Engineered for perfect balance, the Abu Garcia Vendetta Casting Rods are factory tuned to precisely match the weight and specifications of the Abu Garcia Revo Casting Reels. A counterbalance system in the handle creates the perfect harmony between rod and reel, allowing for greater sensitivity and control without the undue fatigue caused by an unbalanced blank. Featuring 30 ton graphite blank construction, the Vendetta Casting Rods have the optimum blend of sensitivity, power and durability. The Pac Bay DPL TiCH Frame Guides accentuate the blank's sensitivity and power, while the Fuji Soft-Touch ACS Reel Seats provides a solid foundation for your reel, as well as, optimal access to the blank. This ensures every vibration from the bait is transmitted into the angler's hands.

The split grip handle design incorporates high-density EVA material with a One-Piece Machine Double Anodized Aluminum Fore Grip for superior comfort and the perfect balance mentioned before. The Vendetta Casting Rods also sport a dynamic look, complete with a Laser Etched Abu Garcia Crest on the Butt Cap and anodized red highlights, contrasting with the rod's black and grey coloring. Despite overflowing with premium features and expensive-looking detailing, the Abu Garcia Vendetta Casting Rods are aggressively priced and provide the perfect compliment to the Abu Garcia Revo Casting Reels.

-Texas Rigged Hook Keeper
-All rods backed by a one (1) year Factory Warranty.

Please Note: There may be some discrepancies with Line & Lure Weights on certain models.  We apologize for any inconvenience. The manufacturer is working to rectify the situation.

Tackle Tour Best Value Award

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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    Delivering on-the-water performance and style in a balanced, lightweight design, the updated Abu Garcia Vengeance Casting Rods are also available at a great price.

  • Delivering lightweight, performance-engineered sensitivity and power designed for today's serious angler, the Abu Garcia Veracity Casting Rods do it all for a value conscious price.

  • Featuring new Spiral Carbon Core blank technology, the new Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 Casting Rods deliver the performance that made the original series so popular - now with some key enhancements.

  • Featuring the perfect tip and solid backbone you need for fishing frogs, the Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 Frog Casting Rods also feature new Spiral Carbon Core blank technology.

  • Specifically engineered for heavy duty use, the Abu Garcia Veritas Toro Casting Rods are perfect for targeting trophy bass  inshore species and even pike and muskie.

  • Featuring premium 40-ton graphite blanks with Abu Garcia's V-Wrap construction, the new Abu Garcia Villain 2.0 Casting Rods deliver ultimate sensitivity and first-rate components.

  • Featuring sensitive 30-ton graphite blanks, Abu Garcia's Nano Technology, and hefty actions, the Abu Garcia Volatile Casting Rods are designed to meet the demands of targeting trophy bass and other large, hard fighting game fish.

Customer Reviews

Comments: well i got a 7'6" heavy for flipping and the tip snapped after a while and the tip insert fell out one day and the reel seat came un glued. i have plenty of veritas rods a carrot stix and a skeet reese and this is the only rod ive had problems with not saying its a terrible rod i know people who love them i just had problems with mine but just giving an honest review. Hope this helps....

From: Ocala, FL

Comments: I love my 7'3" Heavy Vendetta! I pitched a 1 ounce jig with it all day for 2 straight days on Okeechobee for  a BFL super tournament. My best was 5 lbs and I swung her in with this rod. I have it paired with a Revo SX. No issues either day and the balance is perfect with the revo sx!!!! I just received my 7'3" med heavy that i will use for 1/2 jigs...

From: Tim: Crawfordville, FL

Comments: Was pulling 4-5 pounders up 6 feet in the air standing on a concrete ledge today, with the medium action vendetta. NO problems what so ever. Need I say more?

From: Ross: MA

Comments: Horibble rod bought the 7 foot 6 inch med heavy rod and casting out a frog the tip snapped off and the epoxy is chipping off buy a veritas

Comments: Have the 6'6" MH and I did question it when I got it but after fishing with it I have to say, I really like it.  Great product.  Used it frog fishing and it has plenty of power to pull them through the weeds.  Light weight and well balanced.  No complaints.  And side note, I haven't read one positive review of anything from Thor in MN.  And as far as comparing this to an Ugly Stick, sorry not even on the same page as these rods, but hey to each their own. I know I'll be picking up another one of these when I can.

From: William: Long Beach, CA

Comments: Excellent rod! I have the 7'6 Heavy flippin stick and it is probably the best rod i've ever had. Great for flipping heavy cover and pulling toads out of the lilypads with a spro frog. Highly recommended!

From: Bryce: Texarkana, AR

Comments: this rod is great for the money. I have the 7 foot 3 medium heavy for hollow belly swimbaits. With the orra sx. I'm normally a daiwa but the prices are now outrageous and most of the 100 dollar rods and reels suck. The 7 foot 3 is more like a medium though so great for crank baits. Abu Garcia great or the money.

From: TJ: Lexington, SC

Comments: I love this rod. I have the 7'3" mh moderate taper rod and i use it for reaction baits (spinnerbaits an crankbaits mostly). Today i was fishing a swim jig with it around some pretty heavy cabbage and was able to pull fish from it with ease even though a lot of the rod bends. The reason i was able to get the fish out was because 1. this rod has a decent amount of backbone for what it is, and 2. i was able to totally lean back on the rod and pull AS HARD as i could because i knew the rod wouldn't break, and it didn't. great job abu.

From: Julian: MA

Comments: Great rod. i saw this rod at walmart wednesday night for $80 and decided to go with the skeet reese rod and reel so i went today and picked this up fo $50 from another store and it is awesome i wish i would have got 2 vendettas instead of 1 i absolutely love it

From: Hunter: St. Pauls, NC

Comments: I bought one of these and was going to pair it with a Revo SX, but Tackle Warehouse never shipped me my Revo.  While waiting for my Revo SX, I put a test reel on it and went practice casting in the backyard.  The tip broke on the very first cast with a regular old spinner bait on it.  Seriously?  $80 for this pole and it didn't even make it to the water.  A budget Ugly Stick for $30 holds up better than this thing which costs more than twice as much.  I will never buy an Abu Garcia pole again.  RETURNED!!!

From: Thor: MN

Comments: I ordered this pole after ordering a Revo SX.  I thought they would go great together.  The rod came in a few days later.  It's been almost a month and the reel still hasn't come in, so I decided to pair it up with a test reel and practice casting in the backyard.  On the first cast, the tip broke.  I haven't even taken this thing out on the water, yet, because the reel I bought from Tacklewarehouse for it hasn't been delivered to my house. I will never buy another Abu Garcia rod again.  Fenwick has never let me down.  So I went to Cabela's and bought one.  How come Tacklewarehouse doesn't offer Fenwick rods?

From: Thor: MN

Comments: The rod isn't as good as i thought it just recently broke from a lure i got stuck and when it flung back it cracked the rod and next cast it snapped.....maybe just a defective rod

From: Austin: St. Johns River, FL

Comments: i have this rod in 6,6'' medium heavy with a revo sx on it and i love it i caught a 6 pounder on it and he handled it very well, i like to throw texas rigged soft plastics on this rod and reel. with a medium heavey rod i can have enough back bone to set the hook and get the hook deep inside there jaw and with a high gear ratio reel i can pick up my slack line fast and keep up with the fish. i recommend this rod its great. if u take care of it than u will not regret buying this rod, its great

From: Jared: KY

Comments: Great rod! fits perfect to ur hand and is super light. Sensitive, but super durable. I got the medium action beacause it's a graphite rod and it's more like a medium heavy. GREAT BUY

From: Austin: St. Johns River, FL

Comments: great rod for the money!!!Strong,lightweight,good feel what more could you ask for In
a rod under $100

From: Carson: Birmingham, AL

Comments: These rods are a very nice rod for the price. Very light, sensitive, and at a good price point. Try one and take care of it.

From: Johnathon: AL

Comments: These rods are very nice and have a great price tag. People that are breaking these or are saying they are to stiff are wrong. These rods are GRAPHITE they are not fiberglass so they don't bend as easy and are more brittle.

From: Preston: Texoma, OK

Comments: Just got two of these rods and paired them with 2 Smoke 150's. Caught over 495 fish in three days between 2 fishermen.
The rods held up great and they show very little signs of wear n tear. Well worth the price and they fish great. Only issue is the hook holder above the reel seat. This needs to be set up differently, hard to get your hook into it, with out scratching the rod blank.

From: Tony: Fallbrook, CA

Comments: I disagree with Jesse.  These are very light and senistive for only $80

Comments: these rods weigh a ton and are not sensitive. don't waste your money

From: Jesse

Comments: I have this rod, st. croix's, a couple cheap field and streams from dicks sports, a quantum, and had a carrot stix. The carrot stix broke on the first cast I ever made with it while bringing it back to begin the cat with a lure well within the weight range, a complete waste of $159 bucks, the cheap field and streams that cost me 60 bucks are 10x's better than the carrot stix. The quantum is solid, and the vendetta is very solid but for the money we spend on equipment St. Croix is the absolute best there is. On the Abu, I like the rod, the one I have is the 7'6" heavy its strong as an ox, cast well, lightweight, but the only problem is even for a heavy action rod it is way way too stiff, when flipping and pitching I like a softer tip so when I lift I can feel a fish better, I have missed several good fish in the 3lbs-8lbs range because I didnt feel the soft bite well with the stiff tip and didn't get a solid hook set or any hook set at all. Besides the stiffness, its a great rod, lightweight, sensitive, and strong, not to mention looks good. Overall I have to give it an 8 out of 10, its 8 rather than 7 because its 80 bucks.

Comments:  A DECENT rod. I have the 6'6" and it does not load up properly with lighter baits (1/4th to 3/8th) but it is sensitive and it is light balanced well with the SX's. I would recommended a longer rod than you initially wanted to be able to cast the lure farther.

From: Logan

Comments:  I spent a lot of time looking for the best rod I could get for the money and this is it! I have the 7' MH paired w/ a Shimano Curado 201 E7 at the moment and it is super light weight. You can cast a country mile and it's one of the best looking rods for under $100. I plan to get the Abu Garcia Revo SX for this rod and get a 7'6'' MH Veritas for the Curado because that rod is very awesome as well. Go Abu!

From: Ryan: Seattle, WA

Comments: this rod is very nice...for real

From: Nick: Montgomery

Comments: i have 2 vendettas paired wit 2 revo s reels and they are by far my favorite 2 combos an i have some other combos that double the price but these rods are great rods i would recomend them to anybody ive had the veritas an to me they felt the same to me save ur $20 and get a vendetta  ABU FOR LIFE

From: Roy: GA

Comments: Great rod! I have a 6'6'' M paired with a Black Max due to money and small rod length because of small boat rod locker space. But this combo has to be the coolest looking, most rugged fishing setup that I own!      

From: Josh: WI

Comments: I have the 7'6" heavy rod for flipping/pitching, and heavy frogging(spro king daddy), and I also do some light punching with it. Let me just say fantastic rod, just the right amount of sensitivity so you feel the bite, but don't think you're getting a bite when you just hit a stump or rock. There are alot of comments on here about this rod being too stiff, but let me just say this rod has the perfect tip, soft enough to get long cast, and soft landings on pitching and flipping. Of all the rods I have this is one of my favorites along with my st croix mojo rod. Looking to add more of these to my collection.

From: Ben: FL

Comments: I own 5 of these rods now, a wide variety I have started replacing all my rods with these. Great Rod Great Value.........

From: David: Lexington, KY

Comments: Better then the veritas... I have the 7'3" MH and if I had a boat with only a seven foot rod box the one could ride in the truck with me! That's how much I like it!

Comments: I got a 7'6" Heavy Action paired with a Revo SX for  frogging and a 6'6" Medium Heavy Action paired with a Revo SX for pitchin' n flippin'. I've had them for quite some time now, almost 2 years maybe. But my catch count on these 2 rods just from May until now is ridiculous. I'd say 5 hundo bass have been caught. Still good as new. Highly recommended. Abu Garcia for LIFE!!!

From: LM: MI

Comments: Got a 7' MH paired up with the Revo SX.  Something about the grips that is just not perfect but still very decent in comfort.  Overall I've done a lot with this rod for over a year testing it with pitching, cranking, frogs, and dead sticking.  I can hold it through out the day no problem.  I even caught a 10.5lbs catfish off a senko somehow, both rod and real was put to the test and performed without a doubt. I even muscled it to keep it from running into cover. Got the Veritas coming in, hope it does just as well?

From: Chris: Antioch, CA

Comments: I have twof these paired with revos. Great combos I use the 7' 6 heavy for frog fishing and then the 7'3" for cranking. These rods are light and verisital. Great rods for the price.

From: Phil: Guntersville, AL

Comments: I bot the 7.6ft Heavy 1pc. Its so nice at $89. Very strong and looks so good. Its great for flipping

From: Sonny: East Wareham, MA

Comments: I have two of these rods. One in a 7' MH action and another in a 7'3" H action. The MH is a touch softer than some of the other MH rods in my collection. But, I think it has as much backbone as any of the others do. The difference is in the tip, I think. The rod tip flexes well into the upper 1/3 of the rod, almost giving it a soft feel. It has enough sensitivity to feel small bites on plastics and enough backbone for me to use it jig fishing when I don't feel like bringing the other rod I have. Which is the H action. Both rods are paired with Revo-SX reels. The H action has a 7.1 ratio reel on it spooled with 50lb Power Pro. I use it for my frog rod, heavy jig rod and swim jig rod, as well. Love the fast tip and very stout backbone. I have pulled four pound bass out of very thick salad with moss on top and had no complaints from the rod. Very happy with them.

From: Todd: Hutchinson, KS

Comments: So stiff that when I got caught on a stump I tried to put my rod tip to get the spinnerbait off the stump... My rod tip broke

From: Kyler: Bullard, TX

Comments: I got the 6'6 Medium and paired it with a revo S.  I loved it!   I was throwing 1/4 oz rattletraps over grass and ripped them through with 15lb Braid.   I got hit by a big fish around trees and I tried to horse it in but it snapped 3 eyes from the tip.  But abu garcia's customer service is amazing and I got a new one.  I personally like it a little better than my veritas which has a super fast tip.  The veritas is a little lighter and more comfortable to use.

From: Bill: Japan

Comments: This rod is sensitive, and has the strength to hammer bass and pike. Watch out on the stiffness though, a M is more like a MH

From: MI

Comments: I recently bought a 7'3 MH to fish jigs with and love it I also own a 7'0 MH Veritas and it has much less tip than my Vendetta.  I really like the Vendetta however for lighter jigs because it gives you an extra second to set the hook because the tip gives.  I paired it up with a Lews Tournament Speed Spool which is very light.  Overall this rod can't be beat for 80 dollars.  My only complaint is the handle is not as comfortable as the handle on the Veritas.

Comments: I have this in a 6'6 MH and a 6'6 MH Veritas and I love both of them but as others have said, you can't really compare them.  Personally and this is my opinion I feel more confident and sturdy with the vendetta in my hand but that just may be due to the weight on the Veritas and how light it is.  I have my Vendetta paired up with a Revo SX Matching and love the setup.  I have it setup with 14lb braid and I have frog fished, buzzbait, spinnerbait, weightless senko and more and have had no issues.  Get one of these rods for yourself.  And they are a bit stiff but you get used to it.

From: Jon: Chi, IL

Comments: I am a new Abu Garcia rod man. Never really paid much attention to this company and assumed their gear was mostly for the salt. I was wrong. I recently got two Vendettas after my positive experience with their Veritas. I got one in 7 ft medium for crankin and another in 7'3 ft MH for light jiggin/wormin.  Just like it's big brother the Veritas the Vendettas are light and sensitive. I was able to feel my jig hit every rock and then the tap-tap of a big smallie. And I should mention they are very stylish.  I paired my crankin stick up with a Shimano Citica with Red Cajun line.  Red, black and silver on one rod. Fishes well and pleasing to the eye. All of this and for less than $100. Try one out and it will be money well spent.

From: Larrick: Washington State

Comments: I have both this rod and the veritas and i like both for completely different reasons. I believe the veritas is more sturdy and tougher than then the vendetta. But, I think the vendetta is more sensitive. Two completely different rods and I don't think they should not be comparable to one another.Both ways the abu rods and reels are awesome, and you guys should try them and get your own opions

From: Erik

Comments: Nice rod for the money but very stiff the Med is more of a MH if your wanting MH I would go with a Med.
The double finger grip fits well.

From: Dustin: Shreveport, LA

Comments: yep one heckuva rod i got a 7'med & love it so far just flippin jigs tried a buddies 240$ tourney trail and i'm just as impressed with my vendetta for a third of the price great rod will own several more

From: Walt: Mineral Wells, WV

Comments:  I have this rod in 7'3" paired with a Revo SX and love it. I also have a Verdict paired with the STX, but I like my Vendetta/SX combo as good if not better, for much less money. I plan to add more of these to my arsonal

From: Derek: Dayton State, VA

Comments: its a good rod but a little to stiff.  in my personal opinion the veritas is a way better buy.  this rod could be used for carolina rigging but for me thats it.  just way to stiff.  BUY A VERITAS!!!!!

From: Matt: TN, USA

Comments: One of my more favorite rods, right next to my shimano clarus rods. I have mine paired with a Abu Garcia Revo SX 6.4:1. Very impressive combo, love the spilt grip handle, as well as the handle in front of the trigger. I think its a little more comfortable than the verdict/veritas rods, but thats personal opinion in the end. The only thing that would make this rod better is the retractable butt that are on the verdict rods.

From: Mike: Waukesha, WI

Comments: These are alright rods. Personally i think it is worth paying the extra twenty for the veritas rods. The veritas are alot stronger and alot lighter. Don't waste your time with this one.

From: Wall: Knoxville, TN

Comments: I bought this rod in the 6'6 MH and I use it for spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, and occasionally buzzbaits. I have it paired up with the Shimano Caenan and 14lb Suffix Siege Monofillament. In 100% honesty... I have to say that this is the lightest cobo I have ever used. This rod is lightweight and well-balanced. The texas rig hook keeper is great! It holds your baits tightly to the rod. No regrets in buying this rod. I recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable, lightweight and great performing rod. I am looking to purchase another one, but in the 6'6 M action model for hard bodied topwater baits.

From: Patrick: Ontario, Canada

Comments:  these rods are the real deal and they dont brake the bank. i used 7'3MH,7MH,6'6MH casting rods along with 7'4M,6'6MH 6'9ML spinning.  i put them threw the test and tournaments. Great rods

From: Beau: Baxter, MN

Comments: This Rod Is Amazing, I have caught very many bass and a couple catfish. (on accident, haha)

From: Bob: USA

Comments: Amazing deal. Very lightweight and sensitive. Paired up with Abu REVO sx for a very sick setup

From: Daniel: NC

Comments: wow best rod i have ever used i got the 6 ft 9 in xt and have it paired with the quantum accurist pt with sufix 14 pound mono and use it for jigs and it is the lightest, most sensative rod i have ever used

From: Nathan: Bremen, KY

Comments: Great rod for the money, very strong, I have one for flipping and love it.  Only problem is that it feels like when you set the hook on a fish or play a big one that the reel seat is not 100% secure.  I have it paired up with a revo STX, it doesn't slide per say but it feels loose...

From: Robert

Comments: this is an absolutely amazing rod i have it in 6 6" med. hvy. and i have a abu garcai revo sx on it and i love it! highly recommended.

From: Jared: Owensboro, KY

Comments: I bought the 7'6" heavy for flipping and pitching and it is everything i wanted and more amazing! its lightweight and i believe it will get the job done.

From: Corey: Van Buren, AR

Comments: I have fished my Vendetta for 1 season.  I have the 7ft Med and mostly fish 1/2 oz lipless crankbaits and senkos on it.  Very light, solid construction, guide wraps are solid and generously coated.  The butt of the rod is not cork or foam.  It is a smooth decorative aluminum crest = looks nice.  The butt of this rod will slip if it is placed vertically on a smooth surface.  It gets scuffed in a hurry.

From: Ted: Blair, NE

Comments: this rod has been amazing for me. i bought this rod with a abu garcia orra sx and man those two are the perfect combination. perfect for walkin the shores too hit me up for some socal fishin:)

From: Nick: San Diego, CA

Comments: really nice rod, I bought the 7'6" heavy. I'm currently using it for stripers and it is great! Already caught a dozen or so. Going to use it for punching and frogging in the summer.

From: Boogie Man: California Delta

Comments: i have the 7'3" med hvy rod paired with a revo s.....all i can say is wow, amazing lure wight rage i use mine 4 texas rigs jigs and spinner baits. Buy one u wont regret it.


Comments: Best rod i have used so far! Great for the price.. i would pay over 100 dollars for this rod. defiantly recommend..


Comments: I've been saving my evaluation and comments until I finished a full season of tourneys. I can say the Vendetta's performed as advertised. I had a full arsenal this year of Vendettas paired with STX's and SX's, and happy to say not one failure or complaint....rod nor reel. Pitching heavy cover with braid or throwing horizontal baits with copolymer, it's the best I've ever used and all I'll ever need. Actually adding two more Vendettas and Revos to my Santa list. Abu Garcia and Tackle Warehouse....keep up the good work!

From: Kevin: Mackinaw, IL

Comments: I just got the 6'6" MedHvy and I've got to say it's a very nice rod.  Having used many other quality rods of significantly higher prices, this one really surprised me. I bought it as a quick cheaper replacement for a broken rod and couldn't be happier.  The rods are light, balanced, and very strong.  I will be buying more.

From: Justin: Manning, SC

Comments: Worlds best baitcasting rod i've ever used. it goes amazing with the revo sx and they look great together. its very strong and has a lot of backbone. i would recommend this to people who need backbone to get big fish in fast.

From: Brandon: Atlanta, GA

Comments: The 7'3" vendetta looks great with the 2010 Revo SX has lots of snort to get bass out of da slop.  However the tip is a bit too stiff to accurately cast a frog.  Will be an excellent flippin' stick. 

From: Travis: Eagle River, WI

Comments: This rod arrived on time, this rod is very very light, i got the 6'9 and it is a beautiful rod, i recommend.

From: Scott: Montana, USA

Comments: Just got my 7'3" heavy XF action in and i must say im very impressed! Feels great paired it up with a Quantum accurist with 50# power pro, excellent frog rod! light just a tad tip heavy but frogn, tips down anyway, great rod for the money, sweet looking rod really like the soft touch reel seat and eva, nice touch Abu!

From: Will: North Carolina, USA

Comments: I got the 7'3 HXF as a back up frog rod, and now use it all the time. Awesome quality rod. Light weight and sensitive, and it looks cool.

From: Hayden

Comments:I recently purchased 2 Vendetta rods. One casting and one spinning. Both rods have really impressed me. As far as spinning rods go, I don't think I will ever buy a different brand. The casting rod I purchased is the 7'6"H. I have done a decent amount of jig fishing with the rod, and must say I am really happy with the way it performs. The rod has power to spare and I find it to be one of the most sensitive rods I have ever had the pleasure of using. I am slowing converting my arsenal to Vendetta rods.

One thing to note: The 7'6" rod did not fit my Quantum Accurist PT reel like a glove, but I was able to get the reel secured easily and have had no problems. I also remove my reels from the rods frequently to travel, and have had no issues with the rod and Quantum reel.

From:Chris: Pell City, AL

Comments:I have all the Vendetta rods paired up with a Abu Garcia Orra SX or Revo S baitcast reels. The strength of these rods with the smoothness of those reels is unmatchable on the market today. Can not beat the price of the rods, they are tournament proven.

From:Devon: Lake Orion, MI

Comments:Purchased the Revo-SX and a 7' Vendetta rod and love it. Was thinking of buying a 7'6" for flipping.

From:Billy: Alachua City, FL

Comments:Just Got My Vendetta and MY GOODNESS it is SWEET!! The balance of this rod with my Revo SX is PURRRRFECT!! The good thing is You CAN Afford This Rod, if you fish a Revo, you won't understand how great it really is without it attached to a Vendetta...

From:Scott: Conway, AR

Comments:I got the 7'3" heavy action for frogs, flipping and pitching and it works as good as it looks, very light and powerful. You can't go wrong, for such a bargain I will be more than happy to buy more of these excellent rods.

From:Charlie: Trenton, NJ

Comments:Started out with the 6'9" MH casting, then the 6'3" casting, the 7' M moderate then the 6'9" spinning. Each rod performs beyond it's price point, way beyond. Buy this one with confidence.

From:John: Sayreville, NJ

Comments:Just got the 6'6" medium and I think I like it better that my Mojo Bass. Paired it with my Revo Premier and it has been great. Great rod and a great price.

From:Jesse: Visalia, CA

Comments:Man O Man! 7'6" MH & Revo SX has already paid off for me with a 46lb carp and plenty of bass. The pole strength is there and you can take that to the bank!

From:C Walk: Bristow, VA

Comments:WOW! I have the 6'9" Med. Heavy that I really bought for my wife. I matched it up with my Revo Premier so she could try it out and see if it would be to long for her, but after I made a few cast with it, I gave her my favorite worn rod which is a e21 carrot stix. I'm not saying that the carrot stix isn't a great rod but the Vendetta match my reel and me a little better. Great Rod! Also I got a few carrot Stix for sale!

From:Debeaux: Myrtle Beach, SC

Comments:I have 3 of these rods now, 6'9" MH, 6'6" MH and 6'6" M. Absolutely love them. First weekend out I accidentally snagged a carp while using the Medium action. The fish took me underneath the boat, almost pulling the rod from my hand. The rod was doubled to the point I thought it would break. Well 15 mins later I'm netting the fish, 52 lb grass carp on 14 lb test mono, Pflueger Echelon reel and everything is great. The action of the rods seem to be heavier than most MH and M action rods. I will get the Medium action rod from now on, it should be a great all around rod but would like to see a Medium light action for crankbaiting. And of course, they look awesome as well.

From:Randy: Lexa, AR

Comments:I got the 7'6" med/hvy rod for Xmas and paired it with my new Revo STX and it is the absolute best combo I have ever owned! The rod has a lot of backbone to throw a 2oz swimbait but also has enough give to pull in 4lb bronze backs on 8lb test mono while shiner fishing. Abu Gracia has really out did there self with this one! I will never pay over $100 for a rod again. I plan on buying a new spinning rod soon and I just can't wait to see how the Vendetta's little bro the Vengeance compares to the high dollar rods!

From:Josh: Cleveland, TN

Comments:WOW, was I surprised, this rod is a deal for 80 bucks.

From:Jase: Bristle, FL

Comments:I absolutely love these rods!!! I have had a 6'3" M for about 5 months now and wanted to get a 7' rod. I've got to say that the shipping is by far the best I've ever received on anything, whether it is personal or professional. THANKS TACKLE WAREHOUSE, you have just become my new tackle provider.

From:Larry: Dallas, TX

Comments:I just got the 7'4 WOW just a quality rod for under $100. The best frog rod ive ever had!!!

From:Stephen: Cropwell, AL

Comments:I got one of these rods and put a Quantum Energy PT VI reel on it and it's an outstanding combo! This rod is super sensitive, lightweight, and it has the backbone that every rod needs. And for $80, you can't go wrong. Awesome job Abu Garcia! Keep the revos and the amazing rods coming! (Go catching not fishing!)

From:Zack: Tallahassee, FL

Comments:6.6ft M Wow this rod is nice for $80. Looks great and it has some backbone for those big bucket mouths. Buy one you can't go wrong. Put a Revo on one of these rods and it is a perfect combo.

From:Tim: Grayson, GA

Comments:How lucky I was to get one the 6'9 rod and I wasn't disappointed.. I paired this rod up with a SX and the results was outstanding.. I landed a 8 lber on a last Saturday morning and this rod handled it with ease... I already have an order for 4 more.. Nice job Abu Garcia!!!!!

From:Earnest: Chesapeake, VA

Comments:Abu has paid attention to detail and built a quality rod, no cosmetic issues like some other cheaper rods. I especially liked the Pac Bay guides - very strong. I have the 69MH and the action is heavier than most of my other MH rods. A very powerful rod able to fish grass and cover with ease. Looks, balance, sensitivity. Fantastic value!

From:Ron: Memphis, TN

Comments:Comments:I must admit, I am a Shimano guy. But for the $$$ these are really well put together rods! I have the 6'9" with a 2010 Revo SX and this really is a nice combo! The guides are middle of the road. They will hold up to braid. The balance with a revo is amazing. I prefer this to the other new sub $100- rod I purchased.

From:Gary: Texas, USA

Comments:This rod is absolutely perfect!!! I bought 6 of them. 3 in the 6'9" model and 3 in the 7' model with the revo premier, revo sx, revo stx, revo s, revo winch, and revo skeet reese signature series and these are the best outfits i can think of. Super lightweight, perfectly balanced, and super sensitive! I highly recommend these rods!! awesome job Abu Garcia!!! I rate them a 10 out of 5!!!

From:Alan: Talbott, TN

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