Precision-engineered for a balanced feel and additional durability, the next generation of the Abu Garcia Vendetta Spinning Rods have arrived. Featuring super sensitive blanks with plenty of power, they utilize advanced 30-ton graphite fibers and high-tech Intra-Carbon technology. Abu Garcia’s Intra-Carbon technology uses very thin layers of multidirectional carbon fibers within the construction of the rod.  These layers provide an increase in the compression strength, making the rod less susceptible to failure when under intense loads.

The 30 Ton rating indicates a superior grade of graphite. The result is a lighter rod with increased sensitivity. The higher the tonnage, the stiffer the fibers used in the construction of the rod. Stiffer fibers more efficiently transmit vibrations to your hand so you can feel more strikes. Stainless steel guides with Zirconium inserts provide additional durability as well as improved casting, and a Fuji IPS Reel Seat combined with high density EVA handles provide maximum comfort for long days on the water. Available in a range of lengths and actions, the Abu Garcia Vendetta Spinning Rods deliver the advanced performance today’s anglers demand - at a great pricepoint.

-Texas-rigged Hook Keeper
-Backed by a 3-Year Limited Warranty 

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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  • Featuring a balanced lightweight design with the performance and style to help you make the most of your time on the water, the Abu Garcia Vengeance Spinning Rods deliver excellent performance and angler value.

  • Delivering high quality performance at a value-conscious price, the Abu Garcia Veracity Spinning Rods feature super sensitive and impact resistant 36-ton graphite blanks constructed with Abu Garcia's Nano Technology.

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    Deliver the same performance and feel that made the original Veritas series so popular - now with some key upgrades, the new Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 Spinning Rods are lighter and stronger than ever before.

  • Superior construction, ultimate sensitivity and first-rate components, the Abu Garcia Villain 2.0 Spinning Rods have it all - in spades.

Customer Reviews

Comments: Great rod man. Got it for my birthday and have had it for 3 years it has been everywhere with me. Fishes it in almost every major lake in Kansas and Missouri and I have bagged many fish with it. I even took it to the boundry waters in Minnesota and I am impressed with its durability. I would say I caught 500 smallmouth bass and 30-40 pike. Never had any problems. She's loosing some paint because it has caught many many fish & it still going strong. Great rod for the money!

From: Grant: Leawood, KS 2/8/16

Comments: I bought the 6'6" Medium Heavy and all I can say is wow. This rod is very durable. It has taken some abuse. The biggest bass I caught on it so far was 5 pounds. Feels amazing in your hands. Great rod for the price. It actually outperforms many other high dollar rods.

From: Dalton: Helena, AL 3/16/15

Comments: I have the 7' Medium/Heavy and I landed a 42" Redfish with 19" girth on it this past weekend. We all know what kind of fight those big old drums can put up. The rod performed beautifully. I used a Penn Fierce 4000 as the reel. Typically the Reds hit hard and you never have to question a hit versus being drug across an oyster bed. This particular fish hit very lightly and it was because of the sensitivity of the rod allowed me to pick up on the bite and set the hook. Once the hook was set this big fish showed me the size of his shoulders in the 7-8 minute battle before landing him.

From: Kyle: Advance, NC 9/29/14

Comments: I just received the rod in the mail, I ordered the 7" medium and at first it seemed pretty nice but when I looked closely it was not good. The handle was not aligned, the hook keeper was not aligned either. Very disappointed.  I am going to return it and order the Fenwick HMG Spinning Rod. You should think twice before ordering this rod, and if you already own one, look at the alignment to make sure it is not unaligned. I hope this helped and happy fishing:)

From: Tyler: MN 7/24/14

Comments: I bought the 7' MH mainly for throwing wacky rigged senkos and light Texas rigs.  I have been happy with it so far, no durability issues at all.  The rod is sensitive and light and it looks good too.

From: Michael: GA 3/13/14

Comments: this is anamzing spinning rod. lighter than air. i got the 6'6" M. Iam an avid wacky rigger and i will be able to throw weightless sticks baits on this all day. It will also be a great rod to throw shakey heads, tube jigs, ect......look great, feel great, and I see no reason to ever buy another kind of rod. i look forward to purchasing a 7'4" for drop shotting and a 6'9" ML as a utility rod. Abu garcia for life. Thank you once again abu Garcia and TW!!!!!!!

From: Mitch: Sherwood, WI

Comments: It Didn't Break! I was very tentative buying this rod after reading the numerous poor reviews stating peoples brand new Vendetta rod broke setting the hook on a fish. Well my second day using it I hooked into a beautiful 21", 5.4 lb. largemouth. From about 30 feet away this monster took my texas rigged worm. She used her weight to fight all the way to the shore and thrashed around madly after breaking the waters surface. My Vendetta performed as any quality rod would be expected to, no problems at all. It was very pleasing to have the rods virgin catch be a 5lb. bass!

From: Jim: Chicago

Comments: Abu Garcia has outdone themselves with this rod at such a price point with the quality and care put into the vengeance 2 piece rod. It's by far the most sensitive  2 piece on the market. I hauled out some absolute monster out of a nearby pond and the rod has performed beautifully. Abu Garcia rods have more backbone then any other rods on the market. I SWEAR, this thing is THE MOST SENSITIVE 2 piece rod that money can buy. You want to get a ton of bang out of your buck, BUY THIS ROD.

From: Brennan: NJ

Comments: I love Abu Garcia rods in general. i tried my buddy's Vendetta2 out and it felt really nice. The grip is comfortable and it can handle the bigger fish. I pulled in a 12-lb trout easily.

From: Dustin: Seattle, WA

Comments: This rod is awesome. I got it the other day decided to take it out today to test it out. It has the backbone you need to pull in bigger fish and its still got plenty of sensitivity to feel the light bites. I went with the 6'9" Med-light. Great buy!

From: Sean: Salem, OR

Comments: Extrordinary rods! Really unexpected to get the level of quality, performance and value these rods have demonstrated. I bought 2 spinners in 7' ML and MH planning to just us them as "beater rods" and have been incredibly impressed by the sensitivity and power of these rods!! Pretty dang light also! Quality of construction is pretty much perfect with no obvious flaws or errors in fabrication. Yes, they are tip heavy like the originals which I can't understand since it was an issue with the 1st gen rods also, but not uncomfortably so. One helluva buy for $79 bucks thats for sure!!

From: Tjer: Coors Country

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