Abu Garcia designed the Vendetta Spinning Rods to provide anglers with a perfectly balanced rod and create optimal synergy between rod and reel. Having an improperly balanced rod and reel combo leads to undue fatigue and thus limits your effectiveness on the water. Designed to perfectly accommodate the weight and specifications of the Abu Garcia Soron Spinning Reel, the Vendetta Spinning Rods feature a special counterbalance in the handle for hour upon hour of fatigue free fishing. Additionally, the handle features a split-grip design, which incorporates high-density EVA material with a one-piece Machined Double Anodized Aluminum Fore Grip. The Fuji Soft-Touch VSS Reel Seat provides a solid foundation for the reel and also contributes to the rods lightweight.

The Vendetta Spinning Rods' blank construction features 30-ton Graphite for resounding sensitivity and power, while the Pac Bay DPL TiCH Frame Guides compliment the rod blank's construction and provide consistently smooth casting. The Abu Garcia Vendetta Casting Rods provide the legendary quality and performance Abu Garcia is known for - in an aggressively priced rod series.

Texas Rigged Hook Keeper
All rods backed by a one (1) year Factory Warranty

Please Note: There may be some discrepancies with Line & Lure Weights on certain models. We apologize for any inconvenience. The manufacturer is working to rectify the situation.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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  • Featuring a balanced lightweight design with the performance and style to help you make the most of your time on the water, the Abu Garcia Vengeance Spinning Rods deliver excellent performance and angler value.

  • Elite Series pro, Michael Iaconelli, is one of the best in the business when it comes to fishing light lines and finesse applications, and he put all of his experience and expertise into the new Abu Garcia Ike Finesse Series Spinning Rods.

  • Deliver the same performance and feel that made the original Veritas series so popular - now with some key upgrades, the new Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 Spinning Rods are lighter and stronger than ever before.

  • Ultra sensitive with power in spades, the Abu Garcia Fantasista Regista Spinning Rods offer top shelf performance and components for a wide range of finesse applications.

  • Delivering high quality performance at a value-conscious price, the Abu Garcia Veracity Spinning Rods feature super sensitive and impact resistant 36-ton graphite blanks constructed with Abu Garcia's Nano Technology.

  • Featuring super sensitive 30-ton graphite blanks that also utilize Abu's Intra-Carbon technology for increased strength and power, the next generation Abu Garcia Vendetta Casting Rods are precision engineered for a balanced feel and additional durability.

  • Designed to meet the demands of targeting trophy bass and other large, hard fighting game fish, the Abu Garcia Volatile Casting Rods feature hefty, powerful actions, sensitive 30-ton graphite blanks, and Abu Garcia's Nano Technology.

Customer Reviews

Comments: MH 7' Awful balance, tip heavy and could not find a specific technique for bass. Turned into into my catfish rod.
Then sold it for half the price. Credentials: Former Success Lake Record holder 97'

From: Johnny Bass: Strathmore, CA

Comments: Paired this rod with an orra which its supposed to be factory tuned to and it was the most nose heavy rod ive ever held.  Returned the rod and am happy I did.

From: John: Portland, OR


From: Dave: Long Beach, CA

Comments: 3/12/12 ive had mine for 2 years and went to set the hook on a fish today and it snapped in half ive seen so many problems with abu lately there products are all junk anymore nothing is quality made anymore

From: PA

Comments: love it when using jerk baits

From: Brayden: IN

Comments: this is an awesome rod, my bro had a casting model and i just had to get one for drop shotting... amazing rod for the price and preforms great

From: Anthony: Porterville, CA

Comments: I was fishing a couple weeks back on a local lake we have here and i was throwing a 3/16 oz shakey head and i set the hook on a small fish and the rod broke in half and then broke about two eyes from the top. I was very disppointed in this product. But i have 3 more vendettas and none of the others have done this. Other than that i love the rod.

From: Kenneth: Decherd, TN

Comments: just bought the spinning rod 7' medium "Vendetta"  for finesse jigs; construction on the rod is great! it feels and looks great only complaint is that the rod tip is heavy!!!?? thinking about downsizing to the medium light to get a better balance. but all in all great rod!!  Keep up the good work Tackle Warehouse!

From: Derrick: Fayetteville, NC

Comments:I recently purchased 2 Vendetta rods. One casting and one spinning. Both rods have really impressed me. As far as spinning rods go, I don't think I will ever buy a different brand. The casting rod I purchased is the 7'6"H. I have done a decent amount of jig fishing with the rod, and must say I am really happy with the way it performs. The rod has power to spare and I find it to be one of the most sensitive rods I have ever had the pleasure of using. I am slowing converting my arsenal to Vendetta rods.

One thing to note: The 7'6" rod did not fit my Quantum Accurist PT reel like a glove, but I was able to get the reel secured easily and have had no problems. I also remove my reels from the rods frequently to travel, and have had no issues with the rod and Quantum reel.

From:Chris: Pell City, AL

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