for a while. One of the rods snapped when he set the hook on a 12 incher. The reel gave out on another, nothing to do with the rod. And the other is still pumping. Caught lots in the 12 inch to 4 pound range no problem. Really it all has to do with the blanks being unconsistant

From: Caleb: IL 5/18/15

Comments: Got the 7'3 MH for jigs and smaller swimbaits and I'm very impressed. Light and sensitive with a quality reel seat. Does feel a little bit more like a heavy hence it has a lot of back bone but the extra fast tip feels more like a fast so they go hand in hand IMO. Great rod for the price

From: Kyle: NJ 3/6/15

Comments: I went to a local cabela's and they had one of these rod's, flex'd the tip to see how it felt and under no pressure at all it snapped about 6 inch's down from the tip

From: Derek: CT 12/30/14

Comments: I love these rods. For the price they are the best you can buy. I would think they would cost a lot more. I own three of these now and couldn't be happier. All are matched up with Revo SX Gen3 reels. Very light weight and pretty sensitive for the cost. The only thing I would change would be to add a few mores guides to the blanks. These are much better than the original Vendettas. 

From: Gary: PA 9/9/14

Comments: This rod is unbelievable! I got the 7" Medium version and put on it a vintage Abu Garcia 5000 Ambassadeur (Made In Sweden) and cast it out with ease and power. It goes further and is more precise than my expensive low profiles on pricier rods. It can handle weightless soft plastics and heavy lures/jigs almost identically. Very balanced and sensitive. Grab one up. You won't regret it.

From: Capt Ben: IL 4/22/14

Comments: Not a bad rod but pay a little more and get the veritas a lot better rod for the money

From: Justin: Seabrook, TX 3/23/14

Comments: I had one of these rods for almost 2 years before it failed me. It broke as I set the hook on a 3 lber. I had a 6' 6" M and it was really more of a MH. I bought it originally for spinnerbaits and chatterbaits but it was just too stiff for that. I began throwing creatures and some jigs on it and it worked okay with them. For $80 I'll take a rod that performs well and lasts almost 2 years. Rods are not invincible,

From: Ben: Lancaster, PA

Comments: I have the 7' MH, used it all year and its rock solid. Landed some good 5-6 pounders on it and it handled them well. Yeah not as sensitive as others but for $80 it's a great stick.

From: MRH: SB, CA

Comments: This rod was the first rod ive ever bought. i have had a 6'9 Mh for 3 years and havent broke it yet. all the haters just dont know what there doing! i highly recomend this rod to anybody that is lookin for a tough dourable rod that has allot of backbone for a reasonable price

From: Nate: Elk Grove, CA

Comments: Love the rod! I have 3 of them. Two 7'6 H and a 7' MH. ive done boat flipped many 4-6 with this rod. Also pulled some big ones out fromn heavy cover and frogging. Love the 7'6 H for the A-rig too! Best rod on the market for the price. Cant beat it.

From: Chance: Pineville, Louisiana

Comments: Well if you arent an idiot and dont swing 3lb bass than you shouldn't have any problem. Thats too much weight to flip if you respect any rod that isnt a tree. Theyre great for the money. Sensitive, strong, and pretty durable.

From: Mark: Santee, CA, USA

Comments: I have had this rod for a year now. I got 6ft 6 medium action paired with a black max as my first baitcaster! Idk why people are saying it breaks near the the top but mine has been fine! Never had any problem catching 4-5 pound large mouth it is very light! You are not gonna find better for the price!!! Go pick one up

From: Tyler: kit, Ont

Comments: swinged a three punder and snapped it off a foot and a half down the blank, CHINESE CHOPSTIX, DO NOT BUY, GET A POWELL OR SOMETHING ELSE THAT ISNT MADE IN CHINA,

From: Isaiaih: Minneapolis, MN

Comments: I LOVE THIS ROD, i got in 7'3" heavy and use it for frogin and topwater for a year now never had a single problem i pulled 5lbers out of the thickest lilypads great rod definetly recomend it

Comments: I have this Rod and I do like it. I like to use 7 med hev. But this rob is stiffer then most rods so to get the feel of a med hev like most rods you will have to get just the med on this one. And it's still kinda stiff.

Comments: These rods are trash.  I wanted to like them, last year i picked up a 7' MH and broke the tip swinging a dink into the boat, i got the rod replaced with the 2'nd generation rod and did the same dang thing last night.  they are crap, don't waste your money.

From: Joe: La Crosse, WI

Comments: This fine piece of Chinese craftsmanship decided to break on me no more than my 10th time taking it out. I was simply ripping a crankbait through some lilly pads and the tip snapped right off. Now these lilly pads had grown just enough to reach the water. Root system was very sparse and easy to get through. But this rod just wouldn't have any of it. Abu was nice enough to offer me a 45% discount on another Chinese chopstick. No thanks. I was an idiot for trusting anything other than Irod and St. Croix. Never again. Stick to reels Abu. Love your reels but hate your rods.

From: Zach: VA

Comments:  these are my favorite worm to wacky rig. Killer in clear water. I prefer to fish it weightless with an O ring just as you would a senko. Outfishes the senko though as its smaller profile and mainly the curved tails that allow it to undulate on the fall. This drives bass crazy. Not only good for smaller bass though, I've pulled in a many Hogs on the bigger model

From: Chase: Chardon, OH

Comments: The poor man's Dobnyn's765C. light, yet responsive tip really pitches jigs nicely.  I'm hoping it works well for frogs too.  I was also surprized with the sensitivity. Components aside, when compared with rods around 150 dollars, I would say it is a little on the heavier side, but it has a true extra fast action and comparable-if not superior sensitivity. My rod was tested with 50# Power Pro braid, and a Daiwa TDS reel. The rod seems well worth the money.

From: Brad: Hayden, ID

Comments: I got the 7,3 med heavy for cranking and love it I throw 6xd,dt16 anything and it is great I pulled out a 5.8 and 6.1 one it like nothing great rod.

From: Aric: bentoville ar

Comments: I ordered the medium action with the moderate tip expecting to use it for cranks. When it arrived I was unpleasantly surprised at how stiff it feels. The tip feels more like an extra fast as opposed to moderate. Oh well.  It is light and looks good. Guess time on the water will tell the truth about this rod.

From: Lane: TX, USA

Comments: I got this rod in 7'0 MH and I LOVE IT. I paired it with a revo sx generation 3 it looks sick and it also performs greatly... i caught 2 bass on it today and the rod did great.

From: Kyle: Leesburg, FL

Comments: I am thinking about buying 1 of these rods, but i will be using it for my 2-4 ft crank baits. which size an action will be best for me? anyone knows.

Comments: Purchased this rod based on the W2F review and how much i like the Veritas rod.  The Vendetta2 Med action i recieved is stiff like I read and has one less eye than most 7 footers.  No big deal.  I will say the Med action IS tip heavy.  The W2F article says nothing of this even though it is very obvious.  I hold my rods favoring the tip and it was still unbalanced in my hand.  When the rod/reel is balanced in my hand (without any bait) my pinky is a full inch in front of the trigger.  Other than being tip heavy i think this a great rod for the price.  Its not going to knock your socks off but it will beat out most other 80 dollar rods.  stiff? yes, sensitive? yes, tip heavy? yes, sharp looking? yes, rugged? time will tell.

From: Ben: Johnstown, NY

Comments: which of these rods would everyone recommend for frogging? im thinking the 7'3 heavy let me know! thanks

From: David

Comments: just bought the 7'3"MH and paired it with the revo sx and its a beauty combo. 30 pound braid and man its a sweet jig set up

From: Shawn: Ontario, Canada

Comments: love the rod but the eye on the tip poped off already 2 weeks max. Great for the price nothing a little super glue cant fix. 7ft med heavy best allaroud...!

From: Josh: Orlando, FL

Comments: Just put in an order for this rod in a 7'6" heavy action and I can't wait to flip with it in Okeechobee!!

From: Austin: Cape Coral, FL

Comments: Amazing rodm I have a medium-heavy rod, its great for flipping docks and isnt bad for lindy rigging. Its very sensative and can be used for all types of fishing

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